I am attempting to get the NCIS stories I started but never finished completed by the New Year, so I can get started on a novel which earns me money. If you find spelling or typos, please forgive me. With my writing I usually do three drafts, but I am only doing one with these. I apologize. Now this one I hope will be a little longer than usual. (Also if anyone things a story of mine deserves a sequel, let me know)

Aliyah Revisited


Rivkin was dead and it was his fault. Tony didn't argue this fact, but what he did argue was Rivkin's purpose in being in American and his reason for being with Ziva. He didn't trust him and he didn't want Rivkin to take Ziva down with him. Or was it take Ziva away with him. Okay, maybe I was jealous a bit. Maybe I do love Ziva and it played a role in my thinking.

Now that he sat waiting to be interrogated by Deputy Director Eli David, Tony's stomach turned. He was here because Mossad didn't like one of their men, who was unarmed, to be shot and killed by a NCIS agent, especially if the two agencies were to remain friendly. Now if Rivkin had killed Tony everything would have been okay. Vance would have accepted their apology and life would have gone on as normal.

Tony adjusted the jacket of his tan Armani suit, so it didn't bunch up while he sat then he went to fix his tie with his one good hand, but remembered he wasn't wearing one. Can't tie a tie with one hand. He may have shot Rifkin three times after an extended fight, but Rivkin had broken his collar bone, so his left arm was in a sling.

"Shalom, Agent DiNozzo," Eli David greeted him as he came into the room.

With his craggy handsome face and salt and pepper hair, the large man in the tan suit without a tie exuded authority and more than a little menace. Oh my God, he's a bond villain. Ziva's father is a bond villain. I am in deep shit here, thought Tony. Why do I suddenly want to introduce myself as DiNozzo, Tony DiNozzo?

"Nice suit. I knew I should have gone with something more summery, but the trip came up a little unexpected," Tony said.

In the observation room Ziva, Special Agent Gibbs, and Director Leon Vance watched Eli David and Tony.

"I told your boy not to be a smart ass and he's already started," Vance said.

"Be patient, Leon, he has his own way of doing things," Gibbs said then he looked Ziva, who didn't even bother to hide her disdain and sudden hatred for Tony.

He understood so much of Tony's fate was in her hands. Her dark eyes and beautiful face looked grim as she watched her father interview Tony.

"Frat boy, jock, skirt chaser, joker, Agent Meatball, Gibbs' lapdog…" started Eli.

"I prefer Doberman. Oops, excuse me for the reference to anything German," smiled Tony.

"You are nothing but a thoughtless soldier doing what your marine superior tells you to do," said Eli. "You are a puppet."

"There must something nice in my file about me. I've got a nice smile, can ballroom dance, and play the piano," he said.

"Ziva mentioned you dress well," Eli smiled back.

"I feel better now," he said then looked at the two way mirror.

Gibbs could see anger in his senior agent's eyes. Eli doesn't know who he has in the room with him. Tony is no one's lapdog.

"Who ordered you to kill Officer Rivkin?" barked Eli.

He was on the other end of a long table in a grey room.

"Or were you just jealous of Rivkin's relationship with Ziva?" said Eli. "Did the skirt chaser have emotions he wasn't used to?"

"Ahh, well, you see I've been meaning to discuss this whole mess with you, Deputy Director David. Why did you force Rivkin onto Ziva? Were you spying on her or were you afraid she'd fall in love with someone who you didn't approve of?" asked Tony.

"I didn't force their love," he said. "That was real."

"Yeah, like you didn't send an out of control Rivkin to do a job on American soil that was bound to go bad, especially with his love of vodka," laughed Tony.

"We do not have out of control officers in Mossad, Agent DiNozzo," said Eli.

"No, of course not. All Mossad agents are completely in control of themselves," he smiled. "Like Ari."

"He was a traitor."

"He was your son; he was Mossad," said Tony. "That had to hurt."

"He went his own way. He didn't listen to me," growled Eli.

"He was your agent, though," countered Tony.

"He did want he wanted to do," said Eli.

"Like Rivkin?" said Tony.

"Michael did as he was told. He always did as he was told," yelled Eli David. "He followed orders and never strayed from them."

Vance smiled and looked over at Gibbs, who nodded. Ziva remained focused and silent.

"So Rivkin did as he was told: seduce Ziva, get information on our investigation, and kill terrorists on US territory. You ordered everything. Now that was not nice at all," Tony said but there was no smile.

"Very Good, Agent DiNozzo. I have underestimated you," said Eli. "It appears my daughter has underestimated you. She thought you a fool."

"Now that hurts," Tony smiled. That did hurt.

"Harah! Bastard!" Ziva curse then she stormed out of the room.

"He broke the legendary Eli David. I'm impressed. You know that is going to cost him," Vance said.

"He better make it back to the US with us, Leon," said Gibbs.

"I'll talk to Eli, Gibbs."

"I don't trust him," he said

"I don't blame you. He's my friend and I don't trust him," said Vance.


Tony was walking in the sun and heat of the day of Tel Aviv on the Mossad grounds. His mind was whirling with what happened in the interrogation room. He got Eli to admit to some things which would be painful to Ziva. She is going to be hurt, maybe devastated.

He looked up to see Ziva with her hair pulled back and her beautiful dark eye blazing with anger wearing cargo pants and a safari shirt with her Sig Sauer holstered on her hip. She was headed straight for him. I love when she dresses like an Israeli ninja Barbie chick.

"Why did you kill Michael?" she demanded.

"I had no choice," he said. I could have let him kill me.

"No choice. He was hurt. He had a glass shard in his side and was bleeding. You had a choice. You disgust me," said Ziva.

She got up close to him, almost in his face. For a moment he saw raw passion in her eyes then it became anger and hatred.

"If you want to then go ahead and hit me," he said.

"Hit you," she snarled then made a quick leg sweep move and sent him down on the hard cement sending vibrations of pain from his clavicle throughout his hold body.

She put a boot on his abdomen to keep him down then pulled her weapon.

"You could have shot him in the knee," she said then placed the gun against his knee. "Or you have shot him in the shoulder."

She placed the gun right up against the shoulder. Tony's green eyes darkened as he waited for her to make up her mind to shot him or not. He knew from her eyes that she was considering it.

"But you shot him in the chest," she said and placed the gun against his chest and paused. "Why did you do it?"

"To protect you," he said.

"I don't need protection, especially from someone like you" she said.

"You loved him?" Tony said softly with his handsome face slightly grimacing in pain.

"I may have. But now I will never know," she said. "And it is because of you."

"I'm sorry," he said.

"Why did you do it?" she asked one more time.

Tony was almost overpowered by the level of hatred in her voice.

"Maybe I was jealous because I love you," he admitted finally. "But he was using you."

"You don't get to love me," she said and stood up. "And I don't get to love you."

She walked away. Hidden in the shadow Gibbs had watched the whole thing play out. Now he watched his senior field agent slowly and painfully gets up. Damn it, DiNozzo, you've put her in a bad position because of love. Gibbs shook his head.

Tony and he had been together a long time, over eight years. He had grown fond enough of the young man to think of him as family, but he owed Ziva. She killed Ari for him, her own brother. She had sacrificed something dear to her for him. That deserved loyalty and repayment.


The C-17 Globemaster, a large Herculean transport plane, was waiting for them. Tony walked up the ramp and sat down on the side bench seat. His body was feeling sore from having been thrown to the ground. Vance sat down beside him. He had new admiration for Tony after the way he handled Vance.

Ziva stood staring at the transport. She looked over at her father, who was waiting for her. Gibbs walked over to her.

"I cannot be on the same team as him any longer. I do not trust him. You have to trust your partner," she said.

Gibbs looked over at Eli, who had an expression of triumph on his face. He wasn't going to let Ziva become part of her father's plans and machinations.

"Get on the plane. I'll take care of it," he said.

"You'll transfer him from the team," she said with hope.

"Yes." That was painful to say.

"Thank you, Gibbs," she said then without looking at her father she strode onto the transport with Gibbs right behind her.

Ziva sat beside Gibbs and looked at Tony with a combination of smug satisfaction and hatred. Gibbs looked over at Tony. He could see the emotional and physical pain on his face. Someone has to be sacrificed. I'm sorry Tony. Sorry, son.

The transport ramp closed and the plane started to taxi into position. Tony looked down at the floor. At least, Ziva is with us. Everything can be fixed once we're back in DC. But at least she still with us.

Chapter One

Gibbs entered Vance's office early. It was just seven-thirty in the morning.

"Yes, Gibbs," Vance looked from his desk at Gibbs. His brown eyes were curious.

"I want Tony off my team, but I don't want him punished," he said.

"Sit down," he said. "Tell me why?"

"The dynamic of him and Ziva won't work on the team," he said regretting the words as they came out.

"And you want to sacrifice your boy, DiNozzo, and not Ziva," he said.

"He's ready to run his own team, or whatever else you have in store for him. It's best he move on," said Gibbs.

"Should I keep him in DC?" he asked.

DC, this is his family. Ducky, Abby, McGee, but I can't have him. There is too much between him and Ziva.

"Out of DC," Gibbs said.

"I have a position for him, one I think he will excel in," said Vance then he reached over and pressed his intercom. "Cynthia send Agent DiNozzo."

Tony had come in where a pair of jeans, a black tee shirt, and a zip up hoodie. Putting on a suit was just too much effort. Sitting at her desk ignoring him was Ziva and McGee was working on his computer.

"Hey, Probie," Tony said.

"How are you feeling, Tony?" McGee asked.

Ziva glanced up and waited for the answer.

"Sore as hell, Probie," he said.

She snorted, as if she was glad he was sore. Tony stomach churned again. She hates me. I love a woman who hates me. Yeah, that sounds about right.

He phone rang and he picked it up.

"Yeah, Cynthia, I'll be right up," he said.

Ziva smiled to herself. Finally, he will be gone. I won't have to deal with him in my life anymore.

Tony entered Vance's office to see Gibbs already seated in front of the director's desk. Vance motioned him to sit down in the chair beside Gibbs.

"Morning, Boss," he said as he sat.

"DiNozzo," Gibbs mumbled. I don't want to do this, but it has to be done.

"Agent DiNozzo, Gibbs and I have been talking about your position on his team. He believes it's time you move on," Vance said.

"Boss, you want me off the team?" Tony asked Gibbs. His voice was mixed with surprise and pain. Gibbs tried to ignore it.

"I can't have you and Ziva on the same team and I am choosing her," he said.

"Ziva doesn't want me on the team, either?" he asked. The pain in his voice overtook the surprise.

"She doesn't trust you any longer, DiNozzo," Gibbs said.

"And you, Gibbs. Do you trust me?" he asked his mentor, his father figure.

Instead of answering Gibbs stared straight into Tony's eyes and tried to hide his emotions letting Tony read what he wanted to read.

"Tony, I have a solution here," said Vance said.

Tony's head was whirling. Ziva, he loved her, but she didn't want him. Gibbs, he was like a father to him and now Gibbs was treating him like his real father did. He was being disinherited.

"What is it, sir?" he asked.

"Macy is leaving her position as Special Agent in Charge in Los Angeles Office of Special Projects. You will replace her, as well as act as the supervisory agent for their top team while Agent Callen is recuperating from being shot," said Vance.

"What is my role as SAC?" he asked.

"To run the Office of Special Projects along with Hetty Lange, who is the Operations Manager," said Vance. "You are jumping up the ladder here, Tony. It's a great opportunity."

"When do you want me to report, sir," Tony asked.

"You're clavicle should healed in two weeks and Callen is due to be out for another eight weeks, so report to LA in…"

"A week," said Tony. "I should be able to toss the sling aside in a week. I'll clean my desk out today and then spend the rest of the week cleaning up my affairs at home," said Tony.

"Sounds like an excellent plan," Vance said then stood up and offered him his hand.

Tony shook his hand and marched out of the office.

"It's done. I hope you made the right choice," said Vance.

"I made the only one I could," said Gibbs. "She needed to get away from Eli."

"Eli and I are friends, but I have to agree with you, Gibbs," he said.


When Tony got to his desk he exhaled deeply. He took a moment to calm himself as his hands were shaking then he sat down. The first thing he did was open his drawers and start dumping paperwork into the garbage can next to his desk.

McGee looked over at him with concern: "Tony, is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine, Tim. I've been promoted to the LA OSP because Gibbs and Ziva no longer want me on the team," he said then punctuated it with a hollow smile, which couldn't hide the hurt and anger in his eyes.

"Tony, you must be mistaken," said McGee, shocked to hear what he said.

Tony unlocked his desk drawer with his service weapon. He took it in hand and walked it over to Gibbs' desk and placed it on top of it then he returned to clean out the rest of his desk.

"Ziva, he's kidding, right?" asked McGee.

"I cannot work with him. I do not trust him," she said calmly.

She thought seeing him forced away would feel good, but it didn't. Seeing him in emotion and physical pain hurt. All those feelings she had buried were now surfacing. Yes, she had feelings for Tony, strong feelings. There were times she was in Michael's arms and she wished they were Tony's. But, he broke her trust, just like Eli. Just like Ari. No, she could not forgive any of them or have them in her life.

"I need to say goodbye to Ducky, Jimmy, and Abby," he said. "I'll return to finish soon."

He stormed out of the bullpen to the elevator.

"Ziva, its Tony," said McGee. "He's risked his life of all of us. Remember when you two were undercover assassins, he could have been killed getting you out of the room. Or the bomb you defused, he wouldn't leave you."

"Tim, it is done," she said then she got up and left her desk to desk some coffee. I cannot be weak. I cannot forgive him.

Gibbs returned to his desk and saw Tony's service sidearm. He sighed.

"Boss, is this really happening? Is Tony really leaving?" asked McGee.

"Yeah, it's really happening and I don't want to talk about it," he said then he sat down and stared at Tony's service sidearm.


"Anthony, how are you?" sexagenarian Scottish Medical examiner asked.

He was wearing his scrubs having just finished an autopsy, as was Jimmy. Both men fixed their glasses at the same time.

"I guess I have good news," he said sounding like a man who was lost. "I was just promoted to the Office of Special Operations in LA."

"Anthony, you don't sound happy about this," said Ducky.

"Gibbs and Ziva wanted me off the team, Duck, so Vance gave me this promotion," he said. Just saying it took all the energy out of him.

"Anthony, no," said Ducky.

"Tony, do you have to go?" asked Jimmy.

"Yeah, I have to go, Jimmy," he said. "I want you both to visit me. You're like family, so…"

"I understand, Anthony," said Ducky. "Gibbs is your Next of Kin and Medical Proxy, do you want to switch that to me?"

"Actually, to you and Jimmy. Since I'll be a coast away I think I need double the chances of getting hold of one of you in an emergency," he said.

"I'll do it," said Jimmy.

"You know I'd be honored to be your Next of Kin," said Ducky.

"Great," he smiled. "Well, I have say goodbye to Abby."

"Ahh, that shall be a difficult task," said Ducky.

"I know," Tony agreed.


Abby was in a short black dress and knee high black boots with her hair in pigtails. Her lipstick was blood red and the silver spikes in dog collar were welled polished, a sign she was either going out on a date or to a new dance club.

He walked into her lab and watched her dance to the music coming out of her speakers. I'm going to miss her. She spun around twice on the second spin she noticed Tony.

"Hey, Abs," he said.

She turned the music off: "Yeah, Tony."

"Um, I… I don't really know how to tell you this," he started. She's too happy to tell now. I deal with her later.

"Tony, I am going to a new club tonight," she said.

"That's great, Ab," he walked over and kissed her forehead. "Have a good time."

"Thanks, Tony," she said.

Tony headed back to the bullpen to find it empty. They were gone off on a call. He sat down and finished tossing stuff out then left his backpack and all the gear in it on McGee's desk. Finally, He left his DC ID on Ziva's desk with a note.

You got what you wanted. I hope it helps you to heal.

He left.


The first whiskey went down bitter. It burned his insides making him wonder why the hell he drank. The next one didn't go down any smoother but his body started to relax once he had finished. The third and fourth made the situation seem funny. He was being kicked aside for the woman he secretly loved. It was like a bad TV movie shown on one of the cable channels.

By the time he had downed his seventh whiskey he stumbling down the road known as oblivion. It wasn't a pleasant road, the footing was bad, but he was glad he had found this particular road because it allowed him to deal with his problems.

Suddenly, there was a knock on his door. He stood up. His legs didn't like standing but he managed it. He took one deliberate step at a time until he got to the door and opened it up. A teary eyed Abby was standing on the other side of the door.

"Timmy explained everything to me. I am really, really upset with Gibbs and Ziva right now. I'm not sure I can forgive them. I mean it's like they are banishing you from their kingdom. Well, I don't like their kingdom," she rambled on quickly.

He placed his finger on her lips quieting her.

"I am drunk, very drunk, and standing here without falling down is taking a great effort," he said.

"Oh, my poor Tony," she said then came into his apartment and helped him to his sofa. "I took the rest of the week off to help you pack and such. I refuse to say goodbye."

"Help yourself," he said to Abby and offered her his bottle of Jameson's 1789, twelve year old whiskey.

She looked at the bottle and noticed that a great deal of it had been drunk.

"Tony, you have been busy," she said.

"It was either drink or go find a woman for some horizontal exercise," he said.

"Well," she took the bottle cap off and swigged some whiskey. "Aww, how can you drink that?"

"With great deal of practice," he said.

"Oh, Tony, I hate what they have done to you," she sighed.

"I love you, Abs, and he was like a father to me and they don't want me," he said not even bothering to hide the pain anymore.

"I don't want to work with them anymore," she said.

"You have to, Abs. Family has to support family. I'm used to not having a family, so I'll be okay, but you, McGee, Ducky, and Jimmy have to have Gibbs' and Ziva's backs. Be mad at them but get over it and remember you're family," he said.

Abby started to cry: " Oh, Tony."

She grabbed him and hugged him and wished she could comfort him tonight in any way he needed it.


Tony woke in the morning in his bed dressed in a smile and socks with Abby naked, except for her dog collar, draped all over him. Oh, God, did I do it with Abby last night and I don't even remember it. Jesus, what's wrong with me?

He kissed the top of her head.

"Abs, did we, you know, last night?" he asked.

"Hmm, hmm hm," she purred.

"You're not mad at me?" he asked.

"No, Tony. I understand. You needed comforting. I didn't mind," she said. "You know I love you, maybe not like we did it last night, but I love you enough to comfort you when you're in pain."

"I'm sorry, Abs," he said.

"Don't be, Tony. Enough people had hurt you yesterday that you needed intimacy. I supplied it instead of some stranger," she said.

"Thanks, Abs," he said. "I better get up soon and start packing."

"I'm going to help you. Stuff you don't need or want to put in storage, we'll sell. Some stuff we'll put in storage and have ready to ship and then there be stuff you have no idea about. We'll give that stuff away," she smiled. "Are you ready to clean up your life?"

"Sure, Abs."

"But first, I need breakfast, lots of good. I might not have thought of you sexual, Tony, but I have to admit you are really good. I mean really good at it. I think you might be the best I've had," she giggled.

"Better than McGee?" he smiled.

"Tony, don't be mean. I love Tim. He's special. But no, I didn't have the orgasms with him that I did with you," she admitted and blushed.

"Abby, are you just trying to build up my ego?" he asked.

"Honey, you're ego when it comes to sex doesn't need any building up," she smiled.

Chapter Two

The real estate agent showed Tony a few homes in the Venice canals. Since the interview room of the OSP was on a pier in Santa Monica and the office was in an abandoned looking building in Santa Monica, the Venice Canal area would allow him to live close to work, cutting down on his commute. If this job was going to be his life then he was going to make it his life.

The house was more modern than the rest on the canal. It was two stories, four bedrooms, with a roof that had a grill for cooking out and a mini-kitchen. The price was at One point Five million, but the inheritance his mother left him was still worth ten million, so he could afford it. The property in England and New York City she left him had done nothing but become more expensive over the years.

"I want this home," he said.

"We can arrange a bank loan for you then," she said.

"I'll pay it one large money transfer to the current owners. No mortgage," he said.

"A mortgage can be beneficial," the real estate told him.

"Not to me," he said.

"I'll make the offer to the owner," she said.

"When can I move in?" he said.

"Well, I have to check a few things," she said.

"The sooner the better."

"I'll try and make it as quick as possible as," she smiled.


The car Tony chose to buy was a blue 2011 Aston Martin V12 Virage Coupe, which parked in a back lot beside an SUV, a BMW, and an Aston Martin Rapide. High end cars were part of the OSP undercover style. For his first day at work He wore a blue Ermenegildo Zenga suit with vest, a light blue dress shirt, and black polka dot silk tie, Zenga black laced dress shoes. Getting out of the car he walked over to what looked like a dilapidated door and placed his hand on what appeared to be an iron plate. His biometrics had been transferred from NCIS headquarters. The door popped open and he entered.

"Don't tell me," a small, proper looking woman and in grey slacks and black blazer and large glasses. "Ermenegildo Zenga."

"Yes, you have a good eye," he said.

"Do you dress only in Italian designers?" she asked him.

"No, I like Savile Row, also," he answered.

"You must be Special Agent in Charge Anthony DiNozzo," she said. "It is a pleasure to meet you."

"Call me Tony," he said.

"I am Hetty Lange. Please call me Hetty," she said. "I take it the Aston Martin Coupe is yours?"

"Yes, I just bought it."

"You have fine taste, SAC DiNozzo, expensive but fine," she smiled.

"It comes from being born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Although my father took away the spoon, I still had a taste for it," he said.

"I understand. Come with me," she said and walked him passed what he thought was their version of the MCRT bullpen with their wooden desks and no walls and into an office with a large wooden. She sat down behind the desk and motioned for him to sit in the chair in front of the desk. Tony settled in, crossed his legs and made himself comfortable.

"Our version of MTAC, which we use extensively, is upstairs. Our computer technician is named Eric Beal and we are in the process of looking for someone to work with him. Our main team, which will be in late today because they are visiting their leader G. Callen in the hospital, is considered the best by many."

"I know about Callen. I worked for Special Agent Gibbs. They have history together," he said.

"Yes, it is difficult sometimes being his operations manager. Well, Callen is a bit of a legend in the undercover business, but so aren't you, SAC DiNozzo. Callen is the team leader. Sam Hanna, ex-Seal, is his number two. Kensi Blye, who has a forensics and criminology and is also a marksman with a revolver and has a black belt in Wing Chun, and Dom Vail is the probie. You will step in for Callen until he returns," she said.

"Sounds like a tight group. I hope I can fit in," he said.

"It is a tight group," she said ignoring his comment about fitting in. "We also have an operational psychologist as part of the team, which is Nate Getz."

"Do we need one?" Tony asked.

"One does come in handy both to keep an eye on the team and to help profiler those we are dealing with," she said. "We have one other team and several agents who back up roles such as forensics, behavioral science, and intel gathering," she said. "And you are in charge of all of them along with me."

"Sound like fun," he said.

"Vance told me that you don't intend on giving up field work," she said.

"No. Whenever I think it necessary, I'll be joining the team in the field. I think I can still add something to a team," he said.

"Interesting," she smiled. "I've read you personnel file. I'm surprised you took this position."


"You and Gibbs made for a legendary pair. Your MCRT may be made up of two other members, but you and Gibbs have been together for years, the foundation of a very successful team," she said.

"All things must pass," smiled Tony. And some of us get kicked out of paradise.

"I'm going to like you," she said. "Do you like movies?"

"I love them."

"Do you play the piano?" she asked. "I love the piano."

"As a child I was considered a prodigy, but I stopped playing several years after my mother died," he said. "I can still play when the mood hits me, though."

"Yes, I know I am going like you."

"Oh, I need a new sidearm," he said. "My old one is in DC."

"I'll take care of you. We do not strictly use only Sig Sauers. Is there another weapon you'd prefer?" she asked.

"A Glock 17," he answered. The less to remind me of DC the better.

"I'll get that for you," Hetty said.

"Hey, Hetty," Sam Hanna called out as he entered her officer. "Who gets to drive that blue Aston Martin Coupe?"

"It's mine," he said. "If you ask real nice, I might let you sit in it."

"Tony DiNozzo, right?" said Hanna offered his hand.

Tony stood up and shook his hand. Sam Hanna wore an Armour shirt, jeans, and loafers. He was built like a linebacker.

"Sam Hanna, this is Tony DiNozzo, our new SAC," introduced Callen.

"Wow, Woody Strode," Tony laughed.

"Woody Strode?"

"Yeah, you know a black actor from the fifties and sixties, bald and built like a brick shit house. He was in Spartacus, Man who Shot Liberty Valance."

"I'll have to check those movies out," smiled Sam.

"I'd get The Professionals with Lee Marvin and Burt Lancaster and Woody Strode. It's a great movie."

"This is Dom Vail," said Hetty.

He was also African American but the complete opposite of Hanna in style and look. Tony sensed he was closer to a nerd than a Navy Seal.

"SAC DiNozzo," he said.

"It's Tony," Tony said with a smile.

"Hey, Shaggy, where's Scooby?" Tony teased.

"And last but not least Kensi Blye," Hetty introduced her.

"So who do I look like?" she asked.

"You are uniquely beautiful," he answered then gave her one of his most winning smiles, which made her blush.

"Now can you leave, SAC DiNozzo and I alone so that we may continue to talk," said Hetty.

"Sure, Hetty. We'll be in our bullpen," Hanna said.

They walked out of Hetty's office area and over to the bullpen. Hanna and Callen had desks across from each other, while Dom and Kensi had desks across from each other.

"Woody Strode," Dom said mockingly.

"Shut you, Fanboy, or I'll kick your butt," Sam teased causing Kensi to laugh again.

"What do you think of the new boss?" Dom asked Kensi.

"I'm not sure," she said looking at Tony through the window of the office.

"You know anything about him?" Dom asked Sam.

"He was a cop in Peoria, Philly and Baltimore then the senior field agent for Gibbs MCRT for ten years. His rep is that he's unorthodox but he's supposed to be real good at what he does."

"Nice clothes," she said.

"I thought you didn't like guys who wore fancy clothes," said Dom.

"Some guys look good in a suit and he's one of them," she said.

"I agree," Sam said then he yawned. "Anyway, he's got a sweet ride out there."

"Yeah, I noticed that," said Kensi.

"You guys are too easy," said Dom.

"You know that I'm not easy, Dom," she hissed.

"I don't know about that. He made you blush," remarked Hanna.

"He did not," she protested.

"Yeah, he did," said Dom.

Chapter Three.

Callen had returned and ahead of schedule. With his hair cut close to skull and perpetual five o'clock shadow, he did look like a legend in Tony's estimation. While he was out Tony lead the team in two cases. They closed both easily. Now that he was back Tony assumed the role of SAC.

For Callen's first assignment back they whole and Tony were deployed. Callen and Kensi were dressed in formal clothes as guests for a reception at the Queen Mary, which had been converted into a hotel, in Long Beach. They were there to intercept a flash drive being passed from a Saudi Ambassador to the money man for a terrorist cell forming in San Diego.

Sam was in uniform as a waiter with Dom was also in uniform as a bartender. Tony was dressed in a tuxedo with a black pants and white jacket as guest without a date. His job was to distract the Ambassador by hitting on his beautiful wife.

As the band played I've got you under my Skin, Tony came up to the beautiful Saudi Ambassador's wife and without asking her permission, he took her in his arms and started to dance.

"My name is Tony. What's yours?" asked Tony.

"Hala. We shouldn't' be dancing. My husband will hurt you," she warned him.

"Some women are worth the pain," he whispered in her ear then saw that Kensi was able to pick the Saudi Ambassador's pocket for the flash drive with the information of bank accounts, addresses, and names.

Callen then took her into his arms and danced her away, while Tony had two large men break up his dance.

"Thank you, Hala. It was a pleasure," he said.

"Come with us," said one of the men.

"I'd rather make a request to the band first," Tony said. "Maybe we could have the next dance."

"Come with us," he said.

"Don't break too many bones," he said with a smile.

Sam, Dom, Kensi and Callen met each other in the parking lot where they parked their cars.

"Where's Tony?" asked Sam.

"I have get tips from him on how to pick up women. That Saudi woman was eating out of his hand," Dom said.

"Yeah, he has game," said Callen. "He should be here."

"I'd check the ground near my car," Tony called to them.

The four of them ran over to Tony to see him lying on the ground his face bloody and his clothes ripped and ruined.

"Shit, Hetty is going to be pissed. You ruined the tux," said Dom.

"No problem. It's mine," Tony said attempting a smile.

Kensi knelt down beside his and started to wipe some of the blood on his face with a handkerchief she took from Callen. Sam and Callen helped him to his feet. Once he was standing Callen took a good look into Tony's eyes.

"Okay, you probably have a slight concussion," he said.

"Yeah, headache, nauseous, I've got to agree with you. Been there, done that," Tony said.

"Okay, who wants hospital duty?" asked Sam.

"I'm not going to the hospital," said Tony.

"Hospital duty is when one of us goes home with you and acts as nurse for twenty-four hours to maker sure you are okay. No one here likes hospitals," Callen explained.

"I'll do it," Kensi spoke up.

"You sure, Kens," said Dom. "I'm willing to do it."

"Yeah, I'm sure," she said. "My place his closer and I have a spare bedroom, if that is that okay with you, Tony?"

"Sure. I can pass out anywhere," he smiled then he reached into his pocket and handed her his keys. "I guess you're driving."


In a bed Tony awoke in his underwear with a sheet over him. Kensi was curled up in a rocking chair dressed in sweat pants and tee shirt watching over him. This sight brought a smile to his face. She's beautiful, sort of reminds me of Ziva. Yeah, maybe that isn't a good thing.

"Hey, beautiful," he said as he noticed she opened her eyes.

"How's the headache?" she asked.


"I've got painkillers for you," she said.

"No, no way. Painkillers make me loopy. I avoid them whenever I can," he said.

"I'd like to see that," she giggled. "Why don't you go back to sleep?"

"I will if you will," he said. "That chair looks uncomfortable."

"I'm, supposed to watch over you and I can't do that if I'm asleep," she told him.

"Okay, we're adults. I think we can share a bed without any problems developing and that way you can watch over him," he said then lifted the seat and moved over. "Come to bed. We both can sleep."

"I am tired," she said then slipped into be beside Tony. This feels so very good.

In a graceful motion she moved from lying on one side to lying on the other and nestling her head on his right shoulder, while he draped his right arm around her. I really could get used to this. Oh, God, I even like the way he smells. This isn't good.


Ziva worked at her desk, while Tim filled out reports at what used to be Tony's desk. Gibbs walked into the bullpen with a fresh coffee then sat down. Their newest probationary agent, Hal Andrews, was fresh out of FLETC after graduating John Jay College with a degree in criminology and minor in computer forensics. Gibbs looked over at him and growled.

"Boss, I have the requisitions for you," said McGee.

"Should have had them done yesterday, McGee," Gibbs replied.

"I don't know how he did it," said McGee.

"Who did what, Tim?" asked Ziva.

"Tony. How he did all the reports and requisitions?" he said.

"Oh," she replied and put her head back down. He had mentioned the name Tony, which she didn't want to hear. Lately, she had been having nightmares about Tony where she shots and kills him in Tel Aviv. These had made her start to rethink how she felt about him, how he acted, how she acted, and what had happened.

"He worked smarter not harder, McGee," Gibbs told him with a smirk. And he always had my six. Gibbs looked over at the Probie and sighed. "Andrews, stop looking lost and get to work."

"Yes, Boss," he murmured.

Ziva stood up and looked at Gibbs: "I have to check with Abby about a test."

"Fine, but don't tee her off. She's barely spoken to me since Tony's left," Gibbs sighed.

"I know, Gibbs. She has done the same to me," said Ziva then started down the Abby's lab.

It was once a refuge for agents to come down to her lab and feel some positive energy, but not since Tony left. His absence, the reasons he left, had made Abby less willing to share her brightness with others.

"Abby, do you have the soil sample ready?" asked Ziva as she entered the lab.

Frank Sinatra was playing. The song was I have dreamed. Ziva stop for a moment to listen to the song. For some reason tears burned at her eyes, but she willed them away.

"Agent David, I should have them for you in twenty minutes," she said coolly.

Ziva started to leave but she stopped. She had made mistakes and she knew it.

"I know you hate me now, Abby. I wish you didn't. I wish thing hadn't turned out the way they did," Ziva said. Maybe it will make you feel better if I told you that I had am starting to hate me. I keep waiting for him to show up every morning and make a joke, or be there when I did something I thought brave and he thought foolish, yet he didn't desert me. My father betrayed me, my brother betrayed me, but Tony was trying to protect me and I turned on him. I took my pain out on him. And I regret it. I am sorry."

She started to leave.

"Ziva, wait," said Abby, who got off her stool and ran to Ziva. "Tony told me I should treat you and Gibbs like family because you were. He said I could be made at you, but I had to forgive you and I had to have your back."

She hugged Ziva and Ziva hugged her back.

"I miss him, Abby," she said.

"I do, too," Abby said.

"Can we get him back?" Ziva asked.

"I don't thin so, Ziva. He was hurt. You hurt him and Gibbs choosing you or him, well, that was the final straw," she said.

"They are lucky to have him," Ziva said softly. "I think I love him."

"Oh, Ziva," Abby hugged her even harder. "Have you talked to Ducky or Jimmy? He keeps in touch with them."

"No, Ducky is angry with Gibbs and me," she said, "and Jimmy is afraid of me."

"Ohh, Ziva," Abby hugged her once again.


Tony was in a tan Armani suit with a custom made white shirt and sky blue silk tie. He had his legs up on his desk in his office as he read Callen's report about their latest op. There was a light tap on the door and he put the report down.

"Come in," he said.

Kensi, dressed in jeans jeans and a loose fitting chambray shirt, walked into his office.

"We are going out for drinks and the team wanted to know if you wanted to join us?" she asked him.

"Sorry, reports to catch up on. The downside of being the special agent in charge, I'll be reading reports all weekend," he smiled.

"Too bad. Sam finally saw The Professionals and he wanted some other recommendations from you," she said.

"Ahh, well, tell him if he is looking for good Burt Lancaster movie that a western he should watch Valdez is Coming. Now if he just wants a great simple western directed by John ford and often overlooked he should check out Two Rode Together," he said then picked up his report.

"I'll le him know," she smiled then hesitated before closing the door.

Once she left him alone, he sighed. She's too young for me, even younger than Ziva, and she reminds me too much of Ziva. I've got to stay away from her. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger, Will Robinson.