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Grace me with your presence

He had always loved her and probably always would. There had been a time when he was angry at her but he could never stay angry with her he loved her too much.

He would always wonder why she left him and he guessed he would never get the answer. He was afraid that if he asked her then their new found friendship would be ruined and he would rather be friends with her than are enemies.

Something that was often on his mind was what would have happened if she hadn't left him but that's all it was: what could have and should have been's.

So here Gibbs sat in the darkness of the bullpen the only source of light being from his lamp as he became lost in memories and visions of what was and could of have been. He scrubbed one of his callous hands across his face to wake him up to that fact he was sure that Jenny had someone else, she was always busy or had to get home whenever he asked if she would like to get a drink or something to eat after work, she would always say another time perhaps, well maybe now was that time.

Jenny was sitting in her office trying to get some work done but the case files seemed to never end. She groaned looking at the offending pile of folders before pushing it over to prevent it from mocking her making them fall all over her desk.

She decided that she had enough of sitting in her dark office thinking about man she had loved and lost so many years ago. So she slipped off her glasses and began to pack up her stuff taking just a couple of folders with her determined to get them done before she went to bed.

As she walked across the catwalk she looked down over her kingdom. Memories of being an agent and sitting in the very bullpen began to fill her mind a time when Gibbs had been much more like Tony than the guff man he was today not that it made her love him even less. Jenny was brought from her thoughts when she noticed a single light on over the whole bullpen and it just so happened to be the man she had just been thinking about. She loved the way the light captured his firm jaw line and made his eyes sparkle even more than usual.

Before she even thought about it her feet seemed to have a mind of their own and she began to slowly descend down the stairs and walk towards him. "I didn't realise you were still here" she said with a smile as she approached Ziva's desk.

"I was just finishing up stuff guess I lost track of time" he said getting out of his chair "You?" he enquired.

"I had and still have a load of paperwork but they can wait until tomorrow" she said as he slipped his coat on.

"I'll walk you to your car" Gibbs said with a smile coming around his desk and following her the elevator his hand ghosting the small of her back.

The journey to the car park was filled with a silence but it wasn't awkward it was a comfortable silence. Gibbs couldn't help but look at her and noticed how beautiful she still was. She was wearing a long black coat that fitted her curves perfectly and high black boots that made her legs go on forever and her hair was swept back into a high pony tail with her fringe hanging over. He knew she would never admit it but she was beautiful even when she didn't try.

Then the elevator pinged informing them of their arrival at the car park. Gibbs being the gentlemen his mother had raised him to be let Jenny go first. She gave him a smile as she passed him before walking to her car still saying no words.

When they reached Jenny's car she turned to face him and finally broke the silence "Well, goodnight Jethro, see you tomorrow".

"Yeah see you tomorrow, Jen" Gibbs said giving her a slight smile before Jenny unlocked her car and got in as he began to walk to his car.

As he got in his car he head slapped himself. He should have asked her to get a drink. He sighed watching Jenny drive off in front of him, Oh well there would always be tomorrow.


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