"I…uh… I'm normally not this easy," Jane muttered as she settled against Maura's shoulder, smiling as the doctor wrapped her arm around her and began running patterns across her back.

"Well," Maura said, voice light, "the argument could be made that we've been dating for months. So, really, that would make you hard to get, wouldn't it?"

"Only if you were trying to get in my pants that whole time," Jane chuckled, pulling the bed sheet up over the two of them.

"Not directly, no." With a smile, Maura kissed the top of dark brunette hair before her. "Was this too fast?"

"Well, let me think," the detective said, as she wrapped her arm across the smaller woman's waist, enjoying the feel of skin-to-skin contact across her body. "We went from cautiously admitting we both had a thing for each other to in bed with each other in less than," she checked the clock, "five hours. I could see where some might argue that it was fast."

"Technically, it was less than 2 hours. We've been in bed for the past three," Maura corrected.

"Best three hours of my life," Jane mumbled as she tried to stifle a yawn.

Maura batted at the other woman with her free hand. "Jane, I'm serious. Is this too fast for you?"

"No, not this time. You know I don't do one night stands, and you know I don't normally sleep on first dates, but I don't really see either of those applying here, honestly. The only thing that surprised me tonight was how natural it was. I mean, I've never been with a woman before. I was pretty sure it was going to be awkward, but it wasn't."

"No, it wasn't," the doctor agreed, not bothering to stifle her own yawn. "How long do you want to wait to tell people?"

Jane grunted. "With this family, it won't take long before they know even if we don't tell them. But I'd like to keep it to ourselves for at least a couple of weeks if we can. Would you be okay with that?"

"Yes, and I like that plan. But, if someone asks me…"

"Tell them truth like I know you will. I'm not ashamed of us, Maura, and, even though I'm going to freak out, I'm not going to run away. If this is going to work, then I need to learn how to handle how people react. I don't like the idea of living in the closet. You have way too many shoes in there."

"You like my shoes."

"Yeah, beside my bed with the rest of your clothes," Jane shot back.

Maura chuckled, "Funny, I feel the same way about yours," she said as she glanced down at the pile on the floor beside her bed. "If you're sure you'll be able to handle me being completely honest, then I will. You should know I am not ashamed of you either, and I'm glad you don't want to keep this hidden. I think it would be difficult."

"I do, too. My life's hard enough without making it worse by making my relationship with my girlfriend more complicated than it really has to be." She kissed the exposed skin by her lips. "Sleep now, deal with Ma and Tommy tomorrow?"

"Yes, that's a good plan," Maura reached over to turn the lamp off beside her bed. "Good night, Jane."

"Good night, Maura. Stop messing with me or we're not going to sleep any time soon."

"That was my plan."

"Good plan."

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