Heyy, okay this is my first ever story I'm going to write, so please don't be mean, lol.


I'm on my to Jake's house. I'm nearly at the border line. God, I hope Edward doesn't catch up with me. Edward won't let me see Jake because he thinks he's dangerous, but he isn't. He would never hurt me!

Yes! Iv made it! I'm calling Jake.

He picked up after two rings.


Hey, Jake"

"Ohh, hey, Bella, what's up?"

"Well, I'm on my way to your house, is that okay? I escaped from Edward! Haha"

"Really? Wow, yeah, ill see you in a few"

"Okay, bye"

"bye" He hung up.

I parked in front of the red house and saw Jacob running towards my truck.

I got out of my truck and ran towards him. He hugged me so tight that I couldn't breath.

"ahh, Jake, cant breath!" I tried to say.

"Ohh, sorry, Bells" he let me go.

We walked on the beach for a few hours, just talking.

"Soo, Bella, when is your bloodsucker changing you?" He asked.

Ugh, I hate it when he calls him that!

"Well, in a few days, hopefully.." I whispered

"NO! Bella you cant! Not yet! Bella, I love you, don't leave me!"

He started shaking really hard. Before I knew what was happening he turned into a wolf.

He knocked me over, and was standing over me. He scratched me on my stomach with his claws, then he ran away.

I stood up and there was blood everywhere. My blood. I lifted up my shirt to see that the scratch was really deep and wouldn't stop bleeding.

How am I going to tell Edward about this?

I cant tell him, if I do, he might try to kill him, or wont let me see him again.