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Author's Note : Hello everyone! I guess I'm probably a bit mad for trying to write a story like this but well, I've never been the sanest of sorts. Like the title clearly suggests, I have taken the 'Games' part from 'The Hunger Games' and have inserted it into the Alice World. In fact, this story is sort of a mixture between 'The Hunger Games' and 'Divergent'. My plot, obviously is different, but I've taken a few things from both of those books. I got this idea right after I had finished reading The Hunger Games (Yes, you can see how obsessed I was with that book, it's funny how I never had the urge to write fanfiction for that) and I realized that I hadn't seen anyone try this for a GA fanfic yet. So I figured I'd give it a shot. Technically this isn't a crossover because I'm just sticking to the GA characters.

Warning : This story might get a bit violent in the middle. If that's the case, I'll probably be changing the rating. And one more thing; People will die in this story. I'm a total sucker for happy endings but for this one...well I'm not so sure. Read and find out ;)

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The Alice Games
Chapter One :
Sixteenth Birthday



I grunt and roll over to the other side of my bed and pull my blanket securely around me. I know that voice, but hopefully it's only a part of my dream.

"Mikan!" the voice says a bit more urgently this time.

I squeeze my eyes shut and sink lower into my bed. I don't want to get up. Hell, I never want to get up. I hate mornings. Actually hate would be an understatement. I loathe mornings with every single fibre of my being. Why can't it just be night forever? Who the hell wants to get up anyways? Well apparently my Uncle thinks I need to.

"Mikan! Get up this instant!" he says, his voice sounding rather impatient. "You're getting late for school!"

And instantly, within a second, a pair of hands is jerking the blanket off of me. I squeal, my eyes opening immediately. "Uncle!" I wail as I look towards where he's standing. He has my soft blue blanket in his hands. Grr…

He shakes his head. "You've got plenty of sleep."

I open my mouth to protest; I actually hadn't gotten any sleep. Most of my night was spent idly tossing and turning. It was only early in the morning when sleep decided to wash over me. But Uncle interrupts me. "Happy Birthday Mikan," he says with a small smile on his face.

I gaze at him, curious. I'm positive I saw hints of sadness in his eyes but they are gone in a flash and replaced with amusement. "Do you really want to go to school wearing your pyjamas on your birthday?" he asks playfully.

I shake my head and grin at him. "No. I'll go get ready now."

He shoots me one last smile. "Don't forget to brush your hair."

I roll my eyes at him. "I'm sixteen, uncle," I say. "I think I will remember to brush my hair."

He laughs but it sounds strained to my ears and he knows it too. "Sixteen..." he murmurs. "You're ready for the Alice Aptitude Test, aren't you?"


The Alice Aptitude Test.

I nod. "Yes Uncle. There's not much to it. Besides, what can possibly go wrong with the Nullification Alice?" I joke.

"Nothing." But he says it too quickly. "Now go get ready before you actually become late." He smiles briefly at me again and then swiftly walks out of my room.

I watch as he closes the door shut behind him and then let out a sigh.


I'm sixteen. The thought doesn't scare me actually, which is unusual. Normally everyone dreads turning sixteen for it's the time for taking the Alice Aptitude Test which determines your Alice type and according to your Alice type it determines which District you shall live in for the rest of your life- provided that you're not a Tribute in the Games.

I don't see why Uncle is so flustered; it's very rare for someone to change districts. I've only heard of it once or twice in History class. Other than that, whatever Alice type you are born into is where you live. Well at least this is the case for District 4, The Special Type.

I don't know much about the other Districts, nobody in 4 does. It's against the law to mingle with Alices from the other Districts. Even our History Textbook limits the knowledge about the other Districts. All I know is that there are a total of 5 Districts in Alicestansia. District 1 is the Latent Ability Type, District 2 is the Technical Ability Type, District 3 is the Somatic Ability Type, District 4 is the Special Ability Type and District 5 is the Dangerous Ability Type. Each is controlled by one of President Kuoniji's council members. Approximately 21 years ago, there was a massive uprising against the Alice Academy (the prestigious one, now each District has its own Alice Academy). At that time there were no Districts, all the Alices were free to live anywhere. That all changed when President Kuoniji (who was the Elementary School principal) won and overthrew the Alice Government and declared himself the President of the new country, Alicestansia. During the Alice War, more than two-thirds of Japan was destroyed. With the help of the Reclamation Alice, President Kuoniji rebuilt Japan and named it Alicestansia- a country only for Alices.

But to remind us where the power lies, he introduced The Alice Games.

I shudder. Just thinking about The Games gives me chills down my spine. I quickly walk to my bathroom and start brushing my teeth. I notice that there are bags under my eyes due to lack of sleep the previous night. I splash the cold water over my face and dab the towel on my cheek. There is no time for me to take a shower, I'm already late.

With that thought in mind, I change into my school uniform which consists of a black skirt chequered with blue stripes and a white shirt with the label 'Alice Academy: Special Division' on it.

Within ten minutes, I'm ready and out of the door. I skip eating breakfast, I really can't bear sitting with Uncle when he's in one of his moods again.

The Academy is not that far away from my house, just a 15 minute walk. But still, 15 minutes can make me late. On my way however, I meet Nonoko, so I'm reassured that I'm not late. She's in most of my classes along with Anna and she's known to be very punctual.

"Mikan!" she calls as she walks towards me, her bag strapped on one shoulder. "Happy Birthday!" she chirps excitedly.

I grin at her, "Thanks!"

"So doing anything special today?" she asks me as we both walk towards the Academy. We pass the Mayor's house on the way. He's one of the members of President Kuoniji's council. One of those ruthless bastards. I even voiced out my thoughts about the Mayor to my Uncle once. He was furious at me, which was expected. He did work under the Mayor after all...

"Well if you call going to the Aptitude test special...then yes."

The smile falls from her face. "I'm so sorry Mikan! I wasn't thinking! I-,"

But I cut her off by laughing. "It's all right, Nonoko. I'm not going anywhere," I say firmly.

She nods but her expression is still weary. "Don't tell anyone I told you but, apparently there has been a new transfer from District 1."

I widen my eyes, "You're kidding!"

Nonoko shakes her head, "I'm serious. I heard he came yesterday."

I let that new piece of information sink in. So District transfers were possible. I let out a small breath. My Alice can't possibly be placed anywhere but here, in the Special Ability District. It just can't.

We reach the Academy soon where we both part ways; I have History first while Nonoko has Literature.

"See you at lunch!" she exclaims as she enters her class.

I give her one last smile before heading on my way to History. I quickly stop by my locker to grab my textbook; it's far too heavy for me to put in my bag. Funny thing is, we hardly ever use our textbooks. They're mostly just there as show pieces.

"Mikan! My favourite little junior!"

I turn around and am caught in a massive hug. "Misaki! You're squishing me!" I say in between giggles. She lets go of me and then gives me a grin. "Well it's not every day my little orange turns 16!"

I return her grin. She has called me 'Orange' ever since I had told her that my name is Mikan. "Where's Tsubasa?" I ask glancing over her shoulder in search for the black haired shadow manipulator.

Misaki shrugs. "I think he went to class."

"Class?" I ask, disbelief marking my features, "Already?"

Misaki chuckles and then lifts her hand to ruffle my hair. "Well he likes to pretend to be a good student once in a while." She winks at me. "But don't worry he'll wish you 'Happy Birthday'."

"Class? Honestly Misaki? Is that the best excuse you can think of?"

Misaki groans. "You were supposed to come after I said 'Potatoes' Andou!" she says, exasperated.

I stifle a giggle at that. Potatoes? That was their code word?

Tsubasa grunts. "I thought it was Orange."

Misaki shoots him a glare, "You know I always call her that."

He shrugs. "Whatever." He then turns to me and says, "Happy Birthday Mikan!"

"Thanks Tsubasa."

"Here," he stuffs his hand into his pocket and brings out a small box, "It's a small gift from me and Misaki."

"You really didn't have to..." I murmur eyeing the box.

"Oh rubbish," Misaki states as she grabs the box from Tsubasa's hand. "Take it."

She places the small box in my hand. I open it carefully. Inside it is a small pendant.

"It's beautiful," I say awestruck. Because it certainly is. It's a small clear pendant shaped like a star. I inspect it and while I'm turning it around I notice that it glimmers different colours in the light.

"It's supposed to bring you good luck," Tsubasa informs me. "My grandmother had the Good Luck Alice."

"The Good Luck Alice?" I ask. I've never heard of that before.

Misaki nods. "Yeah. Andou's grandmother could make jewellery which would actually bring the owner luck."

Tsubasa grins, "Amazing, isn't it?"

I nod eagerly. "Definitely. I'm going to wear it right now!" I quickly put the pendant around my neck and fasten the little loop of the chain.

"I knew you'd like it!" Misaki chirps cheerfully as she sneaks a glance at her watch. "Crap!" she exclaims. "We're late for Chemistry Andou!"

Tsubasa's eyes widen. "Seriously?"

"Yes you moron! Why would I lie?"

"Sorry Mikan, but I guess both of us have to go," he says apologetically.

"That's all right. I have to go to class too."

"And happy birthday once again!" Misaki calls as she and Tsubasa walk down the corridor.

I smile as I look at the pendant. If it is truly what Tsubasa says it is, I'm sure that today will be a very lucky day for me.

School was uneventful, which was what I was expecting. Sure, everyone wished me 'Happy Birthday' but I knew that they were secretly sad for me; everyone dreads turning 16. It's actually quite useless, the whole dreading the Aptitude Test. Almost everyone knows that their chances of being transferred to another district are practically zero. Anna tells me not to worry. But she doesn't have to. I'm not worrying. Everyone else is.

So with absolutely no fear whatsoever, I walk back home. Nonoko isn't with me this time, she said she had to go and meet someone and wished me good luck for the test.

"Mikan!" A voice calls out from behind.

I turn around. Misaki and Tsubasa are walking towards me. Tsubasa's hands are shoved deep into his pockets-the usual- and Misaki has a book with her. I grin at that. Though it may not look like it, Misaki adores books.

"Hey guys!" I say, smiling at both of them. Other than Nonoko and Anna, I talk to Tsubasa and Misaki the most despite the fact that both of them are two years older than me.

"We wanted to wish you good luck," Tsubasa says.

I roll my eyes, "Oh please. Why in the world would I need good luck when I have this?" I ask indicating at the pendant around my throat.

Misaki cracks a grin. "True that," she murmurs, "But just be careful Mikan."

I frown at her. What's there to be careful about? Do they know something that I don't? Seeing my expression Tsubasa sighs. "Ignore Misaki. She says she had a strange dream."

"Andou!" Misaki hisses, pinching his arm.

He winces. "Did you really need to do that?"

Misaki rolls her eyes. "Do you want us to walk you back home?"

I shake my head. "No it's all right. I can walk by myself." Because honestly, I can. It's not that hard. Plus what could possibly happen to me?

Tsubasa looks doubtful though. "Are you sure?"

I let out an exasperated sigh. "Yes! I'm not a little kid anymore!"

Misaki sighs. "Yes. We know. Bu-"

"Honestly, Misaki," I say not allowing her to finish. "You and Tsubasa should go back home. I'm getting late for the Aptitude test."

That causes Tsubasa to stiffen. "About that," he starts looking around nervously as if he doesn't want to be overheard by anyone else, "Last night there was a transfer from District –"

"1," I say interrupting him, "-I know."

He frowns, "I was going to say 3 but wait... there's been a transfer from 1 too?"

I nearly groan out loud. What am I thinking? Even though they're my friends, I can't just say things like that. I promised Nonoko that I wouldn't tell anyone.

There goes my promise.

I quickly shake my head. "I was just kidding."

But I know he's not convinced because I can tell by the dark look in his eyes. But he lets it go for some odd reason. Probably doesn't want to argue with me on my birthday. "Just be careful."

Be careful? With what?

Misaki shoots him a look. "Could you try not to scare her?"

Tsubasa fakes a laugh. "Sorry about that," he raises a hand to ruffle my hair playfully. "See you tomorrow."

I give both of them one of my brightest beams. Tomorrow.

I can't wait for tomorrow- When all this stupid Alice Aptitude Test nonsense is over.


Clouds are strange things.

They come in so many different sizes, shapes and colours. No two clouds are identical just like no two human beings are identical. But the funny thing is that all clouds are made up of tiny water particles, so they all should be uniform, shouldn't they? I watch the clouds floating over District 4 as I sit in my Uncle's black Toyota. Very few people own cars nowadays, most of them use the subways. My Uncle Kazu is one of the very lucky ones to have their car intact after the Alice War. I wonder how he saved it, but I've never asked.

We soon pass the Main City where all the shops and restaurants are located. It's 6 'o'clock so the place is full of Alices shopping, walking, eating and whatnot. I see a bunch of my classmates at Zoe's Pizza Bar. I look at them wistfully. I had been invited. But I couldn't go for obvious reasons.

"How long will the Test take?" I ask Uncle Kazu who has his eyes glued on to the road in front of him.

He shrugs before answering. "It depends."


"The person," he looks at me from the corner of his eyes. "Mine took a mere five minutes."

I let that information sink in. Five minutes...that's pretty quick.

"What was it like?"

He pauses for a minute before answering. "To be honest, I thought it was the scariest thing I'd ever experienced. But then again, nothing can ever compete with what happened during the War."

Oh thanks Uncle. That really helps. But before I can ask him another question, the car comes to a halt. I nearly jerk in my seat, it was that sudden.

"Well," he says his gaze darting to the brown building in front of us. "We're here."


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