A few hours have passed since Tsunade sent out Team Gai out to help Team Kakashi… thing are quiet in Konoha, nice and quiet… yeah that's about to end.

=== Las Noches ===

Aizen grinned as he sat in his thorn, at all sides was his army… the Arrancar army… Aizen looked down to see his most loyal Arrancar Ulquiorra Schiffer… and his daughter Samara Schiffer. Samara hiccupped and black tentacles burst from mouth… scaring the crap out of a handful of the fellow Arrancar.

Ulquiorra looked down at the tentacles, he grabbed them all with one hand and cut them with his sword… then handed them back to his daughter.

"Chew them this time" said Ulquiorra

"Ahhhhhhhh" said Samara as she pushed a tentacle in her mouth and sucked on it

"That works to" said Ulquiorra

Aizen stared at Samara with detest, everyone knew that Samara loved scaring Lord Aizen… mostly then he was at his most venerable moments… such as when he was in the bathroom.

"Ulquiorra… I have a mission for you" said Aizen "you are to go to the human world… and kill Hinata Inuzuka… but only if you think she could be a threat to us"

Ulquiorra nodded his head, then he heard a snort… he looked over to see Grimmjow Jaegerjaques and his lackeys.

"Why not just waste the bitch anyway" said Grimmjow

Ulquiorra turned his head away and walked away… Grimmjow just growled.

"I'll go to Konoha after I tuck Samara in for her nap" said Ulquiorra, then turned to the one Arrancar he could trust "Yammy… care to join me on a lovely trip to Konoha… no homo"

Yammy, a giant Arrancar with his lower jaw covered with the remnants of his mask, he let out a laugh and slapped his knee, then stood.

"Sure, you know I'd go anywhere with ya… no homo" said Yammy following Ulquiorra

=== Konoha ===

It was a pretty usually day in Konoha… ninja where training, civilian where doing their thing… it was that nice quiet peace we talked about near the start of the chapter

Suddenly a huge pressure washed over the entire village of Konoha, everyone was in a panic… ninja scrambled to find a source… Training Field 7

Ulquiorra and Yammy touched down and looked around… this was Ulquiorra's 2nd time in the human world… he looked around.

"Hmm… things are much brighter then I remember it" said Ulquiorra

"Yeah… this ain't what you said it was… what gives" said Yammy

"I think… it had something to do with then I came… something about that day just felt, so dark and evil" said Ulquiorra

"Who are you… and what are you doing in my village" came a voice

The two Arrancar looked over to see Tsunade… she crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. Yammy just laughed at Tsunade and walked up to her… showing in immense size.

"Hey Ulquiorra… this Hinata?" asked Yammy

"No" said Ulquiorra

"So… I can kill her?" said Yammy with a smile

"The mission was to determine if Hinata would be a threat, then kill her" said Ulquiorra "Lord Aizen never said if we could or couldn't kill anyone else… so do as you want"

Yammy grinned and stepped up to Tsunade… Tsunade pulled back her first and slammed it into Yammy gut.


Tsunade pulled back her hand and screamed, she looks down to see her broken hand… she looked back up in fear at Yammy. Yammy pulled back his fist to punch Tsunade… but stopped then Gwen flashed in front of him.

"Milady… get back, I'll handle this" said Gwen, looking back at Tsunade

Tsunade looked back towards Yammy… who's fist was pulled back again

"GWEN" yelled Tsunade

Gwen looked back… but it was too late, Yammy hit her with such force it destroyed her vital organs… she'll only survive because of the charms… Gwen fell to the ground and wheezed in pain as the charms started to reset and adjust her organs… as her heart was in her stomach and her lungs where in her throat at the moment.

Yammy kicked Gwen and sent her flying it to a tree… Yammy then turned to Tsunade, he pulled back his fist… and slammed her, Tsunade flew across the field and back into the village… she slammed thought building after building, finally stopping then she hit and cratered into a 3 foot solid wall of concrete.

Gwen pushed herself up as her skin turned purple and she became an Anodite

"You'll regret that" yelled Gwen, charging at Yammy

Gwen hit Yammy and managed to make him stumbled backwards abit… then grinned as he swung his arm down and dropped her. She sprang back up and rammed her head into Yammy's stomach… she pushed agents him… and he didn't budge.

Yammy just grinned at her attempts to knock him over, he reached out and grabbed her flaming hair, then he picked her up and looked at her… a look of horror on her face as she grabbed to break free. Yammy started to swing her around by her hair… she became a blur as he spun her faster and faster… then he let go and sent her slamming into the ground.

Gwen's body dug a trench as she ripped across the ground… the pain was so intense she powered down and past out. Yammy snicker to himself… Ulquiorra looked around, he crossed his arms and waited for Hinata to come, he knew she would could.

"BANKAI" came a voice "TENSA ZANGETSU"

Both Yammy and Ulquiorra looked towards the sky to see Hinata standing in the air… she held her sword high.

"GETSUGA TENSHO" yelled Hinata swing her sword

The wave of burning energy flew towards the duo… Yammy just laughed, Ulquiorra held out his hand and grabbed the wave… then hit it off to the side. Hinata face fell… she bite her lips, then shook her head an charged.

"Heh heh" laughed Yammy

Hinata got in close and went to strike, but Yammy shot his hand out and grabbed Hinata by her face… he added pressure, Hinata was frozen in fear and pain.

"This the girl?" asked Yammy

Ulquiorra nodded his head, then looked over to see reinforcements… they all flinched at his gaze, Sui-Feng was in a panic as she saw her daughter in Yammy's hand.

"PUT HER DOWN" yelled Sui-Feng

Yammy just smiled and shook Hinata a bit her body rocked around like she was a doll.

"If that what you want" said Yammy, rearing his hand back

Yammy then slammed her into the ground, the ground burst and cratered under her… Yammy and Ulquiorra jumped back from the creator. Everyone readied themselves for what they were sure to be a grueling battle. Yammy just grinned and beat his hands together.

"Oh yeah… gonna fuck people up" said Yammy

"Yammy, fall back" said Ulquiorra

Yammy looked down at the smaller Arrancar

"But Ulquiorra… I wanna have some fun" said Yammy

Ulquiorra quickly struck Yammy in the gut, Yammy let out a scream of pain and took a few steps back… he held his gut.

"GAH... you fucking asshole… you cracked a rib" yelled Yammy

Gwen at that moment had regained consciousness… she shook in fear at what she saw.

'he… he injured him with one hit… I put everything had into my attack, and I'm sure Hinata and Lady Tsunade did to' thought Gwen, she bit her lip and made a very important call "Stand down"

Everyone looked back at Gwen as she stood, she straighten herself up to give the illusion… that she wasn't in the worse fucking pain of her life.

"That's an order" said Gwen

Ulquiorra just stared at her… eyeing her.

"Smart call… we didn't come here to fight" said Ulquiorra, then looked down at the knocked out Hinata "Lord Aizen merely wanted to see how strong 'she' was… and from what I see…" Ulquiorra then looked back up "she's pitiful… Yammy took her out in one hit" Ulquiorra turned his back to the group… knowing there not gonna attack "Lord Aizen has nothing to fear… his plan will succeed"

And with that… Ulquiorra opened a garganta, and he left with Yammy. Gwen turned back to her Anbu.

"Go take Tsunade to the hospital" said Gwen

"Yoruichi has already done that sir" said an Anbu giving Gwen and bow

Gwen nodded her head… she looked forward.

"I'm going to find my grandma… if anyone needs me, you know what to do" said Gwen, she reached into her pocket and pulled out some bean Nemu created, she ate one, then looked down at Hinata who was waking up "catch"

Hinata reached up as Gwen tossed her the bean, Hinata quickly ate it… she looked up in time to see Gwen flash away… Hinata looked down. Hinata then flashed away herself to go train… by now everyone was checking out the area.

=== Las Noches, Hours Later ===

"So… no threat?" asked Aizen "I mean you came back awfully fast"

"Yammy knocked her out like she was nothing… so she is nothing" said Ulquiorra

"Very welcome… good job" said Aizen

"Good job? He didn't kill anyone" said Grimmjow

"That was not my order" said Ulquiorra

"who care… if it was me, I'd have wasted that Hinata bitch" said Grimmjow

"ahhh, you still haven't patched things up with her?" asked Gin, followed everyone in the room laughing

"SHUT UP" yelled Grimmjow, hiding the Hinata's Bitch mark on his ass "How many fucking time much I say it… it's a scar"

"Enough both of you" said Aizen "Grimmjow, like it or not Ulquiorra followed my orders… if you have a problem with how I run things in Los Noches… well, you're welcomed to get the fuck out"

Grimmjow turned his head and let out a grunt… he stood up and walked off, his cronies followed him out into the hallway… he grumbled and looked back at his buddies, then grinned.

"Tonight… we go hunting" said Grimmjow with a snicker

His gang laughed along with him

=== Konoha, Night Time ===

It's been many hours since Ulquiorra and Yammy had come to Konoha… many hours since Tsunade has been admitted to the hospital as she has fallen into a coma from the force of Yammy's strike. All the ninja of Konoha where on pins and needles… most of them where trying to be calm as to not scare their loved ones… while other got ready for a possible 2nd strike.

=== Sakura's House ===

"Now you listen here… I have every right to see that child… she is my granddaughter" said Mayuri, then slammed his hand on the door hinge "Now let me in"

Fluttershy let out a growl, her fangs poking out of her upper lip and her eyes went red and slit… she hissed as her wings ripped out of her shirt and her ears went all pointy.

"I said… go away… or else" growled Fluttershy

"Or else wh… wha… what?" said Mayuri… looking into her eyes.

That was a mistake… as Mayuri saw a whirlwind of torment and misery which one would not be able to escape with in those eyes, her glare was on a different plain then the one Unohana could ever give… showing that Fluttershy… has some hidden darkness to her.

"I'll just… I'll just be going" said Mayuri running for his life and returning to the soul society

Fluttershy just let out a cold laugh, then canceled her power and walked over to Chikyū, she picked her up and snuggled her

"Ain't you just a cutie" said Fluttershy

Chikyū bubbled and giggled as she kicked her feet

=== Sui-Feng ===

Sui-Feng was sitting on Kūki's bed reading her a story, Kuki smiled and snuggled her grand meme. Sui-Feng smiles and ran her hands thought her hair… then looked back at the book. It was a book written by Hinata, believe it or not… it was change slightly from what happened, but the story was about her encounter with… Slender Man… may he burn in hell… and how she stood up and fought him.

"His tentacles whipped around… Little Red Riding hood stood her ground, for if she didn't this monster would surely go after someone far weaker" read Sui-Feng, then turned the page "The Slender Man was not to happy that his prey stood to fight… it angered him, so he charged"

Kūki listen closely… the story got her Inuzuka blood pumping. Sui-Feng smiled again as she read the story… she knew Hinata wasn't the artist behind this book, Hinata's not talented enough with her hands… well… you know what I mean.

As Kūki finally dosed off Sui-Feng slinked away and walked over to the door… then flashed a way to go get some training in.

=== Shinobu, Training Field 12 ===

Shinobu pointed her hand into the air, she generated a large amount of energy around her… she focused it into the point and…

"SPIRIT GUN" yelled Shinobu

A large orb shot from her index finger and into the sky… then after a few moments exploded. Shinobu grinned at how far it traveled… she looked down at her hands to see 7 of her fingers glowing brightly… she pumped her fist up. Shinobu then turned to the wooden training dummy to her left… her curtsied to it… then started to skip, jump and soared like a ballerina over to it and started to slam her fist and leg into it.

Shinobu then slid back from it and pointed her finger at it… once again it glowed brightly.

"SPIRIT GUN" yelled Shinobu

An orb shot from her index finger and hit the wooden dummy… blowing it to little bits, Shinobu put her finger to her lips and blew the smoke off of it.

=== Motoko, Training Field 14 ===

Motoko pulled out her sword and slashed blades with her doppelganger… she pushed away and swung her sword, but her double flashed out of the way… Motoko popped her neck and readied herself. Her double flew towards her and swung her sword down, with Motoko being pinned for a brief second her clone cracked her in the face.

Motoko stumbled backwards… she whipped her mouth and spit out a bit of blood, she readied herself again.

"That all you got?" mocked Motoko, she had picked up on Hinata habits

The clone grinned and swung its sword around, then vanished… it came from behind Motoko, then flashed to the front… Motoko swung her sword and clashed blades, then she shot her foot out and kicked her clone in the stomach… it doubled over and popped.

Motoko quickly created and new stronger clone, and she resumed her battle

=== Lisa, Lisa's Appartment ===

Lisa was sipping on a nice cup of brandy as she sat back in her chair… she was reading a book, a real one this time… not porn. Lisa was studying the history of the world… all the laws, everything that the clans let known and all that stuff.

Lisa took other sip on her brandy again, she closed the book… then her hollow spoke to her

"You saw it… didn't you?" asked Asil, with a demonically dark tone "Please tell me you saw it… and I'm not crazy"

Lisa sat her cup down and closed her eyes… she trembled slightly

"Yes… I saw the hidden message" said Lisa

The message was hidden very well, and I mean very well… it was cryptic code, the letters where hidden with in all of the illustrations in the book, the code had to be decoded, translated and decoded again… but it was there.

'Beware the God of Destruction: Lord Bills'

Lisa trembled at the thought, Lord Bills… thought to be a myth… a scary story you tell to naughty kids to quiet them down… was real.

=== Mashiro, Unknown Location ===

"¡Dale, dale, dale, No pierdas el tino! Porque si lo pierdes, ¡Pierdes el camino!" sang Pinkie Pie

Mashiro and Pinkie Pie bumped hips and started to act like themselves and cut loose for this kids party… there was streamers and balloons and all that other stuff the bestiest party planner Pinkie Pie would ever need.

Pinkie Pie started to play her 10 instruments and she approached the birthday girl… who had turn 4, she giggled loudly at the wackiness of the two, Pinkie Pie had taken Mashiro under her wing of partyness and childlike wonder… and molded her to be just as good as a partyer as her. She had the potential… she just lack the… you know normal I'd say I can't say Pinkie Pie has no discipline in what she does… but the thing is… it takes years to be as good as her.

Deep within Mashiro's mine scape Orihsam was holding her face in anger

"Mashiro… stop this foolish behavior… you need to train and prepare yourself for what's to come" yelled Orihsam, her voice very proud and serious

"But I'm having fun… I don't wanna train" said Mashiro

"Fool" said Orihsam

=== Shredder, Tatsuki's Restaurant ===

Shredder was tapping his foot to the music… he snapped his finger and got ready to sing at Tatsuki's Restaurant… Tayuya, Kin and Angel need a nice deep voice for the opening of the song… and they choose Shredder.

Angel cleared her throat and started the song

"Dan dan dan, ta da dan dan, Dan dan dan, ta da dan dan" sang Angel

Shredder snapped his finger and put the mic to his mouth… mask.

"Pressure, pushing down on me, Pressing down on you, no man ask for" sang Shredder with Kin and Tayuya, making his henchmen's eyes widen "Under pressure, that tears a nation down, Splits a family in two, Puts people on streets"

Everyone in the bar was shock at how beautiful his voice was… his voice was perfect for the deep parts of the song… and even then he wasn't needed he still rocked around, showing deep joy for this… as the song came to an end his final part came up

"Cause love's such an old fashioned word, And love dares you to care for, The people on the edge of the light, And love dares you to change our way of Caring about ourselves" sang Shredder

=== Hiyori, Training Field 7 ===

Hiyori jumped high into the air and twirled around, she felt back down and slammed her fist into the ground and cratered the ground. She jumped out of it and compared it the one the Arrancar's created then they attacked… her eyes widened… it was 10x the size of hers.

Hiyori fell to her hands and knees as the realization of how much they differ in power… she closed her eyes and smashed her head to the ground as she shook in fear.

"Damn it… what am I gonna do… how am I gonna help" cried Hiyori "I'm gonna get my fucking ass kicked"

"Pitiful" said Iroyih, her voice soft and shy "is that not what you call me… the only pitiful one I see is you"

"Shut up… you don't know anything" growled Hiyori

"I know just as much as you, for I am you and you are me" said Iroyih "you always said that if you were to die… you hope it would be in a blaze of glory… well what glory do you have… your just a coward"

Hiyori growled and stood, she was right… she was being a coward… Hiyori left to go into the woods and fight some of those jumbo sized monsters, hopefully to improve her skills.

=== Gwen, Anbu Tower ===

"GAAAAAAAAAAHHHH" scream Gwen as she went Anodite

Her grandmother, Verdona… who was a full Anodite and able to jump thought the diminutions with ease.

"That's good, you've improved" said Verdona

"Oh can it… I got fucking destroyed today" growled Gwen, then turned to her grandmother "you need to start fucking teaching me the good stuff" Gwen then narrowed her eyes "I know Max asked you not to… well I'm TELLING you to ignore that old fucking fool" Gwen growled and stomped her foot

Verdona narrowed her eyes and went Anodite

"Little girl, that is no way to talk to me, or talk about your grandfather" said Verdona pointing at Gwen

"Oh fuck you" growled Gwen as she turned her head "I need to be stronger… I need power to protect Lady Tsunade… I need power to protect this village… I NEED MORE POWER"

Verdona stayed silent, Max was right… she shows no mercy to her enemies

"Gwen… do you really think killing the enemy" started Verdona

"YES" said Gwen, cutting her off "Kill them right then and there… so they can never cause harm again."

"But surly you uphold Konoha's believes" said Verdona

Gwen crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at Verdona

"Don't you dare pull that card on me… I show mercy to those who are truly sorry for what they've done" said Gwen "if this is still about what happened with Furīza… he admitted what his plan was… and showed no signs of stopping" Gwen turned away from her grandmother and powered down, then started to leave

"Where are you going" said Verdona

"I'm gonna go get some loli pussy, the fuck is it to you" said Gwen with venom, then looked over "when you decide to stop being a fucking douche like Max and decide to teach me some good shit that's actually helpful, come by the Inuzuka Compound… until then, fuck you"

Gwen then flashed away

=== Evangeline, Naru's Compound ===

Evangeline titled her head back and downed a bottle of sake… she let out a big burp, then wiped her mouth. She looked over at Chachamaru, who was staring at her intensely.

"What?" said Evangeline

Chachamaru remained motionless… then fell forward, her face slammed into the ground.

"Damn it, why didn't you tell me you needed a winding" said Evangeline, grabbing Chachamaru's wide up key

Evangeline sat her up and started to wind her up, Evangeline looked over at a small crystal ball and waved her hand over it… she was watching Naru getting ready for bed… Evangeline felt Chachamaru jerk and twitch.

"Thank you Master" said Chachamaru

"Yeah yeah… start licking" said Evangeline pulling down her panties

Chachamaru did as her master told her, she pushed her face agents her masters cunt and started to lick.

"hmmm" moaned Evangeline "that's a good girl"

=== High Above Konoha ===

Grimmjow and his gang appeared overhead, all keep their power low… Grimmjow grinned as he looked around.

"Alright guys… lets have some fun… KILL THEM ALL" yelled Grimmjow, his men flashed away and towards their targets.

=== Lacky #1 ===

Edrad Leones… as he is called appears above the western part of Konoha, he looks around with small frown.

"Pitiful… I can only sense two reishi's that would even come close to being strong" growled Edrad, then started to look around, thought he knew of the two's reishis, it was hard to pin point because of the dense cloud of weakness.

Edrad grinned as he got an idea… he stuck his hand out and formed a large Cero… he'd just blow this part of town to fucking pieces… whoever survived would get to die by his hands. The cero burned brighter in his hand as he charged it up… he fired his cero.

He watched as it flew down towards the town… he grinned at the destruction he would cause.

"SPIRIT GUN" came a voice

A blue orb of chakra flew out of nowhere and hit Edrad cero, both orb exploded violently above the town… shattering windows and scaring all of the civilians cats and dogs. Edrad looked in the direction of the orb called the Spirit Gun… and he saw Shinobu's standing there looking up at him, beads of sweat trickled down her face and her index finger was smoking.

Edrad grinned… he felt a massive amount of power coming from her. Shinobu narrowed her eyes and glared at him… Edrad lowered himself down to her and just grinned his stupide grin. Shinobu took the opportunity that he was low enough strike, she jumped off the roof and balled up her fist.

Shinobu slammed her fist into his face, and let out a loud gasp from the pain… she pulled her hand back and held it. Edrad just grinned, he pulled back his fist and slammed Shinobu to the ground. Shinobu quickly shot back up and growled at Edrad.

Edrad just smiled as he stood over Shinobu, Edrad actually started to flex his pex… as if trying to be intimidating. Shinobu just looked up at him, she quickly sprung to her feet and put her finger in his face and poked his nose.

Edrad went cross eyed as he looked at her finger, it started to glow.

"SPIRIT GUN" yelled Shinobu

Shinobu blasted Edrad with a point blank blast… she grinned to herself, but that disappear then she saw his fist coming out at her.

"Aw Fuck" said Shinobu

Shinobu ducked under that first strike, but she got busted in the stomach from the second. Shinobu staggered backwards and balled up her fist, she stood up straight and got ready.

"Its gonna take more than that to beat me" said Shinobu


Edrad and Shinobu jumped slightly at the loud explosion, they looked around slightly as if expecting back up for their enemy… a shadow started to loom on Shinobu, she looked up and saw the crouch of Mashiro's white jump suit.

Shinobu was slammed to the ground and Mashiro straddled her face, letting out a moan as Shinobu's hot breath tickled her pussy. Mashiro squirmed and smiled, Edrad blinked a few times and tilted his head… what where those to doing.

Shinobu started to kick around getting angry as Mashiro just sat on her face, Mashiro finally got the message and stood up. She giggled to herself as Shinobu stood up… basking in the glow of her orgasm.

"Hmm, that felt nice" moaned Mashiro

Shinobu growled and she looked at Mashiro, who was looking over at Edrad.

"Your evil… aint you" asked Mashiro

Edrad just pointed at himself… getting a nod from Mashiro.

"Why yes… yes I am" said Edrad.

Mashiro nodded her head… then in a fraction of a second, her foot slammed into his face and he fell backwards. He looked up and quickly, rolled away from an ax kick. Mashiro's foot slammed into the ground, then she looked over and swung her foot at Edrad and kicked him upwards.

Shinobu's eyes just widened in awe, her punches didn't do a thing to this monster… nor did her Spirit Gun. Shinobu let out a tremble and a shudder, she was so strong. Edrad quickly spun around and landed on the air and kicked up a large amount of dust.

Edrad pulled out his sword and readied himself.

"Spirit Gun" yelled Shinobu

Edrad swung his sword and sliced the attack in half, it exploded and created a smoke screen around him… then Mashiro flew thought it and slammed her foot into his stomach, she dropped to her hands and spun on them as she kicked him repeatable.

"Mashiro Spiny Round Kick" yelled Mashiro

Edrad stumbled backwards from the kick, he swung his sword and connected with Mashiro's leg… surprisingly it didn't hurt her. Mashiro flashed behind him and delivered a kick into his head… he stumbled forward and got other kicked in the face by her again.

Edrad growled and swung his sword at Mashiro, only for her flash away… he floated towards the sky. He held out his sword and grinned, he was tickled that he found someone to push him.

"Awaken, Volcanica" said Edrad

Mashiro and Shinobu felt a blast hot air… they saw his monstrous form and readied themselves… Edrad just grinned.

"Man I'm hot" said Edrad flexing his muscles, the opened his hands to them and blasted a stream of fire towards them.

The two girls jumped out of the way and charged at him from both sides, Shinobu went left and Mashiro went right. Mashiro put her hand over her face and summoned her incest mask and sprang at him.

"MASHIRO KICK" yelled Mashiro, going for a kick

"DIE" yelled Shinobu throwing a punch.

Edrad was able to take both attack like it was nothing, he hit both in the face… breaking Shinobu's nose and Mashiro's mask. Both girls stumbled backwards from the strikes… Edrad turned his focus to Mashiro and went to punch again.

Shinobu flashed in front of him and went to punch, with a little spin in the punch. There fist smashed and collided… making a loud cracking sound, Shinobu gripped his hand hard. Edrad went for other punch… and Shinobu managed to block and grab his other hand.

Shinobu grit her teeth as she used all of her strength and threw him into air, she looked over at Mashiro to see her holding her face in pain.

"Mashiro… you ok?" said Shinobu

Mashiro nodded her and uncovered her face… she looked over at Shinobu.

"I got an idea" said Mashiro, then whisper to Shinobu

High above them Edrad looked down at them… he didn't know what they were saying, but it didn't matter… Mashiro then flashed away.

"Saving yourself huh?" said Edrad

Edrad put his hands together and summoned a massive flame in his hand, then pointed it down words.

"BURN" yelled Edrad firing a large stream of fire down towards Shinobu

Shinobu pointed her finger up and charge up her attack... then fired a massive beam.

"SPIRIT CANNON" yelled Shinobu

The beam and fire clashed with each other… both pushed agents each other and struggled for dominance… it was a dead even struggle. Shinobu was struggling to hold her own… she hoped the plan would work.

Edrad just laughed as he imagined the look on her face as she was moments away from death… a shadowy figure flew thought his fire and approached him… something hit his hand and pushed him away, Mashiro burst thought his flames… her mask dawned on her face and a cero was charged on her foot.

Edrad's eyes widened as he saw the burn marks on her… it blew his mind at what he realized.

'She… she took the girls attack to the back… then climbed up mine own attack' thought Edrad

Mashiro hit him in the stomach and ripped thought him like Goku did to the evil King Piccolo.

"Congratulation… but don't think the other will be this easy" said Edrad

Edrad exploded violently in the hellish explosion… Mashiro looked down at started to cheer.

"Yeah we did it" yelled Mashiro

=== Lacky #2 ===

Motoko soared over as she looked for the threateningly high reishi's that have enter the village… at the moment she was unable to detect where it was due to the cloud effect of the other reishis.

Suddenly Motoko was hit in the back by a cero… Motoko stopped in her flight and spun around and looked up ward to see who attacker… a blond man slowly floated down to her, a smug look on his face.

"I get to beat up a girl… how fun" said the man

"who the fuck are you" growled Motoko

The man gave a bow and grinned evilly

"the name is Yyfordt" said Yyfordt, pulling out his sword "and I'm your executioner"

Yyfordt charged at Motoko, she barly had time to react… she pushed away from him and grabbed her sword… she held it out in front of her and readied herself. Yyfordt charged at her again and their swords clashed and they pushed agents each other, they clashed over and over… sword flew into the air from their swords.

They pushed agents each other and tried to knock each other of balance to, the two struggled agents each other…then the cutting began, both warrior ditched defense just to get a few attack in. Motoko grinned and used a dirty move she got from watching Hinata… she swung her leg and busted the Arrancar in his pride.

Yylfordt was sent flying backwards, he held his acing pride and growled… he then charged head on at her… the a blur came out of nowhere and hit him in the face and to the ground. Motoko looked at the figure who turned around to face her… thought her mask.

"Lisa?" asked Motoko, looking the girl up and down.

Lisa nodded her head… she looked back down at Yylfordt… and put her hand out, she fired a kido without saying a word and watched as it exploded violently around Yylfordt. Lisa then looks over at Motoko, she only had a few moments.

"we need to be careful fighting this thing… all over Konoha people are fighting" said Lisa

Motoko nodded her head and flew over to Lisa to thank her for coming to her aid… Lisa saw something out of the corner of her eye just as Motoko drew near. Lisa quickly pushed Motoko out of the way as a large Cero flew in-between them.

Motoko looked over at Lisa, taking her eyes away from there the attack happened.

"Thank you" said Motoko, then she looked back down to see a large bull

The bull rammed Motoko and impaled her stomach with its horns, the bull bounced her up and down making the wound rip open even more… blood started to drip from her mouth… she looked the bull in the eyes and saw a prideful look in its eyes. The pain was so intence she dropped her sword… the only weapon she knows how to use.

"what did I tell you… I'm you executioner" said Yylfordt, then noticed Liza coming at him

Yylfordt swung his head to the side and threw Motoko off of his horn, he caught Liza sword in his hand and threw her to the side, then hit her with a cero… sending her crashing to the ground. Yylfordt turned his attention back to Motoko and flashed over to her and went to punch her… Motoko caught his fist and straightened herself up… growling at Yylfordt.

Yylfordt growled and threw other punch at her, Motoko blocked it as well… Yylfordt then went for a head butt. Motoko used the leverage and lifted herself up and slammed her feet on his head and pushed off of it. She spun around and held up her fist… she hoped all the time she trained with Naru narusagawa in hand to hand would pay off.

Yylford charged at her again and went to punch, Motoko chught it and quickly ball up her other hand.

"IRON PUNCH" yelled Motoko

Yylford took the attack to the face… he quickly swung around and drilled Motoko in the ribs. Motoko screamed as she felt her bones break… she held her side and growled at him

"why wont you die" yelled Yylfordt

Motoko just grinned as blood continued to drip from mouth

"because… I refuse to" said Motoko, gritten her teeth in pain "I refuse to die by your hands"

Yylfordt was about to say more, but he felt someone behind him… he ducked out of the way of Lisa's spear Shikai, she only managed to take off one of his horns. Lisa then threw Motoko her sword.

"don't drop it this time" yelled Lisa

Motoko caught her zanpakutō and quickly twirled it around

"Bring Light apart the Heaven, Hikari Tenshi" said Motoko, her mask fragment form on her, then she ripped the base of her sword "Bankai… Take to the sky, Hikari Tenshi"

Motoko wings burst from her back, she held her sword tightly and was ready for Yylfordt this time, she charged at him and slashed his chest, making him extremely mad.

"You bitch" yelled Yylfordt swinging at her

Motoko jumped back as Lisa came in to strike, Yylfordt grabbed her zanpakutō and swung her off to the side… he let out a loud bull bellow and did the foot scraping thing they done… then charged at Motoko.

Motoko just stood there and waited… he got in close, and rammed her thought the chest again… this time she was resting on his head. Motoko coughed up blood, she reached down and grabbed his neck… Yylford tried to shake her off as his vison was block.

Motoko just laughed at him, he growled at her.

"whats so funny bitch?" said Yylfordt, then felt something sharp pirece his skull

"your dead" said Motoko

Lisa had stabbed him thought Motoko, as Motoko had used her body as a way to block his vision and mask her reishi… Yylfordt dissipated like all hollow do when they die. Lisa caught Motoko and eased her to the ground, Motoko quickly started to heal her wounds

"are you ok?" asked Lisa

Motoko nodded her hand… she diffenitly didn't want to use herself as a mask again.

"I'm fine… but I don't think I ever want to have a man penetrate me ever again" said Motoko, then looked at her spear.

Lisa looked over and saw a she had a small nose bleed that she didn't get in the fight.

"why is your nose bleeding?" asked Lisa

"Stripper Pole" said Motoko, then blushed "I mean… no reason"

Motoko turned away and started to heal

=== Lacky #3 ===

Sui-Feng flew thought the air, she needed to find the enemy and kill them as fast as she could, she need to protect her village. She stopped in the air and started to look around… then a sword burst thought her chest… the attack was oldest of Grimmjow's lackeys… Shawlong.

Shawlong grinned that he was able to take out and enemy so fast… then in a puff of smoke Sui-Feng turned into Anbu Bomb Log… it was a hollow log stuffed with black powder and had paper bomb all over the outside.

The log exploded and created a thunderous boom, Sui-Feng flicked her nose with her finger and grinned. A figure fell from the smoke cloud… Shawlong was slightly burned… he head his smug look on his face, Sui-Feng looked him up and down.

"I'm inpressed… no one has ever lived to tell the tale after one of thoe goes off in there face" said Sui-Feng

Shawlong dusted himself off like the attack was nothing.

"an Arrancars skin… is like iron, we can't be injurd easly" said Shawlong… then eyed her carefully, he noticed her jacket "you are a captain?"

"former captain… I quit after I found my love" said Sui-Feng, then readied herself "so don't think you've got yourself an easy kill"

"I'm not like my comrades" said Shawlong activating his release "Awake and Snip, Tijereta"

"the 80's called… they want their hair dresser back" said Sui-Feng

Shawlong growled the Sui-Fengs snide remark… he went to attack her, but something had his head.


He's barly able to see who had him, he saw yellow skin and pink hair… and soulless red eyes… then he felt a sharp pain in his neck, and felt his blood get drained. Sui-Feng was a little disgusted at what she saw… but didn't say anything, she just let Fluttershy have her drink.

Fluttershy's eyes popped opened, she flashed away and landed next to Sui-Feng, then without thinking turned her head and spat out his blood… all over Sui-Feng jacket.

"gah… tastes like a half-baked mutant potato" said Fluttershy, then saw what she did to Sui-Feng "sorry about that"

Sui-Feng held in her anger

"its fine… the blood sample could be useful to us" said Sui-Feng

Shawlong held his neck for a moment and growled.

"you'll regret not killing me then you had me" said Shawlong

Shawlong flashed past the two… Sui-Feng was able to dodge the strike, but Fluttershy got clipped… her shoulder was gushing. Both girl looked behind them to see blood dripping of Shawlongs fingers… he looked back with.

Shawlong flashed past them again and again, mostly cutting Fluttershy who wasn't able to keep up with Shawlong… Sui-Feng barley had a scratch on her.

"he's so slow" said Sui-Feng

"Slow?" said Fluttershy then gestured to herself "if he's so slow, how come I'l getting my ass destroyed"

"cause you can't keep up with him" said Sui-Feng "he's slower then Rainbow Dash… but just by a hair"

The girls got bomb barded again… Shawlong's plan was to slowly where them out. Sui-Feng looked over at Fluttershy.

"then I say now, I want you to round house kick with all of you strength" said Sui-Feng, turning to face Shawlong… who was laughing and monologing

Fluttershy turned towards him as well… Shawlong was getting ready to attack again, Fluttershy readied herself… Shawlong vanished… Fluttershy started to pull her foot back

"NOW" yelled Sui-Feng

Fluttershy swung her foot out and slammed Shawlong in the ribs… he let out a loud gasp that was drowned out by a loud and sickening snap… Flutter shy hissed as she felt her foot break agents his iron like skin. She then ball her hands up and sung them down, sending him to the ground… but she wasn't done yet, she flashed down and swung her other leg… hitting his ribs a second time and sending him into a wall.

Sui-Feng and Fluttershy then flashed over to him… he struggled to get up, his rib cage was completely destroyed.

"W-We must retreat." Said Shawlong spurting up blood.

Sui-Feng pulled out her Zanpkauto

"Sting all enemies to death, Suzumebachi" said Sui-Feng, then went for the kick

Shawlong's body burst into dust from her Zanpakuto… Fluttershy looked down at the Zanpakuto.

"you ever fuck your wife with that thing?" asked Fluttershy

Sui-Feng looked over at Fluttershy… then smacked her upside the head.

=== Lacky #4 ===

Gwen and Hiyori ran down the street together… looking for the enemy threatening there home, Gwen quickly spins around and turns to the enemy, Hiyori follows her lead and looked back.

"Sup… me name be Di Roy… you two gurls wanna have a bout wit me" said Di Roy

"Hey, how's about you learn some proper Japanese" yelled Hiyori

Di Roy narrowed his eyes… then in mere seconds he was in front of Hiyori… sword drawn and dripping with blood. Hiyori shook as the pain hit her… Gwen quickly put her hands together.

"Pidgeottoa Swellows Starlya Tornadusa" said Gwen

A large blast of wind shot from Gwen's hand lanching Di Roy backwards and towards a building… Gwen then turned her attention to Hiyori, she put her hand over Hiyori's wound.

"Chansicka Blissucka" said Gwen, her hands glowing as they healed Hiyori's wound.

Gwen focused hard on healing Hiyori… she was just about to finish, then a blue beam burst thought her chest… Gwen's eyes widend and she fell forward, Hiyori crawled out from under her and looked over to see Di Roy… his bandage remove.

Di Roy just snicker… then he rubbed him nose with his thumb.

"The gurl went a made a mistake she did she did… she thought I was weak did she, well while she be right in the fact I aint in with the Espadas… but me Cero is just as trong as they be" said Di Roy

"dude… the fuck is wrong with you?" asked Hiyori

"I had a bit of rotten sausage, yes some sausage I did… some bad sausage, the be why I be talking like this" said Di Roy, then pointed to his head "dat ond a bit of me brain be gone"

Hiyori brought her hand to her face and summoned her mask, then reach down to her sword

"Chop Cleanly, Kubikiri Orochi" said Hiyori

The two charge each other and there blade clash, sending out a shock wave of power… the two of them flash around the village as they clash blades… Hiyori grit her teeth as she could tell she was out powered by him… she pushed away and tried to flash away, but slacked into him.

"There be other thing… you see, me bandages seal me power, that's right that's right, I said they seal me power… it just take a while for it to come back, that right it takes a while… but it stealy comes back it dose, that's right stetly comes back… me be getting tronger and troger by the second" said Di Roy "Me wanted Grimmjow to be the first I used these on… but I cant risk me dying."

Hiyori just growled, Di Troy then taunted her.

"just think… if ya didn't get hert with me first attack, your friend would still be alive she would be" said Di Roy.

Hiyori just growled again… she swung her sword and just missed Di Roy by mere inchs. Di Roy laughed as the two started to clash again and again, but as Di Roy said, with his bandage off he was stronger… and faster, He was flashing circles all around Hiyori… she wasn't able to keep up with him.

Di Roy taunted her even more.

"After I kell you, I'll go after all your friends I will and I'll kell them as slow and painfully as possible. Hiyori eyes widened in anger, she let loose a growl and got kicked into the air… Hiyori cupped her hands together and started to form a Cero in them… Di Roy's just stared at her.

'A Cero… from the hands? B-but only the Espada are capable of that' thought Di Roy

"EAT THIS" yelled Hiyori

Di Roy charged up his cero thought his eye and fired it at her… Hiyori pointed her palms in his direction and lanched her cero. the two beams clashed and sent out a large shock wave… the powers where evenly matched… Hiyori grit her teeth and tears fell, if she failed now… everyone she care for would die.

"I'M NOT GONNA LOSE TO YOU" scream Hiyori, pushing more power into her blast

Hiyori's cero started to push agents Di Roy's, Di Roy started to panic… he grinned and gripped his sword.

"BITE" said Di Roy, getting ready to use his resseraction… but stopped as his body felt cold.

Di Roy looked down to see ice around his legs… and slowly climbing. He looked back to see Gwen, grinning at him as she had just finished her spell… it was a deadly ice spell. Hiyori sensing Di Roy's hesitation pushed even harder… her cero in gulfed his and barreled down at him, he had enough time to look back up to see his end.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" screamed Di Roy as his body was incenerated by Hiyori's cero

Hiyori then crashed to the ground as she had put all of her energy into the last attack, gwen walked up to her and knelt down… and resumed healing her.

"Hey… that ice spell you did" said Hiyori

Gwen looked at her

"Yes?" said Gwen

"it was cool" said Hiyori

Gwen frowned at the pun… it instantly reminded her of Ben.

"don't say that" said Gwen with a small amount of venom

"well aint you cold" said Hiyori

"Stop it" growled Gwen

=== Lacky #5 ===

Shredder leap across the an alley and landed on the next building… there was a high power level nearby… and the smell of blood was in the air, he knew that there was fighting going on… tailing right behind him was his old sensei… Evangeline.

"This Aizen fellow doesn't make since… from what I understood he wasn't gonna attack us straight away as he deemed that Hinata girl weak" said Evangeline

"yeah, that's what I heard as well… maybe he lied… just so we'd lower our guard" said Shredder, then he stopped and looked around.

"something wrong?" asked Evangeline

Before Shredder could answer a hand burst thought the roof and grabbed Shredder's leg… then he was quickly pulled in… Evangeline just stood there and held her face.

"he fell for a simple trap like that" said Evangeline "fool"

In the building Shredder got a good look at his enemy… he shiver at the sight.

"holy fuck… you look like you're the mutant off spring of my to subordinates" said Shredder

The Arrancar enemy known as Nakeen growled at the insult… Shredder took in a deep breath and expelled a large stream off fire thought the small holes in his mask. Nakeem took in a deep breath as well… he shot a cero out of his mouth and snuffed out Shredders flames.

Shredder tucked and rolled to the left and hurled a handful of kunai and shurikens. Nakeem batted them all away with his hand… Shredder let out a low growl and pull out a katana.

"I'ma gonna gut me a pig" said Shredder

Nakeem drew his sword and the two started to clash blade with each other… they both had the same idea, use there sword in one hand… while using there free hand to hit each other with their fist. Due to Shredder's armor and Nakeem's iron lie skin, none of them have truly taken any damage

Naeem fired a cero at Shredder, who dodge by jumping thought the hole in the ceiling… sending him high into the air. Shredder turns to warn his master of the enemy.


Shredder looked down to see nothing, but a large shadow… Shredder looked up and his eyes widened.

"He knows the Expansion Jutsu?" said Shredder

Shredder spun around and faced him, then shot out fire… Evangeline pointed her hand up and shot out darkness chakra… the two jutsu's fused together and started to push agents the fat Arrancar… and latched him high into the air.

But Nakeem grinned and expanded to a larger size… Evangeline being the dark hearted fighter she was… ran and left Shredder to fend for himself. Nakeem slammed into the building the crushed it to nothing by rubble… karma had caught up to Evangeline as she was caught in the falling wreckage and was knocked unconscious

Shredder was pinned under Nakeem's foot… Nakeem grinned and stomped on his chest, this armor started to buckle under the stress and weight… Shredder took his katana and threw it at Nakeem… and missed.

Nakeem laughed evilly as he started to stomp… the armor was now pushed agent Shredder and was crushing him. Shredder let out a scream of pain… he looked up to see Nakeem charging up a cero… Shredder closed his eyes and excepted his death.

Suddenly a large ice spear ripped thought Nakeem's back and out his chest… the blood splattered on Shredder and got him to open his eyes. Nakeem stumbled off of Shredder and turned to see Evangeline… Shredder katana was stuck in her shoulder.

"Little boy… how dare you awaken me like you did" growled Evangeline, her eyes red, slit and full of rage.

Evangeline reach up and grabbed the handle of the katana and ripped it out. Shredder looked up to see Nakeem distracted with Evangeline he used his claws and ripped them into his legs. Nakeem stumbled backwards giving Shredder his freedom… he stood in front of his master and grabbed his sword.

He watched as the ice from his master attack crawled up the arrancar… he held up his sword and poured his chakra into it

"Goodbye Arrancar" said Shredder, then flew towards the hollow and lopped off his head.

Shredder then sat down on a chunk of a wall… he let out a hardy laugh.

"oh fuck I getting to old to fight like this" said Shredder.

Evangeline walked up to him and grabbed his katana… then pulled it from him, she spun it around and stabbed thought his armor and in the shoulder.

"The fuck was that for" yelled Shredder

"Payback for stabbing me" said Evangeline

"Yeah… ok, that's fair" said Shredder

=== Hinata ===

Hinata was hoping to have a nice dip in the cold river water… but with all of the power level flying around she felt she better get out and go help. Hinata slipped on her cloths and turn to leave the river… and saw Grimmjow.

"Sup mutt" said Grimmjow

Hinata let out a growl as she gripped Zangetsu… ready to fight the enemy. Grimmjow just let out a laugh… it was arrogant, he grinned at Hinata.

"that insult never fails to piss you off huh mutt?" said Grimmjow, grinning his grin as he had his hands in his pockets.

Hinata let out other growl as she eyed her enemy.

"Have we meet?" said Hinata

Grimmjow just grinned and nodded his head… thought Hinata couldn't see it, Grimmjow was furious, how could the bitch forget him.

"Ah come on… you don't remember me?" said Grimmjow

Hinata growled loudly, she was getting pissed off with his man and whatever mind game he was trying to pull.

"I'll give you a hint" said Grimmjow looking down to the ground, then slowly looked back up with darkness in his eye "I am an avenger"

Hinata blinked a few times… then her eyes widened, not at what Grimmjow said… but his eyes… they were no longer a blue-ish green… but they were red… red with three black tomes.

"No" said Hinata backing up "how is the possible… I kill you"

Grimmjow just grinned and snicker, he nodded his head.

"go on… say it, say my name you fucking cunt" said Grimmjow

"S-Sasuke… Uchiha" said Hinata

"Damn right… but I don't go by Sasuke anymore… the name is Grimmjow… Grimmjow Uchiha Jaegerjaques" said Grimmjow, pulling out his sword "Now… get ready to die"

Hinata quickly pull Zangetsu off her back and clashed with Grimmjow's blade… Grimmjow laughed and punched Hinata in nose with a lightning fast punch. Hinata stumbled backwards… she tried to prepare herself for other attack, but got kicked into the air.

Grimmjow sheathed his sword as he has already knew he didn't need it… he pursued Hinata and flashed behind her, kicking her in the back with so much force it could have crippled her. Hinata went to scream in pain, but Grimmjow flashed in front of her and hit her to the ground.

Hinata hit the ground hard and cratered the ground, Grimmjow then landed on her stomach getting her to scream in pain… Grimmjow stepped off of her and started to mercilessly punch her.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" laughed Grimmjow as Hinata started to cough up blood.

Grimmjow stopped punching and walked over to her side, then kicked her in her side, he had also clipped her left arm with his kick, breaking it. Hinata hit the ground hard and let out a cry as she was in intense pain.

Grimmjow came walking up to her with a smug grin.

"So who has two broken arms and is a whinny little bitch" said Grimmjow

Hinata growled and looked up at him

"You stupide asshole… you only broke one of my arms" said Hinata

Grimmjow rose his foot, then stomped on her other arm


"Yooooooooooooooooooou" said Grimmjow

Hinata's eyes widened and she let out a scream, Grimmjow rose his foot again and started to stomp on Hinata… he planned to stomp the life out of Hinata. Hinata was powerless to stop him… he was at a whole new level of power… he was nothing like the Sasuke she knew.

Grimmjow stepped off of Hinata and grinned at her bloody from… he pulled back his fist and it burst with black energy.

"DIE" yelled Grimmjow

Hinata closed her eyes and waited for the attack… but it didn't come, she opened her eyes to see Grimmjow's hand inches from her face… she looked over to see the Arrancar from before.

"That's enough" said Ulquiorra

Grimmjow growled at him

"Why stop me… just let me kill her" said Grimmjow

"Because Lord Aizen has order it… beside, you'll get to fight her again" said Ulquiorra

Hinata growled and pushed herself up… she coughed up blood.

"What… what the fuck dose that mean?" said Hinata

Ulquiorra looked over at Hinata, he turned around and opened a garganta and started to walk thought… he looked back at Hinata, as did Grimmjow as he enter.

"If you wish to save the Orihime Inoue girl… you must come to Las Noches" said Ulquiorra

Hinata eyes widened, she pushed herself up and ran at the portal… she reached out to grab one of them… but the garganta closed. Hinata felt to the ground and groined… she tried to push herself up, but collapsed.

=== Las Noches ===

Orihime was shaking in fear as she was surrounded by Aizen's army… she swallowed hard, Aizen was talking about his plans… he was using Orihime as bait to lure in some of the defending army… to weaken there forces.

Grimmjow had it abundantly clear the Hinata was his to kill… the other didn't real respond to him, but they knew he'd bitch about it for weeks if he didn't get to be the one to kill her.

Aizen looked over at his 3rd rank Espada.

"Harribel … this girl will be under your care" said Aizen

Harribel nodded her head

"Do you want me to take her to my area now?" asked Harribel

"Yes… your all dismissed" said Aizen

Everyone left to do their own thing… Harribel walked up to Orihime and reached out to her. Orihime hide her hands behind her… Harribel just blinked, she quickly move behind her and grabbed her hand and pulled her.

Harribel walked down a long hall, pulling Orihime along with her… Orihime sniffed and started to cry as they reached their destination. Harribel stopped and turn to face her… she stepped up to her, making Orihime flinch. Halibel reached out and cupped Orihime's cheeks with her hands, she caressed it gently as she used her thumbs to wipe her tears away.

"Don't cry… you're a big girl, are you not?" said Harribel

Orihime looked down and started to tear up again, Harribel just blinked, she pulled her hands away and let out a sigh.

"I tired" said Halibel

Harribel turned around… she reached for her door.

"T-Thank you… f-for trying to comfort me" said Orihime

Harribel looked back… then nodded her head… she was opened the door and pulled Orihime in… there where massive pillars in her room… one for her and each of her Fracción … each had their own taste in what they have on it that they stole from the human realm. Halibel opened her jacket and let her mask get some air… Orihime had to admit, it looked cool.

All of 8 of her Fracción's greeted her… by a hug, cheek nuzzle, or a kiss to her mask. Each of them noticed Orihime and attempted to approach her… Orihime flinched and hid behind Harribel, then they went to pursue Halibel held out her hand.

"Leave her be" said Harribel

Her Fracción didn't dare disobey her… they went off in their separate ways and did there, her three original Fracción started to bicker like they'd normally do.

Her two one eyed Fracción's went off together, holding each other lovingly and whispered sweet nothings to each other. Her Privaron Fracción was up on her pillar… sitting in a nest, she cooed a few times as she nuzzled into her nest bed.

One Fracción was also up on her pillar, sleeping on a pile of red hot coals… she rolled over on her back and growled slightly, she rolled on her stomach and blew fire out of her mouth and lite the coal up, then she relaxed.

Her last fraction, and one of her dearest friends since her time of the living, was chewing on a carrot as she lead agents a wall.

Harribel wrapped her arm around Orihime and leap up to her pillar… where there was a large pool, full of water. Halibel looked over at her, then the pool… she rubbed her chin. She looked over at her girls… each doing their thing.

"Hey… who's gonna share a bed with her" asked Harribel, one hand shot up "Not you Chizuru"

Chizuru stomped her foot and bite into her carrot and chewed it.

"Meh… whatever" said Chizuru

"Anyone?" asked Harribel looking around, she notice Yukine bed of coals… she shook her head.

Halibel then looked over at the nest.

"Cirucci?" asked Halibel

Cirucci cooed and looked over… then down at her nest and rustled a little.

"To small" said Cirucci

Halibel nodded her head and looked over at her three original follower… they were arguing over who should have the honor of helping Halibel

"We'll do it" said the black hair one eyed Arrancar, then licks her lip

"Yeah… sounds fun" said the blonde hair one eyed Arrancar

They flashed up to Orihime, who was shaking… before they could grab her and take her to their shared pillar, Halibel gently rested her hand on Orihime's shoulder.

"Do not force her to do something… she doesn't want to do, she is emotionally stressed and doesn't need to be swept up into you kinky hijinks" said Halibel, then her eye narrowed "is that clear?"

The two flinched and nodded their head, Halibel let them take Orihime to their pillar.

=== Heaven ===

Kami was looking down from heaven viewing the earth, watching everything that's going on… her daughter where seated behind her… they were order away from earth… under order not to get involved.

In a burst of hell fire, Yami appear her daughter behind her… she looked back at them.

"go sit with your cousins" said Yami

The anarchy sister nodded their head and sat down next to their cousins as their mother went to talk with their aunt. Kami turned around and faced her.

"Ah, Yami… what bring you here?" asked Kami

"Oh cut the bull shit, you know exactly why I'm here" said Yami

Kami narrowed her eyes and turned around, looking back down at earth.

"I have already make it clear… we won't be getting involved with this war" said Kami

"But if Aizen wins… we'll all be history" said Yami "he's a treat to all… and if you were half the Kami you claim to be, you'd see that"

Kami closed her eyes.

"It is true… a great evil has risen" said Kami "unlike any this world has ever seen before"

"Then you should know why we need to help" said Yami "you know exactly how dangerous he is"

Scanty blinked a few times, then her eyes narrowed slightly.

"Am I the only one who a huge tone shift?" asked Scanty

"Aizen is indeed a threat" said Kami

Kami opened her eyes and look to the sky.

=== ? ===

A large human sized furless cat with purple skin opened his eyes and let out a yawn… he popped his neck and let it crack


The cat hopped off his large cat bed and was greeted by his master/assistant

"Ah… so you're up… are you still planning to go to earth to fight those foretold to challenge you?" asked his assistant

"Of course I am… ready my ship Whis" said the cat

'I feel that he is mere poultry as to what's to come'

"As you wish… Lord Bills" said Whis