I wrote this for Sonic's 20th anniversary. I decided to make poems of all the levels in Sonic Generations.

3 years later... God I'm getting old

I don't own Sonic series

20 Years Ago In A Zone Full Of Green Hills

20 Years Ago,

I was just a newbie,

A rookie hero,

On my way to South Island from evil.

I first went to a land filled with Green hills.

It had loop-de-loops and springs, so I called it a Zone.

There were lots of robots and traps, but I got through it no problem,

I finished the first Act and jumped through a golden ring, just in time,

and went to a special stage where I collected my first Chaos Emerald.

By time I got to Act 3, I beat Robotnik for the first time,

After beating that thing, there was no stopping me.

I whooped him and his giant ball every time from Marble to Scrap Brain all the way to the Final Zone,

But I knew he would be back to make his return.

And so I was done saving the world,

Collected all 6 magical Emeralds

And that's what I did 20 years ago.