Homura and Koharu just blinked… they looked at Naru who was standing before them… Hokage hat on her head.

"I said… you two are no longer needed" said Naru

"You are just an Interim Hokage, you can't make laws" said Koharu

"That is right, you are just a figure head, to appease the civilians" said Homura

Naru just smirked, the reached into her pocket and pulled out something they didn't want to see… the Hokage Metal, Naru found it in the desk.

"This says differently… as of now, I am the 6th Hokage" said Naru

Koharu and Homura looked at each other, then back at Naru.

"Don't fire us" said Homura

"We don't have any other skills, this is all we know" said Koharu

"I know, you've been advisers for many years… but your age is clouding your judgment for the betterment of the village" said Naru, then smiled "But the new job I have for you… will be very similar to this"

=== New Job ===

Koharu and Homura where sitting at their new desk as they over looked Iruka teaching the next generation… every once in a while they would correct a mistake he's made, mistakes he made numerous times with previous generations.

Homura and Koharu smiled as they did their new jobs, it wasn't as similar as Naru claimed, but there words and knowledge was still going to be helpful and taking to heart for once.

=== Meeting Hall ===

Naru was sitting in the Hokage chair as she was in a meeting with Date Masamune… captain of squad 0. Behind Naru was her new advisers… two kunoichi's she could trust. Both were different in both the way they think and the way they fight… both of their opinions would be taken into great consideration…. Her new advisors where Hinata and Gwen.

"Can I ask why you will not be aiding us in rescuing Orihime?" asked Naru

"Because… we believe she left of her own accord" said Masamune

Naru narrowed her eyes at the head of the soul society.

"Why would she go aid the man… the almost killed her love 3 years ago?" asked Naru, she stood up and slammed her hands on the desk "TELL ME"

"I don't know why, but the soul society will not be going to save her… it is not worth it" said Masamune

Naru let out a small growl and sat back down, she closed her eyes and started to think.

"Now on to why I'm really here" said Masamune, getting Naru to open her eyes "I want to ask that Konoha will help stand guard and protect the soul society"

"FUCK YOU" screamed Hinata standing up and slamming her hands down, then throwing her arm out "You've got some fucking nerve asking for help… after refusing us help"

"Calm down you wild animal" said Gwen calming "you need to think about the bigger picture… we asked for help to save one girl… there asking to help protect the world"

Hinata growl loudly and turned to Gwen, she bared her fangs at her.

"Orihime is a friend… I am not going to abandon her" said Hinata

Gwen let out a 'tsk' and shook her head.

"Dose everyone in your family think with their fist?" said Gwen

"WHAT DID YOU SAY" yelled Hinata, very pissed "Last time I looked you live under MY families roof, that's some fucking way to say thanks"

"I'm not saying I'm ungrateful… I'm just saying you need to think about the risk" started Gwen "Aizen is the biggest treat the world has seen… he will destroy everything if he succeeds, we can't risk losing any one in our army to save one girl who has no power"

"That's where you are wrong" came a voice

Everyone looked up to see the door open and Rukia walked in, Gwen let out a growl and stood.

"How dare enter here… this is the Hokage meeting room" said Gwen

Naru held up her hand, stopping her then gestured to Rukia.

"What where you going to say… how was Gwen wrong?" asked Naru

"Orihime… she does have power… she has a Kekkai Genkai" said Rukia

"And that is?" asked Naru

"She has the Soten Kishun… she has the power to reject anything she wants" said Rukia

"The hell is a Kekkai Genkai?" asked Masamune

"It's a family technique, something only said family can do" said Naru

Masamune nodded his head, then looked back over at Rukia

"You said she can reject anything she wants… what do you mean?" asked Masamune

"I mean… well, say she lost an arm in an accident… well, she can reject that she ever lost it" said Rukia

Gwen's eyes widened… her jaw slowly dropped.

"Are you saying… that she can bring it back?" asked Gwen

Rukia nodded her head

"Yes… thought she still not use to using her clans jutsu to that extent yet" said Rukia "I'm not sure if Aizen knows about it… but if he does… he could use her power to reject Moka Mcdowell barrier, and enter her realm with ease"

Naru closed her eyes and thought, she opened them… she looked back at Hinata.

"Hinata… you and a small team will enter Las Noches and attempt to recuse Orihime" said Naru, then looked down at Masamune "Masamune… will you allow at least one of your men to assist in this?"

"I guess I can spare one… but what are we gonna do about the number will loss while the team goes to Las Noches?" asked Masamune

"I have ties with the Daimyo who rules Land of Snow… I mean Spring, I'm sure we can borrow Fubuki" said Naru

"I've was able to befriend the land of lightning's princesses… they say they've been meaning to apologize for their fathers mistake" said Hinata "with them and their assassin that makes 4 more"

"I haven't been outside the village much… so I can't add anyone to the list" said Gwen

"Well we can call on the Sand Village… we did just help them, maybe they'll return the favor" said Naru

"But we just helped them… wouldn't it be a dick move to call them on favor so soon" said Gwen

"Better to ask and not receive, then to never have asked at all" said Hinata

Naru looked back to Gwen

"Gwen, got find Rainbow Dash, have her go deliver the messages and escort the help if they can" said Naru

"You want one girl… to travel the world and get help?" asked Gwen

"She's done it before… I've talked with her, she can move like lightning… she'd have the back up her in moments… now go" said Naru

"As… you wish Lady Naru" said Gwen, then flashed off

Naru looked over at Hinata

"Go get a team and be ready to depart" said Naru

"Ok…wait… how am I to get to Hueco Mundo" asked Hinata

"We'll figure that out then we get there" said Naru "now go"

"Yes Lord Hokage" said Hinata, then flashed away.

=== Gwen ===

"So you need my speed to go round up reinforcements for the upcoming war?" asked Rainbow Dash

Gwen nodded her head.

"Yes, Fubuki from the land of spring, the 3 princesses from lightning, and any willing sand ninja" said Gwen

"Ok, I'll go check Sand first" said Rainbow Dash, then in a load snap following a colorful explosion

Gwen just blinked and went to leave, then in other loud colorful explosion, Rainbow Dash returned… Gwen turned around and her eyes widened.

"Here's the Sand Ninja, they were more than willing to help" said Rainbow Dash

Gwen just gawked at what she saw… Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro… Gwen just pointed in shock.

"How… How did you do that?" asked Gwen, then blinked, hearing yet other boom

Rainbow Dash looked over at Gwen, standing behind her was Azula, Ty Lee, Mai, June and June's pet Shirshu Nyla… also on Nyla was a blonde women with a cloud head band.

"Do what?" asked Rainbow Dash

Gwen blinked and once her eyes opened she saw Fubuki, Gwen shook her head and gawked again.

"T-That… how did you do that? You blasted across the county in less than a minute" said Gwen "How?"

Rainbow Dash shrugged her shoulders.

"I just… did" said Rainbow Dash

=== Hinata ===

Hinata and Rukia, who said she was going to go save Orihime, walked around the village.

"We should take Sakura and Nemu" said Rukia "I remember hearing them brag how much stronger they got"

"I remember that to… I also want to take Ino" said Hinata

"Oh you mean" started Rukia then snapped her fingers "oh yeah, the Yamanaka girl"

"That's her… with her FullBringer power she should be a great help" said Hinata

"You think this scene is moving too fast?" asked Rukia

"Hell no… there is going to be at least 8 epic fights in this chapter, no one cares about this shit" said Hinata

"But what about word count? More words makes the better chapter, don't they?" asked Rukia

"Yeah they do… but if the writer doesn't know what to do with the scene… and just has it ramble and go on with no point it kinda kills the moment" said Hinata

"I see… your right, there would be no point" said Rukia, then looked over at Hinata "who's the soul reaper going with us?"

"Fuck if I know" said Hinata

=== Soul Society ===

"So who wants to go to Hueco Mundo?" asked Masamune

"Oh oh oh" yelled Bardock holding up his hand

The other captains, even Kenpachi looked away.

"Anyone? Anyone at all?" asked Masamune

"Me, ME ME ME ME" yelled Bardock

"Come on, trip to Hueco Mundo" said Masamune "get triple pay"

Bardock handed money to Pinkie Pie, how she go to the Soul Society no one will know, she smile and ran her finger over it and nodded her head. Pinkie Pie then started to play interments and blast canons.

"PICK BARDOCK" sang Pinkie Pie

"Anyone? Come on, anyone at all" said Masamune

Pinkie Pink cracked her knuckles and started to blast music, she beat on her drums as load as she could.

"Bardock, Bardock, Bardock, Bardock" sang Pinkie Pie, the flipped off away from the drums and pointed her finger… firing confetti filled canons at all of the other captains, who were fighting the edge to kill her.

Realized that she wasn't gonna be of help, left… defeated.

"Come on people, anyone at all?" said Masamune

No one raised their hand… they just look away, Bardock starts jumping up and down.


Lust moved her fist up and busted him in the nose making him fall backwards.

"I'm going to Hueco Mundo" said Bardock happily

Masamune sighed and rubbed his head.

"Least he'll kill a shit load of hollow" said Masamune "everyone is dismissed… Shuhei, then he wakes tell him he can go"

"Yes Captain" said Shuhei

=== Leaf, 3 Hours Later ===

Hinata, Sakura, Nemu, Ino, Rukia, and Bardock where all standing in Kisuke's underground room. Kisuke was preparing to open the gate for them to enter Hueco Mundo.

"In my right hand, the stone that connects the worlds. In my left hand, the blade that binds existence" chanted Kisuke "The black haired shepherd. The chair of the noose. I strike the ibis when the clouds gather"

A rip started to appear in the air, the rip burst opened.

"This is the opening Arrancar use to enter this world… it's called the Garganta. There is no solid ground beyond, only a chaos of reishi. Each of you must create their own path out of that reishi. Go towards the darkness and you will arrive at Hueco Mundo" said Kisuke "be careful"

The Orihime Rescue Squad jumped thought the garganta and made their way to Hueco Mundo

=== Inuzuka Compound ===

Zazie came walking into the living room and looked around, then looked over at her mother Karui.

"Mom… have you seen Nel?" asked Zazie her tail swished a bit

Karui looked up from her meal and over at her daughter, her tail swished a bit

"I thought she was with you?" said Karui

=== Kisuke's shop ===

Ururu, Jinta and Tessai where cleaning the shop, then they heard the door open the close, Ururu being the closest bowed to the guest.

"Welcome to the Urahara shop, please take you…time" said Ururu looking up to see no one. "Huh? I thought I heard the door open"

"Might have been the wind" said Jinta

"Or a Genin pulling a prank" said Tessai

=== Garganta ===

Kisuke stared at the Garganta for a few moments, then was about to close it to prevent any hollow from escaping. Then out of the corner of Kisuke's he saw a green blur shoot past and jump thought the Garganta.

"What the hell was that?" said Kisuke. "Whatever it was… not my problem"

=== Garganta ===

Darkness was all around the group, just reishi everywhere as Kisuke said. White paths of reishi formed under everyone's feet as they ran forward… all were crummy at best.

"Fuck this makings tree climbing and water walking easy" said Hinata

"Yeah no kidding" said Ino

"Focus people" said Sakura, struggling to keep her up "we can talk after we make it to the other side"

"Pinky is right" said Bardock, also panting from the strain, oblivious to Sakura's glare

The next 10 minutes was quiet… everyone was getting tired… out of the corner of Hinata's eye she saw something. A small figure was running about 250 feet off to the side of them… said figure was creating a perfect walk way.

"Everyone, let's move over there" said Hinata

Everyone looked over and saw what Hinata was talking about.

"What if it's an enemy… if we fight in here we could die" said Rukia

"Then that creature should have the same thought in mind and wont risk it" said Hinata, jumping over

The other follow and land with Hinata, then they look down slightly to see who was creating the path… Hinata's eye twitches slightly.

"NEL" yelled Hinata

Nel spun around and started to skip and dance in the Garganta as she created the massive walk way out of the reishi. Nel looked back and smiled at Hinata who was giving her a stern look.

=== Las Noches ===

Beni was blushing over her… as she says 'Aizen-Kun', he was sitting peacefully in his thorn… he opened his eyes as he felt a large energy spike.

"There here" said Aizen

Beni snapped out of her love filled drooling over him and got a serious look on her face, her hand one her Zanpakuto.

"You want me to go kill them… Aizen-Sama-Kun" said Beni

"No… lets them come" said Aizen

=== Hinata ===

The group was camping out in a vase white dessert hat is Hueco Mundo, off in the distant is a large building known as Las Noches… the group has stopped for one important thing.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" cried Nel as she was getting spank by Hinata

"What the hell are doing here" yelled Hinata

"Nel wanted to see her home, this place is Nel's home" cried Nel


"I don't care, it is fricken dangerous here" said Hinata


"Aaaaaaaaand that would be a hollow" said Bardock, then turned to Hinata "Nice work bitch"

"GROOOOOOOAAAHHHHH" howled the Hollow

The hollow charged at them, but didn't get more than 70 feet near them… as an black arrow, a ball of ki, a tree, a spike of sand, a spear of ice and a getsuga tensho all slammed into it and killed its weak ass like it was nothing.

=== Las Noches ===

All of Aizen's top Espada's where sitting at a table, all waiting to hear what lord Aizen has to say. The door to the room opened up, few looked over to see Aizen, Gin, and Beni enter the room, Aizen sat in his chair as Beni and Gin took their place by his side. Discord was sitting at the opposite end of the table, just grinning.

"Good Afternoon Espadas… Discord" said Aizen closing his eyes "We've been invaded… but first coffee" a lesser Espada rushed thought the room and gave everyone there cups filled with coffee "now that everyone has a cup… listen to me while you enjoy your coffee"

Everyone, but Gin took a sip of the coffee… then spit it out in disgust, they wipe their mouths the best they could to rid the nasty taste, some started to suck on their rode for a new flavor.

"You trying to poison us?" yelled Grimmjow

"That was awful" grunted Yammy

"Taste like panther diarrhea" said Discord

"You drank panther diarrhea?" said Halibel

"Yeah… I was in collage… it was hot" said Discord

Aizen and Beni too were sickened by the taste, Beni throw her cup down and let in smash, saying she'll never drink coffee again.

"I don't understand… that Kopi Luwak was supposed to be the best" said Aizen

"You mean you served 'Cat Shit Coffee'" yelled Halibel

Grimmjow's eyes widen and he held his face in horror.

"Oh kami" said Grimmjow with a shake

"What?" said Beni

"That's why Gin keep feeding me coffee beans" said Grimmjow

There was a moment of silent… then everyone, but Gin and another, threw up… they all went running out of the room, leaving Gin to laugh uncontrollably at his work. Gin looked over to see the old man Espada sitting in his chair sipping on it.

"This shit is like the nectar from the gods" said old man, Gin threw up at hearing this.

=== Hinata and Co ===

The group was camping again… they were all panting, they looked up at the building, they weren't any closer to in then they were then they started.

"What the hell… it doesn't make any since" said Hinata

Sakura looked down and saw a small lizard run over her foot, the push its self in the sand… she looked over at Nemu.

"Nemu… I thought this place was void of live" said Sakura

Nemu looked over, then looked down slightly to see the lizard had resurfaced.

"That's a hollow" said Nemu "an animal hollow"

"Wait… hollow eat souls to live" said Bardock, then pointed down to the lizard "how the hell would something that tiny be able to kill and survive?"

"I'm surprised none of you have noticed… Hueco Mundo's atmosphere is dense with reishi, the smaller hollow don't need to hunt, they just need to survive" said Nemu, then looked around "All of us will be effected by it, it will make us stronger and stronger as time passes" Nemu then closed her eyes "Same will be for the enemy, this is their home… no telling how strong it's made them"

Hinata looked down for a moment, then remember the ass kicking she got from Grimmjow the Espada formally known as Sasuke.

"We'll all need to stay on guard" said Hinata looking up "That's an order"

Sakura, Nemu, Ino, Rukia and Nel nodded… Bardock looked over and crossed his arms.

"Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?" asked Bardock

Hinata looked up at Bardock, she stood up and went nose to nose with him.

"Are you forgetting I mopped the floor with your ass in our hand to hand fight?" said Hinata "I'm stronger then you… deal with it"

Bardock but his head agents Hinata's who but back and they pushed agents each other's. As Hinata and Bardock started to have their form of a pissing contest, they failed to notice the ground shaking under them.

Sakura and the other did, they all looked around to find the sorce, Sakura noticed Hinata and Bardock where still butting heads.


A mount started to form under Nel, she looked down in time to see it explode and a giant worm knocked her into the air.

"AIYYYYYYYY" screamed Nel

Hinata snapped her attention to Nel and pulled away from Bardock… who hit the ground from how hard he was pushing agenst her.

"NEL" yelled Hinata

Two cloaked figures flew into the air and grabbed Nel, they landed on the back of the giant worm and it started to flee.

"HELP ME" screamed Nel

Hinata and the other started to pursuit… the worm was a lot faster then it looked.

"Damn it, Zazie will never forgive me if something happened to her" said Hinata

Hinata let her ears perk up so she could hear the was going on as the giant worm started to get farther and farther away from them.

"Calm down… were the good guys" said the tall kidnapper

"yeah don't ya know" said fat kiddnapper

"Get away from me" cried Nel "I want my sister"

Hinata's eyes flew open, in a rage her black reishi washed over her… she let out a growl and launched forward, pushing past the group and approaching, the two figures noticed.

"She's gaining on us" said the tall one

"Bawabawa move faster, don't cha know" said the fat one

"Bawa Bawa" said the Worm Bawabawa

Bawabawa speed up, it started to get away from Hinata… Hinata just growled and looked back to see they were getting further away from Las Noches, as was the group.

"FALL BACK" yelled Hinata to the ground "Make a camp and wait… if I'm not back in 2 hour resume the mission… that's an order"

The other slowly stopped at watched as Hinata chased after the thing, they looked at each other and did as commanded, they fell back.

=== Las Noches ===

Everyone was once again preparing to listen to Aizen's words, everyone had a bottle of water with them, each was sipping on it.

"That… was the most disgusting thing ever" said Beni, glaring a Gin

Gin just grinned and shrugged.

"I couldn't resist… but that is the most disgusting" said Gin pointing to the old one

The old one was still sipping on his cup, just letting out a nice hum

"Hmmm-mmm good" said the old one

Aizen clapped his hand getting everyone's attention

"Beni… care to show them" asked Aizen

"Yes Lord Aizen" said Beni, pulling a lever

A small door opened up on the table and a hologram appeared, it showed the group minus Hinata and Nel. Beni started intently at one of them… Sakura.

"These are the intruders?" said the one with the mask with two voices

"You said enemies… all I see are some kids and a monkey" said the old one

"They look… boring… the one's that killed by brother aren't there" said pink haired male

"hmph" said Yammy

The image flicked over to Hinata chasing after Bawabawa… she was gliding across the desert at supper speed, she was slowly inching closer and closer to it.

"don't under estimate them… 2 of them raided the soul society 3 years ago, both of them beat at least one captain" said Aizen

The image of Hinata got larger, she reach for Zangetsu.

"BAN-KAI" yelled Hinata "Tensa Zangetsu"

"Is dat the girl? The one you plan to use?" asked the black one

Aizen nodded his head.

"so if I'm to understand this… there coming to help their friend, HA, what weaklings… friends never helped with anything" said the one with an eye patch

"I hear that" yelled Discord

"Did you two not hear Aizen… he said not to underestimate them" said Halibel

The eye patch wearer scowled at her.

"I didn't mean it like that… women" said the one with an eye patch, then smirked "What… you scare, women?"

"Boy" said Discord, getting him to look over "respect your uppers"

The one with the eye patch growled and looked away… then he caught movement, Grimmjow had gotten up from his chair and started to leave. Beni pulled out her sword and stood in front of him… their eyes meet and they both narrowed.

"Move" said Grimmjow

"No… Lord Aizen has not excused you" said Beni

"I gonna go kill the intruders for Lord Aizen, that bitch Hinata has no power" said Grimmjow, pushing Beni to the side and continued walking

"Grimmjow" said Aizen

Grimmjow looked over

"Your enthusiasm is much appreciated… but I haven't finished talking yet" said Aizen "please… sit down"

"…" mumbled Grimmjow

"I'm sorry? Did you say something" said Aizen, looking over "would you like to repeat that"

Grimmjow was slammed by a massive spike of reishi, it was all directed at him so the other didn't feel a thing. Grimmjow feel to his knees and started cough and choke… he looked over and glared at Aizen… then got hit by his murderous intent. Grimmjow hit the ground and started to twitch, he started to foam at the mouth, his eyes started to roll into his head.

"Lord Aizen" said Beni "we need all the Espada we can for the war"

Aizen stopped and smiled, he looked over at Grimmjow who was just lying there… crying in fear.

"You're lucky… if Beni hadn't reminded me of that fact… you'd be dead" said Aizen as Grimmjow just panted "Once you find the strength to stand again, do thank her for saving your life"

Aizen looked back to the other.

"Now where was… oh yes, while you shouldn't underestimate them, they are no treat" said Aizen "let them come to you, don't be over confident and don't be reckless… don't be afraid, no matter what happens… as long as you're with me… no one… can defeat you"

=== Hinata ===

"Getsuga Tensho" yelled Hinata unleashing her attack

Bawabawa slide out of the way, it was panting… the two kidnapper held Nel close, angering Hinata. Nel screamed and screamed, hating the stranger touching her… Hinata let out a growl and out her hand over her face.

In one ripping motion Hinata summoned her mask and armor, her 7 tail slammed into the sand.

"GIVE HER BACK" yelled Hinata

The two kidnapper stepped back in fear, they looked at each other.

"As good as it is to see Master Nel… I don't think this is worth it" said the tall one

"I'm starting to think the same" said the fat one "Bawabawa, lower us"

"Bawa… Bawa" said Bawabawa, lowering down

Hinata stopped in place her hollowed eye narrowed at the two… what were they playing at. Once Bawabawa got low to the ground the kidnappers jumped off, holding the kicking and screaming Nel.

They sat her down to her feet, she instantly pushed away from them, tears in her eyes… and ran up to Hinata, quickly buried her face into her side.

"Nel is sorry… Nel shouldn't have come" cried Nel "Nel is sorry"

Hinata put her arm protectively around Nel, she knelt gave her a nuzzle from comfort… then she glared at the two. Hinata stood full and created a clone, the stay by Nel… she stepped forward.

"You scum… kidnapping a child" said Hinata

"w-were sorry… we thought she'd remember us" said the tall one

"Yeah, I mean… we cared for her ever since her accident" said the fat one

Hinata stopped for a moment, she looked back at Nel for a moment… she saw her scar over her face, and the crack over her mask. She looked back over at the two… she pointed at the two with a threatening pose.

"You two… let her get hurt" said Hinata

The two's eyes widened, then put up their hands and waved them.

"No, no no no no no no no… she was attack" said the tall one

"Yeah, we tried to stop him, but he was just to strong" said the fat one

"Who attacked her?" asked Hinata

=== Las Noches ===

The one eyed Espada sneezed hard… her rubbed his nose and grumbled.

"They say if you sneeze someone is talking about you… Lord Nnoitora" said his fracciones

"Shut the fuck up Tesla" said Nnoitora

=== Hinata, Moments Later ===

"So… let me see if I understand… your brothers?" said Hinata back to normal, Nel in her lap, cuddling her for comfort. "That doesn't give you the right to kidnap her"

"We thought you kidnapper her… we thought we were saving her" said the tall one

Hinata shook her head.

"No… she meet up with my sister 3 years ago in the soul society… we learned she was an Arrancar Aizen help create, we thought he abandoned her after she snitched on him" said Hinata

"Is that what happened?" said the fat one

"I don't know" said the tall one

"So… who the hell are you two?" asked Hinata

"I'm Dondochakka Bilstine, don't cha know" said the fat one

"I'm Pesche Guatiche" said the tall one

"and together were" started the two

"I don't give a shit" said Hinata

The two faulted into the sand, then looked back up… Hinata was looking of towards Las Noches, she then looked back at the two.

"You two… you use to aid Aizen?" asked Hinata

"we did… until we were kicked out by Nel's lesser" said Pesche

Hinata looked down at Nel… not able to believe Nel was anyone's upper, then looked back at the two.

"Ok… How?" asked Hinata

"Sneak attack… Illusions… Outside help" said Dondochakka

"Where I'm from… that's how we fight, we win at any means… so I can't say that the man that hurt you cheated" said Hinata, then petted Nel's mask. "But… seeing that he attacked Nel… whom I have a bound with, I can't forgive him"

Hinata stood up and stretched, Nel also stood.

"Come on… let go" said Hinata

"Ok" said Nel

Pesche and Dondochakka just looked at each other, then back to Hinata.

"Your gonna take her with you?" said Dondochakka

"I kinda to… seeing that she snuck with us" said Hinata, looking down at Nel.

Nel looked away, a small blush on her cheek.

"I'll just have to protect her as I fight" said Hinata

Hinata lifted Nel up and lifter her to her shoulder to give her a piggy back. Nel rested her hands on Hinata… Hinata was just about to take off.

"Wait… we want to help" said Dondochakka

"Yeah… let us help" said Pesche

Hinata looked back at them, then looked over at Bawabawa. Hinata flashed over and sat on the head and gave him a pat… then looked down at the two.

"Come on, get your asses up here" said Hinata.

=== 15 Minutes Later ===

Hinata jumped from Bawabawa and started to explain to everyone who the two former kidnapper were… they all just gave them a look.

"Are you two pedos?" asked Bardock

"What? NO" yelled the duo

"Then why the fuck didn't you try to take her somewhere other than here… with you two, here… alone" said Bardock

"Then he puts it like that… it does seem that way" said Dondochakka

"NO, don't think about it that way" said Pesche, waving his hands "If we knew how to open a garganta we'd have brought her to a safer place in a heartbeat… be we didn't know how… only Master Nel knew how."

"That's one thing I don't get… you say Nel is actually an adult? But a hit to the head made her a kid?" asked Nemu "that doesn't seem possible"

"Her reishi leaked from her cracked mask… she de-age to survive… I think?" said Dondochakka

"Enough talking… let's get moving" said Rukia "or do I need to remind you why we're here"

"Yeah yeah, keep your panties on" said Hinata, then smile "Then again I would mind seeing you without them"

Rukia held up her hand and pointed to a gold ring.

"Sorry… I'm married" said Rukia

Hinata just grinned and shrugged.

"Worth a try" said Hinata, then jumped on Bawabawa

The other followed and got onto Bawabawa, and the big creature took off towards Las Noches.

=== Halibel's Courters ===

"W-What?" said Orihime

Halibel blinked and stared at Orihime.

"I said… your friends have come here… to save you" said Halibel

Orihime looked down and started to shake, the thought of her friends dying to help her sadden her. She looked back up at the women, who's become like a mother to her… as she's comforted ever since she's gotten here.

"Are you… going to kill any of them?" asked Orihime

"Aizen order us not got hunting for them… but if they cross my path in here… I will not hesitate to do Aizen's bidding" said Halibel

Orihime looked down again, tears dripped from her eyes.

"I will also have my girls with draw from the out reaches of Las Noches… so they won't have any run ins with them either" said Halibel

Orihime looked up again, she smiled as she cried.

"Thank you" said Orihime

Halibel stepped forward towards Orihime… Suu sprang up in front of her and narrowed her eyes at her, she held her arms out blocking her path to her mother/creator.

"I wasn't going to hurt her… I was going to console her" said Halibel

"Wasn't hurt her… going console her" said Suu, her voice sounded just like Halibel's

Suu fell to the ground like water and slide away, going to the pillar she shared with Orihime. Halibel stepped forward and hugged Orihime, then pulled back… she saw Orihime still have a sad look. Halibel unzipped her cloak and let her mask out, then pushed it up agents Orihime's cheek for a few seconds, then pulled away.

Orihime just blinked an touched her face for a second, then back at Halibel in confusion.

"What… what was that?" asked Orihime

"A kiss" said Halibel, zipping her cloak back up "Don't your kind sooth one other with a kiss to the cheek at time?"

"Oh that was a kiss… thank you" said Orihime

Halibel just nodded her head… and flashed to her pillar, where she planned to do nothing but kick back… and enjoy herself.

=== Hinata and Co ===

The group was quickly approaching Las Noches thanks to the help of Bawabawa… things where moving smoothly… too smoothly. Bardock was on high alert, as was Hinata… Hinata sniffed the air… and got nothing.

"Something is watching us." Said Bardock, then tapped his foot on Bawabawa's back. "Hey… Bawa-whatever… serpentine a little, circle around the base and slowly inch closer"

Bawabawa let out a grunt and made sounds, but obey once Dondachakka pat him.

"Hinata?" said Sakura, looking over watching Hinata watching the sand, she narrowed her eye.

"You sense it to?" asked Bardock

"Yes… this is just too easy" said Hinata, reaching up to grip Zangetsu, then pulled it off. "Everyone be on guard"

Ino nodded her head and pulled away from Nel, making her sand sculpture fall to sand again. Nel was sadden by it, but didn't say anything, as she was still on thin ice for being here. Sakura and Nemu stood and started to look around, Rukia remained sitting… she was looking directly head of Bawabawa… and slowly scanned the area.

Ino closed her eyes and started to feel the sand move under Bawabawa, much like what Nemu can do in her bankai… Ino focused hard… she felt something.

"FOUND YOU" yelled Ino, throwing a kunai with a bomb

The kunai hit the sand and exploded… the sand stirred an a beast slowly rose from the sand, the thing grew to huge size and looked down at them as his mask formed


Hinata looked back at group and went into leader mood.

"Ok guys here how I see it, he a giant abomination made of sand, so naturally he will be able to fire sand at us. Ino, Nemu… you two are in charge of stopping those attacks" said Hinata

"Got it" said Ino

"Understood" said Nemu

Hinata then turned to Sakura and Bardock

"Bardock… Sakura, since you two are able to fire reishi… or chakra, whatever you wanna call it out in beams or ball, you will be doing a lot of the attacking, if he fires a cero both of you are to focus your energy's together and redirect it" said Hinata

"Yes" said Sakura

"Sounds fun" said Bardock, charging up his fist

"also add a little fire to it to Sakura, lets see if we can turn this bastard into glass" said Hinata

"You got it" said Sakura

"Rukia… you and me will add the other how we can" said Hinata

Rukia just nodded her head in understanding

"What about us?" asked Pesche

"Yeah?" asked Dondachakka

"Since Bawabawa seems to only obey you two, you will stir him in the direction I tell you to so we can avoid getting hit" said Hinata

"and me?" asked Nel

Hinata gave her a stern look, she looked away. Hinata looked back at the sand hollow that was like most anime villains as it stood quiet and still as Hinata told her team the plan. The best shot his hand up and fired sand.

"FULL STEAM HEAD" yelled Hinata

Bawabawa blasted forward to dodge the attack, Ino and Nemu moved their hands and foot forwards, then slammed their hands down, the beast sand hit the ground in a flop. Sakura pulled out her zanpakutō and readied it.

"Scream, Oichi" said Sakura

Sakuichi reached out and pulled on her chakra and fired a stream of arrows at the sand monster, Bardock held out his hand and charge up giant sized orbs and hurled them at it. The arrows and energy slammed into him and didn't do anything, which they kinda figured.

"GETSUGA TENSHO" yelled Hinata swing her sword

The Getsuga Tensho shot and sliced the beast in half… but his sand quickly repaired himself, a cero started to form in front of his mouth, the reishi filled atmosphere fueled it to giant sized.

Sakuichi pulled on her bow and charged a beam, Bardock cupped his hands and started to charge up his attack as well. Rukia twirled her zanpakutō around and held it out.

"Dance, Sode no Shirayuki" said Rukia

Hinata held up her hand, telling her to wait for a signal… she put her hand to her face and summoned her mask, she to readied a Cero.

Runuganga fired his cero at the group, all three launched their attacks there beams collided and struggled agents each other's… they pushed back and fortieth. Nemu pulled out her zanpakutō and readied it.

"Stomp them into the earth, Toph" said Nemu

Nemu, from the gap between them started to solidify the sand, Ino used her earth style to do that same… Runuganga knew he was in trouble, but was unable to move as he was a stationary attacker. The beam blasted Runuganga just as he was turned to stone, then Hinata threw her arm down and he was closed up in ice.

Sakuichi clapped her hand, arrow form early that were buried in the beast went off… creating a 10 mile high pillar of fire… the smoke cleared to show the ice was still standing… and Runuganga seemed to have escaped, but he didn't.

"You actually turned him to glass" said Hinata looing over "While he was in ice?"

"Ask and you shall receive" said Sakura

Hinata looked over at the pillar and smiled

"Huh…. Guess you can say he got a bad case of… 'Freezer Burn'" said Hinata



"Oh fuck you that was funny" yelled Hinata

=== Halibel's Domain ===

Halibel was relaxing in her pool of water, relaxing… the intruders have made it past Runuganga… things will only get harder for them from here. Halibel looked down at her pool of water, something was off about it… she pulled her arm up and watched as it stuck to her.

"Why is my pool water slimy?" asked Halibel

Halibel got her answer… the slime on her hand slowly morphed and a face appeared.

"Slimy water" said Suu with Halibel's voice

Halibel just blink, she put her hand back down and remained in Suu's slim body… it actually felt better than her water. Halibel let out a shiver as Suu's slime slide up her stomach.

=== Wall of Las Noches ===

Rukia tapped the wall, she moved her hand a crossed it and stopped, She then looked back at the other.

"I don't think it's made from Sekki-Seki" said Rukia "so we should be able to break thought"

Bardock grinned and popped his knuckles… he stepped up and was about to have some fun.

"Oh… I found a door" said Rukia

Bardock looked back over to see Rukia had indeed found a door, he let out a frown… then rushed over and cut everyone off.

"HEY, what's the big idea" said Hinata

Bardock put his hand on the door and unleashed a massive blast of reishi… blasting it off its hinges and into Las Noches, the group walked in to the cave like hallway and over the door.

"You didn't have to do that" said Rukia

"Yeah… well I forgot how to knock" said Bardock

"Uh guys… I think we killed someone" said Hinata pointing down

Bardock looked down to see two hands sticking out from under the 3 ton door, after everyone hopped off it he lifted it up… to see a bloody mess… all they could make out was an afro and a big mustache.

=== Moments Before ===

"YEAH… I'M NUMBER ONE" yelled a Arrancar as he stepped up to the door, he was in charge of guarding.

The Arrancar started to shadow box and strut his stuff that his weak ass didn't have. The wind blew and showed a tattoo on his back 99

"I may just be a gate guard now, but someday" said the Arrancar, then started to pose and show off to know one "we will see that I… Hercule, will be the strongest there is"

Hercule then stood up and went to check in.

"Oh… I found a door" came Rukia's voice from the other side

Hercule curiously put his ear to the door, listening for the voices

"HEY, what's the big idea" came Hinata's voice

The 3 ton door was sudden launch forward, it fell on Hercule and crushed the life out of him in seconds. Thus making the arrogant obnoxious assholes soul forever lost… never to be reborn… never to… HAHAHAHAHA, I'm sorry… I can't say he will be missed.

=== Present Time ===

"Doesn't look like anyone important" said Bardock dropping the stone door on him


"Really dude?" said Hinata

"What he's dead, not like he's going to complain" said Bardock

"I know but… show some respect for the dead" said Hinata

Bardock gave a spiteful look… he reached down and lift the stone door up, then beat the dead body with it repeatable… then slammed it down on him one last time.

"Respect that" said Bardock, then started to leave

"Damn he's cold" said Rukia

"What sunshine go to the fucking beach" yelled Bardock, then started to look around "You guys take lead"

=== Moments later ===

Everyone was ahead of Bardock… who was blasting thought the wall and tearing them down as he slowly follow, whistling a non-shallot tune. During his destruction it was reviled the Aizen had created a fake sun for some reason… Bardock found it slightly amusing that he would do such a thing, as sunlight weakens some hollows.

The group walked down the cave that slowly turned into a marble hallway, Bardock had gotten bored with destroying the wall so things where in one piece. Hinata looked forward and noticed a light, she held up her hand and made everyone stop… she sniffed the air, no one.

"Ino" whispered Hinata "Use your powers to see if anyone is up there"

Ino nodded her head and summoned her full bringer powers, then she put her hands into the normal Yakanaka hand-sign as she used it to focus. Ino closed her eyes and scanned the area, checking the area for enemy… Ino opened her eyes again.

"It's safe, it's just a crossroad" said Ino

The group started towards the crossroads, once they reached it they saw 5 different path from the one they stepped out of… everyone looked at each other. Then looked over at Pesche and Dondochakka, as they started to pick their noses… and eat each other boogers.

"Who's getting stuck with the morons" said Hinata, then lifted up Nel and pointed "I already have to baby sit her"

Nel just blinked and then smiled slightly… the other looked at each other, then they all, except for Nemu played paper rock scissors… Sakura and Bardock lost, so they have to take one with them. The two then started to play each other and Bardock won.

"I'll take the fat one" said Bardock

"Damn it… he less annoying" said Sakura

"That's why I'm taking him" said Bardock

"What do you mean I'm annoy Hinata?" said Pesche

"I keep telling you, my name is SAKURA" yelled Sakura

"Whatever you say Hinata" said Pesche with a snorting laugh

Sakura held her face, then looked back at the group, she had a grim look on her face as Pesche danced around her. Hinata looked around at the 5 paths… then pointed.

"I'll take that one" said Hinata

The other looked over, then they all pick out which one they'd go down… then they all separated and went their own ways in hopes of finding Orihime.

=== Hinata ===

Hinata walked down the hallway, she constantly glanced around… staying alert at all times. Nel was staying right behind her, not making a peep… not wanting Hinata to be mad at her for distracting her. Hinata took a few more steps then stopped suddenly, Nel bumped into her cause of the sudden stop… she looked up at her big sister figure.

"Is… something wrong?" said Nel

"Be Quiet" said Hinata with a harsh whisper

Nel flinched and put her hands over her mouth, staying as quiet as she could… Hinata looked around again, then up to the ceiling where there were beams connected to the walls. One shattered as a figure jumped from it and ran across them… Hinata followed its movements until slipped and fell.

The figure slammed to the ground and throwing dust all around. Hinata just blinked… the figure then stood up and pointed.

"Da-Dah!" yelled a voice

Hinata blinked again in confusion.

"Dunt-Da-Da Da-Dunt-Da-Daaa" said the voice

Hinata just stood in place, she looked down Nel who was looking up at her.

"Da-Da… Dunt-Da Da-Daan" said the voice, the smoke blew away from him "Hey"

Hinata and Nel just had a dumb founded look on their face, the man seemed to get angry.

"Hey… what is that look for, you witness my grand entrance and yet you don't applaud" said the man

"You mean when you fell on your face" asked Nel

The man tighten his fist and shook it as he grit his teeth, he regained his composer and smiled.

"Brace yourself human… for I, Arrancar 103, Dordoni… will kill you" said Dordoni

Hinata blinked a few times, then leaned forward slightly.

"103?" asked Hinata

"Si Senorita" said Dordoni

"What does that mean?" asked Hinata

"You mean you've fought an Arrancar… and you know not what their numbers stand for Senorita" said Dordoni

Hinata narrowed her eyes and let loose a snarl, she didn't like being reminded of her failures.

"I take that as a no… a number… it represents our rank, our place in the army" said Dondoni

Hinata thought for a moment… then looked up at Dondori.

"What rank… is Grimmjow?" asked Hinata

Dondori had a plan look on his face, then spoke.

"6" said Dondori

Hinata just snorted and laughed hard… she pulled Zangetsu off her back and smiled as she swung it to the side.

"You're 97 ranks lower then him… I'm mop the fucking floor with you freaky ass" said Hinata

Dondori narrowed his eyes as Hinata took a step forward… then in an instant he was 10 feet behind her. Blood burst out her shoulder, Hinata looked down at her wound and looked back at him. She gripped Zangetsu in her hand, she put herself between him and Nel.

"GETSUGA TENSHO" yelled Hinata

Hinata swung her sword and it ripped towards Dondori, who stood his ground… he shot his foot out and destroyed her attack, Hinata's jaw dropped.

"Senorita… didn't you mama ever tell you" said Dondori looking back at her "Not to underestimate your opponent"

Hinata took a step back, she let out a growl… she didn't understand… he just as strong as Grimmjow, if not stronger.

"You're wondering why I am so strong aren't you Senorita?" said Dondori looking back at her "you see… the thing is… I was once Espada 3"

Hinata eyes widened… she took a stepped back and bumped into Nel.

"I only lost my spot as 3rd… because I was out shine by the new Espada" said Dondori

Dondori charged towards Hinata, he spun around and swung his foot high into the hair, then slammed it down onto Hinata zanpakutō, the ground cracked and cratered under her. Dondori then flipped around and kick Hinata into the air… Hinata gasped in pain as blood flew from her mouth.

Hinata quickly looked down to see Dondori was gone… he was above her.

"Senorita… why are you looking down" said Dondori

Hinata looked back up just in time to get a foot slammed into her jaw and rocketed forward. Hinata slammed into the… then fell to the ground where the falling concrete of the wall... the shock wave from impact rippled thought the building. The already broken wall near the door crumbled and fell, on the stone slab that Hecules dead body was under.

Tears swelled up in Nel's eyes, she went to run and help Hinata… but something was stopping her, someone had her by her mask.

"So… you to are an Arrancar Senorita" asked Dondori, lifting her up

"Let me go" cried Nel thrashing around

"Strange I've never seen one so young" said Dondori, then tossed her up and was now holding her by her leg.

"Let… Me… Down" cried Nel "Wahhhh, Wahhhh"

The rubble started to stir… Dondori cover one of his ears and let out a growl.

"Shut up you little brat" yelled Dondori, throwing her down

Nel face smacked the ground hard… she let loose a scream as she brought up her red aching face. Dondori cover both of his ears and Nel's crying and screaming got louder and louder. Dondori looked down at her and get let out a frustrated growl.

"Shut up you annoying little brat" yelled Dondori

Dondori then kicked Nel in the stomach, she flew over and landed next to the pile of rumble Hinata was buried under. Nel coughed and choked as she managed to bubbled out a few more sobs… making Dondori even angrier. Dondori slowly walked up to her… Nel looked up and started to cry even louder.

Dondori stood over her and started to reach down… then Hinata's hand shot from the rumble and grabbed his, blood dripped from her head, and ran down her face… Hinata let out a huff. Dondori just grinned and tried to pull away… but was unable to.

"Ahhh, so you have a second wind, No?" said Dondori

Hinata just started let out a growl and stared daggers at him.

"You hurt Nel" said Hinata, then her eye narrowed

"So what if I did… she is the ene" started Dondori, but was cut off when Hinata's other fist, still holding Zangetsu slammed into his face and threw him forward.

Dondori flew across the hall and hit the other side, Hinata fully pushed herself from the rubble and stepped forward… she put herself between Nel and Dondori.

"Have you no shame" said Hinata

Dondori pushed himself from the way and grinned at his discovery… he whipped the blood from his nose.

"So… you hit harder, then I go after her?" said Dondori

Hinata tightened her grip on Zangetsu

"Ban-Kai" said Hinata, swung her sword to the side "Tensa Zangetsu"

Hinata turned her head to the side… the readied herself.

"Nel… Im sorry I let you get hurt" said Hinata "I promise… I won't let that happen again"

"You shouldn't make promises, you can't keep" said Dondori, grabbing his zanpakutō "Whirl, Giralda"

Wind whirled around Dondori as he enter his resurrection state, he just smiled. Dondori readied himself by poking his finger together in a weird way.

"Cero" said Dondori

Dondori's cero shot out and flew to Hinata, who just stood her ground… her black reishi rushed over her sword.

"Wind and Fire Style" said Hinata, swinging her sword up, then down "GETSUGA TENSHO"

Hinata's Getsuga Tensho ripped across the hallway towards Dondori's cero, the two hit each other and exploded. The smoke it generated blocked Hinata's view… Hinata's eyes looked around, Nel moved closer to Hinata for comfort.

Hinata looked to the left… Dondori had gotten behind her, he reach towards Nel who's back was turned… Hinata spun around and swung her sword, it connected with his chest.

"Getsuga Tensho" yelled Hinata, launching him away

Dondori landed and looked down at the small burn on his body… then back up at her.

"So… your power is connected to your love for that little girl, eh Senorita" said Dondori

Hinata stepped in front of Nel, making herself a shield for any attack that Dondori might launch.

"When one fight to protect one they care for… there true power come out" said Hinata

Dondori rubbed his chin and closed his eyes

"I see… then tell me?" said Dondori opening his eyes and smiled "Why haven't you used your hollowfication along with your real zanpakutō"

Hinata's anger flared the moment she heard he wanted her to go hollow, everything after that was lost to her.

"I won't hollow… not for your amusement" said Hinata pointing her bankai at him

"I see… then I guess" said Dondori, flashing behind Hinata and going for Nel again "I'll just make you use it"

Hinata spun around and slashed at Dondori, throwing him off his course, then she grabbed Nel and jumped back. Hinata growled at Dondori, flames coursed over her sword… she grit her teeth, Dondori charged again… this time Hinata fire a point blank Getsuga Tensho into his face.

Hinata jumped back again… and panted, the smoke from her attack cleared showing Dondori was still standing. Dondori looked over at Hinata and just grinned, then he let out a hardy laugh.

"Do you plan to dodge and counter the whole fight?" asked Dondori, then pointed at Hinata "soon you will grow tiered, and then I will kill that girl" Hinata snarled in disgust and anger "so just show me your hollowfication"

Hinata grit her teeth and closed her eyes… she then lowed up and cocked a grin.

"Fine" said Hinata, she looked back "Nel… give me some room"

Nel stepped back and away from Hinata, Hinata looked back over

"However… I will only show you for a moment" said Hinata

"It is… all I ask for Senorita" said Dondori

Hinata moved her hand up to her face… then in a ripping motion summoned her hollow armor, her 7 tails slammed into the ground.


"The beauty, The energy… I am honored to fight so powerful an adversary as you, Senorita" said Dondori, then he threw out his arm "This calls for a toast… to an exhibition of spectacular destructive force Senorita"

In a split second Hinata was at Dondori, she swung her sword, cut him an flashed back to Nel… Dondori just looked up to see Hinata.

"1. I don't drink" said Hinata, then she pulled off her mask and armor "and 2… even if I did… I'd never share a drink with the likes of you"

Dondori fell to the ground… laying in a pool of his own blood. Hinata looked down at him and watched him twitch… then she let out a sigh.

"Nel… come over here" said Hinata

=== Moments Later ===

Hinata was leaning agents the wall… not believing what she was doing, she looked over to see Nel drooling on Dondori, apparently Nemu discover that Nel's drool could heal. Nel let out other glob of drool just as Dondori woke up… to get a face full of it. Dondori shot up and crawled away, whipping his face in disgust.

"what are you doing you nasty like girl" said Dondori

"Quiet your bitching Don Panini" said Hinata

"Do I look like a fucking sandwich" yelled Dondori "My name is Dondori"

"Whatever… don't complain that we're healing you" said Hinata

"Healing me… she was drooling on me" said Dondori pointing at Nel

"She says her drool can heal" said Hinata

"I learned that then Zazie penis touch my throat penis" said Nel

Dondori just blinked… he looked over at Hinata and just stared, Hinata went to answer.

"I don't even want to know" said Dondori holding up his hand

It was quiet… Dondori just lay there, he looked over to see Hinata rubbing Nel's mask.

"My defeat is total. And yet, I am almost relieved. My body was filled with power… My mind, with the will to win. I was sure that I could absorb any impact and strike back." said Dondori, Hinata looked over "my preparation was complete. But I could not have foreseen this. You are strong… Senorita"

Hinata looked away, she looked down to see the small cut and scratches on Nel.

"No I'm not" said Hinata

"I wanted to be a real Espada again… not some Privaron Espada. The Espada are lord Aizens loyal servants… but he sees them as just a tool" said Dondori "once one stands at the summit… one will never forget the view… the feeling." Dondori closed his eye, then opened them "I thought if I beat you at your best… Aizen would permit me to be an Espada again… that's why I urge you to hollowfy… and my determination"

Dondori grabbed his sword, he looked over at the two, to see them cuddle… he stood and charged at Hinata and Nel.

"That cinnamon sweetness you have… it will get you kill in here" said Dondori

Dondori was cut down by Hinata in a mere second… she was at the end of the hallway… she looked back at Dondori, then left. Dondori just stood there… bleeding as he was beaten, he looked down to see his sword was snapped.

"You're just in time" said Dondori looking up as an Arrancar stepped up to him… 12 identical Arrancar followed. "Welcome… Exequias"

"We have orders to kill the intruder" said the leader of the Exequias

"From who?" asked Dondori

"I'm not at liberty to say" said the Exequia leader

Dondori stuck out his arm

"I won't let you pass" said Dondori

"Your weak… you can't fight back, just give up" said the Exequia leader

Dondori just grinned wickedly

"is that so… jovenzuelo" said Dondori, the he charge at them

'Senorita… my strength has failed me. You probably could have beaten me even without hollowfying. But you did it… knowing that it would deplete your power' thought Dondori as he fought to the death, letting Hinata escape 'I thank you… this is the least I can do to repay you… Senorita, those ahead, they will not be so kind… you will have to kill them without hesitation. If you waver, you will die. If you heal them, they will kill you. Cast all thoughts of mercy from your mind, Senorita. Keep that cinnamon sweetness to yourself and your friends. Become a demon, Senorita. Powerful like a demon… ruthless like a demon… you must turn your heart to stone. There is no other way… Senorita'

=== Aizen ===

"Lord Aizen… I have a report" said Beni knelling to Aizen

Aizen spun around in his swivel throne and looked over at Beni.

"Dondori has been beaten by the intruder moments ago" said Beni

"I see… you may leave" said Aizen

Beni stood then bowed to Aizen and went to leave.

"But do tell me… have you forgot to tell me something" asked Aizen

Beni looked back in confusion

"Lord Aizen?" asked Beni

Beni was slammed by his pressure… she fell to her hands and knees, she looked up in fear.

"Who sent the Exequia squad after him" said Aizen

"I… I don't know… I swear" said Beni

Aizen put more pressure on her… Beni was pushed lower to the floor, she was crying and shaking.

"It was me" said a voice

Aizen let up from Beni… who looked as white as a sheet and sickly, she slowly looked over to see the pink haired male.

"Szayelaporro" said Aizen

Szayelaporro walked up and knelt down by Beni, who was pushing herself up

"Forgive me" said Szayelaporro "The intruder was wounded and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to study her… so I made the decision. I had no authorization, but I did it for you… I will take on any punishment"

"No… its quiet alright" said Aizen sitting down

Beni was now standing full next to him, she narrowed her eyes and swung her foot, connecting with his neck. Szayelaporra collapsed an held his throat as he started to gasp for air… he looked up and got a her foot slamming into his face and breaking his nose.

"That's for letting me take the heat" yelled Beni, then gave Aizen a bow and left, but not before give Szayelaporra one last kick "Asshole"

Beni left the room, but staggered… still a little woozy from Aizen's pressure. Gin just smiled and looked down at Szayelaporra.

"best put that in your book… don't piss of Beni" said Gin with a smile

Szayelaporra rubbed his nose and neck… he pushed himself up and bowed to Aizen.

"I'll give you a report… after I go reset my nose" said Szayelaporra

Aizen gave a nod, showing he was ok with that… the moment Szayelaporra stepped out the door, Beni jump kicked him in the neck and sent him flying.

"Come mere 4 eyes" yelled Beni charging after him "I gonna roll your ass around Las Noches"

=== Sakuichi, Nemu and Pesche ===

Before they even got into the room they were approaching in Sakura had activated her Shikai and became Sakuichi. The moment they entered the room they noticed there opponent… Cirucci, and the moment she noticed them she flinched hard and attacked.

The trio spread out, they were hiding from the enemy … but that they didn't know… was she was afraid as well. Cirucci didn't mean to be here, she didn't want to be here… she had complete caught her off guard as she was rushing back to Halibel, to avoid such a incident.

Cirucci swung her spinning dish zanpakutō around and brought it back to her… trying her best to fight the enemy… without killing them. She let loose some intimidating squawks, hoping to scare them away from this room.

"Leave now… Cirucci will kill you" said Cirucci, shaking in fear "Cirucci will kill you dead"

Sakuichi peek out from behind the pillar she was hiding behind… she looked up at Cirucci, she looked at her legs to see them shaking slightly. She looked up at her chest to see her breathing was erratic, she looked at her face to see tears.

'She doesn't want to be here… she's scared, she probably doesn't know what going on here' though Sakuichi

"Didn't you hear Cirucci… Cirucci will kill you, leave now" yelled Cirucci, then started to squawk again

Nemu poked her head out and looked up at Cirucci this time, she watched as Cirucci hopped on her feet… then jumped to other pillar, flapping her arms as she did.

'Her behavior… it's not like a normal Arrancar's would be, the squawking, the why she moved, flapping her arms' thought Nemu, then she saw Cirucci prime her forearm with her face 'that thing… she showing all the traits of a bird'

Cirucci looked down and started cock her head to the side quickly and randomly as she search for them again… she saw Pesche run from one pillar to other.

"Get the hell out of here now or you die! This is Cirucci's last warning" said Cirucci, tears welling up in her eyes

"Where is Orihime?" asked Sakuichi

"Cirucci can't tell you… Cirucci would get in trouble" said Cirucci, the swung her Yo-Yo zanpakutō around "Just leave Cirucci alone"

"Tell us where Orihime is and we will" said Sakuichi looking up slightly and saw under Cirucci skirt "aaaaand then maybe we can have some fun"

Nemu heard Sakuichi, she jumped over and landed beside her… who was preoccupied with gazing up Cirucci's skirt from the back. Nemu reached down and gave Sakuichi's ass a pinch, getting her to 'eep' but it didn't come out as Nemu put her hand mouth and pulled her behind the pillar just as Cirucci looked over.

"Master, remember why we're here" said Nemu.

Sakuichi pulled Nemu's hand from her mouth, she spun around and faced her with a smile, she gently pushed her fingers to her lips.

"If I had done the same 3 years ago… we wouldn't be together" said Sakuichi, then giggle "You're not jealous are you? You know I love you with all my heart"

Nemu blushed and looked away

"I know… but it's just, we can't get distracted by her beauty" said Nemu "we can fantasies about her after we beat her"

Sakuichi nodded her head, Nemu was right… Sakuichi stepped out and looked up at Cirucci, who turned to her

"Give us back Orihime!" yelled Sakuichi

Pesche was slowly sneaking to the pillar where Cirucci stood

"Didn't you hear Cirucci, Cirucci can't… Cirucci would get in trouble" said Cirucci.

Cirucci then launched her zanpakutō at Sakuichi and Nemu, the two dodged it… but Cirucci made it curved after Nemu and hit her. It caused a small gash on her stomach… not life threatening, she was launched into a pillar.

"Cirucci warned you… leave now or Cirucci will be forced to kill you" said Cirucci

Cirucci then swung it back over to Sakuichi, but she blocked it by making a shield out of her black chakra and she then launched it back at Cirruci in hopes that it would harm her… Cirucci just let up on the slack of her Zanpakuto, making it fall short… then she spun it around again.

Sakuichi quickly rushed over and checked Nemu's wound… thanks to Nemu medical skills she had already healed… but she was still gonna say it to her love.

"are you okay?" asked Sakuichi

"Yes" said Nemu slowly dropped from the pillar, she then stood on her feet "I'm fine"

Cirucci came to the conclusion that they weren't going to run… they were going to fight… and if she didn't fight back… she would die.

'Orihime… Cirucci hopes you can forgive Cirucci' thought Cirucci

Cirucci started to swing her weapon again, she spun it faster than she did last time… it whistled and howled. She then swung the whirl disk at the duo… Sakuichi decided to grab it instead and planned break it to disarm Cirucci.

Nemu looked at the disk closely… she noticed it moved past the pillars like nothing. Nemu's eyes widened, she quickly moved her foot across the floor and knocked Sakuichi down… the disk cut the pillar behind them I half like it was nothing.

The two looked at the damage, Sakuichi looked back at Nemu.

"Oh you are so getting spoiled then we get home" said Sakuichi with a smile

Nemu smiled back, the two pulled each other close and kissed… Cirucci let out a cough. The two looked back up at her and swung her disk again, it spun even faster.

"Cirucci will give you a heads up, Cirucci can put Cirucci's reishi into Cirucci's zanpakutō to make it sharper as it spins, so no grabbing it pinkie" said Cirucci "Less you want to lose your arm"

Cirucci swung her weapon again, the two jumped high into the air and landed on a pillar… Nemu quickly flanked to the left as Sakuichi started to fire arrow. Cirucci just grinned and shook her head, she pointed out her hand and shot a cero, then moved her hand in Nemu direction.

Nemu had no choice but to retreat and return to her masters side… then dodge Cirucci's disk attack again. Sakuichi pulled back and fired a massive arrow…. But it was deflected by Cirucci's disk, she held it close to her as she felt she'd need a shield.

Sure enough, Sakuichi and Nemu started to shot fire balls at Cirucci… she just spun her disk even faster, shielding herself from 99% of their attack… very few got thought.

As they were fighting Pesche was climbing up the pillar Cirucci stood on to get a look at her panties while singing a pervy little song

"Panties, Panties, Gonna get a peak at panties, are they bloomer, purple lace, or the bold G-String, I gotta sing, Panties Oh Panties" sang Pesche

Sakuichi and Nemu started to pant, they were burning up there chakra… Sakuichi then decided fight differently. Sakuichi put out her hand and summoned a long sword, she then swung it down at the pillar and cut thought it.

The pillar started to slide backwards, getting Cirucci to squeal and squawk in fear, she jumped backwards and flapped her arms… then landed on a new pillar. Pesche on the other hand fell and hit the ground with a thud

"I regret nothing" said Pesche

Cirucci looked down and noticed where he was at… she thought for a moment and quickly put two and two together. Cirucci let out a growl… a vain started to bulge on her head.

"You little pervert!" yelled Cirucci

She then launched her zanpakutō at Pesche… the disk spun towards him at deadly speed.

"MOVE YOU FOOL" yelled Sakuichi

Pesche looked up at the incoming attack and spit out a large amount of spit, Cirucci's attack hit the spit and slipped of range.

"What?" yelled Cirucci "How is Cirucci's attack stopped by some spit"

"HEY" yelled Pesche "that's rude… this isn't just spit, this is my infinite slick… this stuff is my spit infused with my reishi, it's really hard to make"

"Who cares, Its just spit" yelled Cirucci

"I just said it's not" yelled Pesche

"SHUT UP YOU FOOLS" screamed Cirucci, then looked up and was struck with fear… Sakuichi was above her, arrow drawn.

Cirucci managed to jump away… but her disk didn't move as fast as she did. Nemu flashed forward and grabbed her disk, then the string tied to it. Nemu gave it one big jerk and pulled Cirucci forward, it happened to fast she was unable to stop it.

Cirucci flew towards the two, they pulled back there fist and drilled her in the stomach. Cirucci's mouth flew open from the duel punch to her stomach… it was intense, the put so much power into the attack. Cirucci was throw forward from the attack… she slammed into the wall with enough force it broke her back… Cirucci then fell forward and hit the ground with a thud.

Sakuichi cancel her Shikai and became Sakura again… she ran her finger thought her hair… then looked over at Nemu.

"Let's go" said Sakura, flashing over to the exit, Nemu followed… and soon Pesche did to.

Pesche looked back at Cirucci and saw her move, then looked back.

"Ain't you gonna kill her… she could" started Pesche

"She can't… she seriously wounded, she won't be able to walk… possibly for the rest of her live" said Sakura "It may seem cruel… but I won't kill her, she shall see other day"

With that Sakura and Nemu took the lead and went down the hallway, Pesche then followed.

Cirucci just lay there… she was to hurt to move, she tried to push herself up… but just couldn't. Cirucci curse her weakness and tried again… she started to push herself up… then collapsed.

'Cirucci hopes Orihime is happy for what Cirucci did… Cirucci held back, Cirucci could have killed them… but then Orihime would cry' thought Cirucci

"Cirucci" came a voice

Cirucci tilted her head up and her eyes widened… it was the Exequia Squad, Cirucci struggled to move… to escape, to get away.

"Don't struggle… just make this easer on yourself" said the Exequia reaching out

Cirucci closed her eyes… she waited for what was to come. Just before the Exequia leader could grab her… a dark skinned hand shot out and grabbed his, he looked up to see Halibel.

"Just what do you think you are doing?" asked Halibel

"That is not for you" started the Exequia leader

Halibel narrowed her eyes, and let out a low growl.

"Who order you to come for her?" asked Halibel

"Szayelaporro" said the Exequia leader

"I see… well, I'm telling you to leave her be… she is MY fraccion, NOT HIS" said Halibel, making her point clear "And I have a message for you to give to him"

Halibel leaned up to him and whispered… then pulled back. He just looked at her… he couldn't refused her… she was an Espada, he had to.

"as you wish" said the leader, then left.

Halibel then looked down at Cirucci… who was looking up at her master with joy.

"Thank you" said Cirucci

Halibel leaned down and picked her up bridal style, then nuzzled her.

=== Aizen ===

As Szayelaporra promised he came back and shard the info he had gained… he then told Aizen he will be examining Cirucci next.

"I see… how will Halibel handle that info" asked Aizen

"She's miss her bird brain bitch for a while…but she'll get over it" said Szayelaporra

The Exequia leader flashed into the room and knelt, Szayelaporra looked over and grinned. The leader walked up and gave a bow.

"My apologize Lord Szayelaporra… but I have a message from Halibel" said the Exequia leader

Before anyone could comment the Exequia leader kicked Szayelaporra between the legs… he dropped like a rock and was spit on by the Exequia leader.

"Touch my Fracction again… and I'll gut you like a fucking boar" said the Exequia leader, then bowed again "Her words… not mine"

Szayelaporra let out a cry of pain… he stood up and bowed again, then staggered out the door… to get a double ambush from Beni and Halibel, both kicked him in the neck at the same time. Then rolling his ass down the hallway.

=== Halibel's Domain ===

Cirucci was laying in her nest… Orihime was casting her jutsu over her, she looked up and let out a soft coo.

"Thank you for healing Cirucci" said Cirucci

"You're welcome… thank you, for not killing my friends" said Orihime

Cirucci smile, then frowned.

"Cirucci doesn't see why it would matter… if Aizen's is successful… they'd die anyway" said Cirucci

"I know… but… Aizen isn't a friend" said Orihime

Cirucci blushed and turned her head… she closed her eyes and didn't say anything the rest of the time Orihime healed her… as she was soon asleep.

=== Ino ===

Ino hit the wall hard… she coughed up blood and slumped, she was beaten pretty bad.

"Bitch your crazy" came her opponent's voice

Ino grit her teeth as her opponent stepped out of the smoke.

"A human girl is no match for me, Gantenbainne" said Gantenbainne

Ino took in a deep breath, she put her left arm behind her, then using the pressure from the force she created she flew towards him. Gantenbainne didn't move… he just waited, then he slammed his hand forward, grabbing her face.

"You can't even use Sonido… how do you plan to beat me" said Gantenbainne, then threw her into the wall again.

Ino hit the wall hard and she let out a blood filled gargle of a scream, but she pushed herself off the wall and charged again.

"Fool" said Gantenbainne, easily ducking her attack… then her slammed his fist into her gut "Uno" Ino stumbled back, she was fighting back tears, then she got cracked in the face "Dos" Ino took a few more steps back, then got bombarded by his fist in a rapid furry. Gantenbainne then pulled his fist up and balled them together. "Ciento"

Ino hit the ground hard and crater it from the force… back at the door to Las Noches the 3 ton door bounced, and crushed Hercule again. Gantenbainne stood over Ino… who was unable to move from the pain she was feeling.

"Stand up and fight… I know your hiding your power" said Gantenbainne

Ino didn't move, she just lay there.

"Let's fight each other honestly" said Gantenbainne

Ino didn't move, she just lay there

"no response?" said Gantenbainne, twirling his hand and got his weapon "you break my heart"

Gantenbainne went for the kill, this attack would end it all… second before it hit, Ino shot up and grabbed his hand with her left hand.

"Sorry… I wasn't trying to hid it… my power… it was just happy to be home and wouldnt obey" said Ino "That beating you gave me was its welcome home party"

Before Gantenbainee could comment Ino went to punch.

"Mega Ton Punch" said Ino

Ino let go of his fist and quickly hit Gantenbainee in the gut and let the attack's name suggested, it felt like he was hit with a mega ton of force. He slid across the ground and came to a stop… he popped his shoulder. Gantenbaitee then flashed towards Ino… he flashed to the sides to confuse her, then went for a forward attack, he swung his leg.

Ino brought up her arm and pushed her other arm agents it… blocking the attack, Gantenbaitee even flinched slightly at the impact.

"Did you slow down?" asked Ino

Ino swung her arm around and struck Gantenbaitee, throwing him to the side. Gantenbaitee twisted around and pushed agents the wall, he growled at how this fight was going… he looked down to see Ino gone.

'where did she' thought Gantenbaitee

"Mega Ton Punch X2" said Ino

Gantenbaitee jumped out of the way, Ino's fist hit the wall and shattered.

'She's so fast… where is this power coming from' thought Gantenbaitee

Ino was just in his side vision… she had a hardened face, she pulled back her fist and readied a punch.

'I can't dodge' thought Gantenbaitee

Ino fist slammed into Gantenbaitee, he hit the ground and slid across the ground, Ino landed and popped her neck. The force of the impact shook the ground hard, causing yet other piece of debris to fall and land on the slab that crushed Hercule.

Ino looked around for the signs of the enemy… she saw a figure.

"I see… so you create a barrier of pressure at the end of your fist, it makes your punches more deadly" said Gantenbaitee, then Ino watched the shadow as it change "But little girl… there something you must know" The dust cleared and Gantenbaitee was in his release form "I wasn't fighting at my fullest"

Ino's eyes widened at what she say… the amount of power coming off of him was intense. Gantenbaitee pointed his fist forward and charged up his attack… the energy gathered fast.

"Dios Ruego Nos Perdon" said Gantenbaitee

A giant beam fired at Ino, Ino held up her hand and readied for it… she held strong.

"Mega Ton Shield" yelled Ino, generating a large pressure shield

The beam collided with Ino shield and like all attacks, kicked up dust. Gantenbaitee grinned at his work and looked forwards to seeing the stain he created with Ino's body. Then the dust cleared he was shocked to see… she was still standing… and barley a scratch on her.

"Was that it? Was that you best?" asked Ino, then grinned "I only had to use a Mega Ton Shield to block it"

Gantenbaitee stepped back in fear as Ino gripped her left fist, then charged at him… Gantenbaitee stepped back again and pushed agents the wall, once Ino got close he swung in fear. Ino brought her hand up and blocked it, then pressure around her fist became apparent, she pulled back her fist.

"Mega Ton Punch X100" said Ino

Ino slammed her fist into Gantenbaitee, the force of the punch shook the wall with great force… not only did parts of the wall fall to form a giant skull representing that Ino just turned Gantenbaitee's internal organs into pudding… but the 3 ton brick on Hercule bounced and crushed him again.

Ino pushed her fist into Gantenbaitee with extra force and pushed him thought the wall and out into the sun lit sand floored room… Ino stepped out and looked up to the see the fake sky. She looked back down at her opponent, she didn't bother wasting time checking on him, she had a feeling he wasnt long for this world, and she didn't have the medical skills to save him.

Ino started to take a few steps and look around, Gantenbaitee, who was clinging to his life opened his eyes… then they widened.

"R-Run" said Gantenbaitee "RUN KID"

Ino spun around and saw a very creepy Arrancar with an eye patch with a massive weird looking scythe, he just grinned at Ino.

"So… are you the first of them" said one eyed Arrancar

Ino got ready to fight… Ino charged head on.

'I'll finish him in one blow' thought Ino, pulling back her fist

"Mega Ton Punch X100" yelled Ino

"NO YOU FOOL, RUN" yelled Gantenbaitee

Ino's fist slammed into her mystery opponent, he doubled over at the punch… then he looked up with an evil smile.

"Is that the best you got?" asked the one eyed Arrancar

Ino stepped back in fear, then was cut with his blade. Ino looked down at the massive gash… one that would for sure leave a scar… Ino collapsed to the ground and struggled to stay up.

'No… I can't die here, I just can't… die… h-here' thought Ino, then collapsed full to the ground

The one eye Arrancar looked down at his her, he watched as she was clinging to her life… he turned as he heard footsteps.

"The hell do you want Tesla?" asked the one eyed Arrancar

"Lord Nnoitora" said Tesla looking down at Ino as she struggled. "you haven't killed her?"

"What would be the point… killing trash as weak as her, would mean nothing to me" said Nnoitora, then stood up "were leaving… let her die here"

The moment both Arrancar took there eyes of Ino, she sprang up and charged Nnoitora… she pulled back her left fist as she put the last of her energy into her attack.

'I have to… to… to take a lease one more down' thought Ino as she began to bleed profusely

"MEGA… TON… PUNCH… X 200" screamed Ino

Ino aimed for the back of Nnoitora's head, he turned to greet the attack with a smile… then Tesla jumped between them and blocked the attack with his sword. Ino's face fell and her eyes widened as the realization hit her like a 3 ton door crushing Hercule… her attack wouldn't have done shit.

Ino collapsed to the ground in defeat.

"Shall we Lord Nnoitora" said Telsa, then was greeted with a sharp blade to his throat

"Did I ask for your help?" asked Nnoitora

"But… if her attack landed" started Tesla

"It wouldn't matter… she's nothing, no one can break my body… I am the best" said Nnoitora, then left Ino to die.

== Rukia ===

Rukia was walking along a catwalk, she hasn't seen hide or tail of an enemy… Rukia looked up at the fake sun and cover shielded her eyes. Rukia flinched as she felt something evil behind her… she looked back and saw nothing.

"Hello" said a voice

Rukia looked forward and saw nothing, a figure flashed behind her.

"So good to see you again" said the figure

Rukia looked back to see the figure, then it walked past her

"It's not safe to talk here… everything the light touches… is Aizen's kingdom" said the figure

Rukia watched as it walked to a tower and opened a door.

"I sure as hell aint following you to that shadowy place" said Rukia

"you will… if you wish to save your wife" said the figure, then enter.

Rukia bite her lip and rocked her head… she followed him in, the door slammed shut and she jumped. Rukia put her hand down on her sword and let out a growl… she slowly started to pull her zanpakutō out.

"Where is Orihime?" said Rukia

The figure relaxed itself… it rubbed the back of its masked head.

"Rukia" said the figure, pulling off its mask "It's been to long"

Rukia's eyes slowly widened at what she saw… her jaw slowly dropped and she pointed.

"Kaien" said Rukia, then remembered that she killed him… she shook her head "Prove it… tell me something only Kaien would know"

"You want me to prove it" said Kaien?, who rubbed his chin, then snapped his finger "about 100 years ago, while you and me were taking a break from training… you excused your to go pee. I waited there for a few minutes and I got worried, so I went to check on you… well when I found you I saw you peeing standing up. I fainted and after 10 minutes you woke me up and explained it to me… I was the first man you ever told, you made me swear to not tell a soul… and I didn't. After that every time we saw a cute girl I asked if you found her hot… I was there to comfort you after my sister Kukaku turned you down"

Rukia's jaw dropped, then closed, then gasped open… she closed her mouth and tears started to swell.

"It is you" cried Rukia running up to hugged him, who hugged back.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, then they pulled away… Kaien grinned and rubbed Rukia's head.

"Rukia… I know how you can save your wife… Orihime" said Kaien

"W-What… how… tell me" said Rukia

Kaien just smiled and pat Rukia's head

"Cut of the heads of your friend" said Kaien, Rukia's eyes widened… she looked in his eyes, he was dead serious. "They'll never see it coming… just use that charm of yours and I'm sure they'll drool over you"

Kaien pat Rukia's head a few as she lower her head… then he heard her growl. Rukia pulled out her zanpakutō and slashed at him, cutting open his chest. Kaien quickly pulled his out to block her barrage of attack.

"Rukia, what are you doing I'm trying to help?!" said Kaien

"Shut up, the real Kaien would never say such a thing" said Rukia, then spun her zanpakuto around "Dance, Sode no Shirayuki"

Rukia swung her sword and shot out ice, Kaien was forced to jump back… the ice slammed into the wall behind him and started to crumble, Kaien jumped out of the way. Rukia took note of it… she let loose a growl as she turned to her opponent.

"The fuck is wrong with you… didn't Jushiro teach you anything" said Kaien

"I left the soul society shortly after my sister's death" said Rukia pointing her sword at Kaien "But that's not important… you are not Kaien"

"What are you talking about… I am me, look… look you need proof" said Kaien "Rage through the seas and heavens, Neji Bana"

Kaien swung his sword that was now a trident to the side. Rukia's eyes widened again… then she shook her head and held her sword tighter.

"You may have his memories… and his sword… but you are not Kaien" said Rukia "Kaien would never ask anyone to kill a comrade… unless they were suffering and where begging for it cause there would be no other way"

Rukia charged at the man she knows in not Kaien, he swung his trident at her and created a wave of water at her, Rukia swung her sword out and froze the water and cut thought it.

'this… this isn't right, she's not supposed to be this strong' thought the fake Kaien

Rukia flashed away and reappeared to the side, she swung her sword and cut his arm. The fake yelled and flashed back.

"The hell is wrong with you" yelled the fake Kaien

Rukia charged at him again and started to swing wildly, forcing the fake Kaien to defend himself. The two clashed over and over, they flashed away from each other and clashed again and again, sparks flew from the clashing metal… one spark hit Rukia in the eye, forcing her to close it.

The fake Kaien saw his chance, he swung his trident out to the side and swept kicked her, then with a quick spin he held it above her and slammed it down. He then pulled it up and held it upwards, he shook it and watched as Rukia bounced on it… with a sick and twisted grin he slammed her down to the ground and pointed his hand towards her.

"CERO" yelled the fake Kaien

Rukia quickly held up her sword and pointed it towards him, she managed to freeze the cero in mid blast, she the put her hand on the ground making slick like ice, then pushed herself away from harm. Rukia then quickly jumped up… she put her hand on her wound and used her ice, she froze the wound shut… and if that was anything like burning it shut… it hurt like hell.

The fake Kaien twirled his trident and pointed it at her… he just grinned

'She's gotten so much stronger than Kaien's memories subjected… she's at least a captain level' thought the fake Kaien, then licked his lips 'I want her… I want that power, I NEED THAT POWER'

The fake Kaien let out a laugh as he twirled his stolen zanpakutō around.

"Devour her, Glotoneria" said the fake Kaien

Rukia watched as the image of Kaien went thought an awful transformation… the lower part of his body looked like the ugly ass mutant offspring of Java the Hunt and Ursala the see witch. He let out a louder laugh and looked down at her

"I sure by now you know I aint you Kaien" said the fake Kaien

"Really? Wow I had nooooooooo idea" said Rukia dryly

"You see… we are Aaroniero… we eat hollows and gain there power" said Aaroniero "We ate Kaien while the hollow still infested his soul… when we ate him we gained his knowledge, his memories… his power" Aaroniero swung Kaien's sword to the side, then pointed at Rukia "But you see… now that we've eaten one soul reaper… we can consume any soul reaper and copy there power… and we want YOURS"

Aaroniero in a disgusting display used is tentacles to slither over at her, his size was immunize… Rukia watched as a large mouth in his stomach opened up and started make smacking noise, a large black tongue came out and licked his belly lips. His belly mouth then grinned showing his nasty yellow teeth rattled with cavities.

Before Rukia could act Aaroniero's tongue shot out and wrapped around her leg… then sucked her in before she could do anything. Aaroniero just snicker to himself, already making his plans on how he'd use new ice power.

Deep in Aaroniero gut Rukia was pushing agents his throat so she wouldn't fall into his stomach… Rukia held her sword close and closed her eyes.

"Ban-Kai" said Rukia, turning into an yuki-onna "Rukia no Shirayuki"

Rukia's hand became icy and frozen, her hands froze to his throat… Rukia just let her icy power spread. Aaroniero felt what Rukia was doing, he tried coughing to get her unlogged from his throat. He tried to change his form, but Rukia solid icy form made it impossible to do such a thing without ripping him in half.

Aaroniero's body started to icy over, his blood was turning into a slushy and his organs started to become brittle from the ice. Aaroniero then started to go nuts and throw a hissy fit in his last moments of life.


Aaroniero then stopped moving his body was drained of color… he started to turn white, pure white… Rukia's frigid blast from the inside, turned Aaroniero into ice and snow.

=== Las Noches ===

All over Las Noches Esapada notice that one of their brothers had died… some seemed slightly sadden by it, other thought he deserved it for approaching the former soul reaper.

=== Rukia ===

The icy statue that was once Aaroniero burst into an icy explosion and Rukia landed on her feet… she took a few steps forward and heard a laugh.

"So… that is how you defeated that Aaroniero freak" said a deep voice

Rukia still in her yuki-onna bankai form turned to see… Arrancar with black skin, pulling out his sword.

"If I wish to have any hope of winning… I must come at you with everything" said the arrancar by the name of Zommari, he turned his head sharply to the side, snapping his neck… then his sword started to bend and curve. "Quell, Brujeria"

Rukia watched as Zommari changed into release form… it was very… odd looking. Rukia tilted her head at the Arrancar, who just smiled.

"I see you are impressed with my form" said Zommari

"Not really… you look like a freak" said Rukia

Zommari face fell and he looked at Rukia

"That was just rude" said Zommari

"You're my enemy… you think I give a fuck if I hurt your feelings" said Rukia

Zommari narrowed his eyes, he watched as Rukia readied herself… then he watched as a copy flashed behind Rukia. His blade sank into her… and she burst into ice and snow, she wrapped around the clone and killed it like it was nothing.

"Sneak attack, fail" mocked Rukia… then tapped her "curiously… I do wish to know how you used the shadow clone jutsu"

"I don't know what this jutsu is you speak of, but I will tell you how I did it" said Zommari, in an instant 5 clones stepped by him "I am the fastest arrancar… I created a new form of Sonido… Gemelos Sonido. I move so fast… I create a clone"

Rukia looked around at them… all of the clones charged at her, Rukia went to defend herself… but couldn't move… her muscles were locked in place. Rukia looked down to see weird black markings all over her… she looked back up to see Zommari grinning.

"Did I forget to mention that I can control what eyes see… I have 50 eyes, so I can control you with ease" said Zommari

Rukia didn't react much to the treat, she just glanced around as the copies came at her… then burst into ice and snow, like how she killed the first, she twirled around them and killed them. Rukia then became whole, she used the ice from the dead Gemelos Sonido clones and the remains of Aaroneiro. Rukia then created a sphere around of razor sharp ice shards around Zommari. Zommari looked around at the icy shards the circled him, he just grinned.

"You think your plan will work… have you forgot I can control what my eyes see" said Zommari

"Really now?" came Rukia's voice outside the sphere, and opening appeared revealing Rukia "tell me" the shards circled faster "how do you plan to stop 100 million shards of ice"

Zommari looked around, he swallowed hard.

"M-Mercy?" asked Zommari

The sphere stopped… making Zommari feel less scare. The ice dropped to the ground in a harmlessly… Zommari looked down at the ice… then back up to Rukia and watched as she put a sucker in her mouth.

"Y-You… gave me mercy?" said Zommari

"the leaf village I live in… there all about forgiveness" said Rukia, turning her back to Zommari and started to walk away

Zommari just grinned as he pulled out a hidden sword… he took one step forward.

"Ungrateful fool" said Rukia

The ice under Zommari shot up, freezing everything but his head… he was frozen in a perfect out line. Rukia turned around, the look in her eyes where as cold as ice.

"I give you a chance to live… and that's how you planned to repay me?" said Rukia walking up

"M-Mercy?" said Zommari again

Rukia crushed her sucker in her mouth and walked up to Zommari… she tapped his face and smile.

"I won't kill you… but I sure as hell wont free you" said Rukia, she pointed her hand up and shot ice towards the ceiling… creating a large ice spike "you have 15 minutes to get free… or you die"

Zommari looked up then back down to see Rukia opening her kimono, and freeing her lower parts.

"What… what are you doing?" said Zommari

Rukia reached into her panties and pulled out her dick, she pointed it towards the lower part of the frozen Zommari.

"No… No no no no" said Zommari

Rukia tilted her head backwards and smiled as she let out a relaxing 'ahhhhh'

=== Hinata ===

Hinata was running thought the hallway as fast as she could, Nel was riding piggy back.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" echoed Zommari's voice thought out Las Noches

Hinata jumped at the cry and came to a stop, she quickly looked around for the source… she sniffed the air for a few moments. After 15 minutes of standing and sniffing, she heard a loud crash and the sound of tearing flesh… she sniffed the air again, but got nothing.

Hinata continued down the hall, she could feel a large energy coming up… she ran into the room connected to the hall way… and saw him, Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra was knelt down… holding Samara, Hinata pointed.

"Y-Your that girl… that girl that killed Slender Man" said Hinata

Samara looked over… then she let out a smile… black tentacles shot from her mouth, making Hinata scream in fear, which made Nel scream. Samara sucked them back in and let out a giggle.

"AHHHHHHHHHH" said Samara jumping with joy and pointing

"I see" said Ulquiorra, standing "well I'm sorry to say… I have to kill her"

Samara's face fell, tears swelled up in her big eyes… she grabbed her foster fathers robe.


"It is Lord Aizen's wish" said Ulquiorra, then pointed to the left "Now… go to your room"


"Samara… I said go to your room" said Ulquiorra

"AHHHH AHHHHHHHH" cried Samara, apparently trying to save Hinata live "AHHHH, AHHHHH AHHHH AHHHH AH AHHHH AHHHHHH AHH, AHHHHHHHH"

"NOW" yelled Ulquiorra

Samara flinched hard… she stepped away from her foster father in fear… he's never yelled at her, with a few sniffs, she turned away and ran… crying. With his daughter gone he looked over, he power practically oozed from him… he was on a whole other level then Grimmjow.

"You are here for the Orihime girl, no?" asked Ulquiorra

"give her back!" yelled Hinata

Ulquiorra turned towards Hinata… he took a step forward… the power radiated off of him. Hinata gripped her blade and got ready, as he stepped closer and closer. Nel started to shake and tremble in fear… she too could feel the power coming from him

Hinata looked down to see Nel was practical losing her mind just looking at him, Hinata looked back up to see Ulquiorra… taking his time walking over, as if enjoying tormenting Nel.

'that look in his eyes… he'd kill her in a heartbeat' thought Hinata

Hinata bite her finger and slammed it down to the ground.

"SUMMONING JUTSU" yelled Hinata

"Oh thank you, whom ever summoned me" came Links voice, the smoke quickly faded "Midna is in a pissy mood… oh hey Hinata"

"Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah… talk later" said Hinata putting Nel on his back "Take her back to the summon world"

"I can't… she didn't sign the contract" said Link

Hinata let out a frustrated scream, she looked up to see Ulquiorra feet away… Hinata just pointed.

"Just get her away from here" said Hinata

"Hai" said Link

Link ran down the hall Hinata just came from, Hinata watched as he did… the saw finger in her face.

"Die" said Ulquiorra, as his finger started to glow

"Roar, Zabimaru" yelled Hinata, bring her sword up

"Cero" said Ulquiorra

Hinata pushed her zanpakutō into the blast and split it down the middle, once he stopped his attack Hinata swung her sword at him… only to be blocked by his wrist.

"is that the extent of your power?" asked Ulquiorra, then flashed away

Hinata started to look all around, trying to find him… she twirled around and stepped back… she bumped into something. Hinata looked behind her to see a white hand in her face… her face fell.

"Cero" said Ulquiorra

Hinata took a point blank blast to the face… she was sent thought a wall and out into the sand. Ulquiorra walked to hole in the wall… he looked down to see Hinata was standing back up, miraculously she survived a point blank cero.

Hinata pulled Zangetsu off her back and went bankai, she put it in her mouth and grabbed Shiro Okami. She looked up at Ulquiorra and growled… her intimidating growl wasn't very effective. Hinata flew up towards Ulquiorra and used Santoryu to its fullest, Ulquiorra dodge every swing, slash and thrust Hinata attempted. Ulquiorra was putting Hinata to shame, from the look on his face… he wasn't even trying to fight Hinata, he was just fighting her.

Ulquiorra decided to end the fight, he fired other cero at Hinata and blasted her out of the room, across the desert floor… and into other building. Hinata just let out a gurgle of a cry as she dropped her swords… she pushed herself forward and slammed Tensa Zangetsu into the ground to prop her up.

"Your still alive?" said Ulquiorra

Hinata looked up, she coughed and spat up blood, after spitting it out she looked up again.

"I will… beat you" said Hinata "then… I will take Orihime home"

"what rank do you think I am?" asked Ulquiorra

Hinata looked up… she grit her teeth

"Your obviously #1" said Hinata

Ulquiorra just blink, he put his hand under his rode… and opened it, Hinata eyes dilated in fear… and she shook.

"your wrong" said Ulquiorra, showed his #4 tattoo "there are 3 above me… even then you'd still have to fight Beni, Gin, and then Aizen" Ulquiorra slammed his hand into Hinata's chest, just above her breast with lightning speed "you came here to save a friend… how foolish" Hinata looked down at her chest, her vision failed her quickly "you will die here… like the trash you are"

Ulquiorra quickly ripped his hand out and swung it to the side, flinging the blood to the side… then he flashed away. Hinata sat there in place… motionless… then she fell forward and the blood started to pool.

Moments later Link flashed into the room, he walked up to Hinata and sniffed her.

"is she dead?" asked Nel

Link went to answer… but his time ran out, Nel landed on her face next to Hinata… she looked up and around and shook in fear. She looked back over to see Hinata bankai dissipated… she looked around again.

"H-help… someone" cried Nel

=== Halibel's Domain ===

Grimmjow had just kicked down the door to Halibel's room, the only ones in there at the time were Orihime, Loly, Melony and Suu… Cirucci was there too… but she was still resting.

"give me the girl… I need her for something" said Grimmjow

Orihime shook slightly at wondering what he would want… Suu, Melony and Loly stepped forward and pulled out there zanpakuto's. Grimmjow just snickered… then laughed at the girls, he then went into his wild ass grin.

"you think you three can stop me?" said Grimmjow "Just give her to me… and I won't hurt you"

"Yeah right… how the hell can we trust you?" asked Loly

"You think I want that dark skinned bitch riding my ass if I harm you" asked Grimmjow, then rolled his eyes at the snickering from Loly and Melony "Oh grow the fuck up… I'm well aware of the sexual joke you can get out of that" Grimmjow grumbled and cocked his head "can I just borrow the damn girl"

Suu shook her head violently, strongly voicing her opinion in the matter.

"I wasn't asking the mutant pudding, I was asking the Arrancar girls" said Grimmjow

Suu cheek puffed up and ballooned out to massive size… she turned her head. Loly and Melony looked at each other… they looked back at Orihime.

"what do you think… you want to go with him?" asked Loly

"why do you want me" asked Orihime

Grimmjow put his hands in his pockets, then looked to the side.

"I want you… to revive Hinata" said Grimmjow, making everyone's eyes go wide "that asshole Ulquiorra robbed me of my kill… MY KILL, SHE WAS MY RIVAL WHEN I WAS ALIVE… I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS TO KILL HER"

Orihime stepped back, she shook her head.

"I refuse to help you" said Orihime "you just want to make her suffer"

"So what if I do… that fucking bitch killed me in the prime of my life and sent me to this fucking hell hole" said Grimmjow, then started to point and growl "SHE ROBBED ME OF WHAT WAS GOING TO BE MY DESTANY"

Grimmjow walked up, he pushed Loly and Melony out of the way, both hit the wall hard… then he obliterated Suu, who's many jelly pieces started to squirm back over to become whole. Grimmjow grabbed Orihime… and flashed away… dashing off towards Hinata.

Once Suu reformed she rushed over to check on Loly and Melony, both where ok.

"is everything alright?" said Halibel coming into the room

"Lady Halibel" said Loly, flinching from her sore back "Grimmjow… he"

"I know… he took Orihime" said Halibel, then walked over and help them up "come… lets go watch the fireworks"

The two looked at each other… then started to follow her along with the rest of the fracciones.

"what do you mean?" asked Loly

Halibel smiled under her cloak and mask.

"I informed Ulquiorra the moment I noticed Grimmjow in my area… he'll stomp the shit out of him" said Halibel

"but… why didn't you just come to do that" asked Melony

"why dirty my hands… the Ulquiorra is more than willing to take out the trash" said Halibel

=== Hinata ===

Hinata body still remained in the same place it was then Ulquiorra left her… Nel was still crying for someone to help. She reached out toward Hinata… and grabbed a leg… she slowly looked up to see Grimmjow.

"Let go" said Grimmjow

Nel quickly did as he said… she backed away from Grimmjow as he pushed Orihime towards Hinata.

"Heal her" said Grimmjow "this very well may be your only chance to escape"

Orihime stepped forward to Hinata… who manage to turn her head.

"Ori… hime" said Hinata

A large pressure hit the area, Orihime looked over as did Grimmjow… there stood Ulquiorra, standing above Nel. Nel quickly scrambled away from him… who seemed to be staring daggers at Grimmjow.

"what do you think you're doing" asked Ulquiorra

"Healing the prey that was promised to me" said Grimmjow

"you will not" said Ulquiorra "now give me the girl"

"no" said Grimmjow

"What?" said Ulquiorra

"What's wrong?" said Grimmjow charging at Ulquiorra "you sure are chatty today" Ulquiorra stopped his fist with the back of his hand… Grimmjow just grinned and cackled. "I know you're afraid to fight me… you're afraid we'll kill each other"

Grimmjow fired Cero point blank at Ulquiorra, who hit it away like it was nothing to him, Grimmjow just laughed again.

"you deflected it… but I knew one strike wouldn't be enough" said Grimmjow, then noticed Ulquiorra was gone, he looked up to see him charging a cero.

Grimmjow then shot his hand upwards and charged his own… they exploded violently. Ulquiorra was thrown skyward from the blast… Grimmjow flashed behind him and snaked his arm around him and pushed a small crystal into his hole… a large opened appeared and sucked him in.

"You bastard" said Ulquiorra as it closed on him

Grimmjow landed back down near the group… he looked over at Orihime. Orihime already knew what he did… Halibel showed her once… she used it on Chizuru, who Orihime learned was her niece. Chizuru tried to force her selves on Orihime, Halibel caught her just in time, she punished her for 5 hours… in a pocket diminution, where it was dark, quiet… and full of naked men, it was her own personal hell.

Grimmjow walked up to Orihime and stood in front of her… then pointed down at Hinata.

"Heal her" said Grimmjow

"No" said Orihime

Grimmjow's hand shot out and grabbed her by her neck, he lifted her up

"I wasn't asking" said Grimmjow giving her a shake. "I WAS ORDERING, HEAL HER OR I'LL GO SNAP YOUR LOVER NECK" Grimmjow then grinned evilly "then… I'll go murder that little girl of yours"

Orihime's eyes widened in fear, she started to cry… then a hand grabbed Grimmjow's… it was Hinata's. Grimmjow just grinned as he felt Hinata tighten her grip.

"Put her down" said Hinata

"Why?" asked Grimmjow

"Cause… she's gonna heal me" said Hinata

Grimmjow smiled and sat her down… Orihime stepped over to Hinata as she let go of Grimmjow. Orihime summoned her chakra and started to heal Hinata, Hinata looked over to see Grimmjows burnt arm.

"Heal him to" said Hinata

"I don't need your pity" said Grimmjow

"It ain't pity you douche bag… I just want this to be a fair fight, or do you want an excuse to why I kicked your ass" said Hinata

Grimmjow's face twisted in anger… then grinned.

"Fine… Heal me too" said Grimmjow "then we can have a nice clean murder"

Orihime paused for a few moments, then nodded her head… after she finished healing Hinata wounds, she moved over to heal Grimmjow. Seeing that Grimmjow only had a burnt arm, his heal time didn't take long… after Orihime finished Grimmjow flexed his arm.

Hinata pointed out towards the dessert floor

"we fight over there" said Hinata, flashing far away from Orihime and Nel.

Grimmjow flashed over, he landed 50 feet away from her, their eyes meet. Hinata and Grimmjow… both stared at each other with malice, both put their hands on their swords… then pulled them out.

"BAN-KAI" yelled Hinata "Shiro Ōkami no Tsume"

"Grind" said Grimmjow, holding his blade "Pantera"

Hinata watched as Grimmjow used his resurreccion, he hunched over much like Hinata in her hollow armor or Naru using Ai's chakra. The two charged at each other, the swung there arms at each other, the both connected and let out a large audio crack.

The two narrowed their eyes at each, then there arms became like a blur as they attempted to claw each other. The two clawed each other, ripping into each other flesh… either backing down. Hinata growled as she wasn't getting anywhere with this fight, Grimmjow just wouldn't drop… not even to his knee.

Hinata swung at Grimmjow arm, hoping to take it off and cripple him. Grimmjow just grinned as he stepped out of the way, then sucker punched Hinata. Hinata stumbled to the left, she let out a growl and attempted to strike again, only to get the same result.

Grimmjow jumped back and dodge another strike, he then back flipped and kicked Hinata in the gut, sending her flying into a pillar. Hinata pulled herself from the destroyed pillar… she looked down to see Grimmjow just grinning.

Hinata then she heard a word she never wanted to hear, epically in this fight.

"Sharingan" said Grimmjow his Sharingan blazing

Hinata growled… so much for trying jutsu, he'd just throw it back at her… what a drag. Hinata moved her hand to her face and summoned her hollow armor, her 7 tails whipped around and slammed into the pillar.

Hinata let out a fierce howl, one the shook Las Noches violently. Grimmjow just grinned and flew towards Hinata, not knowing the danger. Hinata tilted her head back and started to form a giant orb at the front of her mouth… she pointed her head down at Grimmjow and fired a massive Cero at him. Grimmjow put his arms up to shield himself from the blast… the blast force Grimmjow back and away from Hinata.

Hinata narrowed her hollowfyed eye under her mask… she pushed herself from pillar and went in the direction Grimmjow was sent flying. Hinata was soon greeted by Grimmjow who had a few mild burns… but nothing serious. The two clashed and clashed, sending sparks in every direction… they pushed off from each other just for a moment to caught their breath… then they charged again.

The two slammed into each again and again, blood dripped from there claws… they pushed away from each again, Grimmjow extended his hand as Hinata pointed her face forward.

"CERO" yelled Hinata

"Gran Rey Cero" yelled Grimmjow

The two cero's clashed and enter into a struggle.

=== Halibel ===

Halibel, her fracciones… and Suu, all looked in the direction of Hinata and Grimmjow's fight. The atmosphere around Hinata and Grimmjow's battle ground started to become distorted.

"a Gran Rey Cero? Doesn't that fool know that he could make the canopy collapse" said Mila Rose

"What's wrong… you scared" said Apache

"Bitch please, I can hear your knee knocking from here" Said Mila Rose


Everyone, but Halibel jumped at the sound.

"That fool… he getting carried away" said Yukine

"It's ok to be scared" said Halibel

Her fracciones looked over at her

"it's primordial fear… relish it" said Halibel

It was quiet for a moment… then someone spoke up

"Master Halibel… are you… afraid?" asked Loly

The other looked over at Loly when she asked such a question, some anger that she would even suggest such a thing.

"I am" said Halibel

Now everyone was looked over at Halibel in shock, before anyone could talk she spoke

"that girl… she would be far too powerful for me to handle" said Halibel "I believe… she will win the war"

=== Hinata and Grimmjow ===

Both Hinata and Grimmjow both had massive scar all over them… Hinata jacket was ripped all to hell and blood gushed from her wounds. Grimmjow panted, his eyes burned from the over use of them… he closed his eyes, and when they opened they were normal.

Hinata felt a pulse hit her… she tilted her head back and screamed as a new tail bubbled and exploded out of her tail bone… now giving her 8 tails. Hinata growled and bared her fangs. Grimmjow just grinned and chuckled.

"even now… in the heat of battle… you manage to get stronger than me" said Grimmjow

Hinata didn't say anything, she just growled at Grimmjow. Grimmjow flew towards the sky, Hinata just looked up and watched him.

"Get ready… this fight ends now… get ready to see my ultimate technique" yelled Grimmjow, energy bursting from his claws. "Desgarron"

Grimmjow swung his hands at Hinata, throwing the 10 massive energies at Hinata. Hinata brought up her gauntlets to block the massive strikes… the pushed her across the sand.

"I AM THE ULTIMATE, I AM KING" yelled Grimmjow

"GRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHH" roared Hinata, swinging her arms and destroying the attack.

Hinata then held her gauntlet up, energy radiated on the claws.

"Ōkami joō no tsume" yelled Hinata, throwing a mimicked version of the attack at Grimmjow

"IMPOSSIBLE" yelled Grimmjow putting up his hands

The attack clashed into Grimmjow and damaged his arms, the smoke cleared and Grimmjow was still standing. Grimmjow slowly lower himself to the ground… and started to pant, Hinata was also at that limit

Both took a step forward, the charged at each other… both extended their hands and they got closer. They both stopped just in front of each other, there arms pulled back as far as they could go… then they both struck.

Both Hinata and Grimmjow where impaled by each other's hands… they both pulled their hands out of each other chest… and just stared. Hinata's eye became heavy… she fell to the ground, he armor shattered. Grimmjow let out a victory cry as he pumped his hands in the air.

"I did it… I did it, I killed Hinata…. HA HA HA HA HA" laughed Grimmjow, then his eyes grew heavy "I… did… it"

Grimmjow collapsed to the ground… his eyes closed, and he was still. After a few minutes Hinata opened one of her eyes and looked around… she saw Grimmjow wasn't moving. Hinata stood up and popped her neck… she looked down at Grimmjow… and prayed for him… again.

Hinata flashed over to Orihime and Nel, Hinata grabbed Orihime and lifted her up… then she grabbed Nel with her free hand. Hinata flashed away… but she was low on chakra, so she landed roughly on the dessert.

"D-Damn it" said Hinata, then set the two down, she looked over at Orihime. "Orihime… can you heal me?"

Orihime had a fearful look on her face… Hinata looked behind her… to see Grimmjow standing.

"Grimmjow" said Hinata, putting her arm… blocking him from Orihime

Grimmjow slowly stepped forward… he slowly reverted back to his normal form.

"I… I will kill… kill you" said Grimmjow, then charged as he held his sword.

Hinata threw her hands out… flinging her gauntlets from her hand, she grabbed Grimmjow's arm.

"Knock it off… you lost, why can't you except that. What's the point of killing me… wouldn't it be more satisfying to fight me over and over again" said Hinata "so… just let go for now"


Suddenly a large scythe like weapon came from now where and slammed into Grimmjow neck… rolling him across the dessert. Hinata looked over to see who attack… her eyes meet with Nnitora's.

"There he's dead" said Nnitora, then grinned "Now how about you fight me"

Grimmjow looked over… he growled.

"Nnoitora… you bastard" said Grimmjow

"Your still alive" said Nnoitora

Nnoitora rushed over, he held his sword high and swung it down.

"BAN-KAI" yelled Hinata "Tensa Zangetsu"

Hinata barley blocked the attack… her legs started to give.

"What are you" started Nnoitora

"What am I doing" said Hinata "why are you attacking someone who can't even move?"

Nnoitora grinned, with a might swing he launched Hinata away… he then looked over at Grimmjow and laughed.

"How fucking pitiful… the one who beat you, is trying to save you" said Nnoitora, then looked over at Hinata "I'll kill you first… that way I won't have to listen to your bitching"

Nnoitora swung massive blade at Hinata, Hinata went to block it… and was pushed across the sand.

'this aint good… he's a lot strong then he looks' thought Hinata

Hinata deflected his blade… but she had to use it to block again.

'damn it… he so fast' thought Hinata

"HINATA" yelled Orihime

"TESLA" yelled Nnoitora

Telsa appeared from nowhere and grabbed Orihime, Hinata looked over.

"ORIHIME" yelled Hinata

"WHERE ARE YOU LOOKING" yelled Nnoitora

Hinata looked back at Nnoitora

"LET HER GO" yelled Hinata

"HA, you think you'll beat me if she is free" said Nnoitora with a grin "Let me show you something"

Nnoitora stuck out his tongue… and flashed the #5 tattoo on his tongue. Hinata's eyes widened in fear… she swallowed hard.

"I saw your fight with Grimmjow, I saw how you barley beat him" said Nnoitora "you know what that means… it means your fucked"

"SHUT UP" yelled Hinata, charging at Nnoitora and swing her blade

The blade made contact with Nnoitora, and did nothing. Nnoitora grabbed Hinata's shirt, then head butted her hard, he sent her slamming into a boulder. Orihime struggled to break free, but Tesla held tight.

"don't think so" said Tesla, then looked around "where is that little girl?"

Telsa hear an eep, he looked over to see a large stone slab… he just looked at it and it exploded. Nel was sent rolling across the sand, she rolled until she hit something… making her stop. Nel looked up… and froze in fear… Nnoitora looked down at her.

"GET AWAY FROM NEL" screamed Hinata charging.

Nnoitora shot his hand out, he smacked Hinata in the face with his palm and sent her backwards.

"So… my suspicions where correct… you are Nel" said Nnoitora

"How do you know Nel?" asked Nel

Nnoitora seemed to grin evilly… he looked over.

"She never told you?" said Nnoitora

"Tell me what? I already know she's a Arrancar created by Aizen" said Hinata

"Yes… but that thing is… she was an Espada, she was the former Tres Espada" said Nnoitora "Her full name is Nelliel Tu Odelschwank"

"No… Stop telling lies about Nel" said Nel

"I am speaking the truth" said Nnoitora

"No… you lie, Nel was never an Espada" said Nel

"you poor brain dead little bitch" said Nnoitora, raising his foot and grinned evilly "Let me end your suffering"

Nnoitora went to stomp on Nel, but Hinata flashed in front of Nel and knocked his foot away.

"Don't touch my little sister" said Hinata

Nnoitora laughed at what he saw, he spun around and kicked Hinata in the neck and sent her flying. Nnoitora reached down and grabbed Nel by her skull and shook her around.

"I shouldn't be surprised that you'd forget… I mean" said Nnoitora, then his face darkend "I did spilt your skull open"

Hinata pushed herself up, she coughed up blood… she looked up at Nnoitora with hate.

"Your… You're the one that split her skull, gave her that scar?" asked Hinata

Nnoitora just laughed and nodded his head.

"YOU BASTARD" yelled Hinata

Hinata charged at Nnoitora, she swung her sword and it slide across his chest… not a mark on him. Nnoitora pulled his foot back and kicked Hinata in the kick, Hinata flew upwards… then fell 30 feet away.

"Your so annoying" said Nnoitora, then looked down at Nel "Just like this bitch was"

Hinata pushed herself up, she pushed thought the pain.

"Put her down" said Hinata weakly

"That's why I split her skull and threw her out into the dessert… she annoyed me" said Nnoitora "She got to the soul society by pure luck that Aizen opened a garganta nearby"

"I SAID PUT HER DOWN" screamed Hinata, charging at Nnoitora

Hinata ran up to Nnoitora fast, she readied her blade… Nnoitora move Nel in the path. Hinata froze… she didn't dare risk harming Nel. Nnoitora countered with lightning speed, he swung his blade down at Hinata and pinned her. Nnoitora then threw Nel harshly to the side.

Nnoitora walked up to see Hinata trying to get up… he shook his head, then grinned evilly as he started to kick her. Nnoitora stomped on her head… he kicked her ribs and cracked them, he stomped on her arms and snapped them like twigs.

Nel pushed herself up… she looked over as her sister was getting beat to dead, Nel cryed out Hinata's name.

"Some hero you are… you can't even defend a little girl" taunted Nnoitora "Hero… ha, wanna know how I spell Hero?" Nnoitora brought up his foot "Z" he stomped on her stomach "E" he stomped on her face "R" he stomped on her arms "O" he prepared to stomp on her neck

"HINATAAAAAAAA" screamed Nel


Nnoitora looked over in the direction that Nel was in… and saw something he never thought he'd see. Nel… was back in her original form, back to Nelliel. She flashed away… Nnoitora felt her behind him, he looked back to see a she had flashed away… with Hinata. Nnoitora looked over at Nelliel, he let out a growl as he narrowed his eyes.

"You bitch" said Nnoitora

"hmmmm-mmmmm-mmmmm-mmmmm" screamed Hinata, being suffocated by her large breast

Nelliel looked down and noticed what she was doing… she pulled Hinata out of her breast. Hinata took a deep breath in, then started to cough. Nelliel placed Hinata down on the sand… she slowly stood and looked over at Nnoitora.

"Nnoitora… you wild beast… I will make you suffer for harming my sister" said Nelliel

"Nelliel… you can't… can't be serious" said Hinata, flinching hard from pain "he's too strong"

Nelliel smiled and fully turned to Nnoitora

"Don't worry" said Nelliel, wind blew and blew the back of her shirt up, showing a #3 tattoo that sure as hell wasn't there before "I'll end this quickly"

Nelliel charged straight at Nnoitora, she reached down and pulled out her sword… that magically appear then she returned to normal. She slashed at Nnoitora, cutting a nice gash on his chest.

"What?" said Nnoitora looking at his wound "YOU BITCH"

Nnoitora went to strike, but his blade was deflected by Nelliel. Nelliel used the momentum from the strike to spin around and kick Nnoitora. Nnoitora skipped across the ground hard, he quickly corrected himself and landed on his feet… he stuck out his tongue.

"ZEYRO" said Nnoitora

Nnoitora fired a massive Cero at Nelliel, who stood her ground… she shot out her hand and stopped the blast dead in her hand. Nelliel then inhaled sharply… the cero was sucked into her mouth, she seemed to grin at Nnoitora… as if she had a plan

Nelliel's stomach gurgled… she let out a large burp, an fired a massive cero… on twice the size of Nnoitora's. Nnoitora didn't have time to react, he took the blast full on.


Sand went flying to the highest points of Las Noches.

"MASTER NNOITORA" yelled Tesla, pushing Orihime to the side.

Tesla ran towards his master, with Orihime free she rushed over to help Hinata.


Tesla was sent backward and hit the ground behind Hinata and Orihime, Nelliel already knew what happened.

"Who told you to let go of the damn girl" said Nnoitora

"Sorry… Master" said Tesla

Nelliel charged at Nnoitora, the two of them clashed again and again. Neither one was going to back down, the two swung there blade… both stopped short of cutting each other heads.

"Why did you stop?" asked Nnoitora

"Why did you stop?" asked Nelliel

Nnoitora growled.

"I stopped… because you stopped" said Nnoitora

Nelliel jumped back and just grinned.

"your so annoying" said Nnoitora

Hinata pushed herself up… she needed to help Nelliel.

"Hinata wait… your still hurt" said Orihime

"I don't care… I have to help her" said Hinata

Hinata was just about to stand, then got kicked in the neck by Tesla. Orihime ran to help Hinata, but Tesla grabbed her by her throat.

"I can't allow you to interfere with Master fight" said Tesla, turning to the fight

Nelliel and Nnoitora clashed again, Nelliel jumped up and kicked Nnoitora arm, sending him backwards. Nelliel was panting, while Nnoitora didn't seem to be affected very much.

"I didn't want use this so soon… but I don't have a choice" said Nelliel, holding up her blade "Praise, Gamuza"

Nelliel went into her resurrection, Nnoitora panicked

"Oh… Shit" said Nnoitora as he looked at Nelliel … in her centaur form.

Nelliel twirled her double speared lance around, she then stopped and pulled back her arm.

"Lanzador Verde" said Nelliel, throwing the lance.

The lance shot across the battle field and hit Nnoitora in the left shoulder… it sent him flying backwards, he came to a stopped thanks to a piece of pillar. Nelliel slowly approached Nnoitora… almost in a teasing manner, she stopped in front of him and grabbed her lance.

Nel ripped her lance out of Nnoitora's shoulder, getting him scream in pain. Nelliel readied herself to attack, she stopped then she saw the look on Nnoitora face… he was smiling.

"Why do you smile" asked Nelliel

"I smile… because I know you won't kill me" said Nnoitora

Nelliel narrowed her eyes, then smirked.

"The old me would have spared you… but I ain't who I use to be" said Nelliel, pulling back "Nnoitora… today you will die"

Nelliel went for the kill.


Nelliel reverted back to her young form… back to Nel. Nel landed on the sand… she pushed herself up and looked around.

"w-what… h-how did I" started Nel


Nnoitora stomped on Nel's head, smashing it into the ground, he then swung his leg out and kicked her in the gut… she flew and hit a piece of pillar… 300 feet away. Nel hit the gound hard after that… she struggled to pushes herself up, then collapsed.

"NEL" screamed Hinata

Hinata rushed over to help Nel… but Nnoitora stopped her by slamming her head into the sand.

"she was your last hope… you are fucked" said Nnoitora, then he looked up "Tesla… finish this bitch off"

Nnoitora stood up and flashed over, putting his hand on Orihime. Tesla stepped forward.

"Yes sir" said Tesla walking up to Hinata, then he pulled out his zanpakutō "Gore them, Verruga"

Hinata tried to push herself up, but she felt something on her leg… she looked back to see Tesla's monstrous warthog form. Tesla put pressure on Hinata leg… snapping the bones even more. Hinata let out a scream… Tesla stopped on Hinata's legs over and over again.

He stepped off of Hinata and picked her up by her head… he then used his pinky and snapped Hinata arm. Hinata let out other scream, Tesla pulled back his arm… and there the wind up, then the pitch… and he threw Hinata straight up.

Hinata flew to the ceiling and slammed into it, Hinata's mouth flew open from the pain. She fell from the ceiling and hit the ground with a thud. Hinata tried to push herself up, but couldn't… she looked up to see a fist coming at her.

"You sad, sad excuse for a fighter" came a voice

Hinata looked up to see Kenpachi standing over her… using his sword to hold back the fist. Hinata's eyes flicked over and there stood Fluttershy… also holding back the fist. Nnoitora pushed Orihime to the side, he rammed his hand into the sand… and had a small trail of reishi rush to Kenpachi and Fluttershy, his eyes widened.

"who are you two?" asked Tesla, pulling back his fist

Kenpachi and Fluttershy looked up at Tesla… and said nothing.

"you don't feel the need to answer me? THEN DIE" said Tesla, going to punch

"YOU FUCKING FOOL" yelled Nnotiora

Poor Tesla didn't stand a chance… Kenpachi and Fluttershy sliced, diced and gutted him within seconds. His limps feel to the ground in a bloody heap… Fluttershy and Kenpachi looked back at Nnoitora, then at each other.

"HE'S MY PREY" yelled Kenpachi and Fluttershy at the same time, they looked at each other, then pointed to themselves "NO, HE'S MINE"

Fluttershy and Kenpachi grinned… they knew just how to solve this problem.

"PAPER" said Fluttershy, balling up her hand

"ROCK" said Kenpachi, balling up his hand.

"SCISSORS" said both Fluttershy and Kenpachi at the same time

"SHOOT" yelled both Fluttershy and Kenpachi at the same time

Fluttershy choose paper… and Kenpachi choose rock.

"DAMN IT" yelled Kenpachi fuming that he lost "IN WHAT FUCKING UNIVERSE DOSE PAPER BEAT ROCK

Fluttershy pumped her hands up in victory… but it didn't last long, as Discord came flying in out of nowhere and lifted Fluttershy high into the air. Kenpachi looked over at Nnoitora, and grinned.

"I don't really know what happened" said Kenpachi, pulling out his sword "but I don't really care, I get to fight you"

"But… what about Fluttershy" said Hinata

Kenpachi looked down at Hinata, then kicked her out of the way… landing her on Grimmjow.

"Gaaaaah… my ribs" cried Grimmjow, then pushed Hinata off him

Hinata who was woozy from the kick manage to shoot her head up.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR YOU JACKASS" said Hinata, then got kicked in the face by Yachiru

"Kenny was just getting you out of the way, he's gonna kill Mantis" said Yachiru

Nnoitora blinked a few time, then pointed to himself… getting a nodded from Yachiru. Nnoitora looked over at Kenpachi, then grinned.

"Really, you? Kill me? HA" laughed Nnoitora

Kenpachi just gave a gesture, then flashed back a ways, to avoid harming the others. Nnoitora looked over at Hinata and Grimmjow, they weren't going to be fun… he looked over at Yachiru.

"You even try… and I'll fucking kill you" said Kenpachi, gesturing again "Now come on… FIGHT ME, FIGHT ME YOU FUCKING PUSSY"

Nnoitora let out a scream and charged, he swung his sword up and quickly brought it down… only for Kenpachi to block it with ease. The both pushed there sword agents each other… then Kenpachi pushed Nnoitora away, both grinning.

=== Orihime ===

Orihime rushed over to heal Hinata, but Hinata shook her head and pointed over to Nel.

"heal her first… Nel first" said Hinata "then us"

Grimmjow looked over at Hinata as Orihime pulled away and rushed over to Nel.

"I told you… I don't want your fucking pity" growled Grimmjow

"Yeah… but I know you want a rematch, so if you die here today… you'll never get it" said Hinata

Grimmjow growled in annoyance and turned away

"Besides… I too" started Hinata, getting Grimmjow to look back over, he was meet with a grin "would enjoy that rematch"

Grimmjow just blinked, he sneered for a moment… then smirked, then laughed. Hinata joined in the laughter… laughing with her new best friend.

"Heh… Brain Dead Mutt" said Grimmjow

"Heh… Red Eyed Fagot" said Hinata

=== Kenpachi ===

Kenpachi swung his sword and connected with Nnoitora, his blade just slide across his body. Kenpachi jumped back to dodge Nnoitora's strike, Nnoitora let out a laugh.

"HA, not even a captain can cut me… your all fucking pathetic" laughed Nnoitora "NO MERE SWORD CAN CUT ME"

Kenpachi rushed him again and the two clashed, sending out a wave of energy with each clash. Nnoitora jumped back and twirled his sword by its chain, then threw it down. Nnoitora's blade missed Kenpachi… Kenpachi reached up and grabbed the chain, then jerked it down.

Nnoitora, who was too damn stubborn to let go of his sword, he was pulled down towards Kenpachi. Kenpachi then slammed his hand into his face and pushed him down, he then went to stab his left eye. Nnoitora quickly grabbed his arm and pushed away, he swung his head to the right to dodge the blade, then pushed away from Kenpachi as far as he could.

Kenpachi looked over at him, then grinned.

"You dodged it" said Kenpachi "that means… you're afraid"

Nnoitora didn't respond

"you said 'no mere sword can cut you'… so why did you dodge" said Kenpachi, his grinned grew "I think… your hiding a weak spot behind that eye patch"

Nnoitora scoffed, then jumped high into the air, sword held high.

"You're a full, its only instinct to dodge" said Nnoitora "your sword is useless agents me, that's all there is to it"

Nnoitora slammed his sword down at Kenpachi, sand flew high into the sky.

"there are people like you… in the soul society… they said I'd never cut them" said Kenpachi, his hand shot out and grabbed Nnoitora sword.

Kenpachi grinned as the sand settled, he held Nnoitora's blade tight.

"But I've never meet anyone who's eyes or throats can stand up to steel" said Kenpachi, thrusting his sword forward

Kenpachi's sword hit Nnoitora's eye patch… and went thought with ease, Kenpachi's blade went all the way thought Nnoitora skull.

"pathetic… Kagura didn't even get a change to have fun" said Kenpachi

Nnoitora looked down at Kenpachi, shocking him.

"havnt you heard a single word I've said?" said Nnoitora "YOU CAN NOT CUT ME"

Nnoitora pulled back his hand and rammed it into his chest, Kenpachi stumbled back. Nnoitora grabbed his blade and slowly pulled it from his eye patch.

"I know what you're thinking… how did he do that? How is he still alive after taking a sword thought the skull?" said Nnoitora, he guided kenpachi's sword to his eye patch, then let it rip off… showing his hollow hole. "well… here's your answer"

Nnoitora let go of Nnoitora's sword, then pointed to his hole.

"you didn't hit me… your blade past right thought" said Nnoitora "Do you understand… you can't win… you've lost"

Kenpachi grinned

"Why are you laughing" growled Nnoitora kicking at him

Kenpachi grabbed his foot with ease… he still snickered.

"Sorry buddy… I just can't help it, I'm so happy" said Kenpachi

"you're… happy?" said Nnoitora

"Yeah… where's the fun in cutting you if, on top of everything, you won't die" said Kenpachi with a grin "Now I know… if I cut you enough… you'll die. That's all I needed to know." Kenpachi let loose one of his thunderous laugh "I'M GONNA ENJOY CUTTING YOU"

"how many times must I repeat myself" said Nnoitora "YOU CANT CUT ME"

Kenpachi held his sword high… grinning has he readied to draw blood.

"SLASH, KAGURA" yelled Kenpachi, his blade growing to 6 feet

Kenpachi started to clash with Nnoitora over and over again, pushing Nnoitora back, Kenpachi hit his sword hard and made an opening, he went for it. Kenpachi's blade nicked Nnoitora… and drew blood. Nnoitora's eyes widened… he jumped back and looked at his cut.

Kenpachi looked at his sword, he tested a few swing in the air, he swung his sword to the side… the pressure caused sand to fly up. He looked over at Nnoitora, then used his finger to gesture.

"C'mon… one more time, let's go" said Kenpachi

Nnoitora's eyes widend, he let growl.

"NOT GET COCKY JUST BECAUSE YOU CUT ME ONCE" yelled Nnoitora charging head on.

There blades clashed again… and Kenpachi's blade started to cut thought his. Nnoitora's eyes widend theen he notice… and by doing so, he took his eyes off Kenpachi.

"WHERE ARE YOU LOOKING" yelled Kenpachi, ripping his sword thought Nnoitora sword, breaking it, and cutting his face

Nnoitora held his face slightly as it bleed, he flinched at how it stung.

"so… 15% of my power is what I need to cut you" said Kenpachi swing is sword to the side aging

'15%... he's only using 15% of his power' thought Nnoitora, the growl

"DON'T MOCK ME" yelled Nnoitora, then ducked out of the way from a thrust.

Nnoitora responded by swing his blade at Kenpachi, only for him to cut it even more… and cut his chest, this time it was deeper.

"30%" said Kenpachi as Nnoitora stumbled backwards

"SHUT UP YOU BASTARD" yelled Nnoitora, then he stuck out his tongue "ZEYRO"

Kenpachi just grinned as the blast go closer, he swung out his hand and grabbed the blast, then knocked it off course. Nnoitora's eye twitched, his face fell, he couldn't believe what he just saw. Nnoitora's face twisted into anger as he saw Kenpachi smile.

"I SAID" yelled Nnoitora, then charged. "DON'T MOCK ME"

Nnoitora swung his hand at Kenpachi… and ripped off his eye patch. Nnoitora froze in fear then Kenpachi's reishi hit him. Kenpachi swung his sword… an slicing across Nnoitora entire body, blood splattered from Nnoitora… who jumped back away from Kenpachi… that fact that he was alive was nothing short of a miracle.

Nnoitora huffed and panted from the pain… he watched as Kenpachi just stood there… he reached up and touched right eye.

"huh… you fucking idiot" said Kenpachi "I can't control by strength when my eye patch is off… I'm constantly stuck at 50%"

Nnoitora huffed and panted as he tighten his grip on his sword.

"Just… what is… your… eye patch" said Nnoitora

"it's a seal… I use it to drain my contain my immense spiritual pressure" said Kenpachi

"w-what? Why… why would you do that?" asked Nnoiotora

Kenpachi grinned his grin.

"to make my fight last longer" said Kenpachi with a grin "you are 4th person to have survived a strike from my sword without my eye patch"

Nnoitora huffed more as he still hasn't caugh his breath.

"may I ask… who were the other 3?" asked Nnoitora

"the 3rd was Bardock… the captain who came here to Las Noches" said Kenpachi, he then pointed back to Hinata, who was getting heal alongside Grimmjow "Hinata Inuzuka over there was the 2nd"

Nnoitora stood full, as he now caught his breath.

"and the first?" asked Nnoitora

"the first… is the one I admire most" said Kenpachi

=== Ino ===

Ino still lay in the sand… she was barley clinging to her life, the Arrancar she fought, Gantenbainne… had died of internal bleeding a long time ago. The Exequia squad was standing over her… blade drawn, ready to kill her.

"I must ask you to stop" came a voice

The Exequia leader looked back… to see Unohana, smiling at him. Standing behind her was her two foster daughters… Isane and Kiyone, each one was holding one of her swords

'Yachiru Unohana Retsu'

"and if I don't?" asked the Exequia leader

"Kiyone" said Unohana

Kiyone tossed Unohana her blade, her hair came undone… her scar was visible… her eyes become blood thirsty.

"I'll kill you and use your carcass as plant mulch for my herb garden" said Unohana darkly as she drew her blade

The Exequia leader blinked a few time, then put his sword away.

"very well… this time I will hold my blade back" said the Exequia leader, then flashed away with his men

Unohana handed her blade back to Kiyone, then knelt down and began healing Ino.

=== Kenpachi ===

"the top two who wounded you… where female" said Nnoitora in disgust.

"so what if they were" said Kenpachi

Nnoitora scoffed and pointed at Kenpachi

"You let a women cut you up… are you that fucking pathetic of a warrior" said Nnoitora

"if I'm a pathetic warrior for letting a girl cut me up… what does that make you?" said Kenpachi with a grin

Nnoitora eye twitched… her grit his teeth to the point they almost broke. Nnoitora swung his sword up, his eyes dailated in anger.

"PRAY, SANTA TERESA" yelled Nnoitora

Smoke filled the battle field, Kenpachi held up his blade and looked around carfully, then he saw the large silhouette of Nnoitora's resurreccion form. Nnoitora's form gave him 4 arms, each holding a large scythe like blade, he had two scythe like horn in the side of his head… and what was worse, all of his wounds were gone.

Kenpachi just blinked as he quickly looked it up and down… then looked straight ahead.

"Well… what's it like, to see an Espada's release for the first time?" asked Nnoitora

Kenpachi didn't say anything, he just looked at him.

"say something… Soul Reaper" said Nnoitora

Kenpachi grinned wildly.

"heh… heh heh… HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" laughed Kenpachi, the pointed his blade "Kagura is getting sharper thanks to your spiritual pressure"

Nniotora twitched in anger… he closed his eyes as his rage boiled, he threw his arms to the side.


Kenpachi charged at Nnoitora, he swung his sword down… only to be block

"Huh?" said Kenpachi

"Is that all?" asked Nnoitora, then he slashed Kenpachi "what a weak swing"

Kenpachi flew thought the air and hit the ground… blood pour from his bleeding chest. He wasn't moving… Hinata's jaw dropped… she couldn't believe it.

"Kenny" said Yachiru

Nnoitora looked up from Kenpachi… and locked his sights on Yachiru, then back down to Kenpachi.

"not even a twitch" said Nnoitora, walking past him "maybe pinky will provide me with some entertainment"

Nnoitora slowly approached Yachiru… who stood on her rock, she extended her hand… and pointed behind him.

"you should look behind you" said Yachiru

Nnoitora gave her a confused look… then he felt a monstrous pressure behind him

"75%" came Kenpachi's voice

Nnoitora didn't have time to look behind him, he just jumped out of the way… leaving an arm behind. The arm flew thought the air, and stopped then Kenpachi stabbed it as he popped his neck.

"that's one" said Kenpachi

Nnoitora was panting again, he let out a growl.

"You" started Nnoitora

"Bastard" said Kenpachi "how dare you raise your sword to my daughter"

"You played possum… you dirty cheater" said Nnoitora

"Shut up… I wasn't playing possum, I was just thinking" said Kenpachi

"Did it hurt" said Yachiru

"ahhhhhhh, shut up" said Kenpachi, then looked back towards Nnoitora "now, as I was saying… I was thinking… about cutting off those are so you can't block my attacks"

Nnoitora just cocked a grin, he grit his teeth as a new arm burst from his stub.

"you got lucky… that was the last thing you'll take from me" said Nnoitora, flexing his new arm "I'll cut you to pieces with my four arms" then he charged "BECAUSE YOU'RE WEAKER THEN ME SOUL REAPER"

Kenpachi blocked the attack and was sent flying into a pillar, which collapsed on him… Nnoitora charged ahead. A foot shot out of the dust, Nnoitora cocked his head to the left, but he didn't see Kenpachi's hand.

Kenpachi pushed Nnoitora to the ground and swung his sword down… only for Nnoitora to block with his 3 scythes. The two locked eyes… Kenpachi was grinning as Nnoitora was struggling.

"what's wrong? Finished already" said Kenpachi

Nnoitora just grinned, and impaled Kenpachi with his hand… Kenpachi spurt blood and stumbled backwards. He looked at Nnoitora to see he now had six arms… Nnoitora grined.

"I'll cut you to pieces with my six arms" said Nnoitora "your finished… Soul Reaper"

Kenpachi started to laugh, and hard.

"FINISH? FINISH? HA HA HA HA HA HA" laughed Kenpachi "No, now were even… now I got a hole in me"

The two started to battle again, clashing blade, pushing from each other just to clash again… Kenpachi pushed Nnoitora agents a wall and went for a kill blow, but Nniotora dodged it… the wall was cut clean thought.

Nnoitora swung wildly and cut Kenpachi's shoulder and chest time and time again, but Kenpachi just keep going. Nnoitora jumped high and landed on a pillar that was still standing, he cut out a large section of it and threw it down at Kenpachi.

Kenpachi just grinned, he shot his sword up and stabbed it, cutting it in half… behind the pillar was Nnoitora. Nnoitora slammed into Kenpachi, there blades pushed agents each other… then they started to clash again, Kenpachi was the only one taking damage… and he was having a blast.

'I don't understand… how is he still standing, he's bleed profusely… so why hasn't he died' thought Nnoitora

Kenpachi just laughed more and more, his eye's twitching from the amount of joy he was having. Nnoitora growled, he lunged at Kenpachi and swung his blade at him.

JUST DIE ALREADY" yelled Nnoitora

Nnoitora cut into Kenpachi for what feels like the 100th time… blood spurt from his wound, Kenpachi rubbed his neck wound and let out a sigh.

"damn… if I don't kill you no… I might die" said Kenpachi "and I don't want to die"

Kenpachi looked at his sword, as if asking it for something, Kenpachi grinned wildly as he pointed his sword at Nnoitora.

"Ban-Kai" said Kenpachi, his blade growing to 10 feet… his blade radiated with immense aura "Vengva Kagura"

Nnoitora blinked at the size of his sword… he swallowed a lump.

"100%" said Kenpachi, then grinned wildly as he put both hands on his blades "10000%"

Nnoitora snorted

"do you take me for a fool… that's impossible" said Nnoitora

"you think I'm lying? Don't you know… that a sword is more lethal, then swung with both hands" said Kenpachi "by my calculations… I determent that its 100x more lethal"

"YOUR BLUFFING" yelled Nnoitora

Nnoitora charged at Kenpachi… his six blades ready, he was approaching fast as Kenpachi held his sword up high.

"DIE" yelled Nnoitora

Kenpachi brought his blade down… the speed and power was far greater than anyone could expect. Nnoitora was complete destroyed… sand flew as high as the ceiling… and there was now a mile wide, 3 mile deep trench from the point of Kenpachi swung… all the way the wall of Las Noches.

=== Fluttershy ===

Fluttershy was hitting her father, who was lifting her high into the air… Discord threw her thought the roof of Las Noches and flew though the gap with ease and landed. Fluttershy just a ways away, she opened her wings and let the moons light shine cast a massive shadow… her eyes glowed red with anger… and desire… desire to kill her father.

Fluttershy started towards Discord, she slowly approached him… Discord was hopping over in a mocking manner. Fluttershy just growled as Discord smile, the two got closer and closer… once they were 20 feet away from each other, they stopped.

"Today… is the day you die" growled Fluttershy, baring her fangs "you jigsawed mother fucker"

"well I did get your mom pregnant" said Discord, then let out a laugh as he sat on his air throne

"you bastard… I swear… by the elements of harmony" said Fluttershy, throwing her hands to the side and letting out her claw "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU"

"Really? hmmm, that's the same thing your mother said… before I killed her" said Discord as he started to float upside down "I really must know… how do you plan to kill me, I mean… I'm a kami, I can do anything want, I can reject my own demise if I wish"

"I'll cut off your fucking head" said Fluttershy with a growl "that's a fucking promise"

Fluttershy ran towards her father, who just stood in place with a grin. Fluttershy aimed for her neck, hoping to rip out his throat… but her ducked away. Discord quickly spun around and used his tail as a weapon, Fluttershy ducked under the tail… then thrust her hand forward and imbedded it in his chest.

Fluttershy ripped her hand out and showed her father his own heart, Discord gasped.

"What… no, I… I need that to" started Discord, then he started to hack and wiz

Discord fell to the ground and started to make a gargling sound as he slowly started to.

"Got ya" said Discord jumping up, then he laughed letting his snake tongue wiggle "AH HA HA HA HA HA HA" Discord then grinned and snapped his finger, then jumped back as far as he could.

Metal bind burst from Discords heart and wrapped around Fluttershy's arm, wrapping her up nice and tight. The heart then became one of those old timey cartoon bombs… the fuse was lit and was burning fast. Fluttershy extend her hand to its fullest and turned her head away from the bomb, not wanting to see the outcome.


Fluttershy was blown by the explosion… she hit the ground hard and rolled, she pushed herself up and looked over… to see her other arm was missing. Fluttershy looked up to see Discord waving it around like it was a toy… he looked over and smiled.

"Need a hand?" said Discord with a grin

Fluttershy grin her teeth and let out a muffled grunt as a new arm shot out… she flexed it for a moment, then glared at him. Discord just smiled and threw her arm at Fluttershy, and in an instant it became a demon wind shuriken, it Flutterhy opened her wing and flew into the air to dodge, but the blade followed.

Fluttershy let out a angry growl and flew higher, then started to fly away from the shuriken. Fluttershy flapped her wings and hard as she could an spun to dodge the large shuriken. Discord just watched and grinned, he snapped his finger and made the shuriken splint into hundreds.

Fluttershy flew higher into the air to get away from them, she angled herself just above her father as the shuriken locked on. With one mighty flap of her wings, she blew them all back at him. Discord held up her arm and expanded it, letting them all sink into his arm.

Discord lowers his arm to see Fluttershy was gone, he looked around for a moment… then got the sucker punch from hell, he was sent flying backwards. Discord bounced across the ground for a few moments, then stopped then his head burst thought the roof and dropped several piece of debris… that landed on the stone slab that crushed Hercule. Fluttershy landed several feet behind him… her eye twitch in anger as she watched her father, who was imbedded in the ceiling, kicking around like he was having a day at the fair.

"well… this is a fine pickle I'm in" said Discord, pushing himself free, his face was mangled from the attack, he let out a laugh as his broken jaw just jiggled around. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"

Within seconds Discord fixed his body, he started to flap his wings and took to the sky. Discord just smiled at Fluttershy and extended his hand.

"Fluttershy… just do the right thing… and join me" said Discord

"NEVER" yelled Fluttershy flying up to the sky after him

Discord shrugged his shoulder, then his head split in half… the two half then grew into giant snakes, the snakes lunged forward and went to bite Fluttershy. Fluttershy flew away from the snakes, but they were able to maneuver with ease.

"Just give up" said the left head

"You can't beat me" said the right

Fluttershy swung her arm to the side, the edge of her arm became like a razor sharp blade… she charged forward. Fluttershy flew under and around the snake heads, she lead the heads in a loop and then thought… making them tie a knot.

"Die" said Fluttershy

Fluttershy charged at them and cut off her father two heads, she watched as they bleed and shot blood everywhere, they then morphed back down to his head.

"Ouch… that hurt, if I didn't know any better… I'd think your trying to kill me" said Discord with a grin

Fluttershy just let out a hiss, she hate how he fight… all he does is mock and taunt. Fluttershy flew towards Discord and slammed her feet into his gut, she then grabbed his horns. With a quick twist she ripped the left horn off… and rammed it into his neck.

Discord howled in pain as blood sprayed from his neck and all over Fluttershy, Fluttershy didn't care… she twisted the other horn off, then stabbed his head, shattering his skull. Discord let out other scream of pain, he wrapped tail around her neck and threw her to the side.

"I didn't know this fight was making you… horny" said Discord with a sickening laugh

"do you ever shut up?" asked Fluttershy

"hmmmm… No" said Discord

Discord pointed his hands forward and they became machine guns, he just grinned as a cigar formed in his mouth and it lit magically.

"Say ellro to my rittle friends" said Discord

Discord then started to open fire, Fluttershy dodge the bullet she knows would be lethal to her. Discord let out his maniac laugh as fired endless rounds at his daughter. Fluttershy grit her teeth and flashed to the side… but the guns where pointed at her in a heartbeat.

Fluttershy flashed again, moving even faster than she did last time… Discord looked around for her.

"where did she" started Discord

"HEY DAD" yelled Fluttershy appearing behind Discord

Discord went to look back, but felt Fluttershy's feet in his back… then her hands on his wing.

"YOUR GROUNDED" yelled Fluttershy, ripping off his wings

Fluttershy looked down and watched her father fall, he hit the ground with a sicken thud… she then threw his wings down at him and they became giant buzz saws. Discord looked up and just grinned, his hands became normal, he snapped his finger and his wings exploded before they hit him.

Fluttershy landed on the ground and started to pant, Discord just grinned… with other snap of his finger, all his wounds were gone.

"D-Damn it" said Fluttershy

"why so surprised… I mean, I am the Chaos Lord" said Discord with a smile "while you… are a disgrace to my family name"

"Shut up… you think I care if you're ashamed of me" said Fluttershy, throwing her arm out to the side "I have my own destiny… I will not follow yours" Fluttershy started to glow brightly "You say you're the Lord of Chaos… well, I am the Harmony Lord"

Discord smile faded… it was now a bitter sneer, his eye twitch as a vain throbbed

"What did you say?" said Discord

"I said… I am the Lord of Harmony" said Fluttershy, her aura shined brighter "My powers come from those who are good… this is the end, I will kill you here"

Fluttershy closed her eyes and slowly raised her hand to her side

"I call upon Elements of Harmony" said Fluttershy, opening her eye and started at her father, her eye shined like a rainbow. "For the good of the world… you have to die"


=== Rainbow Dash ===

Rainbow Dash flew across the dessert of Las Noches, flying as fast as she could to reach her destination. She flapped her wings as fast as she could to go help Nemu and Sakura, whom she had only bonded with once or twice. Rainbow Dash picked up her speed and blasted forward as her eyes shined like a rainbow


=== Rarity ===

Rarity was walking down the streets with a smile, she had just spent half her pay on new… garments. Her girlfriend, Applejack was keeping her carry her new clothes… Rarity just smiled as she planned put on a fashion show for Applejack.

As they walked to their house Rarity stopped by a one of the many donation boxes, and donated 350,000 ryo to charity.

"There… that should help" said Rarity, her eyes shine like a rainbow, she looked back at Applejack "come on, lets hurry home… so I can reward you for helping me"

Applejack just grinned and resumed following Rarity


=== Pinkie Pie ===

"And then, without missing a beat the house said… Purple Hat" said Pinkie Pie

The crowed roar with laughter at the dirtiest they have ever heard… Pinkie Pie just smiled and bounced around on the stage as she let the crowed calm down. After a few minutes they stopped laughing and waited for her next joke, some still snicker from the last.

"Now, people… I wanna talk trends with you… I mean, this shirt is hot… but a shirt the same size, but a slightly different shade isn't… WHAT, that stupide" said Pinkie Pie, then took a sip of water "Next thing you know, the trendiest thing is gonna be a Purple Hat"

The crowd roared again as she went back to her last joke, Pinkie Pie just giggled and bowed as her eyes shined like a rainbow


=== Applejack ===

Applejack was trying her best not to get a bloody nose, Rarity was showing off her sexy cloth to Applejack, she bend down and spread her legs, then ran her arms up her legs, over her thighs and rubbed her clothed pussy.

Applejack was drooling slightly, Rarity smile and left to put on other dress… after 3 minutes she returned with a big puffy black dress. Rarity looked down at it and spun to look at herself.

"Applejack… dose this dress make my ass look big" said Rarity, turning to ass to Applejack

Applejack opened her mouth, then closed it… she rubbed her head and tried to talk, but couldn't. She rubbed her head again as her eyes flashed like a rainbow.

"M-Maybe just a little" said Applejack, Rarity stormed off in anger, Applejack perused. "Rarity, I'm sorry I did mean to upset you"


=== Las Noches ===

Fluttershy threw her head back and her arms down as she let the power of harmony flowed into her… she looked at her father and readied herself.

Discord just smirked at Fluttershy… he let out a laugh.

"Is that so… well then" said Discord, mimicking Fluttershy "I call on the Elements of Chaos" his eyes radiated a dark pulse "I'm going to kill you… just like I did your mother"


=== Black-Market Bounty Collection ===

Hidan was sitting outside the large public bathroom that was secretly the place where rogue ninja go to make a quick buck. Hidan was bored out of his mind as his partner in crime, Kakuzu… was collection his money on 5 bounty he just collected.

Kakuzu stepped out of the building and started to run his finger over his money, counting it… he then stopped, he turned his head back towards the building.


"you just made 49,999,980 ryo… and your pissed that your short 20 ryo?" asked Hidan

"YES" yelled Kakuzu, his eyes radiated a dark pulse, he went back in "I'll show those assholes whats what for cheating me"


=== Suna ===

A girl with greyish skin and purple hair at agents the wall, her name was Muad Pie, she was Pinkie Pie's big sister. Sadly she was unable to see joy and wonder in everything and everyone, thanks to a certain Chaos Lord. Discord did a taboo and showed Maud Pie the cruelty of the world, he showed her how people would kill for what they want… even if they killed a there friend, family, or loved one.

"Life… is nothing but darkness" said Maud Pie, her eyes radiated a dark pulse


=== Beni ===

"I am but your humble servant… Lord Aizen-Kun" said Beni to Aizen with a bow

"Yes… I know" said Aizen, then signaled she may leave.

Beni bowed again and left Aizen's throne room, cocking a grin as she left towards her room. She opened her door and walked into the darkness of the room, as she turned to close the door, her eyes radiated with darkness.


=== Barragan ===

Barragan just sat in his chair in his room, staring bitterly at a live size poster of Aizen… he pulled out a dart and threw it… hitting the eye. Barragan grinned to himself and grabbed other, with a nice toss he hit the forehead.

Barragan let out a chuckle


=== Los Noches ===

Discord threw his head back and his arms down as the Elements of Chaos flowed into him, he looked forward and grinned evilly. Fluttershy just let out a growl as her eyes flashed red… she charged at her father.

"THIS END HERE" yelled Fluttershy

Fluttershy swiped at Discord, her nail ripped into his flesh… Discord healed his wounds. Discord just laughed as he wound healed and he knocked her into the air, she quickly flapped her wings.

"You think you can be me… girl you're a fool" said Discord

Discord turned his arms into guns again and fired bubbles at her… Fluttershy just laughed.

"is the fear getting to you? You think bubble will beat me?" laughed Fluttershy dive bombing him

Fluttershy avoided the bubble, but… once she was surrounded by them they burst… flinging a gummy substance on her. Fluttershy crashed to the ground and tried to stand… but the gum held her down.

"Damn you, you senseless fuck" growled Fluttershy

"I already am" said Discord with a laugh… extending his hand "Once you're in hell, do say hello to your mother for me"

Discord snapped his finger and lit the gum on fire, Fluttershy screamed at the top of her lungs as she was burnt, being a vampire she was burnt to ash in moments.

"Tis a shame, burnt to ashes" said Discord, walking away, not seeing the ashes stir. "hmmm… wait a second, ashes?" Fluttershy's ashes flew into the air and started to circle around "I thought only the sun could do that" the Fluttershy ashes merge together again, Fluttershy was reborn… her eye glowed blood red, she landed on the ground and let her wings free once more "with the light of the moon out, she'd be immortal" Fluttershy let her wing become like that of a scythe… it would also have the same principles to it… she flew towards him "so her dying just now" Discords eyes widen… he turned around just in time to see Fluttershy coming at him "Makes no since"

"Borde Sangre" said Fluttershy, her wing cutting off his head

Discords head hit the ground… he looked up and saw Fluttershy

"you cheated… you faked you death so I'd lower my guard" said Discord

"I learned from the best" said Fluttershy, then noticed something "don't bother trying… you can't heal that wound… my wing was a scythe then I beheaded you… your power is very limited now, you are nothing"

Fluttershy bent down and picked her father up by his hair and twirled it around, she looked over to see his body wondering around, trying to find its head.

"I'm over here dumb ass" yelled Discord

The body didn't respond… seeing that it couldn't since it doesn't have a mouth or ears. Fluttershy extended her hand and destroyed her father body with fire, he looked up at her.

"You bitch… what'd I ever do to you" said Discord.

=== Bardock and Dondochakka ===

Bardock was walking down the hallway, Dondochakka right behind him… Bardock was in a pissy mood, he hasn't ran into enemy since the group split up. Dondochakka could since how angry he was, so he said nothing… he just followed along quietly.

The two soon found themselves as a cross road… there was fork in the hallway. Bardock eyed the two hallways closely, as was Dondachakkra… both nodded their heads.

"We go left/right" said Bardock/Dondachakka

Then the two looked at each other, sparks flew as their eyes meet.

"left" said Bardock

"right" said Dondachakka

"LEFT" yelled Bardock

"RIGHT" yelled Dondachakka

A large trap door opened under the two, both looked down.

"Down" said Dondachakka, then fell "AHHHHHHH"

Bardock palmed his face and slowly drug his hand down… he dived after him

"Hang on Dondochakka" yelled Bardock

Bardock flew down the long trap hole… he could still hear Dondachakka screaming


He must have hit bottom… Bardock flew down and saw him, he flew down and landed beside him… the heard the door slam shut.

"It's about time… someone enter my lair" came a voice

Bardock and Dondachakka looked over to see Szayelaporro, who was smirking as he pushed up his glasses.

"hmmm… I think I've seen him before" said Dondachakka

"do you remember anything about him?" asked Bardock

"Nope" said Dondachakka

"welcome to my lab" said Szayelaporro with a grin "captain"

Bardock readied himself, but Szayelaporro didn't seem all the interested.

"it's a shame one of those girls didn't come… I'd have love to experiment on the ones that killed my big brother" said Szayelaporro

Bardock's poses lessened slightly… but then he got serious again.

"So you want revenge on Lisa and Motoko?" asked Bardock

"hmmm? Oh no… to be honest I despised my big brother, he was so weak and stupide" said Szayelaporro

Bardock tightened his fist… he let out a growl, he was going to enjoy killing this monster greatly, but then he remembered the mission.

"where is Orihime?" asked Bardock

"She's with Hinata" said Szayelaporro

Bardock blinked in confusion… he wasn't expecting him to reply

"I know what you're thinking… why tell you the info you wanted" said Szayelaporro, getting a nod from the two "it's simple really… I told you… because you will not leave this room alive"

Szayelaporro pointed his palm towards Bardock and quickly fired a cero, Bardock responded by launching a ball of ki, the two moves collided, then exploded. Szayelaporro clapped his hands in delight.

"ooooh a kido spell without incantation, and yet still so powerful" said Szayelaporro

"Actually…. Its ki… its naturally stronger then reishi" said Bardock

"Ki… you don't say" said Szayelaporro, then chucked "It doesn't matter… I will still kill you"

Bardock charged at Szayelaporro, he started to punch at him… but Szayelaporro dodge his moves. Szayelaporro flashed behind him, Bardock followed his movement, but he flashed away again. Bardock stomped his foot and let out a scream as he unleashed some ki… knocking Szayelaporro of balanced.

Bardock seized his opportunity… he pulled his fist back, and slammed it into Szayelaporro's face, sending him flying backwards. Bardock waved his hand in the air, showing that the punch hurt his hand… Szayelaporro grinned… then a tooth fell out.

"DAMN YOU" yelled Szayelaporro, foolishly charging at Bardock

The two started to throw punches at each other, Bardock laughed and had the time of his life. Bardock slammed his fist into Szayelaporro's face, sending him into a wall. Szayelaporro spit blood out to the side, his face red with anger… he pulled out his sword and readied to fight, then smirk.

"wait… why do I have to fight you… I'm a genius" said Szayelaporro, reaching up and pushing a button

the ceiling opened up, revealing dozens of hollow… each different in size, and possibly strength… all howling loudly.

"KILL HIM, BUT SAVE ME A PIECE" yelled Szayelaporro

All of the hollow pour from the hole… each one charged at Bardock. Bardock jumped back and started to fire ki blast after ki blast… knocking them all back, but they keep getting up and howled there howl. Bardock just smirked and charged at them, he pulled back his fist and went for a punch… only for it to do nothing.

Bardock quickly jumped back to dodge a punched that smashed the ground open… Bardock readied himself. Bardock looked around and watched all of the hollow's closely, then locked on to Szayelaporro, wondering if he planned to attack when he wasn't paying attention.


A large beam burst thought the wall and thought the other… making an opening for the light to shine in, the wall crumbled and the roof gave way and fell on Szayelaporro. Bardock looked over to see Sakuichi and Nemu… and Pesche. They stepped thought the hole and looked to the right… to see a pile of cinder on Szayelaporro, they looked to the left and saw Bardock and Dondachakka.

"Brother" yelled Pesche running past Sakuichi and Nemu

The two greeted each other by doing a dumb little song and dance, Pesche then looked over Szayelaporro getting up.

"hmmm… I think I've seen him before" said Pesche

"do you remember anything about him?" asked Nemu

"Nope" said Pesche

Bardock greeted Nemu and Sakuichi with a grunt, he turned his head slightly… he was too proud to say thank you. Szayelaporro was standing full, he was covered with wounds… he let out a growl.

"You little hookers" yelled Szayelaporro, then he grabbed one of the hollows next to him, and ate it

"what the fuck?" said Sakura

Szayelaporro swallowed the chunk of hollow, then started to eat more… all of his wounds faded away. He whipped his mouth a grinned his grin, he then pointed his finger towards the group.

"Kill them all" said Szayelaporro

All of the hollows charged at the group, Nemu grabbed her zanpakutō and drew it.

"Stomp them into the earth, Toph" said Nemu

The hollows got closer and closer… everyone, minus Pesche and Dondachakka.


A rainbow blur rocketed thought the hole Sakuichi created with her arrow, the blur slammed into all of the hollows, knocking them off balance, allowing the other to take them out. The blur stopped and Rainbow Dash became clear to them all, her wings opened and buzzing.

Szayelaporro was getting over whelmed by the number of fighters… he held out up his sword… and pushed it down his mouth, his tongue wrapped around it.

"Sip, La Lujuriosa" said Szayelaporro

Szayelaporro change into a flamboyant flower thing with wings, he quickly put his hand up and created a cero within seconds.

"Die" said Szayelaporro

They couldn't respond fast enough, the cero closed the gap and hit the group… knocking them all into the desert sand. Everyone hit the ground hard, Pesche and Dondachakka ran and hid… while the other pushed themselves up… all were burnt from the cero.

Szayelaporro flew from his shattered lab and flew down at group… Bardock pulled out his Zanpauto.

"Fight, Ieyasu" said Bardock, going Shikai

Bardock flew up and went to punch one of Szayelaporro's weird ass wings, as did Rainbow Dash. Szayelaporro grinned, the second they made contact with his wing thing… it ate them and sucked them in.

"W-what the hell" said Sakuichi

Szayelaporro landed on the sand and just grinned… his wings spat them out and they landed on the ground, then Szayelaporro held out his hand, and his wing thing spat out two dolls… one of Rainbow Dash, and one of Bardock. Sakuichi quickly pulled out 5 kunai and hurled them at him… they all missed and hit the ground around him in a pentagon formation.

Bardock and Rainbow Dashh stood up and slung the gunk off of their selves, then looked up at the dolls in his hand.

"a grown man playing with dolls… don't have to be a genius to know you're a fag" said Rainbow Dash

"My my, what a mouth… I thing you need to be taught a lesson" said Szayelaporro

Szayelaporro wrapped his tentacles wing thing around the dolls and held them in front of himself, he then flinched the Rainbow Dash doll's head hard. Rainbow Dash's head was blown back, she head her head in pain and let out a groin… she pulled her hand away and saw blood. She looked up at Szayelaporro, who was grinning.

"That's right little girl… whatever happens to this doll, happen to you" said Szayelaporro

The group just growled in anger… in a way, he had hostages now. Szayelaporro put his hand on the Bardock doll… and ripped it in half at the waist. Everyone looked over at Bardock in fear that he was dead… he was fine, scare half to death, but fine.

Bardock was touching his waist… checking to see if there was a cut that would appear.

"Oh will you stop… my dolls are supposed to do that" said Szayelaporro, as he did the same to the Rainbow Dash doll.

They watched as he pulled out a tiny bead from the Rainbow Dash doll… it said liver, he held it delicately in his finger… then crushed it. The second he did, Rainbow Dash screamed in pain… she fell to the ground and held her side.

"Rainbow Dash… w-whats wrong?" asked Nemu checking on her

"GAHHHHHHH" scream Rainbow Dash

"What happen… why, I just destroyed her liver" said Szayelaporro, then he pulled out some bead from Bardock… Lungs, Appendix, and Stomach. "let's see how much this hurts"

Szayelaporro crushed the beads in his hand… getting Bardock to grunt in pain, he flinched hard… and grinned.

"Is that all? Kenpachi dose worse than that" said Bardock

Szayelaporro sneered at the comment, he went to destroy more organs… but a shadowy hand burst from the ground and stole it from him, he looked over to see Sakuichi.

"BAN-KAI" yelled Sakuichi "ONI KISAKE OICHI"

After sealing the dolls away, Sakuichi charged at Szayelaporro… but he just grinned.

"AHHHHHH" screamed Nemu

Sakuichi looked behind her to see a tentacles wrapped around Nemu's stomach, holding her up high … it belonged to Szayelaporro. Sakuichi turned her attention back to Szayelaporro… who snickered.

"what's it gonna be… save her? Or kill me?" said Szyelaporro.

Sakuichi didn't move, she just reaching into her pocket and pulled out a Ginto. She held it on the tip of thumb… Szayelaporro laughed and pointed at Sakuichi's weapon. Suddenly 5 black chakra strings shoot from the kunai and wrapped around him, then pulled him into the walk… he struggled agents it and looked up at Sakuichi, he saw the darkness in her face.

"Die" said Sakuichi, flicking the Ginto

The Ginto hit the kunai and caused Sakuichi's trap trigger… the chakra string started to glow

"Sprenger" said Sakuichi

A black pillar burst from the ground and engulfed Szayelaporro, he screamed at the top of his lungs as he was being burnt alive by Sakuichi's black flames. Sakuichi looked over at Nemu and started to make her way over to Nemu… then it happen.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Nemu

Sakuichi jumped at her scream she rushed over to help her, she tried to rip the tentacle off… Nemu started to cough… the tentacle grew a mouth.

"Did you think… you've killed me?" said the mouth

Sakuichi's eyes dilated… she heard that bastard laugh at her.

"My ultimate ability… to implant myself in the enemy" said Szayelaporro, Nemu slowly and painfully started to die "by draining there life"

Nemu's mouth opened up and Szayelaporro came out… he was reborn. Szayelaporro just grinned at his work… he looked back at Nemu, then tilted his head as she was healing. He saw that she was chewing on something… then she swallowed… and for some damn reason, Szayelaporro just stood there like most villains and didn't do a damn thing.

Nemu stood up and check under her shirt… she saw a bite on her stomach. She looked up at Szayelaporro, then tilted her head.

"what are you looking at?" asked Szayelaporro, then smiled "mad that I used you like an incubator"

"No… I was just wondering" said Nemu

Szayelaporro's eye narrowed.

"wondering what?" asked Szayelaporro

"why the… drug… hasn't… t-a-k-e-n e-f-f-e-c-t y-e-t" said Nemu, her voice seemed slow to Szayelaporro

Sakuichi looked over at her

"what drug?" asked Sakuichi

"the drug Mayuri implanted in me… a drug that would take effect should I be eaten, he bite my stomach and swallowed the flesh, it enter his system" said Nemu

Szayelaporro's eyes widened, he growled.

"what does it do?" asked Szayelaporro

"Calm down… it not lethal… all it does… is make you super human" said Nemu

"Oh nice going… make him stronger why don't ya" said Rainbow Dash

"I'm sure you've heard, that when two sword masters fight… there blades seem to be going in slow motion… time seems to slow from them. It's a rare phenomenon that occurs then senses are sharpened to the highest degree. The drug induces a similar effect… it allows anyone to experience that sensation"

Szayelaporro just blinked

'her… her words, she talking so slowly… I can't understand her' thought Szayelaporro

"Do you understand me, Arrancar? What I am saying is… with this drug a bullet would seem to be standing in midair… even to the untrained eye. Now that you're a super human, I bet my words are boring" said Nemu, then deactivate her Shikai and pointed her sword at him "dose my sword… appear motionless to you?" Szayelaporro didn't move, Nemu pulled her sword back down "1 second… will be 100 years to you now… to be honest I pity you… cause your about to witness hell" Nemu stabbed him in the chest as fast as she could, her sword pierced his heart "you won't feel this for hundreds of years… please… do not hate me"

=== hundreds of years later ===

Szayelaporro was still standing… he hasn't moved an inch, even thought he was stabbed in the heart… his body has yet to tell him that, Nemu's last words reached him… he'd cry if he could, but his tear ducts have dried.

'please… please… please, let her blade kill me' thought Szayelaporro 'PLEASE'

Nemu's stabbed to the heart has finally register… and he died.

=== Present time, Hinata ===

Hinata stretched and popped her back, letting out a sigh as it felt good… she looked back at Grimmjow, who was brooding… like Sasuke would.

"dude… do you ever smile?" asked Hinata

"Fuck you" said Grimmjow looking over… then he froze. He shook in fear "S-S-Stark"

"hmm?" said Hinata, looking back to see an Arrancar grabbing Orihime

"Aizen wishes to see you" said Stark, before Hinata, Kenpachi, or Grimmjow could act… he flashed away.

=== Aizen ===

Orihime found herself in front of Aizen, who was standing in front of a large Garganta, he looked down at her.

"Hello Orihime… here to see us off?" asked Aizen "before we go destroy Konoha"

Orihime's eyes widened… she covered her mouth.

"why… why would you do that?" cried Orihime

"to create the Oken" said Aizen, then looked over at Beni "if you would be so kind"

Beni swung her arm to the side

"Bakudo 77: Tentei Kura" said Beni

Aizen cleared his throat… as he was about to speak, he wanted to make this brief

"Your all stuck here, your fools for coming here, I will destroy Konoha… bye bitches" said Aizen walked thought the garganta "Ulquiorra… you're in charge"

The moment Aizen and the other enter the garganta… Ulquiorra's hand burst thought the air… he was back from his prison.

=== Hinata ===

Hinata eyes widened… she turned to towards the main tower in Las Noches, she looked back at Grimmjow and Kenpachi, they just gestured for her to go. She blasted thought the sands of Las Noches… grabbing her Zanpakutō's she dropped during her fights and putting them in their place.

Hinata approached the building, she flew over Unohana who was finishing up with Ino's healing, Hinata was happy to know she was ok. Hinata picked up on some speed… she rocked over Sakuichi and the others, then shot upwards.

The force of Hinata pressure slammed them and knocked them over, they looked up at her… Sakuichi started to flapped her swings and followed her. Hinata shot past and opening in the wall, she was to focused to see Rukia… who was knelling down and panting, her Bankai had faded long ago.

Hinata shot up and thought the hole Ulquiorra shot her though… she speed thought the hallway, she sniffed the air and followed her nose… she took a left, keep going… she took a right, then a left, other right, BRICK WALL. Hinata used her claws and cut thought it with ease… she saw Orihime, then Ulquiorra blocked her path to her.

Hinata quickly landed on all fours, she growled and bared her fangs at Ulquiorra. She wagged her ass as she readied to pounce… then she charged. She pulled back her fist and let her claws shine in the light.


Ulquiorra dodge Hinata swipes with ease… he just gave her is emotionless stare as she swung. Hinata balled up fist and went for a punch, Ulquiorra blocked it with his arm… the two locked eyes. Hinata pushed away and quickly lashed out at him, determined to claw him. Hinata looked over to see Orihime… she saw Suu standing in front of her in a protective manner.

Hinata looked back over at Ulquiorra, she needs to find a way around him… and get Orihime out of here. Hinata jumped back as far as she could, then went thought hand sighs.

"Wolf Style: Man to Beast Mimicry" said Hinata, getting down on all fours again

Ulquiorra just blinked, in a mere second Hinata was in his face, fist pulled back into a punch. Ulquiorra caught her punch with one hand… then saw a clone was running past.

"No" said Ulquiorra as he extended his finger, and fired a cero, killing the clone like it was nothing, then looked over at Hinata and pointed his finger at her. "Die"

Ulquiorra fired other Cero… it hit Hinata… and she popped. Ulquiorra just blinked… the floor under him started to crack… he lend backwards as Hinata burst and missed her target.

"DAMN IT" yelled Hinata

Ulquiorra pulled back his fist, and threw a barrage of punches into her stomach. Hinata gasped in pain… and was thrown backwards. Hinata twisted her body around and landed on all fours, she turned her head to the side and spit out blood. Hinata stood up with a hunch, both her hands started to spark… she put her hands up to her face in an X.

Hinata charged head, she lower her hands and let the lighting destroy the floors… she launched herself at Ulquiorra.

"CHIDORI DOUBLE" yelled Hinata, swinging her lighting cover palms at him

Ulquiorra effortlessly dodge all of her attempts… his face never changing from his emotionless stare… Hinata growled as she tried even hard, nothing still work. Hinata snarled again, she balled up her hands and went for a right hook, he caught it… left hook, he caught it. The lighting coursed over him… and did nothing.

"your weak" said Ulquiorra, kicking Hinata in the gut

Hinata was thrown back again, as she was in midair Ulquiorra pointed at her.

"Cero" said Ulquiorra

Hinata put her arms up to shield herself, she was slammed into the wall from the attack. Hinata pushed herself off the wall… she went thought hand signs again.

"MULTI SHADOW CLONE JUTSU" yelled Hinata, making an army of clones "CHARGE"

All of her clones charged straight at Ulquiorra… who didn't seem the least bit intimidated. The clones jumped towards Ulquiorra, each attempting to punch or kick him… but sadly that wasn't happening, Ulquiorra was just to skilled.

Ulquiorra destroyed the clones like they were nothing, he kicked them, punch them, threw them into each other… nothing worked. After all the clones had popped Ulquiorra looked back to where Hinata was… but she was gone.

Ulquiorra lower his head, then flashed in front of Orihime and trusted his palm out… smashing Hinata in the face and throwing her back

"Ah come on" yelled Hinata pushing herself up

Ulquiorra pointed his finger out and started to fire a barrage of mini Cero's, pushing Hinata further and further back.

"Damn it" said Hinata

Hinata readied herself again for other attempt… but Ulquiorra flashed behind her, he wrapped his arms around her, choking her. Ulquiorra started to punch Hinata in the kidnesy, she screamed in pain as she slowly started to lose her breath.

Hinata closed her eyes and focused… lighting and wind coursed around her.

"SHUNKO" yelled Hinata weakly

Hinata bared her fangs and sank them in his arms and started to tear into his arm. Ulquiorra let go from the pain, Hinata quickly swung her head back and bashed him in the nose. Hinata pushed away from him and spun around, her cheek puffed up, then she spewed fire.


Hinata didn't stay to watch him bur, she just ran towards Orihime.

"I'm coming Orihime" said Hinata

Orihime started to smile… but it faded.

"HINATA" yelled Orihime, pointing behind her

"HINATA" yelled Suu, mimicking Orihime

Hinata didn't have time to look back, a hand burst thought her chest… she just grinned. In a puff of smoke Hinata was gone, and stuck on Ulquiorra's hand… was log with hundreds of paper bombs on them.

Ulquiorra just stared at the bomb until it exploded, the building was rocked from the massive blast. Suu stretched out to stop falling material from crushing her mommy. Hinata burst from the floor again… she panted and snicker.

She pumped her fist into air and let out a cheer.

"are you finished?" asked Ulquiorra

Hinata's face feel… she looked forward and saw horror, Ulquiorra… with barley a scratch on him, accept for the missing arm… Hinata had to smirk at that, she was pretty damn… and it just fucking grew back.

"you should be proud of yourself… it takes a lot of power to wound me" said Ulquiorra

Hinata growled… how was she going to beat him… if she used to much over her power, she might harm Orihime… and whatever that jelly thing is…. If only she could relocate his fight, then she can go all out. Ulquiorra looked around at the damage done to Aizen kingdom… he looked over at Hinata.

"Let's relocate" said Ulquiorra

"eh?" said Hinata, shocked that he said that

"Aizen would be furious if anything were to further happen to his palace" said Ulquiorra, walking over to wall and knocking it down for a way out, he looked over "you didn't see me do that"

Hinata just blinked… Ulquiorra stepped out of the hole and flew upwards, Hinata ran over and looked up… to see him flying high, she looked over at Orihime.

"you going to be ok?" asked Hinata

Orihime nodded her head.

"Yes… just go" said Orihime

Hinata stepped out the hole and shot skywards, following Ulquiorra quickly… catching up to him in no time. At that moment Sakuichi came running into the room, she looked around for a moment, then spotted Orihime.

"Orihime" yelled Sakuichi, running up "are you ok"

Orihime nodded her head

"where's Hinata?" asked Sakuichi

"she went chasing after the enemy… she went out that hole, and flew up" said Orihime, pointing over to the hole

Sakuichi ran over and looked out, then up… all she saw was the fake sky.

=== Top of Las Noches ===

Hinata flew thought the hole Ulquiorra had created… she looked over to see him standing, waiting. Hinata jumped backwards to make some distance, she quickly pulled out her swords and got into her 3 sword stance, Zangetsu in her right, the seal Zabimaru in her left, and the seal Shiroi Ōkami in her mouth.… Ulquiorra pulled out his blade as well.

The two stared each other down… either moved, or blinked… they just stared… waiting for their opponent to move. Way over at the corner pillar of Las Noches, was Samara's room… Samara looked down her window and saw what was happening… she had a front row seats to the fight.

A gust of wind hit the two during their standoff… blowing sand into the air, the two charged. Using his free hand, Ulquiorra created a green aura, then fired it at Hinata, with a swung over her body, she destroyed the energy… then the two clashed.

The two collided with such force it dispersed the clouds for miles around them, they pushed agents each other hard, they then pushed away and clashed over and over again. The two slowly floated away from each other… then clashed again, this time they swung there blades at each other.

Sparks flew in every direction… they pulled back and collided again, then started to swing wildly again. Neither had landed an attack, both flashed around trying to confuse one another… but there plan didn't work, as they were both too smart to fall for such a ploy.

They charged again and clashed once more, Hinata eyes burned with determination to beat her enemy. Ulquiorra could sense that Hinata's power was slowly growing. Hinata's eyes flashed with darkness and her eyes hollowfied, she summoned just her mask.

"GRROOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" howled Hinata, and somehow managed to not drop her sword.

Hinata pushed Ulquiorra back and went for a strike, Ulquiorra brought up his free hand… and got a small cut, it was worth it. Ulquiorra went for a counter… but Hinata knew he was going to do that, she pushed away from him just as his sword swung.

Hinata racked her head back and fired a cero at him, Ulquiorra swung his free hand out a knocked it off in the distance. Hinata growled and howled again, she charged at him… and moments before impact, flashed away. Ulquiorra looked around from her… then swung around and blocked a rear attack.

"DAAAAAAAAAAMN IT" screamed Hinata

Hinata growled at Ulquiorra… her armor started to wash down her body, she was in her 0 tailed state. Hinata let out other howl and gave Ulquiorra a death glare. Hinata opened her mouth and let Shiroi Ōkami drop from her mouth, Hinata moved her foot up and hit the butt of the handle, flinging it high into the air.

"Roar, Zabimaru" said Hinata

Hinata dove after Ulquiorra, she used her two zanpakutō in a barrage of attacks… Ulquiorra held her back with ease, angering Hinata even more. Hinata's cheek puffed up again… then let loose a stream of fire in his face.

Ulquiorra jumped back and rubbed his face from the burning, when he looked back up at Hinata, he saw she was forming a cero. Hinata tilted her head downwards and fired a massive cero… Ulquiorra side stepped the blast and flew at Hinata, he swung his sword and cut thought her armor.

Hinata growled and looked down at her wound, her armor quickly wrapped around the wound. Hinata jumped back and swung Zabimaru, it stretched out and wrapped around Ulquiorra's zanpakuto, Hinata grin.

"Lighting Style: Lighting Stream" said Hinata

Lighting coursed thought her arm and into her blade, it went into Ulquiorra and shocked him. Ulquiorra closed his eyes tight as the lighting coursed thought him. Hinata then held Zangetsu high, her eyes flashed brightly.

"GETSUGA TENSHO" yelled Hinata, swinging her sword

The flaming black reishi hit Ulquiorra hard and sent him into the ground, Hinata tilted back her head and let out a ferrous roar. Hinata then tossed Zabimaru in the air and caught Shiroi Ōkami.

"Sharpen your Claws, Shiroi Okami" said Hinata

Hinata dove at Ulquiorra and the two started to clash again, the two dropped to the ground quickly as there blades clashed and sparked. The moment they hit the ground Hinata jumped back, then started to twist her body

"Tunneling Fang" yelled Hinata

Ulquiorra held out his blade and pushed his free hand agents it… sparks flew wilding, the sound of grinding metal filled the air. Ulquiorra slowly pulled his free hand away, then pointed his hand towards the spinning vortex that is Hinata's attack.

"Gran Rey Cero" said Ulquiorra

Hinata was blasted backwards… Hinata hit the ground hard and flipped around in the air, then face planted on the ground. Shiroi Ōkami hit the ground beside her… Ulquiorra walked up to her. Hinata quickly shot up… 1 tail flicking behind her, she swung her swords and cut an X on his chest. Hinata then howled loudly and started to form a cero again.

Ulquiorra held out his hand, and also started to form a cero… the reishi around them started to become dense, dust, rocks and sand floated into the air… then the two fire. The two moves hit and instantly exploded… before the dust even had a change to clear the two where clashing there blades again. The dust cleared showing burns on both fighters… Hinata was using her three sword style again… Zangetsu in her right, Zabimaru in her left, and Shiroi Ōkami in her mouth.

Ulquiorra still held his emotionless face, but he was getting annoyed with her… she was so stubborn, she might just twist his hand. Hinata slammed into him and pushed him back… she knocked him off balance and did a kicking back flip and swung her armored feet, then her tail shot out and knocked him into the sky.

Hinata landed on her feet and looked up at Ulquiorra, who slid to a stop in the air… Ulquiorra looked down at Hinata. Hinata grippe Zangetsu in her hand, she swung it hard.

"GETSUGA TENSHO" yelled Hinata

Ulquiorra pointed his finger out, it started to glow once again.

"Cero" said Ulquiorra

The two moves collided… this time Hinata's Getsuga Tensho wrapped around it and rushed upwards, Ulquiorra wasn't fazed.

"Gran Rey Cero" said Ulquiorra

Hinata's Getsuga Tensho was pushed back at her… and approached fast… Hinata started to twitch violently as her 2nd tail sported, she let out a screamed and started to form a cero… this time it was glowing red.

"FIRE STYLE: CERO" yelled Hinata

Hinata fired a fiery beam of destruction from her mouth… it was strong enough to push back Ulquiorra's Gran Rey Cero. Once again, Ulquiorra didn't seem afraid… his finger just started to glow again.

"Gran Rey Cero… Doble" said Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra fired two Gran Rey Ceros in a row… the extra power pushed Hinata move right back at her. Hinata eyes dilated, she put up her arm to shield herself, and closed her eye. Ulquiorra noticed and acted on it… he flashed behind her and slashed into her cut and flashed away, the sudden pain made Hinata drop her guard… and took the blast full on.

Ulquiorra watched the massive explosion send sand and rocks as high as the clouds… his eyes flicked around as he looked for any signs of life. Ulquiorra pointed his finger forward again… he fired a cero thought the dust, to dispense it faster… his cero exploded in the distant.

Ulquiorra looked down and narrow his eyes… Hinata was still standing, her 3 tails unfurled around her, she had sprout her 3rd just before the attack… and used them as a shield. Hinata looked up at Ulquiorra… panting hard… she was burnt and bruised under her armor… Hinata took a deep breath in, but continued to pant.

Ulquiorra pointed his sword at Hinata.

"I must… as you humans say… tip my hat to you, you've pushed me to use my resurreccion" said Ulquiorra "Imprison, Murcielago"

Ulquiorra was surrounded by a black pillar with a green hue, it then started to rain on Hinata. Hinata started to look around, wounding what was happening.

'his reishi… it's so dense… so think… it turned into a liquid… is that possible?' thought Hinata

The reishi rain let up and Hinata's eyes widened at Ulquiorra form… his mask helmet expanded to its fullness, his hair was longer, went down to his mid back… and then his wings, his wings where a big as him… and reached an impressive 10 feet.

"Don't lower or guard… even for a moment" said Ulquiorra, then in a blink of an eye he was in Hinata face, his hand pulled back with an energy spear… or javelin. Hinata quickly swung Zangetsu and fired of a Getsuga Tensho… she rocketed back away from Ulquiorra… she panted hard as blood ran down her face.

"you used your Getsuga Tensho to block my attack… if you were a second slower… I'd have cut off your head" said Ulquiorra

Hinata just growled as her 4th tail grew out… Hinata gripped Zabimaru in her hand.

"BAN-KAI" yelled Hinata "Hihijoō Zabimari"

Hinata swung her arm out, making Hihijoō Zabimari lung forward… it opened its mouth to bite Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra put out his hands and caught the jaws… its started to form a large ball of energy in its mouth.

"Hikotsu Taiho" said Hinata, the energy grew brighter.

Ulquiorra just stared at it, not the least bit scared… he went to turn it away… but his hand, it wouldn't open… lighting coursed over his hand.

"LIGHTNING STYLE" yelled Hinata

Ulquiorra took the Hikotsu Taiho point blank… the energy shot Ulquiorra skywards… then when the blast was almost out of site, it exploded in a massive explosion. Hinata looked towards the sky… her eyes flicked around… she knew damn well he wasn't dead.

Hinata felt a dark pulse in the direction she sent Ulquiorra, she brought Hihijoō Zabimari back to her, and wrap around her like a shield.

"Cero Oscuras" came Ulquiorra's voice

Then a black cero came down on Hihijoō Zabimari, Hinata watched as Hihijoō Zabimari started to crack. Ulquiorra flashed in front Hinata, he pointed his palm forwards… his hand started to glow black. Hinata knew Hihijoō Zabimari would survive a second blast… she closed her eyes and made a choice.

'Sorry Hihijoō Zabimari' thought Hinata

"Cero Oscuras" said Ulquiorra

Hinata created an opening for herself and escaped just before her bankai was blown to bits, however Hinata didn't escape without getting hurt, she was clipped by the Cero Oscuras. Hinata hit the ground and rolled… she lay there for a few moments.

Ulquiorra walked over to her… slowly, being careful… expecting her to be baiting him in. Ulquiorra stood over Hinata… he used his foot to nudge her, no reaction. Ulquiorra narrowed his eyes as he saw Hinata breathing… he pulled back his arm.

"this is the end Hinata" said Ulquiorra summoning an energy javelin

Hinata sprang up and slashed Ulquiorra across his face… not that it matter, it just healed. Ulquiorra looked behind him to see Hinata's 5th tail sprout. Hinata opened her mouth and let Shiroi Okami drop from her mouth and into her left.

Hinata turned around and faced Ulquiorra… she pointed Zangetsu at him.

"Ban-Kai" said Hinata "Tensa Zangetsu"

Hinata blazed forward towards Ulquiorra just watched as she got closer… his hand shot out and he grabbed Hinata by the throat. Hinata growled and started to use smashed the handle of her swords into his face… he wasn't fazed.

"why do you try so hard?" asked Ulquiorra, ignoring the smacking "I am far stronger… you will die here if you continue to fight"

Hinata put her blade under his arm… then in one quick motion, cut his arm off. Before Hinata could hit the ground, Ulquiorra swung his wing at Hinata, smacking her into and thought a pillar. Ulquiorra looked over, he pointed his finger out.

"Gran Rey Cero" said Ulquiorra.

The Cero fired and hit the pillar, destroying it in an explosion. Ulquiorra once again stood and waited… he saw Hinata's silhouette in the smoke, a 6th tail sprouted… Hinata put Tensa Zangetsu in her mouth.

"Ban-Kai" yelled Hinata "Shiro Ōkami no Tsume"

"fool" said Ulquiorra

Hinata burst from the smoke and charged again… she started to wipe at him, reishi marks appeared in the sky where Hinata swung… Ulquiorra dodged effortlessly. Hinata growled and grit the handle of her blade in her mouth… she took a strong step forward, she pulled her hands back.

"Wolf Fang Fist" yelled Hinata

Hinata swiped at Ulquiorra hard, she swiped over and over and over again, her claws ripped into his flesh… but alas they healed. Hinata growled and poured chakra into Shiro Okami no Tsume… she pulled back her arm again.


Hinata ripped open a large gash on his chest… she reared her head back and pushed forward, Tensa Zangetsu pushed into his chest.

"GETSUGA TENSHO" yelled Hinata

The black flams pushed Ulquiorra back… he slid agents the roof of Las Noches. When the flames died down, he saw Hinata using the move similar to Grimmjow's.

"Ōkami joō no tsume" yelled Hinata, her 7th tail spouted.

Ulquiorra just took the hit… he slid back further, Hinata charged at him and started to swipe again… Ulquiorra reached up and grabbed Hinata by her throat with a bone crushing grip. He used his free hand and put it agents her chest.

"Cero Oscuras" said Ulquiorra

Hinata's body, accept for her head… was consumed in the black. Hinata screamed in pain and dropped her zanpakutō from her mouth. Shiroi Ōkami no Tsume slipped off her hands… Hinata head tilted back, then her hands reached up and grabbed his hand with all her strength.

"Why haven't you given up? Even faced with such an insurmountable imbalance of power… you still think you can beat me" said Ulquiorra

Hinata slowly looked up and just grinned, her teeth were all bloody from the fight.

"You think just because your stronger I will give up" said Hinata "you don't know me, I will never give up… so long as I can stand… I will fight you and I will beat you"

Ulquiorra closed his eyes and dropped Hinata to the ground.

"those words you speak… are of one who doesn't know true despair" said Ulquiorra, his power radiated "But I'll teach you… this is that true despair looks like"

=== Sakuichi and Orihime ===

Sakuichi was currently flapping her wings as hard as she could… she was flying upwards towards the canopy, she was holding Orihime who insisted on coming with her to help. Suddenly black reishi feel from the sky and cover them… it was all around them.

'is this reishi? It's so different… I've never felt anything like this… it's not just that it's powerful or massive. Its… alien. It's so thick and heavy it feels like something other than reishi… it feels like there's an ocean above the sky' thought Sakuichi, swallowing hard 'H-Hinata… please don't die'

=== Canopy ===

Hinata looked up at Ulquiorra as he was in his new… devilish form

"Resurreccion Segunda Etapa" said Ulquiorra "You should be proud… I've only shown this to Samara… not even Aizen knows about this"

Hinata pushed herself up, and got into her all fours position… she let out a growl.

"yet even facing me like this… you still have the will to fight me" said Ulquiorra, he saw the determination in her eye "Very well… I will show you the differences in our powers… even if I have to turn your body to dust"

Ulquiorra lower himself to the ground, he looked up at Hinata… in an instance Ulquiorra had his hand on her face and pushed her to the side, knocking her into the pillar over. Hinata bursts from the smoke… she had her hand pulled back, her claws posed to strike.

Ulquiorra vanished from site, he was above Hinata… he slammed his foot down at kicked her to the pillar, before she hit the ground Ulquiorra flashed in front of her. Ulquiorra pulled back his fist and went to punch, Hinata caught his fist, he tried again and she caught the other.

Ulquiorra's long tail shot out and hit her in the stomach, throwing her high towards the sky. Hinata threw her hands out and clawed the sky to come to a stop. Hinata panted hard… but had no time to recover as Ulquiorra was in her face again.

Ulquiorra pulled back his fist again, Hinata brought up her arms to shield herself… Ulquiorra tail wrapped around her leg, then threw her to the ground. Hinata hit the ground with a loud thud… she quickly pushed herself up and coughed blood. Hinata grit her teeth and throw her head back.

"GRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" howled Hinata, her 8th tail burst from her armor.

Ulquiorra narrowed his eyes… he dove down at Hinata, who was snarling at him. Ulquiorra dove down at Hinata with incredible speed, Hinata arched her head back and fired a massive cero. Ulquiorra flashed behind Hinata… his tail wrapped around her neck and squeezed.

Ulquiorra brought Hinata up, then slammed her into the ground multipliable times… he lifted her up. Hinata just hang there… she stirred and tighten her fist, still determent to fight him. Ulquiorra flew to the sky as fast as he could… Hinata dangled in the air as he flew upwards.

Ulquiorra snapped in multiple directions as he flew up towards the pillar, rocking Hinata around violently… he flew over the edge of the pillar and went higher. Ulquiorra then snapped down and dove… he reached incredible speeds, he flung Hinata forward and smashed her into the top of the pillar.

Ulquiorra landed and walked up to her… looking down on her. Hinata stirred again and started to push herself up, he wrapped his tail around her again… he pulled her up close… he put his finger right at her chest.

"HINATA" screamed Sakuichi

Ulquiorra turned his head and looked down… her saw Sakuichi and Orihime.

"Your just in time" said Ulquiorra "Your only hope… of winning this war, is about to die"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" screamed Sakuichi

"Gran Rey Cero Oscuras" said Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra's blast was intense, he compresses it to the smallest size he could… magnified the punch behind it… Hinata had a gaping hole in her chest… and out her back. Ulquiorra threw her down to Sakuichi and Orihime… Hinata lifeless body slammed into the ground by their feet, both girls are crying.

Hinata just lay there motionless… Sakuichi fell to her knees and cried, Orihime bend down… her hands started to glow and she put them to Hinata. Ulquiorra's eyes narrowed.

"No… I will not let you save her again" said Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra jumped down from the pillar, both Orihime and Sakuichi put themselves in front of Hinata… ready to protect her. Ulquiorra touched down a knelts for a moment… when he stood full his eyes widend.

"How… are you still alive?" asked Ulquiorra

Sakuichi and Orihime looked back to see Hinata standing full… 9 tails swished behind her. Hinata growled and turned her head… then she threw it back.


Hinata opened up her hand and Tensa Zangetsu flew to her hand… she swung it to her side, and took out a chunk of the building. Hinata stepped between Sakuichi and Orihime, she got in front of them… Hinata opened her mouth and a cero forming instantly… Ulquiorra's eyes widened… he quickly fired a Gran Rey Cero Oscura, the cero clashed… Hinata's pushed forward.

Ulquiorra flashed out of harm's way… he was panting, he took a step back… and bumped into Hinata.

'Impossible' thought Ulquiorra

Hinata grabbed Ulquiorra's left arm with her free hand… then she ripped it off. Hinata let out another howl as if celebrating what she did. Ulquiorra flashed away and landed… he grunted as his arm grew back. Ulquiorra just looked at Hinata, he put his hands together and summoned his reishi into a javelin again… it sparked with electricity

"Lanza Del Relampago" said Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra threw it at Hinata with all his strength… Hinata titled her to the side, the attacked missed and flew off into the distant. The attack hit something off in the distances… an exploded violently… sending sand high into the sky.

"I missed" said Ulquiorra… then he summoned a new one

Hinata flashed beside him again… she threw his arm at him. Ulquiorra swung his javelin and destroyed his old arm… then pulled back.

"Did you think I'd hesitate?" asked Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra went to throw… Hinata quickly reached out and grabbed the attack, she pushed her hand closer until she grabbed his.

'S-She stopped it? With her bare hand' thought Ulquiorra

Hinata gripped his hand tightly… she swung her foot around and knocked him to his feet… Hinata took a strong forward, then stomped on his chest. Hinata tilted her head back and let loose other howl… then stomped on his chest again.

Sakuichi and Orihime were trembling at Hinata's violent nature… hey watched as she continued to stomp on his chest. Out of the corner of her eye, Sakuichi saw something approach Hinata… it looked to be a little girl.

Sakuichi went to move, but Orihime stopped her.

"what are you doing… she gonna" started Sakuichi

"be the one to calm Hinata down… trust me" said Orihime

Hinata stompped her foot on Ulquiorra's head… she looked down at him as started to form a cero.

"no mercy… just like a hollow" said Ulquiorra, closing his eyes

Hinata cero got bigger… she was ready to fire.

"AHHHHH" came a cry

Hinata was knocked over… her cero fired off to the side and went into the distant, then exploded. Hinata pushed herself up and saw who pushed her… it was that little girl she saw on Halloween, Samara.

"AHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHH, AH AH AH AHHHHHHHHHH" cried Samara, putting herself between Hinata and Ulquiorra.

Hinata growled as she stood full… she let loose a howl, right in her face… but Samara didn't flinch… she just pulled out a tiny little Zanpakuto, then pointed it at Hinata.

"AHHHHH" said Samara

Ulquiorra looked up… he saw Hinata holding up her sword… ready to strike her. She brought her sword down… and he sprang into action. Ulquiorra shot in front of Samara and used his arms as a shield… Hinata stopped just before she hit him.

Hinata breathed out slowly… her since started to come back to her.

"What… what is the girl to you?" asked Hinata

Ulquiorra just blinked a few times… then spoke.

"she's is my daughter" said Ulquiorra

Hinata blinked a few times… she reached up and pulled off her mask, her armor shattered.

"I can't take your life… knowing you have a daughter" said Hinata "this fight is over… its clear I've won"

=== Nemu ===

Nemu was going thought Szayelaporro lab… not like he was going to need it anymore. Nemu put her hand on the wall as she walked thought the lab… her hand hit a button and turned on a recording, Nemu looked over and saw an Arrancar that wasn't Szayelaporro… he was very elderly and his brain was visible though a glass dome, the data was damaged… she could making out a the screams of agony and pain, as well as an angry scream.

"bzzzt log entry bzzzt… created 2 android to serve Lord Aizen bzzzzt successes… but something was worng bzzzt she was to kind bzzzt able to contain her bzzzt but other to strong bzzzt his rage is out of control bzzzt unstoppable… bzzzzzzzzzzt I dreamed of creating the world's strongest android… and I succeeded bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt"

The video died… Nemu looked around, that incident must have happened a long time ago. Nemu looked around the lab again… she put her hand against the wall, then her ear… she tapped the wall looking for a hidden room.

After 15 minutes of searching, Nemu found it… she ripped the door of the wall, and saw a small pod that held the android… on the front of it was the number 18. Nemu walked up and pushed the button to activate it… the door slowly started to open.

"Commence updates 1 of 8408" said a computer

"Fuck that" said Nemu ripping the door off.

Nemu looked in to see a young girl with blonde hair, her eyes slowly opened… she glance around, then looked over at Nemu.

"Hello." Said the Girl with a robotic voice, she then looked around "Where is. Dr. Gero."

"Your creator? I don't know… I think he died" said Nemu

"I see." said the robot girl, then looked over at Nemu, data flashed across her eyes "will you. Be 18's. new master"

Nemu blinked a few times

"ok" said Nemu

=== Las Noches ===

The Exequia squad leader looked up towards the sky… he felt that the enemy was still alive, then he felt Ulquiorra power down… he narrowed his eyes. He looked back at his army of 300 and pointed his sword upwards. Signaling to his men that they were to go kill everyone up there.

The Exequias started to take off towards the sky, they all landed on the roof… they all looked up towards the sky, ready to act. But a large wall of ice shot up and blocked there path, standing on the ice was Ino, Bardock and Rukia.

"do you fools really think you can stop me?" asked Exequias leader

"we won't know until we try" said Ino

"you will regret trying to take me on" said the Exequias leader, then pointed his sword at them. "CHARGE"

All three fighter jump down and started to cut thought the massive army.

Rukia twirled her sword around, then swung froze many of the Arrancar, she flashed past them… and they shattered into ice particals. Rukia since that where were more approaching her from behind… Rukia spun around and held out her sword… she created a circle and froze all the enemies with in it.

The ice cracked and exploded, Rukia dropped to her feet… even more coming at her. Rukia swung herself around stylishly and cut down each one that go near… they were so weak. Rukia then jumped back to dodge a strike from other one.

Ino used her fullbringer power to throw the enemies around like rag dolls… she hit them with a simple Mega Ton Punch and they were obliterated. Ino then noticed that the arrancars surrounded her… she looked around to see them all pointing their fingers at her.

"CERO" yelled all of the Arrancar

Ino threw her arms out to create a shield, they blasted at her countless times. Ino didn't let that scare her… she rose her foot up, and slammed it down. Piece of Las Noches shot up and knocked them all off their feet, the earth then became spikes and impaled them.

Ino looked back to see more and more coming, she popped her neck and readied herself.

Bardock was fighting without his zanpakutō, he summoned ki in his hand and fired a massive beam at the approaching enemy, killing them like nothing… Bardock, then spun around and swung his arm, busting one's head open… he then stomped on its neck. Bardock looked back to see even more coming at them.

"were are they coming from" said Bardock looking are, then he spotted the Exequias leader… who was in a tree like form, more and more hollows sprout from him like fruit. "YOU"

Bardocks screamed got Ino and Rukia to look over… Bardock fired a Ki blast, Rukia a blast of ice, and Ino a gust of wind. The leader didn't move as dozens of his men threw their selves into the blast, he just laughed and snicker at their faces.

"you are all doomed… I can create an endless amount of solders with ease" said the Exequias leader… then his head tilted up, his eyes narrowed.

The Exequias leader quickly flashed away… leaving the other surprised, after they killed the remaining solider he made they flashed after him… they appeared in Aizen's throne room. They saw two girls in brown suits placing furniture all over the place… as if they own it.

"HEY" yelled the Exequias leader, getting the girls with red skin and horns to look over. "what are you doing"

"Isn't it obvious" said the one with glass

"We have claimed this palace as our new vacation home… this will be so much nicer then that cottage next to blood lake in hell" said the two horn girl

Bardock, Rukia and Ino looked at each other… hey didn't know who these girls where.

"You talk as if hell is your home… you can't expect me to believe you are demons" said the leader, then laughed.

The two girls stood up full and smirked.

"How imprudent… sister, I contemplate it's time to give this Arrancar a schooling" said the two horned girl

"Yes sister" said the one with glasses

They smiled evilly as the tails whipped up, they snapped their fingers and where in some provocative black leather suits and there theme started to play

They slowly started to touch there body in a very suggestive manner.

"Break oh Earth" said the girls

They started to pull off there cloths, the one with two horns pulling off her scantys, while her sister pulling off her kneesocks.

"Dry up oh Sea" said the girls

They pulled off the article of clothes they held.

"Burn out oh Sun" said the girls

The sister with two horns twirled her scantys and they become revolvers, while her sister gripped her kneesocks and they became scythes.

"Grant us power Earthy leaders and gate keepers of Hell. Guild us makers of the underworld! We are high-class demon commanders" yelled the two

"Scanty" yelled the two horn demon, Scanty

"and I am here darling little sister, Kneesocks" said the one with glasses, Kneesocks

"Fastener" yelled there little pink pet

Everyone was shocked… but not more than the Exequias leader.

"Your shitting me, you're like for real demons?" said the Exequia leader, then he decided to go with the flow of things, he quickly turned around and jumped in front of them and pointed at the trio trying to kill him "Oh demons of hell, you have to trust me when I tell you this… these 3 are sinner, they rape, kill and eat small animals, children and the elderly"

"WHAT?" yelled the trio

The Exequias started to dance around, thinking he's won the demon's favor.

"boom tisk boom tisk" sang the Exequias leader, then he stopped and pointed at them with a laugh "hahahahaha, too bad you didn't kill me when you had the chance"

Kneesocks and Scanty looked at each other… Kneesocks rose her scythe.

"Those who wish to align themselves with hell" said Kneesocks, cutting down the leader "must first be trained"

The leader boiled and bubbled until his muscles doubled in size. He turned around and knelt to the demon sister.

"How my I serve the?" asked the former Exequias leader

"Go to hell… and assist the Kushanāda in maintaining the peace in hell" said Scanty, pointing to the side and opening a portal

"Yes, I shall leave at once" said the Arrancar who now served hell

Once he entered the portal it closed, the two demons resumed what they were doing… they even offer Rukia, Bardock, and Ino some refreshing drinks.

=== Yammy ===

Yammy looked up towards the sky, he snorted and shook his head… he could tell, Ulquiorra was now siding with Hinata and the leaf. Yammy then felt someone strong coming in close… he looked back down to see Kenpachi walking towards him… Yachiru riding on his back, Grimmjow was also tailing behind him… with Nel on his back. he knew Grimmjow would try anything… but the other one.

"so you're the small fry the killed Nnoitora" said Yammy, then snorted "you're not that strong… I could smash you like a bug"

Kenpachi just smiled… he pulled out his sword, signaling Yachiru to hop away… she landed on Grimmjow's shoulder… then he quickly flashed away to safety. Kenpachi flashed past Yammy... blood sprayed from his leg, he howled in pain.

Yammy turned around and swung his fist at Kenpachi… Kenpachi brought up his sword and blocked the attack, he slid across the sand. Kenpachi just grinned… he charged at Yammy, he jumped and flew over Yammy, and cut his shoulder.

Yammy yelled in pain as blood gushed from his shoulder, he turned and faced Kenpachi… he pulled out his Zanpakuto and clashed with Kenpachi. Kenpachi's eye burned with excitement… he pushed agents Yammy's blade and started to push him back.

Yammy growled and opened his mouth, fireing a massive Cero at Kenpachi. Kenpachi's figure was engulfed in the light from the Cero, Yammy no longer felt anything pushing agesnt him… he grin.

"when will you Arrancar learn" said Kenpachi, his figure reappearing… slightly burnt "that your Cero's do nothing to me"

Kenpachi kicked Yammy in the gut, throwing him back… Kenpachi took a step forward… he held his sword up.

"Fluttershy yooooooooooooou fuuuuuuuucking biiiiiiiiiitch" came a scream


Kenpachi looked at his sword to see Discords head… his eye where crossed and his tongue was hanging out.

"Huh? Did I kill you?" said Kenpachi scratching his head

"BLOOOOOOOOOOD" came a scream

Kenpachi looked up to see Fluttershy dive bomb at Yammy, she sank her fangs deep his shoulder. Yammy let out a girly scream when he saw Fluttershy's bat like wings… spouting how he is afraid of bats. Yammy started to use his other arm and started to beat her and hit her in the face.

Fluttershy sucked until she got her fill, Yammy's arm shriveled up and dead. Fluttershy jumped off of him and landed by Kenpachi, she was licking her lips.

"hmmmmm, taste like it had sake in it" said Fluttershy

"YOU FUCKING BITCH" yelled Yammy, looking over at her

"Where are you looking" said Kenpaching, cutting off the dead arm… with Discord still on his sword

"WEEEEEEEEEEEE" said Discord


Yammy turned his attention to Kenpachi he pointed his palm towards him and started to form a cero. Fluttershy used her insainly fast speed and cut off his arm, causing him to fire a more powerful Cero at Kenpachi and Discord.

"FUCKING CUUUUUUUUUUUNT" scream Yammy, now armless

Thee smoke cleared, Kenpachi and Discord both coughed up smoke… Kenpachi looked over at Fluttershy, who was licking her lips at her prize. Fluttershy took a bite with a joyfully look… that quickly turned into discust.

"GROOOOOOOOOOOSS" cried Fluttershy

Fluttershy throw the arm to the side and started to spit out the nasty blood… she wiped her tounge with her hand, not understanding why it taste so bad. Yammy let out other growl, he stomped on his sword to lunch it into the air… he bite down on the handle and growled again.

"ENRAGE, IRA" screamed Yammy… growing to massive size.

Fluttershy looked up at the towering Yammy… her eyes slowly widened.

"Oh duh" said Fluttershy palming her head "it's like mother always said… blood taste best when it's still being pumped from the heart"

Fluttershy then looked over and pointed her finger at Kenpachi

"No killing him… I plan to bleed him dry" said Fluttershy

"excuse me? I was here first… he's my kill" said Kenpachi

Fluttershy instantly pushed her face into his… she started to poke his chest.

"You wanna rumble with me buddy? I killed the Lord of fucking Chaos today" said Fluttershy

"Technically… you only beheaded me and prevented me from restoring my body" said Discord

"SHUT UP" yelled Fluttershy

Kenpachi just grinned… he pushed agents her face.

"Ah, so what if you killed your father, that doesn't mean I'll let you take my kill" said Kenpachi

"Again, not dead" said Discord

"SHUT UP" yelled Kenpachi

Yammy charged at the two, bring his face down to their level.


Both Fluttershy and Kenpachi spun around and slammed their hands in his face.

"STAY OUT OF THIS" yelled Fluttershy and Kenpachi

Kenpachi threw his sword the ground and brought his fist up.

"come on bitch… you wanna fight, then let fight" said Kenpachi

Fluttershy just grinned and put up her fist… the two stepped back from each other… then started to punch each other. Discord looked up at the two and watched as they punch each other face… both scowling at each other.

'Barbarians… there beating the shit out of each just to see who will kill Yammy' thought Discord rolling his eyes

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE" yelled Yammy, his foot above the two

He slammed his foot down… hopping to crush them, both brought their hands up and caught his foot… they both pushed agents it and knocked him on his back. They both started to punch each other again… hitting each other as hard as they could.

This went on for a very long time, both had bloody and bruised faces… there knuckles where swollen from hitting so hard. Both of them panted hard… showing that they both where missing a few teeth. Unknown to them they accidently killed Yammy awhile ago… he had tried to interrupt them countless times, then after two well-placed punches to the nose that caused bone fragments to ricochet around in his brain… he drop dead.

The two continued to stand off… they both pulled back their heads, then head-butted each other as hard as they possibly could, blood trickled down both their head… their eyes rolled back… and they collapsed to the sand.

=== Hinata ===

Hinata was currently jumping down from the canopy… Sakuichi was holding onto Orihime as they descended. Ulquiorra was back in his normal form… Samara was holding onto his neck as they descended to the desert ground.

After touching down Orihime was quickly tackled by Rukia who hugged her closely… then Suu came in out of know where and wrapped her slimy arms around them. Rukia flinched hard… then blinked at Suu, who mimicked her.

"Orihime… w-what is that" said Rukia, looking at Orihime and pointed at Suu

"Orihime… w-what is that" said Suu, mimicking Rukia's voice

Rukia did a double take and looked at Suu… who did a double take and looked at Rukia.

"Rukia… this is Suu, she's… well… she's technically our daughter… I made her" said Orihime, then she looked at Suu "Suu… this is Rukia, your other mommy"

Suu looked over and smiled, she tackled Rukia… pushed her into her breast, then into her slime body.

Hinata smile that she was able to reunite them… she looked over at Ulquiorra to see Samara nibbling on his horn, Hinata knew that she did the right thing in sparing him.

"HINATA" yelled a voice

Hinata looked over to see Grimmjow… Nel was drooling on his head as she sucked on his hair.

"I think this" said Grimmjow, holding Nel by her shirt "belongs to you"

Hinata took Nel from Grimmjow, who once he was free from her… shook his head, sending the drool flying in two directions… hitting Sakuichi, and Ino who was just about to wave at the group. Both girl just stood there… they blinked, then wiped the drool from their faces. Grimmjow just pointed and laughed… upsetting the two… both glared at him.

"Oh shut up… that was funny" said Grimmjow, then snicker again "Whats wrong Sakura… Ino, I thought you two would be parents by now"

Sakuichi put her zanpakutō way, then popped her neck… Ino deactivate her Full Bringer powers, then they both looked over at Grimmjow.

"Do we know you?" asked Sakura

Grimmjow just grinned… his Sharingan activated.

"Well… yes in fact… you two use to be my fan girls" said Grimmjow

Both their eyes widened and nearly popped… they pointed and looked over at Hinata, who nodded, they looked back.

"Sasuke?" said Both girl

Grimmjow just grinned and nodded his head

"In the flesh… soul" said Grimmjow

"How is that possible… Hinata killed you" said Ino

"It's simple really" said Unohana as she walked up "as you now the soul society is were good souls go when they die, right?" Sakura and Ino nodded, then Unohana gestured "well, this is where souls know as hollows go… your friend, or whatever Sasuke was to you became a hollow the moment he died, and came here"

Ino and Sakura nodded, then looked over at Hinata again.

"so… why is it you didn't kill him" asked Sakura

"I had to much fun fighting him" said Hinata

"Figures" said Ino, with a roll of her eyes and a smile

Both girls stepped up and hugged Hinata… then a shadow past over them, they looked up to see Nemu and her new android assistant 18. They both touched down, Nemu was quickly greeted by Sakura and pulled into a kiss. 18 just stood there and blink… she waited for her master to finish, once they pulled apart Sakura looked over… to see 18 staring.

"uh… do you mind?" asked Sakura

"Mind what?" asked 18 tilting her head

Nemu started to explain to Sakura who 18 was… and that she'd be helping with stuff around that house.

=== Kenpachi and Fluttershy ===

Both fighter were still out cold… Rainbow Dash walked up and smiled, Fluttershy had a smile on her face. Rainbow Dash looked up slightly… and she saw Discords head on Kenpachi's sword… she just had to smile.

"Serves you right you evil asshole" said Rainbow Dash

"yeah yeah fuck you to" said Discord, getting Rainbow Dash to jumped, then she held her side in pain

Rainbow Dash as long since been healed… but she was still very sore from it. Bardock touched down next to her, he looked down at Kenpachi… who also had a smile on his face.

"those two… they must have beat the shit out of each other" said Bardock, then rubbed his chin, he looked over to see Yammy's dead body "Knowing who they are… I beat they were fighting over him"

Rainbow Dash just nodded her head.

=== Hinata ===

Hinata was sprawled out on the ground… she was being healed by Unohana, Isane, Sakura and Nemu… they wanted to make sure she was at full power when she went to attack Aizen. With their normal route of getting home block, Grimmjow and Ulquiorra where going to open a Garganta, and assist Hinata to the fight.

The other where going to stay behind, as some still needed to heal, and other knew they'd just get in the way… as they weren't strong enough to help. After Hinata was fully healed, she stood up and popped her neck.

"Lets go" said Hinata

Ulquiorra and Grimmjow nodded their head, Ulquiorra opened the garganta… then the three jumped into the garganta.

=== Garganta ===

Grimmjow and Hinata ran side by side as Ulquiorra created the path for them… Hinata pulled out Zangetsu and quickly went Bankai. Grimmjow looked over at her and smile.

"that's a really good idea… your gonna want to hit him as hard as you" said Grimmjow

Ulquiorra looked back and gave a nod.

"Grimmjow is right… you mustn't waste this chance to get in a free attack" said Ulquiorra "I must insist… you use your hollow powers at its fullest"

"Yeah, I agree with Ulquiorra… Aizen's been working on this plan for years, he probably prepare for anything" said Grimmjow

Hinata nodded her head… she put her hand over her face and summoned her armor… with all nine tails.

"Let's go… lets end this war" said Hinata, gripping her sword tightly.

Hinata pushed ahead of Ulquiorra… her reishi was so thick and in control, she greeted a massive walk way for them… Hinata saw light at the end of the Garganta… she pushed thought it, shattering it like glass.

Hinata looked down slightly… her eye widend, she was right behind Aizen… Hinata put both hands on her sword. She poured her chakra into it, charging it up to a massive scale… it radiated with reishi.

"GETSUGA TENSHO" screamed Hinata

Hinata swung her sword with all her might, hitting Aizen in the back of the neck… her chakra created a massive explosion, one that filled the sky… one that could be heard for miles around.