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Everybody things that I have it all but its so empty living behind these castle walls... these castle walls...If I should tumble if I should fall would anyone hear me screaming behind these castle walls?

Julia could see a storm brewing in Darcy's eyes in the split second before he threw her to the ground causing her to smack her head on the dresser behead her. He grabbed her by the shoulders forcing her to her feet.
"Your my wife meaning I get to say what goes and therefore who you can speak to, and HE ISNT one of them Julia. Do you understand?" yelled Darcy as he began to shacking Julia violently causing her head to jolt backwards uncontrollably.
"Darcy please I..." Julia didn't even get to finish her sentence before he threw one last punch knocking her unconscious on the cold floor underneath his feet.

Darcy had decided to take a long vacation with some of his friends down in buffalo to
avoid the sight of his wife. The rage in him built every time he saw her face, he had less and less control over his temper so didn't want to risk the chance of it flaring up...again.
Julia on the other hand was trying to recover from the huge gash she had running down her lip, that along with the discoloration around her eye from where Darcy had struck her a few days previously. Most of the swelling had gone down taking with it some evidence of foul play. She hadn't wanted to go in looking like she did mainly for two very compelling reasons. The blatantly obvious was that she hadn't wanted William to see her in such an unattractive state. The other reason was that she just knew he would notice meaning he would be digging for answers.

Julia had finished her report on a case Murdoch was working on when she heard the morgue doors slam shut and the voice that sent chills racing down her body like a wild fire. Heat began to rise in her cheeks forming a crimson blush to spread down her cheeks. All this was exactly what Darcy had gotten so upset about only a few days ago and yet she wouldn't care less. Her mind was clouded preventing her from thinking straight.
"JULIA" yelled William as he stood in front of her. The sound of shock had made his voice crack.
She was startled to see him holding her face, examining it from every with way as his eyes traced around her face until they came to her eyes.

"George told me up looked as though somebody had hit you. I didn't believe him but wanted to check anyway and I'm bloody well glad I did. Julia what happened, who did this to you?" questioned William as he stared longingly into her eyes awaiting a response.

Julia, visibly shaken by his words and how out of character William had just been couldn't formulate the answers she needed before he had chance to pry any further. Her mind had once again failed her and all she could do was look down to the ring on her finger, tugging at in and twirling it around in an anxious manner, so she wasn't reminded of who had gotten it her.

Momentarily, William glanced down to see what she was doing before it hit him.
"Darcy" announced William as the anger seeped into his voice and was now clearly on display for all to see. Uncertain whether she had interpreted his words correctly, Julia leaned forward and, in a apprehensive tone replied with the only word that seemed to surface in her mind" Pardon?"
"Did he do this to you. Was this Darcy?" Shrieked William.
"William please it doesn't matter." Pronounced Julia with a faint smile on her face to try and get him to drop the subject in hand, steering her eyes downwards
as if desperately trying to avoid eye contact with the detective whom stood in front of her only a couple of centimetres away.
"Of course it matters Julia he had no right to do that to you! He clearly doesn't deserve you!" roared William but before Julia had chance to assemble her thoughts she felt a warm hand brush across her cheek soon to be joined by the soft lips that positioned themselves on hers. Julia's legs began to weaken when she felt the tip of the tongue push its way into her mouth stealing a sweet moan from the doctor by doing so. Sadly the other party withdrew leaving the doctor in disbelieve.

Could such a spontaneous action come from such an unpresumptuous man?
"I...apologise Dr. But I don't feel bad for doing that. You desire better than a man that believes he can abuse you. Julia we had magic and I believe you feel the same."
"Detective" said a covetousness voice.
William looked down at Julia with lust filled eyes only to have her emerald green eyes staring back at him anxiously awaiting his next move.
William slid his arms around Julia's waist pulling her closer into him as he trailed soft kissed up her neck making her moan softly. William fed on her soft moans and so instinctive moves hit into motion as he playfully bit her neck this made the Dr. Let out a shocked gasp allowing Murdoch to usher her head upwards so he could have her start opening her mouth to receive the warmth of his tongue whilst she was urgently running her fingers through his hair.
"If just one more moan leaves your lips I'm going to react with a public indecency." Warned William with a slight devilish look in his eyes, the fire burning brightly.

Julia breathing was shaky as she responded by saying" oh really detective and there i was thinking we were already doing so." Julia finished with a devilish giggle and mounded loudly as William took his teeth to her neck.
Like promised William reacted, he propelled them across the room and into the morgue wall.
"Will...iam." yelped Julia as he pushed ripped the buttons clean off her top and trailed his lips all over her chest before biting her collar bone.
"How scandalous, detective," Julia only laughed as she enjoyed the feeling he was giving her. She wanted to experience making love with him, no matter who objected. Julia impatiently pulled at William's tie and through it to the ground which was soon followed by his shirt.
"Let me satisfy you," panted William.
Julia knew she didn't want anyone interrupting this meeting and so pushed William out of the way so she could slid down the wall and to her feet.
"One second William" retorted Julia as she raced to the morgue doors only to swiftly lock them with one flick of the rist.
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