-Groans- Alright, this was one of my very first fanfic's and let's just say…I am so sorry! I'm sorry for all the grammar and spelling mistakes since I hadn't had spellcheck or Microsoft word. This is why I'm rewriting a lot of my old fanfic's. Also, I noticed that a lot of information was missing from the old fanfic along with some scenes which seemed to have been needed to go but I forgot to do. I did rush the old one, but with this one at least I slowed things down. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the new version and this will be a two chapter fanfic.

Disclaimer: None of this is mine; I'm not making any money off of this.

Pairings: Sora/Kiri(one sided), Riku/Sora

Summary: Sora, Riku and Kiri are back at Destiny Islands, in fact, it's year after the events of Kingdom Hearts II. However, Riku still hasn't forgiven himself for betraying Sora and his feelings for the younger man haven't gone away either. He has it in his mind that Sora and Kiri are an item and starts to distance himself from his friend. Sora notices and tries to get to the bottom of Riku's strange actions.

Things I have changed: Sora is able to use all his forms without the help of his friends thanks to Donald. Also, Sora is able to freely fight with two keyblades instead of one.

Warnings: Male/Male relationship, Kiri bashing(it's easy to make her a bitch), crude language, graphic sex scene between two males.


It's You I Love.


A young man, around the age of 17 years old, stood in the shadows of a large tree. He was dressed in a black hoodie, jeans and boots. Around him, students laughed and joked around, some hanging out in groups as they made plans for the summer as tomorrow was the last day of school. The man's name is Riku Heart, and his aquamarine eyes were trained on a certain brown spiky haired and sky blue eyed teen name Sora Honda. Riku sighed and brushed a lock of silver hair away from his face, wishing that he could gather the courage to go up to his best friend and talk to him.

Riku, Sora and their friend Kiri Nakamura had come back to Destiny Islands a year ago after the events at The Word That Never Was. Sora and Kiri had quickly gotten back into their roles of students and had explained to their parents that they had been away exploring. Their parent's hadn't been happy, even more so since Sora had been away for a full year, but that was quickly forgiven as their son was back. Kiri's mother was alright since Kiri had only been gone for two weeks. Riku's parent's accepted the lie, but he was having a harder time getting used to being back in school.

He had started pulling away from Sora and Kiri, he had noticed that Kiri had been hanging off of Sora's arm ever since they had gotten back and also noticed the looks she gave him if he stood to close to Sora or touched the other's arm or back. It was easy to see that Kiri liked Sora that she wanted the keyblade master and he backed off. His thoughts were still clouded with the time he spent in the darkness, and he couldn't help thinking about how he betrayed Sora by going to the darkness in the first place.

Riku sighed once more as Kiri showed up and started talking with Sora. He wished that he held Sora's attention. Hell, he had loved the younger teen for a long time. At first, he thought he wanted to deny the fact that he liked his best friend and had turned to Kiri, but that quickly spiraled down and he finally admitted to himself that he loved Sora. Kiri had noticed the change instantly, and once they got back, she had made her distaste known by planning things with Sora which didn't involve him.

Riku shook his head, a vain attempt to stop thinking of Sora. He turned around and started walking away, his backpack over one shoulder. A few people, like Wakka and Tidus hurried after him to try to finally get through to the other teen. They had also noticed how distant he was, and wanted to see if they could bring him back.

Meanwhile, Sora had noticed Riku walking away. He watched with worried and saddened eyes as his best friend and secret crush walked away. He had noticed the sudden change in Riku two weeks after they returned. At first, Riku had seemed to go back to how he used to be, but that all changed rather quickly. It was around the time that Kiri started trying to get him alone and hung around him more. Sora wasn't as dense as others thought him to be, he knew that Kiri liked him and wanted to date him, and at first, he would have jumped at the chance to but now he didn't want her all he wanted was Riku.

"Sora…Sora…Sora!"A voice shouted, making Sora jump and look at Kiri with wide eyes.

"Huh? Sorry, what did you say?"Sora asked, wincing as Kiri shook her head and narrowed her eyes.

"I asked you if you had anything planned for today. I wouldn't mind hanging out, perhaps we can go to the island today."Kiri said, watching as Sora frowned lightly.

"I don't think so, Kiri. I need to do a few things."Sora said, watching as hurt flashed through Kiri's eyes.

"Oh…alright maybe tomorrow?"Kiri asked, her voice hopeful as Sora smiled at her.

"I'll call you if I'm free tomorrow."He said, watching as Kiri nodded and walked off with Selphie.

Sora groaned softly and shook his head. He knew that Kiri wanted to ask him out, or she was hoping that he would ask her out. When she had shown up in his life, he thought she was beautiful, but he found himself comparing and noticing how different she was from Riku and how their relationship was different. Riku, he wasn't scared to talk to and show weakness, with Kiri, he was more guarded and was expected to help her and protect her. Yes, he liked her at first, but he started realizing that his true emotions were for Riku.

Sora shook his head and walked away, knowing that his mom and younger brother would be worried if he wasn't home soon. He was just glad that school was over tomorrow and then he could try to get his friendship back with Riku. He hated that the older teen was being so distant, and he hated that he hadn't been paying attention to Riku but he and Kiri were taking extra classes so they could graduate on time next year. Riku was lucky, this had been his last year, he was graduating tomorrow since he had been gone for a year.

"See ya tomorrow Sora!"Selphie said, making Sora look up and smile while waving to the brunet and Kiri.


Sora unlocked the front door and frowned, noticing the lack of noise from inside the house. His younger brother, Yuki, had already finished school yesterday and should be home as well as their mom. She worked as a translator for a large business which had companies all around the world. It helped that she knew several languages and customs. Sora toed off his shoes and closed the door behind him before shrugging off his shoulder bag and coat.

"Mom? Yuki?"He called, frowning when he got no response.

Sora walked through the den and into the kitchen, spotting a note on the counter. He walked over to it and picked it up, his eyes widening as a bright smile appeared. He had forgotten that his mom had business in India and was bringing Yuki because his brother was finally old enough. She had brought him on one of her trips when he was younger. Yuki had only been five at that age and had stayed home with their dad before he had passed away.

"Yes! Home alone for two months!"Sora cried, dropping the note and dancing around the kitchen.

Sora grinned as ideas entered his mind. He knew he could use this new development to invite Riku over to spend the night. That way, he could find out what was bothering his friend and perhaps help him out in some way. Before that though, he needed to at least attempt to clean his room. Sora flushed as he remembered the disarray his room was in and slowly headed upstairs and down the long hall. He stopped in front of his room and opened the door, wincing at the piles of dirty clothes, dirty paper plates, papers and more were scattered across the floor or on his desk.

"Alright, let's get started."Sora muttered, determination in his eyes as he stepped into his room.

First, he threw all of his dirty clothes into his hamper, which was unearthed from a corner of his room where it had been buried underneath his 'Nightmare Before Christmas' blanket (it still made him smile thinking of Jack and all of the fun they had), before carrying the hamper down to the basement so he could get his laundry done. Next, he grabbed a trash bag from the kitchen and attacked his room. He threw away all the paper plates, plastic cups, old papers which he didn't need any more and scraps of paper which Yuki must have attacked with scissors.

"Damn…maybe I should listen to mom when she tells me to clean my room…"Sora muttered, sighing softly as he lugged the full trash bag downstairs.

He walked out the back door and put the bag in one of the trash bins before walking back inside. He walked down to the basement and switched his laundry over before grabbing the vacuum and lugging it upstairs. He managed to clean his room, well…most of it. His bed was slightly made, new sheets thankfully, his beanbag chairs were at the side of his bed on the floor. His desk was more organized, and everything was dusted after he had vacuumed.

"There, now I can call Riku."Sora said, flopping down on his bed with a sigh.

He pulled his cell from his pocket and looked through his contacts, smiling when he found Riku's number. He quickly pressed call and leaned back on his bed, smiling as the phone rang and Riku finally picked up.


"Hey Riku, it's Sora. How are you?"

"I-I'm good, just finished putting away a few things that I picked up at the store."

"That's good…are you busy?"

"No, why?"

"I was wondering if you'd like to spend the night for a few nights. Yuki and my mom are gone for a while and I have the house to myself. We could go to the island, swim, rent some movies…"Sora trailed off, biting his lip as he heard Riku chuckle softly.

"That sounds…nice Sora. I'll check with my parents for how long I can stay over. I should be over in a few minutes."

"Great! I'll see you in a few!"


"Bye."Sora said, smiling brightly as he hung up.

He jumped to his feet and cheered, though he instantly started to worry. It had been a long time since Riku had spent the night, a long time since they had any time alone. In fact, the last time they were really alone to talk was before they came back to Destiny Islands. After that, they had been busy trying to get their lives back to normal. He shook his head and quickly stripped down to his boxers, knowing that Riku would wonder why he was still in his school uniform. He rummaged through his closet and finally pulled on a pair of jeans, socks and a deep blue short sleeved shirt.

The sound of the doorbell made him jump, though he beamed and raced out of his room. He nearly flew down the stairs and pulled the door open, staring at Riku who stood on his doorstep. Riku smiled and opened his mouth to say hello, but before he could, he found himself nearly knocked to the pavement because Sora threw himself into Riku's arms.

"I've missed you Riku."Sora muttered, hugging his friend tightly.

"I missed you too."Riku said, his voice soft as he wrapped his arms around Sora's waist and hugged him tight.

Sora sighed contently as he clung onto Riku, feeling as if everything was right again. He had missed Riku, missed their late night phone calls, missed sneaking out to the island to camp out underneath the stars, missed their spars, missed the closeness that they once had. Riku was thinking the same thing. He was glad that Sora had called him, but he felt bad that he had allowed it to get this bad.

"Come on Sora, let's go inside. My parent's said that I can stay here for three days, maybe more if I ask."Riku said, laughing as Sora let go before he grabbed Riku's duffle bag and dragged the silver haired teen inside.


Riku raised an eyebrow as he stepped into Sora's room, shocked that it was clean. He laughed as Sora bounced around his room, having set Riku's bag near his bed. He noticed the slight changes to Sora's room. Gone were the once childish pictures and quotes, having been replaced with pictures of Sora's favorite movies and hand drawn pictures of the different worlds the teen had been to during his journey. Riku knew that Sora had greatly matured during his absence, which was something that no one really even knew of since Sora was so good at hiding himself behind masks. They were alike in that way; both of them were good at building masks to hide their true emotions.

"What should we do first?"Sora asked, bringing Riku out of his thoughts.

"Not sure, what do you want to do?"Riku asked, raising an eyebrow as Sora grinned and hurried over to his desk.

Riku smirked as Sora reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a ring, to which the different charms for his keyblades were attached to. Sora easily found Ultima and Fenir and unhooked their charms. Riku slid one of his hands into his pocket, his finger lightly touching his own charm for Way to the Dawn.

"Let's go to the island and hang out. Perhaps we could spar?"Sora suggested, smiling when Riku agreed to the idea.

Sora slipped on his shoes and dragged Riku out of the house, both of them laughing and talking as they headed down the street and towards the docks. Halfway there, Riku blinked when Sora suddenly grinned at him. Sora laughed and darted down the sidewalk, leaving Riku staring after him before he sprinted after his friend.

"No fair! You never said anything about a race!"Riku laughed, easily catching up to his younger friend.

They raced to the docks and stretched their hands out as they came towards one of the posts, though they both laughed and nearly collapsed as they touched the post at the same time. Sora bent down and rested his hands on his knees as Riku leaned against the post, both of them trying to catch their breaths.

"You're getting faster Sora. I struggled to keep up with you."Riku panted, laughing as Sora blushed faintly and smiled at him.

"I'm determined to beat you one day."Sora said, laughing as Riku chuckled.

Once they managed to catch their breath, they finally untied their boats and set off for the island. It only took around 15 minutes to get to the island. Riku was the first out of his boat and docked it before helping Sora tie his boat to the dock as well. They smiled and walked down the beach in silence, both content in just being together. However, Riku paused as a sudden memory came to him. The island held many good and bad memories for him, and one of the best memories was when he had first met Sora.

-Flash Back-

(Riku: 10. Sora: 9)

Riku laughed as Dusk, his German Shepard, chased him through the shallows of the water. He was visiting the island with his parents on their family day out. They often came to the beach together now that it was summer. Riku ran through the waves, laughing as Dusk chased after him, however, Riku stopped when he saw two older boys chasing someone down the beach. He frowned and patted his side, Dusk instantly coming to him before they both took off after the two boys. Riku chased them towards a waterfall pool and noticed a hidden opening in the side of a rocky wall. The two boys were calling into the opening, trying to get whoever they chased to come out.

"Hey! Leave them alone!"Riku said, picking up a thick stick as Dusk growled at the two boys.

"Get lost short stuff."One of the boy snarled, though he paled as Dusk bared his teeth.

"Go pick on someone your own age."Riku said, narrowing his eyes as the boys looked at each other before turning away, claiming that it was no fun when their prey ran too fast.

Riku watched the two boys leave before turning to the cave opening. He patted Dusk's head and dropped the stick before walking to the opening and slipping inside. He was instantly shocked in the temperature difference as he looked around the grey rock walls and the opening in the ceiling. However, he looked around when he heard the sounds of someone crying.

"Hello? Are you alright?"He called out, his voice soft and gentle.

"Go away! Leave me alone!"A voice answered, making Riku look towards a large rock.

"I'm not gonna hurt you. I chased away those boys."Riku said, walking towards the rock and peering around it.

He blinked when he saw a young boy with spiky brown hair and the clearest blue eyes he had ever seen. Those same eyes were looking up at him with uncertainty and sadness, which made Riku want to hit the boys who had teased the boy and made him cry, which is something his parents told him he should never do.

"I'm Riku Heart. What's your name?"Riku asked, smiling as the boy wiped his eyes on the back of his hand.

"S-Sora Honda."The boy said, standing up and brushing himself off.

"Where's your parents?"Riku asked, leading the way out of the cave where Dusk was waiting.

"They're farther down the beach."Sora said, blinked as the large dog lightly licked his face.

"Did you wander too far away from them?"Riku asked, watching as Sora nodded his head.

"I'll take you to my parents and they can help you find yours."Riku said, blinking as Sora suddenly hugged him.

"Thank you Riku. You're the nicest person in the world."Sora said, smiling as Riku blushed.

"Um…thanks."Riku said, smiling as he led Sora down the beach and towards his parents.

"Friends?"Sora asked, his sudden question making Riku pause and look at him.

"Friends. From now on, I won't let anyone hurt you."Riku said, smiling as Sora beamed at him.

"And I won't let anyone hurt you Riku!"Sora said, giggling as Riku smiled and blushed again.

-End Flash Back-

Sora stopped when he noticed that Riku wasn't walking beside him. He frowned and turned around; tilting his head to the side when he saw that his friend was standing a few feet behind him and was looking like he had just seen something horrible. Sora hurried over to Riku and stopped in front of him, worry in his eyes.

"Riku, what's wrong?"He asked, worry in his voice as Riku looked down.

"I'm sorry…I broke a lot of promises that I swore I would keep…"Riku muttered, shame in his voice.

Sora frowned and thought back to all the promises Riku had made him. Within a few minutes, he understood why Riku had been so distant from him. He sighed softly and smiled, reaching up and tilting Riku's head up. Riku looked at Sora and blinked when he saw compassion and understanding in Sora's eyes.

"Riku, you're my closest friend and the one of the very few who know the real me. You'll always be my friend no matter what."Sora said, making Riku frown.

"How can you say that when I've upset you so much? I broke just about every promise. I had even threatened you!"Riku said, desperation in his voice as Sora simply pulled him into a hug.

"Because you saw the mistake you made and corrected it. You nearly paid for it with your life in making sure I walked away alive. I've never been mad at you Riku, only worried and upset that you ran from me. I've forgiven you a long time ago, now it's time for you to forgive yourself."Sora said, his voice soft as Riku clung to him.

They remained like that for what seemed like forever, both of them finally getting the comfort and closure that they needed. Finally, Riku slightly pulled away, feeling Sora's arms slip from around his neck. He smiled softly at his friend before they continued down the beach. Things would never be the same, but they would be better than they had been before because of the new level of understanding between them.


Kiri laughed as Selphie told her what had happened in Spanish class, her eyes dancing with mirth. She was still slightly put off that Sora had refused to hang out with her today, but at least Selphie was trying to cheer her up. It was known throughout the school that Sora and Kiri would make a great couple, though there were a few people who disagreed with that statement. Kiri had thought that after Sora returned to Destiny Islands, they would finally be together. But it was nearly a year later and they were still only friends.

She had seen the longing glances that Sora shot towards Riku once the silver haired teen stopped hanging around them so much. It made her see red whenever she caught him staring at Riku. Kiri could easily see that Sora was attracted to Riku and that Riku felt the same way towards Sora. It angered her to no end because both men had shown an interest in her and now they no longer even glanced her way!

"Kiri? You okay?"Selphie asked, raising an eyebrow as Kiri blinked.

"Yeah…sorry about that. Spacing out."Kiri said, smiling sheepishly at her friend.

She smiled as she listened to Selphie, though sudden laughter made both of them pause and look towards the water. Kiri's eyes widened when she saw Riku and Sora walking through the water, both of them laughing and splashing each other as they continued walking. She frowned and stood up, wanting to know why Sora had lied to her. Selphie sighed and stood up as well, knowing that Kiri would be on a jealous rage. She had seen the looks Riku and Sora kept sending each other, and had quickly known that Kiri would go out of her way to butt into any activities Sora would try to plan with Riku.

"Sora!"Kiri called, making both Riku and Sora freeze and look at her.

"Oh…hi Kiri."Sora said, shuffling as Riku stepped closer to him.

"You told me you were busy today and wouldn't be able to hang out."Kiri said, scowling as she put her hands on her hips.

"I know, but I finished quicker than I thought I would and…well I thought that I would call Riku. It's been a long time since him and I have hung out."Sora said, his tone turning slightly accusing which made Kiri glare.

"Don't take that tone with me! It's not my fault that he doesn't talk to us anymore!"Kiri said, her voice getting shriller.

"Actually it is. Every time Sora and I tried to plan something, you would either find us or beg to join in. At times you would even force us to change our plans to include you."Riku said, his voice calm as Kiri glared at him.

"Kiri, come on. Let's leave them alone to spend time together. It's only fair."Selphie said, placing her hands on Kiri's shoulders and guided her away.

Sora sighed and shook his head, knowing that Kiri would yell at him tomorrow at school. A hand on his shoulder made him look up at Riku, and he couldn't help but smile. Honestly, he didn't feel that bad at not hanging out with Kiri. He rarely saw or talked to Riku and had greatly missed the older teen. Now was their time to catch up.

"Come on, let's go to the cave."Sora said, smiling as he grabbed Riku's hand and led him towards the waterfall.

Sora tilted his head to the side as they came to the opening to the cave. He managed to worm his way through and sighed as he looked around. He heard a slight grunt behind him and turned around, laughing when he saw Riku slightly struggle to get through. Riku glared playfully at him before joining him at his side. They both looked around with interest, noticing the gathered spider webs and the roots which had grown even more during their absence.

Riku blinked as Sora walked over to a certain drawing, following his friend and frowning at the drawing he found. It was a picture of Sora and Kiri's faces along with a paupu fruit between them. A stab of pain raced through him, nearly making him fall. He could tell that Sora had drawn Kiri and that Kiri had drawn Sora, and the fact that there was a paupu fruit between them made his heart ache.

-He still likes her…-He thought, sadness flickering through his eyes before he masked his pain.

Sora was looking at the drawing as well, though he was remembering on how he felt when it was drawn. He had tried to forget his feelings for Riku and had instead turned to Kiri. At first, he thought it was working, but now…he wished that he had never drawn the paupu fruit between the drawings. He turned around and blinked, watching as Riku turned around.

"Come on, let's have the sparring match."Riku said, making Sora frown though he nodded and followed his friend outside.


An hour and a half later found Riku and Sora sitting down on the paupu tree, both of them panting softly as they smiled. The spar had been fast and brutal. Both of them kept from hurting each other, thanks to a spell King Mickey had taught them which rendered their keyblades harmless by creating a thin shield around the blades. No one else was on the island, which is why they so freely dove into their spar.

"Damn…that was close…"Sora panted, rubbing his shoulder lightly.

"Yeah, we were finally tied."Riku said, laughing softly as Sora wacked his chest.

They were bruised up, but there were no cuts or broken bones. Riku groaned and tilted his head from side to side, sighing as it cracked. He looked over at his friend, blinking as Sora stripped off his shirt and sighed as the light wind cooled him down. Riku swallowed tightly and looked away, fighting down the urge to stare openly at his friend.

"So, what do you want for dinner tonight? We could pick up something on the way home or we could call pizza."Sora said, looking at Riku who hummed lightly.

"Pizza sounds good. We should leave soon though or we'll be caught on the water in the dark."Riku said, Sora nodding his head in agreement.

Sora pulled his shirt back on and together they walked back to the docks and set off towards the mainland. They laughed and splashed each other, and even attempted to see who could get to the docks the fastest but their muscles protested so much that both nearly passed out from pain. Sora nearly stumbled as they got out of their boats, but he smiled and waved Riku's offer of a piggyback ride away.

They wandered back to Sora's house, only running into a few people who waved and said hello. When they got to Sora's house though, they ran into a bit of a problem. The door was locked and had forgotten to grab his keys in his haste to get to the island. Riku raised an eyebrow as Sora tried a few of the windows before following his friend into the back yard and over to the back door.

"There's always a way to get inside."Sora said, summoning Ultima as Riku raised an eyebrow.

Sora stepped back and pointed Ultima at the door, watching as a small beam of light shot out of the tip and hit the lock. Riku shook his head as the lock clicked open and chuckled as Sora made Ultima disappear. Sora smiled at him and opened the door, stepping into the kitchen and toeing off his shoes as Riku followed. Sora noticed that the answering machine was blinking and smiled at Riku as he walked over to the counter. Riku mouthed that he would be upstairs to take a shower and Sora nodded as he pressed the button to listen to the message.

Riku hummed faintly as he stepped inside Sora's room, looking around with even more interest. He took the time to notice the smaller differences that he hadn't noticed earlier that day. He noticed that Sora's room, while still had some of its normal light colors, but there was an undertone of darkness to the room. Riku knew that Sora's time away had greatly changed him, and he was glad that the teen wasn't scared to show it. He sighed and sat down on the edge of Sora's bed, pulling his bag towards him. However, as he reached towards his bed, he heard something thick hit the floor. He looked around and frowned when he saw a thick, leather bound journal.

"Sora's journal?"He muttered, reaching down and picking it up.

He looked towards the closed door and instantly thought about reading the latest entry of the journal, though another part of him didn't want to read it because it would be invading Sora's privacy. Riku closed his eyes before he reached over and opened his bag. He pulled out a change of clothes and darted to a door on the other side of Sora's room which led to Sora's bathroom. He closed and locked the door behind him after turning on the light. He placed his clothes on the counter before looking to the journal which he had carried in with him.

"I only want to find out if Sora like's Kiri…"He said, though his mind supplied that he wanted to know what exactly was going through Sora's mind.

Riku carefully opened the journal and flipped through it, finally finding the latest entry. He put down the lid on the toilet and sat down, bent on finding out what he wanted to know.

'Well, it's been about a week since I've last written an entry. I've been busy cramming for exams, and being dragged to the mall by Kiri. She seems bent on spending every moment of the day with me. I don't get it why she calls me every freaking morning! It's getting annoying and even Yuki and my mom agrees with me. My mom and Yuki are still the only ones who know where my true interests are. I came out to my mom and Yuki nearly three months ago. It scared the shit out of me, but after a few tense moments, mom smothered me and Yuki claimed to have known for a long time.

I'm just glad that they didn't shun me. I wouldn't mind coming out to a few of my friends, but I don't know how much has changed while I was gone and so I don't want to risk losing them as friends. On that note, I keep wondering why Riku's become so distant from me. I can't help but watch him in the halls or in the afternoon classes we share together. He's graduating at the end of the year and school just won't be the same without him. I miss seeing and talking to him, I miss what we used to have when we came home.

I admitted to myself that I love him a long time ago. But, he just seemed so interested in Kiri that I think he's straight. I tried turning my focus on Kiri, but it didn't work. Now, all I want to do is be with him but I don't know how to approach him or what he'd do if I told him. Anyway, I need to get going and get ready for school. Only a few more days!'

Riku stared at the pages with wide and shocked eyes. He could hardly believe what he had just read. Sora loved him? He had loved him for a long time? Riku thought back to all the times he and Sora had hung out, trying to find something that would tell him when Sora started acting differently. Sora had always been a very physical person, needing hugs or wanting to be held. He shook his head and closed the journal.

"Well, after my shower it's time to show him that I like him too."He muttered, getting up and walking to the door of the bathroom.

He stuck his head out into the bedroom before darting to Sora's bed and lifting up the corner of the bed. He put the journal back to where it had been and walked back to the bathroom, ideas running through his head.


Sora smiled as he finished ordering their pizza and leaned back against the counter. His thoughts strayed towards Riku which caused him to blush when he thought of his friend showering. He shook his head and tried focusing on something else. He walked out of the kitchen and moved into the living room where he plopped down onto the couch and grabbed the remote. He was flipped through channels when he heard light footsteps coming down the stairs. He smiled and looked over his shoulder, though he blinked when he saw determination in Riku's eyes.

"Riku?"Sora asked, his voice soft as Riku walked around the couch and stood in front of him.

"Sora, I've realized a few things. But first, can you promise me you won't get mad?"Riku asked, watching as confusion filled Sora's eyes.

"Yeah, you know I can't stay mad at you and it's even hard for me to get mad at you."Sora said, blinking when Riku pulled him to his feet.

"Good."Riku said, smiling gently at his friend.

Sora blinked in confusion, though his cheeks flushed when Riku pulled him close. He looked up at his friend, his eyes widening when he saw compassion and love in the aquamarine hues. Riku smiled and bent his head, gently pressing his lips against Sora's. Sora froze as soon as Riku's lips touched his, but within a minute he nearly collapsed as his knees gave away, but thankfully Riku wrapped his arms around his waist to hold him up.

"W-What?"Sora muttered, blinking as Riku pulled away.

"I love you Sora. I have for a long time, but I've been too scared to admit it."Riku said, watching as Sora's eyes cleared.

"What about Kiri?"Sora asked, remembering the times when Riku had tried to get him away from Kiri.

"First, I tried getting in between you two because she had figured a long time ago what I felt for you and she didn't like that. Second, isn't that my question?"Riku asked, tilting his head to the side as Sora blushed faint.

"I tried to turn my affection for you to her. Of course it didn't work. She's my friend and I didn't want her to get hurt which is why I chased after her…but the main reason why I left was because I wanted to find you again."Sora said, blushing as Riku smiled and captured his lips in another kiss.

A minute into the kiss, the sound of the doorbell ringing made both teens pull away and glare towards the door. None the less though, they separated and Sora walked to the door to get the pizza. Riku sighed happily and wandered into the kitchen, grabbing a few paper plates, napkins, and two cans of soda from the fridge. He made his way back into the living room and laughed when he saw that Sora already had started on his first slice of pizza and had sauce on his chin.

"It's a good thing I grabbed these."Riku teased, holding up the napkins as Sora grinned sheepishly.

They settled down and Sora found a movie to watch On Demand for them. After they both demolished the pizza(hey, two growing teens having sparred…they were hungry!), and spent the rest of the movie cuddling on the couch after having turned off the lights. Both were happy that they had easily switched from friends to boyfriends without really having to go through any awkward pauses or hesitation. Once the movie finished, they both looked at each other with small smiles.

"Want to go up to my room? I should take a shower and you can play one of my games while you wait."Sora offered, beaming when Riku nodded.

They quickly cleaned up their mess and grabbed bottles of water before walking up to Sora's room. Riku managed to get another kiss from Sora before the younger teen hurried into his bathroom with a bright red face. Riku chuckled as the door closed behind Sora and sat down on the other's bed. He reached over to his bag and pulled out one of the books he had been reading. He settled back against the many pillows scattered on the back edge of the bed and started reading, half listening as Sora sung softly while he showered.

Minutes later, Riku looked up as the bathroom door opened. His eyes widened and he swallowed thickly as Sora stepped out of his bathroom with only a towel around his waist. His eyes freely roamed the muscled chest and arms of his boyfriend, remembering a time when there had been little muscle definition on the other teen.

"Riku…?"Sora asked, blinking and blushing furiously when Riku's eyes darkened and he moved off of the bed, his book dropping onto the floor.

Sora slowly back up, though a squeak escaped his lips as his back hit his wall. He blinked as Riku pressed close, caging him against the wall with his hands on either side of his head. Riku grinned as he looked down at Sora, noticing the slight hesitation and yet there was lust and want slowly darkening the sky blue irises.

"You have no idea what you do to me."He muttered, bending his head and capturing Sora's lips in a passionate kiss.


(Alright, graphic sex scene. You don't want to read it, skip to the next section.)

Sora moaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Riku's neck, pulling himself flush against the older teen. Both of them groaned at the contact before Riku pulled away from the kiss, only to turn his attention to Sora's neck. Sora shuddered as Riku kissed down his neck before yelping when the silver haired teen bit down, though he moaned as Riku soothed the bite with his tongue. He tugged at the teen's shirt, whining softly as Riku chuckled.

"What?"Riku muttered against Sora's neck, smirking as Sora tugged again at his shirt.

"You're wearing too many clothes."Sora said, pouting as Riku laughed softly.

Riku pulled back slightly and reached down, grasping the hem of his shirt and pulling it off his head. Sora stared at Riku's chest, biting his lips as Riku also undid his belt and threw it off to a corner of his room. He looked up at Riku and saw a question in the other's eyes. He instantly knew that Riku was asking him if he wanted to go all the way. He also knew that if he said no, then Riku would back away. He smiled softly and reaching up, wrapping his arms around Riku so he could pull him down into a light kiss.

"I want you Riku. We've both waited for a long time."Sora said, his voice soft as Riku smiled at him.

Sora allowed Riku to guide him over to the bed, blushing as Riku removed his towel before pushing him down onto the bed. He turned onto his back and watched as Riku pulled off his jeans and finally his boxers, leaving them both naked. Riku smiled and bent down, reaching into his bag and grabbing a bottle of baby oil which he had grabbed on accident when packing his things. Sora blushed slightly when he saw the bottle, slightly wondering why Riku had it but he was glad that the other had.

"I love you Sora."Riku said, moving so he was hovering over the smaller teen.

"I love you too Riku."Sora said, a smile on his face before Riku kissed him again.

Sora relaxed against the mattress, his eyes closing as Riku kissed down his neck and his chest. He gasped and moaned as Riku paid close attention to his nipples, working them over with teeth, tongue and fingers until they were hard and a deep red. Riku smirked at the panting and flushed teen underneath him, glad that he finally had Sora. He continued down Sora's chest and torso before he used his hands to part Sora's legs. He looked up and met Sora's eyes, waiting until the younger teen nodded.

Sora threw his head back and moaned loudly as his shaft was suddenly taken completely into Riku's mouth. His hands flew down and his fingers twined into the silky silver locks of his lover as Riku's head started bobbing. His legs wrapped around Riku's torso, trying to pull him closer as Riku hummed around him, a shriek of pleasure leaving his lips.

Riku managed to grab and open the bottle of oil with one hand, though he carefully managed to balance himself and slick three of his fingers before closing the bottle and putting it by his knees. He deep throat Sora as he carefully and slowly pressed one of his fingers into Sora. Sora whined in discomfort and tensed, though that soon melted away as Riku sped up. Carefully and slowly, Riku managed to add a second finger and start to stretch his younger lover.

Soon, Sora was moaning and pressing back against the invading digits. Riku had introduced him to his prostate, in which he was very happy to meet. Sora mewed when Riku pressed in another finger, eagerly pressing back as moans and shrieks left his mouth. Riku was struggling with himself. He wanted nothing more than to push into the tight and welcoming heat of Sora, but he wanted to get the teen as relaxed as he could.

Sora's eyes widened as Riku deep throated him at the same time his fingers hit his prostate dead on. The resulting shriek made Riku grin and swallow as Sora climaxed. Sora slumped back against the bed, moaning softly and shaking as Riku milked him dry before pulling his finger and his mouth away. Sora weakly protested, but he blinked when he saw Riku picked up the bottle and slick his own cock. His eyes lit up as Riku shifted closer. He managed to move his legs enough to wrap them around Riku's waist as Riku leaned over him.

"You ready?"Riku asked, looking into Sora's dazed eyes.

"Yeah, I'm ready Riku."Sora said, smiling up at Riku and welcoming the kiss.

Sora moaned into the kiss as Riku pressed into him, discomfort spreading through him as he was stretched more than he thought possible. Riku groaned into the kiss and pulled back, panting as he finally pushed all the way into Sora. He held himself still, watching Sora's face for the discomfort to pass. He saw the change easily and hissed as Sora pressed back against him. He slowly started a gentle pace, though he tilted his hips and made sure to strike Sora's prostate with each thrust.

Within a few moments, Sora was begging Riku to move faster, harder, "just move damn it!", and Riku, like any good lover, was only happy to obey orders. Sora clung to Riku, screaming and moaning as the other teen slammed into him. His cock was trapped between their bodies, but there was just enough friction to drive him mad with desire. He moaned in slight despair as he felt his second climax approaching, but judging by the way Riku was groaning and his erratic thrusts, he was close as well.

"R-Riku…c-close!"Sora wailed, Riku nodding his head.

"M-Me too…together."Riku groaned, speeding up his thrusts.

A few more thrusts later, and Sora arched his back, screaming Riku's name as he came. Riku groaned out Sora's name as he slammed fully inside the teen and climaxed, his hips jerking slightly before his arms gave out and he collapsed against Sora.


(Alright, it's over. You can all look now.)

Riku slowly lifted his head and chuckled when he saw that Sora had passed out from pleasure. He hissed slightly as he pulled out of his lover and shakily got to his feet. He walked into the bathroom and got a damp washcloth before walking back into the bedroom. He carefully cleaned Sora up, chuckling as the teen mumbled slightly. Once he finished, he tossed the washcloth into the hamper and laid back down on the bed, pulling Sora close so the teen's head was resting against his chest.

He worried about tomorrow, about what would happen in school. He didn't know if Sora wanted people to know that they were together or if he wanted to keep it to themselves. After all, Sora had one more year of school after this and if it was known then Sora might be targeted by bullies. He shook his head and looked down at Sora, smiling as the younger teen slowly opened his eyes.

"Riku…"Sora muttered, nuzzling Riku's chest as said teen chuckled.

"You okay?"Riku asked, raising an eyebrow as Sora smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, better than okay."Sora said, kissing Riku's chest before resting his head again.

"Sora…what are we going to do about school? Do you want people to know about us or should we keep it to ourselves?"Riku asked, his voice soft as Sora lifted his head and looked at him.

"Well, my mom and Yuki know that I like you and accept it. I think that Tidus, Wakka and Selphie might know about how I feel about you. I talk about you enough during lunch."Sora said, blushing as Riku laughed.

"But, do you want the entire school to know? You know that you'll be targeted by bullies. I won't be there to help you."Riku said, sobering quickly as Sora nodded his head.

"I think it would be better if we told Tidus, Wakka, Selphie and Kiri about us. I want to make it clear to Kiri that I have no desire to date her and she should either understand that I love you or she'll lose me as a friend."Sora said, Riku nodding his head in agreement.

"Alright. Now, let's get some sleep. We have to be up early and it's already midnight."Riku said, laughing as Sora flushed and nodded his head.

They shared one more kiss before Sora turned off the lights using a spell. Riku smiled as he listened to Sora's breathing even out. He closed his eyes and settled down, finally drifting to sleep.


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