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Julia had just locked the doors and was ready to pounce on William to pick up where they had left, when there was sudden thumping on the morgue doors.
Julia leaned towards William and gently whispered into his ear, with a mischievous grin spreading across her face. "Just ignore them, they will soon st..." she didn't even get to finish her sentence as there was once again a loud thumping at the door but this time there was a sense of urgency to it. The doctor grew so frustrated and stomped her feet impatiently on the floor and yelled out heatedly "What!"

The person on the other side of the door had obviously been taken aback by the Dr's outburst not to mention her tone; and as was William. William felt the air like static electricity which compelled him to take Julia into an embrace by the waist creating a spark that shot between them. They were drawn towards one another leaning against the wall near the morgue doors for support. William starting to tenderly explore her mouth which was creating her head to spin and her blood too become heated, in even the most intimate of places. She had lost all control and had been rendered weak by his touch. William was confident and in control he was unafraid of his true feelings at last and it showed; she'd never felt such passion nor been treated with such reverence before and it thrilled her all consuming to her very core. Rational thought had left her; William had the power to make her forget everything, leaving only that moment in time. In almost a dream like state she was brought slowly back to reality realising the noise wasn't just her heart pounding in her chest, blood causing heatedly through her veins but somebody banging, crashing urgently at the morgue doors.

"Dr you must open up! Please" it was George. William and Julia instantly sprang apart and created a distance between themselves, both were disorientated from the intensity of what they had been feeling a brief moment ago but immediately concerned, -What could possibly be so urgent so important that had brought George to the morgue at such an hour. Julia tried to focus her thoughts as she found herself automatically opening the door. Constable Crabtree barged his way through the two people who stood in front of him (, unaware of any previous tension) holding in his strong arms was a large figure; covered protectively in a sheet`

"George what on earth is the matt..." William was unable to finish, all his words melting away. He just stood in astonishment as he saw George place the still unmoving body on the autopsy table. Murdoch was shockingly taken aback as he realised who was lying there.

Why is everybody so quiet? And George what could possible reason do you have for coming to the morgue at such and hour? Questioned the young pathologist as she made her way past the two officers her eyes coming into focus on the still form carefully placed on the cold morgue slab.

Julia's stood transfixed staring at Darcy her husband. His body was cold to the touch, his skin unusually pale. Julia searched frantically for any signs of life, she could find none. His body lying there looked so peaceful, as if he were sleeping. How could he look to peaceful when Julia felt pain unlike anything before , how could he look the same as always when nothing would ever be the same again.. Julia couldn't come to turns with what was going on and felt as though she was in a bad dream. One where there was no way out. Julia was in a state of shook, disbelief even.

"Darcy please...come on!" yelled Julia through the tears and emotion that cracked her voice. "Wake up

Julia tried to scream when he wouldn't wake, but no sound would come out. She looked into Darcy's peaceful yet lifeless eyes imagining them to be starting accusingly at her. Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably her heart heavy with a sense of loss and guilt. She couldn't breath, everything felt as though it was closing in on her, she felt physically sick even her body began to convulse violently. Air, she needed air this couldn't be happening she was having a bad dream, hallucinating -she had to get out of there. Julia didn't even cast a glance up at William or George before she was off and running.

"Dr Ogden I'm so sorry I..." George had no time to finish as he was interrupted by Julia making a hasty retreat out of the door.
"Julia! "..Julia come back" yelled William. His voice brimmed with concern. "George I'll be back I have to ..."
Detective Murdoch wasted no more time before he ran out after Julia. The streets of Toronto were, pitch black, the only light was that of the street lamps surrounding small areas of nearby buildings, Letting out a dim glow like that of fireflies. Growing more concerned for every second that was wasted having not located her he ran on. The stinging rain impaired his vision and made it virtually impossible to see let alone hear her cries. But at last he caught sight of her. He saw her fall to the ground like a marinate doll that had, had it strings cut. She lay in the middle of the cold wet street sobbing and occasionally cursing into the darkness. William was saddened more than he ever thought possible at the sight of Julia the woman he'd always loved lying there, broken and in so much pain it took every ounce of willpower to stop himself crying out.. William scooped Julia up covering her fragile cold body with his own jacket the young pathologist sobbed and collapsed into his arms her head resting on the young detective's still warm chest. He knew she was in pain and just held her, wishing he could shelter her from not only the rain but all life's pain. "William I...I feel awful. This entirely my fault" Julia's voice broke at the end as the emotion became overwhelming.

William held Julia even tighter gently rocking her as you would a child, "Julia that's nonsense now you come with me and lets both get inside. We are all here for you to help you through this. He gave her a weak yet reassuring smile and whipped her tears away. Her skin was like stone cold porcelain; pale and cold to the touch and William felt pain so intensely a solitary tear ran unheeded down his cheek mixing with the cold stinging rain.

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