So I have long loved SP and have wanted to do a piece based on the Aki/Ueno chapters, exploring Aki's life prior to meeting Ueno and then covering their encounter and what happens following their second meeting after Aki has left his master. I looked and couldn't find a name for Aki's owner, so I made one up. If anyone knows the man's name and would like to leave that information in a review or PM me I would be most appreciative.


Warning: If you're not familiar with SP and the "Toy in the Closet" chapter, it contains mature content with an S and M bent, which will be explored in greater depth in this fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sensitive Pornograph or any of its characters. So wish I did, as I find the stories in it… this one in particular, quite moving.

The Closet Door Opens

Chapter One: Aki's World

Aki lay naked in the dark, arms cuffed behind him, legs bound together. He was drooling around the ball gag that was holding his mouth slightly open, the strap of it cinched tight around the back of his head. His ass was still pulsing from the punishment given to him before he'd been put away.

Already lean, his lithe form had become increasingly angular of late: the omission of a meal was something that was becoming unfortunately common. His stomach growled. His master, Daisuke, had failed to feed him that morning. Aki found himself wondering how long he would be confined today, as the periods of time his owner "put his toy away" had also been increasing.

What if this one time he doesn't return?

A rope of fear suddenly knotted in Aki's empty belly.

The slender teen shifted slightly, trying to find a more comfortable arrangement for his constrained limbs, but such a position eluded him. As he had so often in the past weeks, once again in the dark quiet of the closet,trying to distract himself from the mounting aches in his muscles, Aki found himself wondering how it was exactly he'd gotten to this place.

The truth of the matter was actually quite simple: he'd always been incredibly pliant.

An unwanted child born to a poor single mother, from the time he was a baby, he had always willingly done almost anything in his attempts to earn a love that, in reality, simply didn't exist.

He was a bright boy and very resourceful, despite the poor conditions of his childhood. When it became clear to him that the woman who bore him would never show him any affection he had begun, early on, seeking love from others, or what passed as love to him at least.

The first time he had ever felt anything even remotely akin to tenderness was from one of his mother's lovers. This was after a number of excruciating minutes, when the man had just been anything but. So, in some ways then, it wasn't surprising really that he had come to couple intimacy with violence.

A quick study, Aki had learned quickly what to do to keep the pain at bay and the man's hands gentle, well, gentler anyways. He carried out this pattern later with a number of his mother's other lovers. The men never complained since he was such a rapid learner, eager to please, and always willing, which is much more than could be said of his mother.

Then six months ago his mother had caught him.

She'd known actually for some time what was going on when she left him alone in the apartment with her lovers, or when she'd awaken in the night and find the space empty in the bed next to her.

She was also well aware of why her son favored turtle necks and long sleeved shirts. She watched with shrewd eyes the limp he often had in the mornings, the tender way he would sit when she'd allow it, and when she wouldn't, her son's pained movements when Aki was cleaning or cooking for her.

Still, until that specific moment, however, She hadn't particularly cared, as the men gave her money regardless, and it often saved her from having to pleasure them herself. But as Aki had become older, his age more acceptable, and his pale, mixed-blood beauty increased, her beautiful bastard had begun to unknowingly threaten her as competition.

In fact, this new lover of hers had been particularly blatant about Aki's desirability. So, when the man had threatened to take him and leave her behind without support, as soon as she had the chance, after seducing the man back into her bed, of course; she had beaten her pale-haired son and thrown him out permanently.

Within his closet, Aki culled through his tragic past with little emotion. He was idly wondering about this last man and if he was still with his mother, when he heard the apartment door open.

His heart began to beat wildly when he heard the heavy footsteps moving towards his enclosure. By now, Aki knew the sound of his master's footfalls by heart and he had no doubt that whoever it was that was in the apartment in this moment, it was not Daisuke.

Aki bent his head hiding his sensitive eyes from the light when, suddenly, the closet door opened and a pair of large, rough hands picked him up by his bindings and drug him out.

"Here, Boy."

Daisuke set a bowl on the floor filled with the scraps of the dinner the youth had so carefully cooked for him. Aki took it with shaky hands as he sat on the floor next to the couch. He ate the food slowly despite how hungry he was, trying to savor it, not knowing when he would get to eat again.

His limbs still ached from their earlier confinement. His ass and his jaw ached too, from the ravishing the stranger had done to him that afternoon. Aki put his nose into the bowl and breathed in the scraps' spices, trying to obscure the lingering scent his attacker had left on him. He hoped his master would allow him to bathe soon. He felt so dirty, his thighs streaked with dried spend, well aware too, that traces of the man still sat inside him.

Watching from beneath long lashes, Aki kept his head slightly bowed as his master went over to the brand-new, flat screen and inserted a jump drive into a port on its side.

"Get me a beer, Pet."

Without question, Aki set his bowl down and rose to fetch the beer.

"Did I say you could walk?"

"No, Daisuke-sama," Aki whispered sinking weakly to his knees.

"Crawl then." Daisuke did not even bother to look at his pet as he sat heavily back down on the couch, picked up one of the numerous remotes off the coffee table, and began pushing buttons.

Aki did as he was ordered and brought the requested beverage back. Again, his master took the chilled bottle without looking at him. The teen dropped his head when finally Daisuke turned his attention full upon him.

A hard hand gripped under his chin, lifting Aki's face. Raising his dark eyes hesitantly, Aki was surprised to see his master smiling at him. When Daisuke did this, Aki's heart began to race in a different way.

His master's smile was surprisingly sweet; it was part of why he had fallen so quickly for Daisuke. Little had he known, when he first met the man who would become his master, of the cold heart and cruel mind disguised beneath the beguiling grin.

"You did pretty well today, Aki-chan. It's been high time you started earning your keep around here. No free rides in life, you know," Daisuke's tone contained just enough softness to tease his boy's deep longing for praise.

Daisuke laughed seeing the blush this brought to his pet's pale cheeks. He patted the cushion next to him inviting Aki up. Aki's eyes widened. It had been weeks since he'd been allowed to sit on the couch.

Setting his half-empty bowl down on the floor, he willed himself not to look at it too longingly, in the hopes that Daisuke would permit him to return to it later.

He stopped immediately after putting slender arms on the edge of the sofa to crawl up, when his master barked out, "Put the blanket down first, you're filthy! I don't want your dirt getting on the cushions."

Daisuke nodded his auburn head towards the blanket folded on the edge of the couch.

Blushing darkly, Aki did as he was told and then climbed up. He soon found himself curled on his side, his head resting on his master's thigh. The cushions felt luxurious after his weeks on the floor, the soft fabric of the blanket soothed his naked, abraded skin (it had been months since he'd worn any clothes in the apartment).

Daisuke ran his thick fingers through Aki's sweat-matted silver mane. Even though his motions pulled his hair at times, Aki's heart felt like it might burst, this was the most affection he had been shown in days.

"I should have sold your ass earlier, Aki," Daisuke murmured looking down on the submissive teen lying beside him. "I wanted to make sure you had enough training beforehand, however.

"It was well worth the wait. The man was well pleased and you brought a good price."

"And," Daisuke sounded quite satisfied, "I never realized how entertaining you could be."

He pressed a button on the remote and his pet was shocked to suddenly see a view of the apartment displayed on the screen. It took everything Aki had not to jump up and flee the couch, but there was a hard hand tightly wound in his hair.

Setting the remote on the arm of the sofa, Daisuke's other hand drifted down and came to rest on one of Aki's bruised ass cheeks: a not so subtle reminder of his ownership and what would happen if he was displeased.

Aki felt hot tears well up, as he watched the large businessman enter the apartment, walk purposefully over to the closet, and pull him out. He tried to close his eyes when he saw the edited episode switch to a new camera angle as the man began his assault.

Still, even sightless, the audio rang clearly in his ears.

His dark eyes snapped back wide however, when he felt a sharp pain in his scalp as his hair was roughly pulled.

"Open!" Daisuke ordered in a dangerous tone.

Obeying instantly, Aki watched his own violation, the images blurred by the tears streaming down his face. The length of the video seemed almost as interminable as the actual incident.

Daisuke lifted Aki's head up by his thick silvered mane and leered at him as his other hand rubbed the wicked arousal bulging beneath his jeans.

"I bet you're still hungry, Aki-chan. Why don't I give you something more to fill your mouth and your belly?"

Aki didn't hesitate to slip off the couch and down between his master's splayed legs, grateful for the distraction. He waited as Daisuke pulled his engorged erection out of his pants, then he leaned in immediately to take Daisuke's cock into his mouth, attending to it in the ways he'd been trained.

He tried hard to make his master groan loud enough through his skilled manipulations that it blocked out the cries, gasps, and smacks that sounded from the flickering screen behind him.

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