Author's Note : Hi guys. I have some good news (okay not that good, but it's definitely better than the bad news) and some bad news.

I'll start with the bad news :

I'm going to go on an hiatus. For those of you who have read the small message on my profile, you probably know that I had written the whole of chapter 12 (which was about 11,000 words) and then it got deleted from my laptop and I being the stupid moron that I am—didn't have any back up. So basically, I lost the whole chapter and the chapter outline for the next ones. I was ready to re-write the whole thing, I really was. Despite having loads of school work and other stuff to worry about, I was ready to write the whole chapter again. And I actually did. Well, not the whole thing. But I re-wrote at least 25% of it. Well you must be wondering what the big deal is, I mean, the whole 'losing a chapter' thing must seem very trivial. It is. But recently I've been disheartened due to the fact that I have been plagiarised.

I know. Plagiarism always happens. A lot of authors get plagiarised. But honestly speaking, I never thought that would happen to me. I know I shouldn't stop writing because some stupid person has decided to copy my story verbatim,'s not the only reason why I have decided to go on a hiatus.

I guess getting plagiarised has let me realise that I need to take a break from fanfiction. I guess it's like a sort of scapegoat, you know? I mean, for the past few weeks I haven't been able to write a single paragraph and my mind has just been so blank ; it's ludicrous. Plus, I'm a junior in high school which means I have so much work to do. Keeping up my grades, community service, looking into colleges and the like. It's hard to keep up with everything and if I focus too much on one thing, the other's will get neglected. And in this case, I really can't afford to neglect my academics, I hope you all understand.

I don't like it when authors' randomly decide to go on a hiatus without telling their readers —so it's only fair that I tell you all about this. I'm not leaving fanfiction, dear no —I have every intention upon finishing this story— but I will be taking a break. But I'll come back, don't know when, but I'll come back. That is a promise.

So, let's go to the good news, shall we?

Since posting a chapter soley for the purpose of an author's note disregards ffn rules, I decided to include a small preview of chapter 12. I really don't want this story to be taken down by the admins, so, putting in a small preview of the next chapter seemed like a good thing to do. Some of you may probably get a pissed at me for leaving the preview like this...but you know me, I like cliffhangers ;)

Anyways, this is the end of this dreadfully long author's note! I am so sorry guys. I truly am. But things are just not working out. I'll come back. Someday.

For sure.

Till then,


-Carolle Royale

"And our sixteen year-old tribute is, Kiki Ayuzawa!"

I feel as if my breathe has been knocked out of me. My head immediately snaps up from its perpetual gaze from the ground and falls upon Luna, who's still standing with the chit in her hand. She's got a big grin plastered on her face as she eyes the audience expectantly, waiting for Kiki to come running up. Did I just hear her correctly? Did she actually say Kiki?! Or is that just a figment my imagination?

"Will Miss Kiki please report to the stage?" Luna says into the mike, a little bit distressed after a minute or two passes with no trace of Kiki.

I sigh in relief. So she had said Kiki.

Thank god.

But where is that girl? I crane my neck back, trying to spot her behind me in the line (yes, she's been gifted with a perfectly good height unlike my ruddy 5'1.) but it's of no use. I can't see her anywhere. Maybe she's hiding in the bathrooms..

I thought she would've run up on stage the second her name had been called out, but, I guess she's a bilker. It certainly doesn't seem that she's excited about getting selected.

The girls behind me start whispering amongst themselves; apparently they think it's a bit out of character for Kiki not to go dashing up on stage, too.

I turn my head towards the right and spot Nobara. I give her a small smile. She returns it with one of her own. After all, my name hasn't been drawn.

I turn my head back onto the stage to see Luna tap her right foot which is clad in a three inch heel shoe, rather impatiently. "Kiki Ayuzawa, please report to the stage immediately! We haven't got all day!"

At that, there are even more strings of murmurs and whispers. I purse my lips. Where in the world is that stupid girl? I let out a frustrated sigh. It was just a mere hour or two ago when she had wanted to kill for increasing her chance of getting reaped but, now that she has indeed been chosen, she doesn't show up!

"This is preposterous!" Luna exclaims into the mike, clutching it with her right hand, "Miss Kiki! Imme—" She stops mid-sentence, lowering the mike from her mouth, as Reo emerges up on stage (I don't even remember him being on the stage) and then proceeds to tell her something in her ear. Luna's face contorts into an expression of shock and I see her mouth rapidly move, saying something to him. He shakes his head and then motions towards the mike.

Luna brings a hand to her forehead. She shakes her head and then says something else to Reo. He shrugs and mutters something back at her. Luna then runs her hand through her blonde hair, obviously quite distraught. After a minute or two, she removes it from her hair and brings back the mike to her mouth. "There has been a slight change," she tells us succinctly, her voice surprisingly steady. I expected it to be quivering a bit, since the whole conversation between her and Reo seemed to unsettle her. "Kiki Ayuzawa will not be a tribute in the Games as she is no longer with us."

Carolle Royale