She never quite knew what was happening.

Even when she thought she knew something, she didn't. And that frustrated her. Isn't she a princess? Shouldn't she know everyone? Shouldn't she have known the real Sylth from an imposter?

Shouldn't she have known that he was dead? Killed by one stupid accident? Did they know who grieved the most?

It was her.

No eating, no sleeping. She couldn't think that he could die so easily. Wasn't he invincible? A powerful mage? Mel was nice, but she wasn't Sylthfarn. She never was. Everyone seemed to move on, but she was just there, being a useless little princess.

That hurt.

But she'd sit here for years, until she could find her new self. A self that will be strong enough to deal with everything, she wanted to move on. However, she'd never forget. Not like so many people did, because of the new crisis.

When Mel came years later, she was surprised. Maybe she shouldn't have been, but her own mask was cracking.

She was just like him…really.

Seraphia decided running away seemed more appealing than staying. Flowers seemed rather nice for her.

Returning to the castle, seeing all the happiness when Mel made her first appearance to the crowd, it was amazing to her. But Seraphia was not surprised at all. All these people; Fern, Glenn, Vaith, Yue, they felt so gleeful. Seraphia felt a slight twinge of envy, but that was alright. She was human, even though she was a princess.

She was strong. And if she wasn't now, she would be later. She'd contribute as more than some damsel in distress.

Because Seraphia was the one who knew Slythfarn the best, she'd get to know Merleawe just as well. After all, a princess was strong.

And Seraphia would be too.

:D Well...I saw in reviews for Reflection that I should write something else for the fandom. So here it is. It's short and crappy, and most likely OOC (because I finished the series a while ago), but I still hope you all like. Reviews are appreciated.