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Chapter 2: The Fiancé

Syaoran's Office - St. Luke's Hospital

Syaoran was startled by the ringing of the cell phone. It wasn't his. Neither Meiling was moving to check and see if it was hers. The ringing then ended. He managed to shrug it off for the time being.

"Right... so where's the punch line?" Syaoran raised his eyebrows at what his cousin just blurted out.

Meiling was somewhat glad that her cousin doesn't believe her. "Well... there's no punch line really... I was hoping you'd freak out or something" Meiling smiled at her cousin, riding along his ignorance.

"Okay... but seriously... do you know that Kinomoto girl?" Syaoran asked a bit serious this time.

"Why are you so eager cuz? Jeez..." Meiling exasperatedly replied slumping down the nearest chair to her feeling defeated from her cousin's persistence.

"Well it's very rare for you to stutter and lose composure... not to mention I feel like I've met her somewhere before" Syaoran explained with seriousness on the tone of his voice.

"Look... think of it this way, you've met in your dreams... heck you could go along with my story and think that she's your ex-fiancée!" Meiling retorted. "Well if he doesn't believe me, it's his loss... now he hasn't got any right to complain to me about not telling him anything" Meiling grinned inwardly thinking about how Syaoran knows the truth now, but not actually sucking it in.

"Right, like that'll ever happen. Her? My fiancée? Her brother would kill me!" Syaoran laughed the matter and moved to open the door again. "Well cuz, take care... I'm off to Tokyo Roukai. Drop me a call if you need me or something..." Syaoran said as he exited the room.

"Well... I tried" Meiling said to herself as she stood up and collected her bag. She takes out her cell phone and tries to look for a number she hasn't contacted for a long time. She clicks on it and places the receiver on her ear waiting for the other person to answer.

"Hello... Kinomoto residence... This is Aya, head of household, how may I help you?"

Sakura's Room - Tokyo Roukai - Day 3 of confinement

"Touya~!" Sakura whined. "It's been three days since the operation... can't I eat anything hard?"

"No. It's your fault for using your phone while driving. Bear with it. I'm already having problems trying not to make you jealous with all the juicy scrumptious food I have here" Touya replied. He was sitting on the cot with Yukito, Eriol and Tomoyo in the room.

"You're just making her more jealous than she is now" Yukito chuckled.


"OUCH!" Touya shrieked in pain as Sakura threw Eriol's phone to her brother's head.

"That's what you get for making me jealous" Sakura smiled innocently at her brother. Touya then angrily stood up and walked to the bed where his sister was laying down. Sakura just continued to smile at her brother. Eriol on the other hand chuckled at what happened and was just glad that his phone landed on the cot.

"Well... that's fine..." Touya leaned over face to face with his sister. "I still get to eat this" Touya smiled devilishly and took a bite from a crispy fried chicken wing. Sakura couldn't resist and pushed her brother away from her and continued to whine. Tomoyo laughed and stood up to console Sakura.

"Come on Sakura, probably by tomorrow you could eat... ignore Touya" Tomoyo smiled at her. Sakura glanced at the wall clock in the room. It's about 4:40 in the afternoon, and she was bored and felt like needing to breathe fresh air at least.

"Can I at least go out and breathe some fresh air, so that I don't get the torture of smelling most of the food here?" Sakura asked Touya while she looked at the window of her room with curtains blocking the sunlight in.

"Are you sure about that? There's like a good restaurant just by the hospital that secretes this delicious smell of roasted pork and chicken" Touya smirked. Tomoyo glared at Touya. He was having too much fun torturing their sister. Her glare was enough to make Touya back down. "Right... yea you can take a walk... I'd suggest you use a wheelchair though" Touya said and went back to eating his food.

"Great! I'll get you one then!" Tomoyo said to Sakura excitedly. After a few minutes, Tomoyo got the wheelchair and Sakura managed to get herself to get on the wheelchair. They exited the room and headed to the hospital's sky garden to enjoy the fresh air and watch the sun set. Tomoyo parked the wheelchair near a bench and Sakura stood up breathing in all the air around her as if she was deprived of it for so long.

"I can't believe being confined is so addictive Tomoyo" Sakura said as she relaxed.

"Why do you say that?" Tomoyo asked as she sat down on the bench watching Sakura extend her arms in the air.

"Well... It's been a really long while since I've actually removed myself from work. I'm glad that Naoko and Rika are managing well without me in the office." Sakura explained.

"They could've managed way before you guys started this business. You just wanted to pre-occupy yourself too much. You're a workaholic!" Tomoyo joked. But it was true, Sakura was a workaholic. She works hard everyday and works harder on holidays. She rarely sees Touya and rarely goes home to Tomoeda.

Sakura sat down on the bench beside Tomoyo and lay back closing her eyes. They were both just relaxing when a cell phone rang. It was Tomoyo's. She stood up and took the call.

"Hello? Aya? What's up?" Tomoyo asked. It was her secretary

"Ma'am, a girl by the name of Meiling Li just called and left her number" Kinomoto's head of household informed. Tomoyo looked at Sakura who had her eyes closed. "Sakura, can I leave you for a bit? I just have to take this call..." Tomoyo asked. Sakura just nodded, she was somewhat half-asleep.

Tomoyo motioned to move back inside the hospital and went back to the ongoing call. "What's the number?" Tomoyo asked as she stopped by what seemed to be a nurse's station on that floor and borrowed an unattended pen.

"It's 1 80553 95149. She also left a message for Touya-sama" Tomoyo scribbled the numbers on her palm due to lack of paper and also in a hurry.

"Right. I'll just contact the number. Meanwhile do try calling up Touya's cell phone. If you can't reach it, try Yukito's or Eriol's. The two of them are with him" Tomoyo instructed and ended the call. She looked at her palm and dialed the number.


Syaoran walked inside Tokyo Roukai and headed to the elevators. He remembers the hospital well as he managed to work in here for a couple of years before moving to St. Luke's. He saw some familiar faces and smiled back at people who recognized him. He was rather a popular doctor for having done so many achievements at a young age, and even surpassing his senior, Touya Kinomoto.

"Her room is supposed to be 814..." Syaoran said to himself as he entered the elevator. The elevator car moved upwards and then stopped at the 8th floor only to be greeted by Eriol.

"Hey!" They both said in unison. They shook each other's hand, still with Eriol outside the elevator and Syaoran about to get off.

"Why are you here?" Eriol asked as they switched places.

"I'm here to see Kinomoto-san" Syaoran replied. Eriol held the elevator all of a sudden. "Wait!"

Syaoran turned to look back at Eriol. "The lion's in the room... but your patient is at the hospital garden" Eriol said.

Syaoran wondered at first about the 'lion in the room' statement, and then remembered about Touya being the brother of his patient. He shuddered at the thought and rushed back to join Eriol in the elevator.

"Thanks for the info" Syaoran said as he clicked the button for the 15th floor.

"Don't mention it" Eriol smiled. The elevator halted at the 11th floor where Eriol intended to go. "And bro... that wasn't info... that was a warning" Eriol joked before exiting the elevator. Syaoran laughed at it as he pressed the close button. "He's still as humorous as he was back then" Syaoran thought. It's been a while since he and Eriol spent some time together. Back then they were going to places, hitting on clubs and always trying to get themselves in trouble. He reminisced for a bit until the elevator stopped at his intended floor.

He got off and walked towards the direction of the garden, passing a girl who was busy on her cell phone and trying to write something down by the nurse's station. He opened the doors to the sky garden and saw the only person who was there, sitting down on the bench by a tree.

He looked up in the sky, thinking that it was a really good weather. Silently (but not in a creepy way) he walked towards Sakura who was somehow having some dreams.

"Nnnn... I trust you sssss" Sakura spoke in her sleep.

"I trust you?" Syaoran thought as he was taken back from what he heard. He was wondering where he heard that. He tried to remember what it was but was cut short when he saw Sakura fidgeting in her sleep as if having a nightmare. Sakura looked like she was in pain then suddenly screamed from her sleep. Syaoran then immediately grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her to wake up.

"Kinomoto-san! Kinomoto-san! Wake up!" Syaoran shook her a bit hard to really wake her up. Sakura by instinct and still caught by her dream wrapped her arms around Syaoran's neck and held him close and tight. Caught off guard, and somehow by reflex, Syaoran hugged her back holding her close and shutting his eyes closed. Time stopped briefly around them. They were in an awkward position; both of them had their eyes closed and were into the moment, only to be broken by a cool breeze that went upon them.

Syaoran froze and didn't know what to do. He was hugging his patient so tight, yet so delicate as if she was so precious to him. Sakura slowly opened her eyes realizing that she was actually hugging someone, and definitely not Tomoyo basing on the scent that she could smell, and the body built that she held on to. Neither of them made the gesture to move, however Syaoran decided to break the silence.

"Are you alright?" He asked. He felt a nod from the girl. He rubbed her back to sooth her and slowly she released her tight hug from him. Feeling a tinge of disappointment, Syaoran had to let go too. The proximity between them was too close for acquaintances, so Syaoran straightened himself up and stepped back a bit to give Sakura some room.

"I'm sorry" Sakura managed to say.

"It's fine… You were having a nightmare..." Syaoran smiled. Sakura was a bit pale again. She did have a nightmare.

"Yeah I probably did... but why are you smiling?" Sakura inquired. Usually when people told her she was having a nightmare, they looked worried. This fellow just happened to be smiling at her.

"Because it's not even night yet" Syaoran joked. Sakura stared at him first trying to analyze the joke. It was corny, but it made her laugh.

"So how are you feeling" Syaoran asked as he sat beside her.

"Better than after the operation. The wound aches at times but it's manageable" Sakura smiled at the man beside him.

"Good." Syaoran replied. "Good? That's it? That's everything you can come up with Syaoran?" he scolded himself.

"So..." They both said in unison. "Go ahead" Syaoran insisted, trying to be the gentleman.

"Why are you here? I thought my brother was supposed to be my attending physician?" Sakura inquired.

"The hospital director insisted that I tend to you personally. It seems that Touya-sempai was taken by his emotions when he knew you're the patient and I'm the doctor assigned. The director knows how I've always made your brother's life miserable" Syaoran smiled back at Sakura and chuckled at his last statement.

"Really? I wonder how it feels like to make Touya miserable. It's usually him making MY life miserable" Sakura laughed.

"I'll say it again, I feel sorry for you having him as your brother" Syaoran joked and joined Sakura in laughter.

Tomoyo on the other hand, was about to go back to Sakura, only to find her laughing with a chestnut haired man. She tried managed to confirm that the person with Sakura right now was Doctor Syaoran Li after trying to view the couple in a different angle.

"I've got to tell Eriol!" Tomoyo exclaimed to herself. She went back in and headed straight towards the elevator to head back down the 8th floor.

"Are you really a doctor?" Sakura asked after her laughter subsided.

"What made you say that? Isn't my white coat and stethoscope enough?" Syaoran jokingly replied.

"I know laughter's the best medicine, but I never knew a doctor would actually recommend it!" Sakura stated looking at the person beside her with a smile.

"Call it alternative medicine" Syaoran smiled back and stood up. "Well it's getting late and you need to have some rest. You're probably still tired and haven't recovered enough." Syaoran explained as he helped her get back on her wheelchair.

"What makes you say that? I've already recovered! I can even go back to work!" Sakura replied energetically.

"Yeah, that's what they all say... they usually end up falling asleep anywhere... like you, falling asleep on a bench by the garden..." Syaoran smirked.

"Hey! I resent that! That wasn't because I can't help it... that was a choice!" Sakura retorted as she got pushed back inside and headed to the elevator.

"Well I guess having nightmares during the afternoon is your choice too?" Syaoran inquired teasingly.

Sakura stayed silent. It was for sure that that dream wasn't by choice. Moreover, she can't help but think about it a lot these past 3 days.

"I've been having that nightmare for 3 days now..." Sakura stated, depression can be felt on her voice.

Syaoran continued to listen to Sakura as he pressed the down button to call the elevator. Sakura continued "It's really weird though, it's the same dream over and over again, and it gets weirder..."

"Weirder?" Syaoran asked. The elevator came to the floor and opened up for them. Syaoran gently then pushed the wheelchair inside and then pressed the number 8 button.

"Yeah... every time I wake up, I can't remember who the person was in the dream... what the name is... all I know is it's the same every night because I feel very the same every time." Sakura leaned her head back on the wheelchair only to catch the gazing eyes of the person who's supposed to push her wheelchair.

Syaoran was looking down at her and stared at those emerald green eyes as she tilted her head back. Suddenly a gush of flashing memories spun into Syaoran's head. The information was too much that his head suddenly hurt as if he was hit by something hard.

"Li-sensei! Are you alright?" Sakura inquired, trying to turn her wheelchair around.

"Yes, I'm fine... it's just a migraine that's all..." Syaoran reassured. It was definitely not a migraine though, but his head really hurt. Unfortunately he can't comprehend as to what happened. None of what he saw made sense, it was either a blur or flash in his mind, nothing more.

The elevator's bell rang as they reached the 8th floor only to be greeted by none other than Touya.

"What the hell are YOU doing here..?" Touya inquired to Syaoran who was pulling the wheelchair out of the elevator car with his right hand at the same time clutching his head with his left.

"Didn't the hospital director tell you?" Syaoran replied back with a question without looking at Touya. He then maneuvered the wheelchair and pushed it to the direction as to where Sakura's room is located.

"No. But I think I've got an idea now that you've mentioned it." Touya gave up the argument. He knew how the director of their hospital worked.

They reached room 814 and saw two big guys standing by the doorway in black suits with shades. The two bodyguard-type people noticed Sakura in the wheelchair and opened the door as a gesture of respect. Syaoran gently pushed Sakura's wheelchair in with Touya following soon behind them. Inside the room, Sakura first saw Eriol, then another male figure that had his back from the door. He turned around and looked at the woman in the wheelchair and smiled. The guy had a messy light brown shoulder-length hair, was wearing formal attire and had one earring on his left ear and a golden ring on his left ring finger.

"Kouji!" Sakura exclaimed trying to get up from the wheelchair. Syaoran by reflex tried to support Sakura to stand up, but this automatically triggered Kouji to stand up from his chair, go around and help Sakura himself. He gathered her in his arms and hugged her tight. "I was so worried" Kouji said.

"I'm sorry..." Sakura hugged back. They stayed like that for a good 3 minutes until they realized that everyone in the room was looking at them. The two of them blushed. During this intimate moment, Syaoran took the liberty of reading Sakura's medical chart which was by the door.

Kouji then walked around and went to Syaoran and offered his hand. "Thank you very much doctor..." Kouji gestured. Syaoran reached out and shook the other's hand.

"The name's Syaoran... Syaoran Li" Syaoran smiled as he shook the other's hand firmly.

"You're that junior med student that Touya's been rambling about!" Kouji remember and chuckled.

"Yep... the one and only... I didn't know I was that popular to him" Syaoran smirked at Touya who was in the same room.

"Don't push it kid..." Touya who was restraining himself managed to blurt out.

"My name's Kouji Cohen..." Kouji smiled and retracted his hand as soon as Syaoran let go of it.

"Cohen... Cohen... where have I heard that name before..." Syaoran looked up at the ceiling trying to remember the name. The last name was very familiar. It was very controversial too around their time.

"Haha... I get that a lot. But yes, I'm the son of President Jim Cohen, who was once the Ambassador of the United States to Japan" Kouji smiled.

Syaoran's eyes widened. "THAT'S IT! HE'S THE FIRST SON!" Syaoran thought. This guy was part of the first family of the United States!

"I... uhh... it's a pleasure to meet you!" Syaoran bowed in respect trying his very best to remain composure.

"Please please... I don't need the formalities that much, please treat me like everyone else. I already get a lot of those during my family trips." Kouji explained and sighed.

"I'm sorry... It's just that I don't know how to react on this..." Syaoran was really unsure and was losing composure.

"Its fine... even Sakura needed time to adjust... everyone did..." Kouji chuckled.

"Yeah... I used to hit you on the head, now I'm afraid to get shot by your secret service guys" Touya joked.

Syaoran now stared at the couple who was in front of him. He was wondering how a girl like Sakura, ended up with a person like Kouji who was part of the family who controls one of the most powerful countries in the world. And as if his memory's being read, Kouji looked at him and smiled.

"I got engaged to her while my father was still an Ambassador and that Sakura's father was Minister of Foreign Affairs." Kouji explained and continued. "And then my father went back to the United States when he was chosen by the late President to be his running mate... which in turn became controversial because my family was accused of actually plotting the assassination" he finished.

"Ah, so that's why your last name was familiar... it was all over the news" Syaoran suddenly said out loud.

"Well it's natural for me to say that there's no truth to what they're saying, but really, there's no truth to it. My father and the late President Alsworth were very good friends. I'm good friends with the Alsworth's kids." Kouji defended.

Syaoran feeling that Kouji was offended with his earlier statement shifted and said "Oh... I'm sorry... I didn't mean it that way... forgive my disrespect"

Kouji chuckled "For a doctor, you sure are funny... but seriously... please don't be so much formal to me. Talk as if you would talk to any other patient's family, that way you'd be able to address your patient's concern... okay?"

Syaoran nodded and then looked back at the chart. "Well... so far I see nothing wrong with the lab works. I'm still waiting for the CAT scan and MRI, but if those are good... I'm guessing in the next two days, she can be discharged." Syaoran smiled as he flipped back the papers and placed it back on its holder by the door.

"That's great news then!" Kouji exclaimed.

"Very well... I hate to impose here so I should take my leave." Syaoran smiled and motioned himself to leave. Kouji then extended his hand again which Syaoran shook again.

"It was very nice to meet you Li-sensei" Kouji said.

"Likewise here" Syaoran said in return and exited the room.

In a cafe nearby Tokyo Roukai

Tomoyo, who left without notice, is waiting by a cafe near the hospital. She was anxiously waiting for someone. A waitress came to her table and handed her a cup of cappuccino and 2 bagels. Outside the cafe, a woman with black hair steps out from a black sports car that parked in front. She went inside and asked a waitress that she was meeting someone. Soon enough she was directed to where Tomoyo was waiting. Tomoyo smiled and stood up offering a handshake.

"You must be Meiling Li... I'm Tomoyo Daidouji" Tomoyo smiled.

Meiling shook her hand and replied "Yes, I'm glad to finally meet you Daidouji-san" She sat down on the adjacent seat. Immediately a waitress came to their table and asked Tomoyo's acquaintance on what she may be interested in ordering.

"I'm going to have the same as hers for now thank you" Meiling smiled at the waitress and turned to look back at Tomoyo who had an anxious look on her face.

Meiling cut to the chase and opened up the topic. "I heard that Sakura Kinomoto is Syaoran's patient right now."

Tomoyo sipped from her coffee and nodded. "Yes she is. I assume you know the whole story?"

"Pretty much... how is she doing?" Meiling inquired. She was close to Sakura before; after all, she was her cousin's fiancée.

"She's doing great... so far" Tomoyo replied.

"Does Sakura know the whole situation and who Syaoran really was in her life?" Meiling inquired. She was really straight to the point about it.

"No... To be honest, I've only known the story since yesterday. I wasn't aware of any engagement that Sakura ever had aside from the one she has now." Tomoyo replied back after taking a bite at her bagel.

The waitress came back with Meiling's order and smiled at the two of them after taking the menu out of their way. Meiling took a sip of her coffee and settled it back down. It took a while to process in her mind especially the engagement part.

"Wait... Sakura's engaged right now?" Meiling pried.

"Yes..." Tomoyo managed to reply, taken back by Meiling's reaction.

"Wow... uncle Fujitaka really has this thing for engagements huh..." Meiling commented. It's true; it was his idea to get Sakura and Syaoran engaged, and now Sakura's engaged to the first son of the United States.

"Well that I would agree on... I'm engaged right now as well..." Tomoyo chuckled.

"So do you think this is a twist of fate?" Meiling asked out of the blue. "I mean, I never really thought that of all people who'd be able to rescue Sakura... was my cousin... I mean it's better that way, then again... it really looks awkward for me and probably to Touya and the others too" Meiling finished.

"Well... Touya's a bit worried" Tomoyo replied, and then thought again about what she said. "Actually, scratch that, he's very worried. He wouldn't even want Syaoran to be her attending physician... He was just forced to pipe down as the hospital director insisted it to be this way." Tomoyo explained.

"Yeah I heard... so why did you actually call me out here. I mean you already know the story... what more could I possibly relay to you." Meiling asked.

"Well... honestly? I don't know... there's this part of me that's telling me to get them back together, and the other half is telling me that that's going to be dangerous in many different ways." Tomoyo stated.

"Dangerous in what manner?" Meiling continued to ask.

"Well first of all, we're not really sure on how the two of them will be able to process most of this information. I mean, I'm still trying to cope up with everything, and I'm not even relatively involved with it. Second, she's engaged to the first son of the United States, and they're about to have their coming out ceremony in the next two months, the press will be all over it." Tomoyo pointed out.

"So it IS true" A guy suddenly said making both girls look at him in shock.

Sakura's Room - Tokyo Roukai

"Are you sure you'll be fine? I think it's really best that I leave some secret service agents on your detail; after all, you're engaged to me. Anything that may happen to you other than this may be catastrophic." Kouji worriedly asked Sakura.

"Catastrophic?" Sakura asked raising an eyebrow.

"Of course!" Kouji exclaimed and continued. "I'd do anything just to get you back safe and alive you know... and people might take advantage of that. Not that I don't trust Tokyo's Special Police, but I'd really feel more assurance if you were in the watchful eye of the secret service."

"I don't know" Sakura replied unsurely. "I feel that's just too much, I'm not even a resident of the United States. It's like using your people's tax money just to protect a foreign girl. Don't worry too much, Tokyo's Special Police would be enough, trust me" Sakura smiled at her fiancé.

"Fine... but if anything happens... we won't talk about this again and I'll automatically tell dad to put some agents on your detail okay?" Kouji tried to compromise.

"Alright..." Sakura hugged him. She loved this part of him, always concern and yet always giving way just for her.

"Well I better go. I left the family during their state visit to China, they're telling me to at least meet them in Korea before they go back to the homeland." Kouji sadly explained.

"Alright... I'll let you know as soon as I get discharged from here okay?" Sakura smiled and kissed him in the cheek.

"Okay... I'll try to be back by next week... I love you" Kouji said with an affectionate smile.

"Love you too... now go before you get late" Sakura blushed and pushed him so he could actually leave.

"Late? I've got my own plane... how could I be late?" Kouji smirked.

"You're delaying other people from getting on their flights! Now go!" Sakura argued and pointed out the door.

"Yes ma'am!" Kouji mock saluted and laughed on his way out.

While walking towards the elevator, he turned to look at the head of his detail. "Did you get the information?" Kouji asked.

"It was hard but we managed to get a few..." The agent handed over an A4 sized envelope and then continued "The others are in the car. One of our agents is still trying to trace down more information about it" The agent replied.

"This Truman... Charger is headed down... prepare hard car... ETA 2 minutes" A secret service agent radioed as the elevator moved down.

"Right..." Kouji nodded with a serious face. Just when he was about to ask something, the elevator came on their floor. The door opened with a secret service agent inside. The elevator car was made private to them for the time being. "Just get me every detail you can about this okay?" Kouji finalized as he continued to look at the file that was a news article many years back with a headline 'Couple jumps off a burning building, alive but barely conscious'.

To be continued…

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