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Inner Sakura/ Jutsu

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===Inuzuka compound===

It was a peaceful morning in Konoha, Tsume and Hana had just finished feeding the hounds.

"Hana...where's your sister?" Tsume asked.

"I think she's still in her room, want me to get her?" Hana asked.

Tsume shook her head.

"No, you have to get to work, being Head Vet doesn't mean you go in whenever you want. I'll get her up." Tsume said with a growl in her voice.

Hana nodded in submission, turned and left.

Tsume went inside and made her way to her other daughter's room. She'd had it with her youngest daughter's laziness. She's STILL not up yet, and school starts in 15 minutes.

"Lazy little..." Tsume growled.

As soon as Tsume got to the door she banged on it.


"I AM UP" Hinata yelled back.

Tsume was somewhat surprised, Hinata had gotten her self up... this she had to see. Tsume opened the door to find Hinata already in the clans uniform, doing push-ups on her bed.

"Hinata, How long have you been doing this?" Tsume asked.

Hinata flipped over and sat on the edge of her bed, clearly done with her work out.

"Uh... I've been doing this ever since you enrolled me in school." Hinata said.

"I meant when did you wake up?" Tsume asked, impressed that Hinata has been devoted to her training.

"I wake up around 5:00... hmm, maybe 5:30." Hinata said.

Tsume was shocked.

'That might explain why she's so tired all the time.' Tsume thought

"Why Mom?" Hinata asked.

Tsume snapped out of her thoughts.

"No reason, just wondering... anyway, its almost time for school." Tsume said.

"It is?" Hinata yelled.

Hinata quickly jumped off her bed and out the door, almost knocking her mom over in the process.

"Hinata, where are you going?" Tsume asked.

"Ichiraku Ramen." Hinata said as she ran down the hall.

Tsume chuckled.

'That girl loves her ramen, she goes there every day.' Tsume thought.

===Ichiraku Ramen Stand===

Ayame was working the ramen stand by herself today, her father went fishing or 'stocking up on fish' as he called it. she enjoyed working by herself, it gave her time to experiment with new recipes. Ayame was cooking up a big batch of ramen.


Ayame turned around to see Hinata Inuzuka at the counter and smiled softly to her favorite customer. "The usual?"

Hinata nodded as she sat down at the counter and winked at Ayame causing her to blush.

"Yes please, and hurry... school starts soon." Hinata said.

Ayame turned back around and started to prepare Hinata's ramen.

"So, today's the graduation exam... right?" Ayame asked.

"That's right, after today, I'll be a kunoichi." Hinata said.

Ayame turned around and handed Hinata her bowl of beef and chicken ramen.

"Don't you have to pass first?" Ayame asked.

"What do ya think I'm gonna do." Hinata said and started to quickly eat her ramen

"Little cocky, are we." Ayame said giggling.

Hinata wiped her mouth with her jacket sleeve and grinned. "Who... me, Nah. I know I'm gonna pass." Hinata said.

Ayame smiled and leaned against the table. "And how do you know?" Ayame asked.

Hinata finished her ramen and smiled. "Cause I'm awesome." Hinata yelled, pumping her fist into the air, causing Ayame to laugh.

Hinata paid for her meal, and quickly left.

"See ya later, Ayame-chan." Hinata yelled as she left Ichiraku Ramen.


Hinata walked into the class room just before the bell ring, then over to her usual spot and sat down. She glanced around to see everyone was talking, and that Iruka-sensei hasn't shown up yet, even more surprising Naruto was in

class. Hinata then looked over to see Kiba Hyuuga was next to her and was playing with a dog that he got from the Inuzuka compound.

"So how is little Akamaru?" Hinata asked.

Kiba looked over and chuckled.

"He's doing great, keeps humping Hanabi's leg." Kiba said.

"He'll grow out of it soon... maybe." Hinata said as Iruka and Mizuki walked into the room.

Iruka tapped the chalk board to get everyone's attention. Afterward everyone quieted down.

"Ok class, today as you know is Graduation." Iruka said. "There will be a written exam, then we'll test your Taijutsu, throwing weapons, and jutsu. Pass all four parts and you'll be assigned to teams tomorrow. Fail and you'll have

to redo the year." Iruka said.

Everyone nodded they understood, some were nervous.

"Mizuki... pass out the tests please. You may begin immediately." Iruka said.

Mizuki nodded his head and passed out all the papers, everyone started as soon as they got their test. After Mizuki finished passing them out he went back over to Iruka, Hinata looked down at the test and smiled.

'To easy.' Hinata thought as she started writing.

"Take all the time you need." Iruka said.

"IRUKA-SENSEI" Hinata yelled 3 minutes after she got her paper.

Iruka looked up. "Yes Hinata?" Iruka asked.

"I'm done." Hinata said.

Everyone looked up from there papers in awe. Iruka started to chuckle.

"Ha Ha Hinata, the test just started, can you stop joking for one day." Iruka said.

"I'm not joking, take a look." Hinata said.

Iruka looked over at Mizuki, who just shrugged. Iruka sighed and went over to look at Hinata's test. He picked it up and started to read it over.

"You know I'm getting sick and tired of all these... holy crap she got them all right!" Iruka said, yelling the last line.

Everyone started to talk to each other, words like 'genius' and 'brilliant' were used frequently. Hinata sat there and enjoyed the praise.

"Well uh... I guess just go outside and wait for the rest of us Hinata." Iruka said.

Hinata nodded, got up and went to the academy training ground.

===Academy Training Ground===

Once Hinata got outside she fell backwards on the grass, yawned and closed her eyes. Hinata laid there and waited quietly, listening for someone.

===15 Minutes Later===

Hinata quickly sat up and turned to the sound of foot steps. Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha walked out onto the training field.

'Great, a prick and his fan girl.' Hinata thought.

"Hey mutt." Sasuke yelled. "I bet you cheated."

Hinata's right eye twitched, she instinctively took her fighting stance, showing her claw-like fingernails. "WHAT'D YOU CALL ME?" Hinata yelled.

"I called you a Mutt and a cheater, that's what your family is made of." Sasuke said with a smirk.

Hinata smirked back, two can play at this game.

"At lease I have a family." Hinata yelled.

Sasuke's eyes widened in anger, he quickly reached into his weapon pouch and grabbed some shuriken. Hinata just stood there waiting, Sasuke threw the shuriken at Hinata, she easily dodged them then charged toward Sasuke, who was going through hand signs.

"Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!" Sasuke yelled.

A large fire ball shot from Sasuke's mouth and barreled towards Hinata, Hinata pushed forward, Her hands seemed like a blur as she went through her hand signs.

"Tunneling Fang!" Hinata yelled.

Hinata started to spin and twist her body, transforming into what seemed like a small tornado. Hinata used her jutsu to maneuver and dodge the fireball by spinning over the top of the of it, she canceled the move just as she got out of harms way, Hinata landed on all fours and ready to strike. Sasuke growled in frustration and went thought the hand sighs again, creating another fire ball, which Hinata dodged the same way.

"Is that all you got." Hinata yelled as she stood up.

Sasuke was fuming now, as was Sakura wjo walked up to Hinata and tried slapping her, Hinata easily grabbed Sakura's hand and held it very firmly.

"Why are you so mean to Sasuke-Kun?" Sakura yelled.


"Sasuke-Kun didn't mean it, he was just having fun." Sakura defensively said. "Right Sasuke-kun?" Sakura looked back at Sasuke, who was just standing there, hands in his pockets. Sasuke just shrugged his shoulders.

"See." Sakura said.


"HE WAS PLAYING!" Sakura yelled.

"HE WAS BEING AN ASS!" Hinata yelled.

While Hinata and Sakura where yelling at each other Sasuke noticed that Hinata wasn't paying attention to the fight, Sasuke smirked, this is his chance, not only would he get to attack Hinata, he'd attack his #1 pain in the ass,

Sakura. Sasuke very slowly went thought the hand sigh, so Hinata wouldn't notice till the last second, hopefully not notice at all.

"THAT'S JUST HOW HE PLAYS." Sakura yelled


Sakura would have taken a step back, if not for the fact Hinata was still holding her hand tightly. Sakura fought back a tear, seeing that almost broke Hinata's heart.

"H-How could you say that, Sasuke loves me." Sakura cried

"Listen I'm not trying to be mean to you, but he doesn't." Hinata said softly, really not wanting to break the girl's heart.

Sasuke finished the last hand sigh, he brought his hands up to his mouth, he inhaled deeply, then shot out a fire ball, aimed at the back of Sakura's head.

"You're wrong, P-Prove it." Sakura said nearly choking on her own spit.

Hinata looked up at Sasuke and froze, all she saw was a fire ball heading towards Sakura. Hinata quickly wraps her arms around Sakura, despite her yelling to let go, and pulled her to the ground. Sakura looked up at Hinata ready to yell, to see the fireball sail over them. Sasuke let out a frustrated growl.

'W-what just happened?' Sakura thought. 'Did Sasuke-kun... try to attack Hinata and me?'

Hinata got off Sakura then bent down to help her up, she was shaken up a bit.

"You okay?" Hinata asked.

Sakura gently nodded, still confused as to what happened.

'H-He wouldn't attack me, He... He loves me.' Sakura thought.

"Damn, and I was so close to getting ride of one of those annoying fan girls." Sasuke said.

Sakura eyes widened in shock, she fell to her knee and started to cry.

'He... He tried to kill me, he tried to kill me.' Sakura though

"THAT ASSHOLE!" yelled Inner Sakura

Hinata looked over at Sasuke and growled

"YOU SON OF A BITCH" Yelled Hinata getting ready to charge at Sasuke again.

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE" Came a voice.

Hinata, Sakura, and Sasuke looked over to see Iruka and the rest of the class.

"IT's DUCK ASS HAIR-TEME'S FAULT" Hinata yelled pointing at Sasuke.

Iruka looked over a Sasuke who had his usually look on his face, bored and wishing he was somewhere else.

"She's lying." Sasuke said. "I didn't do anything."

Iruka looked over at Hinata who was helping Sakura up again, he was about to scold Hinata for picking a fight with Sasuke, again.


Everyone was shocked that Sakura of all people would call Sasuke a bastard. Naruto fell over laughing his ass off.

"What happened?" Iruka said.

"He called Hinata a mutt, no offense." Sakura said

"None taken." Hinata said.

"They got into a fight, they stopped for a bit, I started to defend Sasuke-teme, and while I was yelling at Hinata he used a fireball jutsu and tried to kill us." Sakura said.

Iruka looked over at Sasuke who again shrugged his shoulders. Iruka let out a sigh.

'Kids.' Iruka thought.

"Ok, this is a warning, if anyone starts a fight, not approved by me or Mizuki at any point during the rest of the graduation exam, you'll fail. GOT IT?" Iruka said. "Come on, lets move to the training area."

Everyone nodded understanding the warning, they all walked over to the sparing area.

"Ok then, lets start the Taijutsu part of the exam." Iruka said. "You'll all fight Mizuki for 5 minutes, you don't have to beat him to pass, you pass based on how long you last, and how much of a fight you put up. When I call your

name, please step forward... Ino Yamanaka."

While Ino was getting ready to fight, the other students all found a place to sit and wait there turn, Hinata found a tree to sit under and lean against. Hinata closed her eyes and waited for her name to be called, then noticed someone sit by her and felt that someone wrap there arm around her arm. Instead of opening her eyes she just sniffed the air for a few seconds, instantly identifying the person. Sakura Haruno.

"T-Thank you for s-saving me, Hinata-chan." Sakura said.

"You're welcome Sakura." Hinata said, not opening her eyes.

Sakura leans up against Hinata, still holding her arm she rested her head on Hinata's shoulder. Hinata opened her eyes and looked over at Sakura, who had her eyes closed and a small smile on her face, and a slight blush. It only

took Hinata 2 seconds to realize why she was acting like that, Hinata didn't mind having a fan-girl, Sakura was attractive…even if she did have tiny breasts. Hinata returned to her previous position and closed her eyes again. Enjoying the warmth coming off Sakura.

Sakura snuggled closer into Hinata. Hinata opened her eye and looked over at Sakura again, and smiled.

"Well aren't you affectionate." Hinata said.

Sakura's eyes opened, she looked down to see what she was doing, then let go and placed her hands in her lap, her face was burning red with embarrassment.

"S-sorry." Sakura apologized.

"its ok, I don't mind... I was enjoying it." Hinata said. "You can keep doing it if you want."

Sakura blushed harder if that was even possible, but took Hinata up on her offer. Sakura gently wrapped her arm around Hinata's arm and leaned against her again. Hinata closed her eyes and smiled as she felt Sakura's head rest on her shoulder again.

"I hope we can be on the same team, I'd like that." Sakura said.

Hinata nodded in agreement, now that Sakura wasn't Sasuke's fan-girl, it would be kind of nice to hang around with her.

Hinata let out a flustered sigh, this was going to take a while. Sakura giggled when she hear the sigh, causing Hinata to once again open her eyes.

"What's so funny?" Hinata asked slightly annoyed.

"You...that sigh of yours is pretty cute." Sakura said. "I've always liked it, even when I liked Sasuke-teme."

Hinata raised an eyebrow, then smiled and poked Sakura's forehead. "Well, if we're talking about what we think is cute about each other, that big forehead of yours is pretty cute too." Hinata said

Sakura blushed, she let go of Hinata arm and covered her forehead.

"Your just saying that, knock it off." Sakura said a little angry.

Hinata smiled and pulled Sakura's hands away from her forehead and gently kissed it. making Sakura blush deeply.

"No I'm not, I really do like it, because I know that under that big forehead, is a big brain." Said Hinata.

Sakura blushed and turned her head away, but was smiling.

"Sakura Haruno." Iruka said.

Sakura stood and dusted herself off, she ran over and face Mizuki, ready to fight. Hinata was about to close her eyes but felt someone watching her.

"its rude to stare... Yamanaka." Hinata said, looking over at a blushing Ino.

"Y-y-you…j-just." Ino stammered. "Y-you, Sakura."

"Yes?" Hinata asked.

"You just k-kissed Sakura." Ino said. "O-On the lips."

"BZZZZT, wrong... I kissed her forehead, don't get your panties in a knot." Hinata said. "We're not first year academy students."

"But her heart belongs to sas..." Ino started, but stopped when Hinata growled loudly.

"Did you NOT HEAR what SASUKE-TEME tried to do to Sakura about 17 minutes ago." Hinata growled.

Ino nodded. "Yeah I heard what Sakura said." Ino said.

Hinata fell over, then quickly rose to her feet and stared at Ino in disbelief.

"You did! Tell me you'd you still love someone that tried to kill you." Hinata asked.

"Well no, but Sasuke was just pl..." Once again Ino was cut off by a growl.

"Don't you even say, 'he was playing'." Hinata said in a mocking voice. "If I wasn't there, Sakura would be dead."

Ino just stared at Hinata and frowned.

"I don't know how you brainwashed Sakura in that short of time, but I'll find out." Ino said walking off.

Hinata just palmed her face and shook her head.

'Stupid fucking blonde.' Hinata thought.

Hinata sat back down and leaned agents the tree again, she looked over to see how Sakura did in the Taijutsu part... apparently not well. Sakura was walking back over to the tree, and looked exhausted.

"You ok, you're not hurt are you?" Hinata asked.

"I'm fine…just a little sore." Sakura said.

Sakura sat down and leaned against Hinata again.

"I don't think I'll pass the test." Sakura said sadly.

"Yes you will." Hinata said.

Sakura looked over and gave a half-smile.

"You're just saying that, I'm not strong like you, I know I'm gonna f..." Sakura was cut off as Hinata kissed her forehead again.

"Remember what I said, that under your big forehead, is a big brain." Hinata said.

Sakura nodded. "Yeah, I remember." Sakura said. "But I don't see what that as to do with anything."

Hinata shook her head. "You're by far the smartest kid in class, but you're not strong, you'll pass." Hinata said.

"But." Sakura started, but was cut of by Hinata.

"Naruto is strong, but he is by far the dumbest in class, Shikamaru's smart, but is the laziest, Choji is strong, but is big boned." Hinata said. "I'm strong and smart, but I'm easily provoked."

Sakura listened to Hinata carefully, and realized what she was saying. Everyone has there own strengths and weakness. Sakura smiled and hugged Hinata. "Thank you, Hinata-chan." Sakura said.

Hinata hugged back, and smiled. "You're welcome." Hinata said.

Unknown to them Iruka was watching and smiled, he quickly wrote down a note, that he would give to the Hokage after the exam. 'Hinata Inuzuka and Sakura Haruno must be on the same team' He thought. "And last but not least Hinata, you're up." Iruka called out.

Hinata let go of Sakura, she stood up and walked over to Mizuki, then faced him. Hinata grabbed her Clan jacket and pulled it off in one quick motion, letting it fly up and fall to the ground behind her, it revealed two things, one was a snug black sleeveless tee-shirt with a *weird white design* on the front and back, with black pants. Then there were her breasts, full D cups. Hinata got into her fighting stance, as did Mizuki. Sakura sat and watched with excitement, well mostly, her eyes were glued to Hinata's big breasts.

"Begin!" Iruka called out.

Hinata ran at Mizuki and started to throw punches, which were dodged effortlessly. Mizuki countered and punched Hinata in the face, Hinata stumbled backward, Mizuki took this chance to press on and attack, big mistake. Mizuki tried to punch Hinata again, but the punch was caught, Hinata quickly fell back and pulled Mizuki with her, she hit the ground a little harder then she planned, but ignored the pain. Hinata kicked her foot up with all her power... she hit Mizuki right in the balls, earning a loud 'OH' from all the males and a loud high pitch squeal from Mizuki, she then kicked him off with both feet in his belly. Mizuki went flying into the tree behind Hinata. Mizuki tried to get up, but collapsed. Everyone was shocked, Hinata beat Mizuki... a Chuunin, in less then a 2 minutes.

"Uhhhh...everybody head over to the practice dummies, I need to check on Mizuki." Iruka said. "Go ahead and start."

As Iruka ran over to Mizuki, who was holding his crotch in agony. 'Holy shit... it worked! A hard kick in the crotch will put down even a big dog... now I need a bitch to test this on.' Hinata thought, hoping her new technique worked as well on other woman like it did Mizuki.

Everyone walked over to the practice dummies, there were enough for everybody to have one. Everyone started to pull out there kunai, shuriken, or senbon and started to throw them at the dummy. 10 minutes have pasted since Hinata injured Mizuki, everyone has finished throwing all their weapons, and were waiting for Iruka to show up. Everyone quickly turned around to the sound of foot steps. Iruka and a unknown female, who was at least a Chuunin, she was carrying a box. The unknown woman walked up to Hinata, leaned down and grinned at her. Iruka was grading everybody's dummy.

"You the Gaki that busted Mizuki's balls?" Said the woman.

Everyone but Sasuke snickered and giggled at remembering. Hinata nodded and started to wonder if she was in trouble for kicking Mizuki in the crotch.

"Y-Yeah." Hinata said, slightly nervous, this woman was almost as scary as her mother.

The woman threw her head back, laughing loud and hard. "HAHAHAHA, good one Gaki." She offered her hand. "The name's Anko Mitarashi, Special Jonin and professional Bitch."

"Hinata Inuzuka. amateur bitch." Hinata said, the last part more as a joke, took Anko's hand and shook it.

Anko smiled as only she could. "I know, I can spot my kind a mile away... you live long enough to make Chuunin and we're gonna be tight." Hinata just nodded and smiled, she'd never met anyone like Anko before.

"Ok class, seeing how we're all here. We'll be doing the final part of the test outside, depending on your score for the first 3 parts of the exam determines if you pass, if you pass Anko will give you your headband... if you fail, well there's always next year." Iruka said.

Everyone nodded and prepared themselves, one by one they went up and preformed the 3 common Jutsu's. the Clone Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu and Replacement Jutsu, a lot of kids had performed all 3 perfectly, but their previous scores made them fail. Hinata looked over to see less then have the class has passed. All that was left was herself and Sakura.

"Sakura, please perform the 3 Jutsu's." Iruka said

Hinata watched as Sakura nervously walked over, she performed all 3 Jutsu's perfectly. Iruka was looking over Sakura's score, He looked at Sakura, who was almost in tears, fearing she'd failed and won't be on a team with Hinata.

"Sakura... congratulation, you graduate." Iruka said with a smile.

Sakura jumped up and down with joy as Anko walked up and handed Sakura her headband. Sakura quickly tied her headband on her head.

"Yes, I did it!" Sakura cheered

"I KICK ASS!" yelled Inner Sakura.

Iruka looked over the last student's score, Hinata. He motioned Anko to come over and look. Hinata felt nervous as they whispered back and forth with each other about her.

"Hinata you graduate." Iruka said.

Other students started to whisper, wondering what was going on.

"...but I haven't taken the final part of the test yet." Hinata said.

"Wouldn't matter." Anko said walking up to Hinata with her headband. "You got the highest score in the last 3 parts... you're the #1 rookie of the year."

Hinata took her headband, smiled and tied it around her neck like a necklace.

"Those who passed, you are now Genin." Iruka said.

Everyone that passed went home and celebrated. Later that night Hinata laid on her bed, wide awake, too excited to sleep. Anko's words as fresh in her mind as when she'd whispered them before letting her leave the Academy. 'You just did every woman in Konoha a favor, Mizuki was an A-Ranked Prick... you just neutered him. My friends at the Hospital will make sure he doesn't leave... intact. You ever need anything... just ask." Anko had said.


Authors Note

weird white design: is the Homonka mark from Suzumebachi in bleach.

story idea by MikeJV37