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Chapter 1: The Accident

"Yeah just give her usual medication for now. I'll check up on her when I get there" A man in his early 20's said to a woman on the phone while driving his car.

"What time will you be here?" The woman inquired.

"I'll be there in around thirty minutes I guess, I'm near the off ramp and I'll be—"The man continued to talk when suddenly a car swerved in front of him making him slam on the brakes screeching to a full stop after a few feet. He exhaled in relief to see he hadn't hit the car. His relief however, was cut short when he heard tires screeching making him turn to look at the rear-view mirror just to see a car swerving trying to stop before it hits him. Luckily the out-of-control vehicle managed to evade his car, but unfortunately hit a truck on the side which caused the truck to ram the car down a few yards and up to the side of the highway. Seconds later, traffic behind him came to a standstill as some cars were also involved in the accident.

The same with most of the motorists, he rushed out of his car to check out the accident and see if anyone was hurt. He glanced at the four-lane highway to see some skid marks, broken glass and some debris from the truck plowing the sedan up to the grasslands on the shoulder. He made his way to where the truck and the sedan is, finding that the truck's driver door was the closest he could check up on, he climbed and checked to see if the people inside were okay.

"Are you guys alright?" He inquired. The driver nodded still shocked about what happened. The trucker and his passenger weren't severely hurt, with only mild scratches and bruises. Other motorists help out the driver as the chestnut haired man goes to check on the damaged crumpled car in front of the truck.

The car was facing the opposite direction of the traffic with the truck and railings making all the doors inaccessible. He could tell there was only one passenger from the back of the car. He went over the railings to get a glimpse of who was driving and made his way at the driver's side of the car. There was a woman, with auburn hair and some blood covering her face.

"Did anyone call 119 already?" He shouted out to some of the motorists who were helping out. Someone replied a yes, which made him put his attention back to the woman inside the crushed sedan. He knocked at the driver's door frame trying to get the lady's attention.

"Can you hear me? Help is on the way…" He tried communicating through the semi-shattered window. He found a response as the woman opened her left eye slowly in pain. The car's airbags which are now deflated probably gave the woman some bruises and made her a bit dizzy.

"Close your eyes" The man said as he took off his blazer, wrapped it around his elbow, then smashed the windows completely. He reached and tried to check and see how badly injured she was. "Can you move?" He inquired.

"Kou…" She said faintly.

"Kou?" He asked. She moved her head a bit to see the person who was talking to her.

"Phone…" She managed to let out.

"Phone? What about it?" The man asked. By then he became aware of a small voice screaming the name 'Sakura'. He looked around and found a cellphone with an on-going call. He reached for it and then answered back at the frantic person on the other line.

"Hello?" He said through the cellphone.

"HELLO? WHO IS THIS? WHERE'S SAKURA? WHAT HAPPENED?" The frantic woman asked all at once.

"This is Syaoran, does Sakura have a light-brown hair and drives a Toyota Camry?" He asked back.

"YES! WHAT HAPPENED?" The woman replied.

"She's got into an accident here at the highway near the airport. I happened to have stopped by and is trying to do what I can here. The paramedics are on their way." Syaoran explained while looking at Sakura who was closing her eyes in pain. "Hang in there Sakura, they'll be here." Syaoran reassured as he held her left shoulder with his right hand carefully not to add to her injuries.

"Oh my god!" said the shocked woman on the phone. Luckily, the EMS team arrived and got down to their work of cutting down some parts of the car to get Sakura out. During the process, Syaoran unconsciously placed the phone in his pocket and helped out in the operation. As soon as Sakura was brought out of the car, she was laid on a stretcher immediately where a paramedic examined her. Syaoran was right there beside the paramedic as they continued to evaluate the situation.

"This is Ambulance 32, we need a medevac at Metropolitan Expressway Haneda route one by Seibijo. Patient is critical and we're on Priority 1." The paramedic radioed as his partner continued to provide attention to Sakura.

"She needs to go into surgery fast." The other paramedic said as he continued to suppress the blood coming out from Sakura's left side.

"Do you have any surgical tools?" Syaoran asked.

"Yes, why?" The paramedic looked up to him.

"I can perform the surgery. I'm a doctor" He stated.

"Very well…" The paramedic nodded then pressed the talk button of his radio "Dispatch, there's a doctor on-site, his name is…" The paramedic looked up Syaoran in gesture to ask for his name.

"Syaoran, Syaoran Li.. doctor at Tokyo Med" Syaoran replied as the other paramedic handed over some disposable gloves to him.

"Doctor Li of Tokyo Med, who'll be performing the operation, please send medevac for immediate transport."

"Roger that EMS 32, medevac ETA eight minutes." The dispatcher replied.

They moved Sakura's stretcher at the rear of the ambulance where most of the equipment are. Local police have already arrived at the scene to secure the area. The paramedics prepared the area with the necessary tools to be within reach whenever Syaoran may need it. They sterilized the body where the operation will be made and then re-checked her vital signs confirming that everything was good to go. Syaoran then looked at the other paramedic assisting him and nodded in assurance.

"Alright, I'll be starting the operation.. Scalpel" He stated, and let out his hand as one of the assistants gave him the scalpel.

The operation went on for a few minutes, enough to stabilize Sakura and the helicopter to arrive and take her to a specialized hospital.

The next day

A girl in her mid 20's was rushing down the hallway of the hospital, desperate to see her friend who was just in an accident. She was frantically searching for the room where her friend was admitted in, and after locating it, rushing through surprising the attending nurse and literally pushing her aside for a bit, to closely check up on her disabled friend.

"SAKURA! WAKE UP! IT'S ME TOMOYO! SHIT! WAKE UP!" She shook her a bit. A man around the same age with blue hair was talking to the resident physician, walked in and was shocked at what the anxious woman was doing to the patient. He rushed to pull her back a bit and calm her.

"Tomoyo! Stop it, you'll just make her feel worse, she needs to rest… she's fine" The man who appears to have a close relationship with the two girls, restrained the panicky woman to prevent injuring the patient more.

"I'm so sorry… she's always like this" The blue haired man apologized to the nurse who in turn bowed. The nurse was gestured by the resident physician and asked how the woman was before she leaved the room.

"She's doing fine and actually recovering quite well" The resident doctor smiled at the two.

"Thank you very much" The blue haired man bowed.

"She's lucky that Dr. Li was around the area. She's also lucky that Dr. Li insisted on being her attending physician. He also made arrangements for her transfer to St. Luke's Int'l Hospital where he could attend to her more" The resident doctor added.

"Did you say Dr. Li?" The blue haired man asked in surprise.

"Yes, Dr. Li Syaoran." The doctor replied.

"That son of a bitch" The blue haired man shaked his head and smiled.

"Anyway, I need to do my rounds, it's been nice meeting you Dr. Hiiragizawa" The doctor bowed.

Tomoyo and the blue haired guy bowed in return. After the doctor left, Tomoyo turned her attention to the man beside him. "Eriol, do you know this Dr. Li Syaoran?"

"Know him? He's been my childhood buddy. We went to med school together at TMU" Eriol replied. A few seconds after, they heard a knock on the door. They both looked at the slowly opening door and found a man with chestnut dark brown hair in a doctor's white gown finishing a conversation with one of the nurses while holding a chart.

"Speaking of the devil…" Eriol smirked. Syaoran who looked up from the chart was surprised as hell to see his friend there.

"What are you doing here?" Syaoran asked in surprise.

"Accompanying Sakura's sister…" Eriol winked and smiled at Tomoyo.

"Hi I'm Tomoyo, Tomoyo Daidouji" Tomoyo bowed at Syaoran whom in turn bowed back

"I'm Syaoran Li" He flashed a smile back, he then looked at the chart and re-read Sakura's name then further inquired "You're her sister? You two don't have the same last names?"

"I'm her best friend and now step sister." Tomoyo smiled and nodded.

"Ah I see, well if you won't mind, I took the liberty to arrange her transfer to St. Luke's Hospital in Tokyo where I could monitor her much more closely." Syaoran explained.

"No worries, do whatever you think is best for her" Tomoyo replies as she shifts her attention to Sakura.

"What do you think Dr. Hiiragizawa" Syaoran grinned while asking Eriol.

"I was her attending physician until you came along, so I would've arranged her to Tokyo Roukai, but since it's you, I guess St. Luke's would be great.. no.. actually the best…" Eriol nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, a cellphone rang. Tomoyo had to dig out her cellphone faster than the usual after hearing a familiar ringtone. It was their brother.

"Yes? Right… 432… alright… uhuh… no… okay… yes he's here… okay bye" She spoke to her brother on the phone and looked at Eriol.

"He's coming isn't he…" Eriol sighed. Tomoyo nodded. Syaoran had a questioned look on his face.

"Syaoran, are you sure you'd want to be her attending physician?" Eriol asked with an are-you-sure look.

Syaoran just nodded. Eriol closed his eyes and continued "Be my guest. I'd better take my leave before he arrives" he finished.

"Who arrives?" A man asked as he entered the room. Dr. Touya Kinomoto, Sakura's older brother has just arrived.

Syaoran turned around abruptly as he recognized the familiar voice. He was shocked. He was very shocked.

"WHY ARE YOUHERE?" Touya and Syaoran said in unison.

"I'M HER BROTHER" Touya replied eyeing Syaoran.

"I'm her… attending physician" Syaoran said unsurely.

"Don't bother to be… I'll make new transfer arrangements to Tokyo Roukai" Touya said as he walks towards the door and head to the nurse's station.

"But…" Syaoran tried to persist but Touya gave him another glance and said. "No.. I know what's best for my sister, you've got no obligation… Thank you anyway for helping my sister." He finished then left the room to make new arrangements.

"Can he change the arrangements I've made? It's already been signed and processed…" Syaoran asked Eriol.

"He can. He's got seniority" Eriol just nodded as he sat down on the cot by the bed.

"Well I never expected him of all people to be her brother… I feel sorry for her" Syaoran said.

"I heard that" a faint reply came from the sleeping girl.

"Sakura!" Tomoyo's eyes widened with joy as she rushed to Sakura's right side holding her hand.

"Hi guys" Sakura smiled at Eriol and Tomoyo.

"I'm glad you're fine, well I'll be submitting my reports at the station so they can make your transfer quicker" Syaoran smiled at Sakura.

"Thank you again…" Sakura smiled back.

"That's enough thank you for you, you've been thanking me ever since we left the wreckage" Syaoran replied with a small chuckle. He bowed at the others as he exited the room. After a few minutes, Touya went back in to enter the room and closes the door gently.

"Why are you so furious about him Touya?" Tomoyo asked.

"As much as I hate to admit it, he's one of the best Tokyo Roukai had, until he left when he got an offer at St. Luke's" Touya replied back as he once again re-checked Sakura's charts.

"So why don't you let him be Sakura's physician then?" Tomoyo asked again with her puzzled look.

Touya then became serious. He remembered everything clearly. He then replied

"I'd rather not talk about it"

3 days later – At Tokyo Roukai.

A guy with blond-ish hair knocked at the open door and smiled. "How are you Sakura?" he asked.

"Yukito!" Sakura smiled and reached out for a hug still laying on the bed. Yukito walked in and hugged Sakura who was still bedridden.

"I heard what happened, you shouldn't be using your phone while driving" Yukito chuckled as he teased her.

"I wasn't using my phone!" Sakura countered and added "I was just… talking"

"Well next time try to not talk while driving too" Yukito smirked as he went around to sit on the cot nearby. Just as he sat down, Tomoyo walked in the room. Her smile was big and rushed to Yukito and hugged him like it was the end of the world.

"It's been a while!" Tomoyo hugged Yukito tightly.

"Yeah I know.. you haven't changed.. love to squeeze people!" Yukito smiled as he tried to free himself. When Tomoyo freed Yukito they continued on chatting and catching up on things.

"Would you like some coffee?" Yukito then asked in the middle of their conversation.

"I'm not allowed yet" Sakura pouted. "I do! There's a vending machine around the corner" Tomoyo raised her hand and stood up and dragged Yukito out of the room.

"Haha, alright.. we'll be back Sakura" Yukito managed to tell Sakura who was just sitting there chuckling at what Tomoyo did. Tomoyo then continued their conversation at the hallway.

"But that guy who saved Sakura was such a hot guy, I swear if I wasn't with Eriol, I'd date him" Tomoyo said as she bent down to get the first cup of coffee that was in the vending machine.

"Yeah I heard he performed an on-site surgery on her" Yukito who was inserting some bills on the machine replied.

"Yeah that Syaoran is amazing" Tomoyo sat on the chair nearby as she waited for Yukito to get his coffee. She took a sip then…

"SYAORAN? SYAORAN LI?" Yukito replied back in shock which in return shocked Tomoyo as well with her friend's reaction.

"Woah! Cool it man.. yeah Syaoran Li.. sheesh you almost made me drop my coffee!" Tomoyo sighed in relief that she wasn't burnt by the hot coffee.

"Are you serious?" Yukito inquired with intense curiosity.

"Yeah.. what's with that Syaoran dude anyway? First Touya getting worked up on this guy, now you" Tomoyo inquired back with the same intensity.

"Syaoran Li was Sakura's fiancé" Yukito said. Tomoyo stayed silent for a bit to process it. She then bursts into laughter. "That's ridiculous!" Tomoyo said.

"No I'm serious! They were engaged since childhood, until that accident" Yukito said as he sat down on the opposite chair still shocked with the turnout of events.

"You're kidding me right? Come on, where are you goin' with this" Tomoyo still not believing what Yukito was explaining to her.

"Has Sakura ever told you about an accident she had before the two of you met when she was around 15?" Yukito asked.

"Yes, she told me everything about her life even before that accident and not once have I ever heard of this engagement thing you're talking about" Tomoyo crossed her legs still confident that Yukito's pulling her leg.

"She and Syaoran both had selective amnesia in that accident. Syaoran didn't even knew Touya again, not until he came to the same med school as we did." Yukito explained and continued, "The accident was bad, Syaoran attempted to save Sakura as the burning structure was collapsing. They had no choice but to jump off from the eighth floor to some roofs three floors down right next to the building with Syaoran hitting something first before Sakura. It took some time to have the paramedics realize that they managed to jump off. They were both unconscious with Syaoran severely injured, and both of them had head injuries. Syaoran's mother was furious at what happened. A few days after learning that Sakura and her son has selective amnesia and not remembering anything about the two of them, took advantage of the situation and brought Syaoran with her to China. Sakura's brother tried to convince Syaoran's mother to let Syaoran stay as both of them may be able to recover their memories, but she continued to refuse. After a few months, Touya would hear Sakura crying in her own room, he'd ask her why she was crying and she'd just say that she doesn't know. She says she feels something's missing and that it's breaking her down." He finished.

Tomoyo was dumbfounded at the story. She never knew any of this. Tears build up in her eyes as she tries to comprehend everything.

"Are you freakin' serious?" Tomoyo snapped. It was all too sudden for her.

"Yukito's right" Touya, who was leaning by the vending machine for a couple of minutes now, managed to have overheard Yukito tell the dreadful story. "The engagement was all made by Syaoran's father and our father"

"So this arranged marraige was a mutual decision by both parents?" Tomoyo inquired, still dumbfounded with all the information.

"It was a mutual decision by both our parents and Syaoran's. But at the later stages, before the accident, Sakura was rumored to have an affair with someone else despite her engagement with Syaoran. It was why the two of them were in that building in the first place. To avoid controversy to the Li name and to ours as well, Yelan made a sudden change of heart and moved Syaoran to China which she thinks would be better for both Sakura and Syaoran." Touya finished and motioned himself to sit on the couch adjacent to Yukito.

"Does Sakura know about this?" Tomoyo, shifting to a much more comfortable position, asks Touya.

Touya closed his eyes and heaved a sigh. Scraping a hand through his hair, he replied "Honestly? I wish she did, but I think it's for the best that she didn't, especially now that she's settled with Kou-"

Syaoran's Office - St. Luke's

"Yes I will. But isn't Dr. Kinomoto there?" Syaoran replied to the person he was talking with on the telephone.

"He may be here, but it was you who was on-site and performed the operation. We believe it'd be best if you remained to be the attending physician for the time being, until we can be sure that there won't be any complications and whatsoever" Tokyo Roukai's director informed Syaoran.

"Right, well just make sure that Dr. Kinomoto be informed with this properly. I do not want to tread dangerous ground. Touya-sempai can really be a pain at times." Syaoran sighed as he replied. Just the thought of working with his senior made him uncomfortable.

"I understand. Don't worry, we'll inform him within the next 24 hours. Please do make your way here as soon as you can to check on her lab work"

"I'll try to be there at the most convenient time today. Thank you sensei" Syaoran finished and pushed the end-call button of the wireless telephone. He closed his eyes and and leaned back on his chair, tired from all his work.

"... We won't make it..."

"... We will, trust me..."

"I trust you Syaoran..."

"I love you..." Syaoran murmured, still leaning back on his chair with eyes closed.

"Well that's one way to greet me" A woman smirked which startled Syaoran from his half-sleep state.

"What the hell?" Syaoran managed to blurt out in surprise as he almost fell off his chair. She managed to silently enter the office without Syaoran noticing scaring the daylights out of him.

"Don't worry. I love you too." The woman laughed and sat down on a chair.

"What do you want Meiling" Syaoran scowled, annoyed by his cousin's presence.

"Am I not allowed to see my wonderful cousin?" Meiling answered with hurt on the tone of her voice trying to make her cousin guilty.

"No, your wonderful cousin is extremely busy, unlike you" Syaoran said as he stood up and took his white coat from the closet in his office.

"Aunt Yelan wanted me to hang around here, after all, I'm going to be part of the hospital's board." Meiling said with a smile.

"That's a surprise" Syaoran replied sarcastically.

"What's with the attitude cuz? Come on..." Meiling inquired.

Syaoran wasn't really feeling well. He's been encountering dreams for the past 3 days that he doesn't understand. It's been bothering him and has made him cranky with the rest of his staff, which was really not like him. "I'm just tired... I'll leave you here then, don't touch anything" Syaoran warned her cousin eyeing her to make sure she agrees.

"I won't touch anything, I'm not fifteen. Where are you going though..?" Meiling asked.

"I'm headed to Tokyo Roukai, I have to attend to a patient there." Syaoran explained.

"Tokyo Roukai? Why not get the patient transferred here? That'd be more convenient to you" His cousin suggested.

"Do I look like naive to you? Of course I've thought of that already... It's just that Kinomoto-sensei prefers her sister to be confined in the hospital he works at." Syaoran sighed as he explained, still annoyed by the fact that he's going to work with his annoying senior again.

"Kinomoto-sensei's sister is your patient?" Meiling gasped.

"Yes. Why? Do you know her?" Syaoran looked back as he was halfway exiting his office's door.

"No! I mean... well.. uhh.. no... NO! Not at all... just... no" Meiling caught off guard and unsure gave a stuttering reply.

Syaoran looked her in the eye. That suspicious stuttering got him curious. He closed the door behind him and leaned on it. Grinning, he then continued to look at Meiling as if trying to squeeze some information out from her.

Then there was silence.

Meiling tried not to look at Syaoran. She was sure however that she won't be able to exit the room unless she goes through the door that her cousin is currently leaning on. She looked at the room from side to side as if trying to look for an alternative exit just to get away from his cousin's gaze.

"It was a bad idea that I came here wasn't it?" Meiling managed to break the silence and laughing nervously at her cousin.

"No no.. it's not bad at all.. actually this one of those rare instances that you went here with a purpose" Syaoran smirked.

Meiling then stayed silent, not knowing what to say still trying to figure a way out of the mess she dug herself into.

"Well?" Syaoran insisted. He was really trying to squeeze it out from Meiling. "You and I both know Meiling that I could do this all day. There are other doctors out there who can cover for me you know" Syaoran smirked again while adjusting his position on the door and crossing his arms.

"FINE! Sakura Kinomoto, the sister of Doctor Touya Kinomoto, was your fiancee. There I said it. Happy?" Meiling snapped, yielding to the pressure and blurted it all out with closed eyes.

Then a cellphone rings inside the room.

Tokyo Roukai - Sakura's room

"Tomoyo" Sakura called her half-sister.

"Yes?" She replied while her eyes still glued on her iPhone.

"Where's my cellphone?" Sakura asked while looking at both bedside tables trying to look for her own phone. Tomoyo then stopped and paused at what she was doing trying to remember if she DID see her sister's cellphone.

"Hey you're right! I haven't seen your phone ever since the accident!" Tomoyo said in realization.

"It's probably in my car" Sakura said looking up at the ceiling trying to remember where her cellphone really was.

"Well you won't be getting your phone and your car back within the next couple of weeks though, your car was in a pretty bad shape, I'm surprised you weren't paralyzed or anything" Eriol said.

"Don't worry Sakura, I got our guys to clean up your car with your belongings before handing it in to the insurance company. Father's taking care of everything, do you want me to get you a temporary phone in the mean time?" Tomoyo explained and asked.

"Yes please, I need to call Syaoran" Sakura said half-mindedly.

"Alright..." Tomoyo smiled, pulled out her phone and was about to call someone to arrange a new phone for Sakura when she realized Sakura mentioned Syaoran's name. "Wait.. what?" She asked in surprise. It startled Sakura which made her look at a Tomoyo with a question mark on her face.

"I said, I need to call Kouji.. and work too.. so if you could please get a new phone for me, that'll really be convenient" She smiled unsurely still wondering why Tomoyo had a surprised look at her face.

"You said you were going to call Syaoran?" Tomoyo inquired not letting off the subject. She was very sure she heard the name 'Syaoran'

"Dr. Li? Why in the world would I want to call Dr. Li? Has anyone informed my fiance that I'm alright? He might probably be so worried. He's supposed to call me 2 days ago." Sakura answered her sister's question.

"Right... well... yeah Eriol called him up. You'd better rest... I mean I'd better rest... We all should rest! I'm hearing things now!" Tomoyo threw her hands up in the air in defeat. She wasn't so sure now if she heard the right name.

Tomoyo looked at Eriol with a I-heard-it-right-right? face. Eriol nodded. She was then sure that she heard it right, she then looks at Sakura with a worried face. She now knows something that her sister doesn't know, and not allowed to find out, well not allowed anytime soon.

Sakura closed her eyes, tried to relax and go back to sleep only to think about a dream that's been bugging her for 3 days now.

"Hold on to me tight. This is gonna be a rough one"

The fragile girl holds on to the boy tightly, hugging her as close to her as possible. They looked behind them and flames started to eat the door and walls out.

The boy counted down "three... two... one..." and they jumped off the window.

She screamed and cursed. From the eighth floor, jumping three stories down. She was afraid, and the last thing she screamed was.


She jolted up from her sleep, sweating profusely from a dream she's been having for the last three days. It always had the same ending, but she never could remember the name or the person's face. All she could remember was fire, jumping and hugging a person. It frustrated her, kept her awake for a couple of nights within her confinement in the hospital. She wasn't sure, and she doesn't want to find out. She looked around, Tomoyo was busy on her cellphone still, Eriol was watching the TV and her brother wasn't to be seen. She didn't want them to see her pale and frightened face. She didn't want them to worry more than how worried they are now. She closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep.

Little did she know, Touya was just by the door outside her room, talking to some nurses about another patient's condition. It just so happens, he managed to see Sakura jolt from her bed.

"That's the fifth time this has happened" he said out aloud, confusing the nurses who was talking to him.

"I'm sorry, continue" Touya shook his head and turned to look back at the nurses, making one final glance at his sister who tries to go back to sleep.

"What should I do"

To be continued…


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