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Chapter 1

Caitlyn's POV

I sigh disheartened. I am sat on the pier at Camp Rock at midnight waiting for my boyfriend that know one knows about not even my best friend Mitchie.

"Being waiting long?" asks a voice

I turn and smile at my boyfriend. Nate Gray yes that Nate Gray from Connect 3, the hottest boy band in the world. But he's all mine ok I'm being a bit possessive.

"Caity," he calls breaking my train of thought.

"Mmmm," I murmur

"What ya thinking about?" asks Nate

"You," I reply with a smile and glance up at the moon.

"What about now?" asks Nate wrapping an arm around my waist.

"How cold I am," I reply

Nate shrugs out of his jumper and wraps it round my shoulders.

"I guess I should get you get back to your cabin," says Nate

"Or yours," I say

"The guys," Nate reminds me

"You have your own cabin," I remind him.

"So I do," says Nate

"And I want nothing more then to fall asleep in your arms tonight," I whisper as we make our way there.

"You've become very mushy very recently," smirks Nate as they walk to Nate's cabin.

No one's POV

"It's you," sighs Caitlyn

"Did I do something wrong?" asks Nate

"No it's from dating you. When you start dating someone they bring out new things in you. In this case you've made me mushy," smiles Caitlyn

"It suits you," says Nate

Caitlyn yawns.

"Let's get you to bed," says Nate

Caitlyn nods resting her head on Nate's shoulder. She lets out a squeak as Nate scoops her up into her arms.

"Nate put me down," she giggles

"You can sleep," smiles Nate still walking

"Put me down I weigh more then your average backpack," says Caitlyn

"Caitlyn Marie Gellar you are not fat nor heavy," says Nate

"I am," protests Caitlyn

"No your not," says Nate dropping her on the bed

Caitlyn pouts but soon that pout turns into a graceful smile as she drifts of to sleep Nate following her soon after.

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