Skel: I'm not gonna lie… this was the most beautifulest thing to write.

Just a note - Sindri means "sparkling" in old Norse. I thought it would be kinda cute if his little nickname was "Sin" seeing as his Daddy
is the God of Mischief and all :D

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Chapter Twelve

- Four years later –

Loki Odinson shifted uncomfortably in his bed. There was something which pressed down on his chest, and bounced around heavily. He groaned and cracked open his bleary eyes.


His sleepy smile grew into a toothy grin as Loki saw his son, twitching around on his chest eagerly. He reached to lift him off and tickle his perfect, pale skin, revelling in the musical sound of his giggling.

"Morning, sport," he said affectionately, drawing his son closer to him in a soft hug.

"Morning Daddy," his little British accent in his childish mouth was too adorable, and Loki tickled him again.

"Oh no, it's you two," a soft voice piqued from the door. Loki looked up to see Darcy, standing with his over-sized shirt over her otherwise naked body. He smiled at her knowingly and she returned it with a smirk.

"Shove love," she said cheerily as she climbed into bed, chasing their son away so that he lay nestled in between them. Loki watched her warmly, reaching over to hold her hand over the top of their son.

"Mummy, Mummy… do you know what day it is today?" the boy said, his big green eyes sparkling with childish delight. She feigned confusion, and Loki laughed.

"I have no idea," she was sarcasm personified, and Loki reached to kiss her hand, "what day is it today?"

The boy grinned even wider, his full, porcelain cheeks creasing with dimples. "It's Chrissmars!" he squealed.

Loki nuzzled his nose into his son's cheeks. "That it is, my son… and guess who's we're going to spend it with?"

His eyes widened in excitement, "Who Daddy?"

Darcy wriggled her finger into his little chubby hand, "Grandma…"she said.

"Grandpa," Loki continued, not taking his eyes off his beautiful wife.

"Aunty Jane," she grinned.

"Uncle Thor," Loki laughed, "Though I promise you, son, he will not play with your toys this time."

The child giggled, "What about Uncle Fandal? And Uncle Volshtarg? And Aunty Sif?"

Darcy smiled, "They will all be there too… even Uncle Heimdall."

The boy's mouth opened into a sweet little "o" which was surrounded by perfect pink lips. He breathed out in awe: "No way!"

Loki stroked his son's jet black hair, "Yes, son. We'll be going to see him."

The boy's little features scrunched up into a face of confusion. Loki wondered at him – just like his mother.


"Sweetie," Darcy lulled, kissing her son's head and squeezing her husband's hand, "Grandma and Grandpa are having Christmas at their place this year. So we... are going… to Asgard" with each pause she poked her son in his podgy tummy so that he giggled.

"Really! To Asgard!" he leapt up and started bouncing on the bed, "Yay! Yay! Yay! Asgard! I've never been there before!" he leapt around and Loki wrapped his strong, white arms around his son, bringing him down towards him and snuggling him close to his chest.

"Come on Sin," Darcy said, standing up from the bed. "And you too babe, we've got to get ready."

"Aww, can't I go in my PJ's?" the boy pouted. Loki, too, pouted.

"Do we have to, mummy?" he said, smirking at her.

"Ugh! Boys," she said jovially. "Fine! We'll all go in our PJ's!"

"Yay!" Sin leapt out of his father's arms and started racing around the room. Loki was still watching her, a very serious smile now adorning his face.

"Darcy," he hummed.

She cocked her head to one side, slowly walking over to him and settling herself down on his lap.

"Loki…" she whispered, burying her head in his neck, nuzzling her nose against his smooth skin.

"I love you," he lulled, his chin on top of her warm head.

"I love you," she said into his cool skin. Her lips brushed against it gently, planting the sweetest kiss on his collar bone. He shivered.

"You know…" she said, pulling away to look at him, her arms about his neck, "I just thought of something awesome."

"And pray tell what is that, my Love?" Loki smiled.

"We haven't christened those chambers of yours… you know… your secret ones on Asgard…" her smile was pure naughtiness.

"Christened? Whatever do you mean?"

She kissed him then, long and deep, her tongue dancing on his lips. He quivered against her sudden touch as she moved her hands down his bare chest to rest at his thin boxers.

"Guess…" she breathed.

"Hmm… I knew I made that room sound-proof for a reason," he said with a devious grin. She laughed seductively.


Sindri ran into the room, then made a disgusted noise, "Ew, Mummy," he scrunched his face up.

"You know you look a lot like Mummy when you do that, Sin," Loki said with a laugh, gently easing Darcy off his lap to sit beside him.

Sin scrunched his face up even more. "Come oooooon, we'll miss it!" he yelled, jumping up and down.

"Well, we can't miss Christmas!" Loki said with mock anxiety. Darcy laughed. He then stood, lifting Darcy up into his arms, then reached over with his magic to lift Sin into his arms as well.

"Let's go!" he said, a beam of light dashing through their roof to rest at their feet. Sin screwed his eyes shut and Darcy grinned, gazing into Loki's deep, green eyes.

In that infinite moment, the couple watched each other, lost in the cosmic expanse which stretched on into their souls. Here, now, was their perfect peace, with their son cradled between them, and a universe before them.

"I love you Mrs. Odinson," he said with a pure, joyful smile.

"And I love you," she kissed him.

And then the universe pulled the little family away, shooting through the stars in a flash of green.