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Warnings: Swearing, male/male relationship, major Kiri bashing.


The Truth Comes Out.


Sora groaned as someone nudged his side, raising his hand in a weak attempt to bat away the offending limb. A deep chuckle reached his ears, making him slowly open his eyes. He frowned when he saw the blurred outline of Riku, though after blinking a few times, his vision cleared and he saw that Riku was sitting on the edge of the bed fully dressed for school.

"I was starting to wonder when you'd wake up."Riku said, chuckling softly as Sora stuck his tongue out at him.

"Oh hush, not my fault I'm worn out."He said, smiling as Riku blushed faintly though that didn't stop the other teen from grinning at him.

"Here, I brought you some painkillers. I don't want you to be hurting all day."Riku said, smiling as he handed Sora a glass of water and a few pills.

"Thanks Riku."Sora said, smiling as he took the medication.

Riku watched as Sora slowly sat up, though he slightly winced. Both of them knew that they could easily cast Cure and be done with it. But honestly, Sora kind of liked the slight pain. It meant that last night really happened. Sora stood up and walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind him as Riku sat down on one of the beanbag chairs to read.

When Sora finally walked out of the bathroom, Riku had a hard time not staring at Sora as the teen got dressed for school. He narrowed his eyes when Sora grinned at him, shaking his head at the younger teen. Sora laughed and walked over to Riku, pulling him to his feet before grabbing his bag while Riku grabbed his own. They headed downstairs and stopped at the kitchen to grab something quick to eat.

Even though Riku had woken up around six, he had spent thirty minutes trying to get Sora up and then Sora spent fifteen minutes in the shower. They would have just enough time to make it to school and have some time to speak to their friends before class started. Luckily it was a half day since they were taking their last exams. Riku had his last exams yesterday so today he would be speaking with their principal about where he would be going to college so they could transfer his information.

"Come on, Sora. Remember your keys."Riku said, smiling as Sora flushed and grabbed his keys out of the glass bowl which was on a small table near the front door.

They ate cold poptarts(still good, though hot is the best), and an apple each. They laughed and talked as they walked, already having decided that they would tell their friends about their relationship and Kiri but no one else. As they neared the school, other students walked past them or walked near them. Both could already hear the surprise at them being caught walking together, though most of it was positive since all the students remembered how lost the two had been when they hadn't been talking to each other.

"Riku! Sora!"Wakka called, jumping up and waving at the two.

"Hey, Wakka."Sora called, smiling at the redhead as Wakka grinned at them.

Selphie was grinning as she looked between the two, taking in the fact that they were standing closer than normal friends would. Tidus also noticed this and while he was confused at first, he soon smiled. Kiri, however, was trying her hardest not to glare at Riku as Sora greeted Tidus and Selphie. Sora looked at Kiri and winced, knowing that what he and Riku were about to say wouldn't go over well with her.

"Hey, can we talk to you guy?"Sora asked, his voice soft as the group looked at him.

"Of course you can Sora."Selphie said, smiling at Sora as he beamed at her.

The four followed Riku and Sora a little way from the main group of students who were crowding around the school doors as they waited for it to open. Sora sighed and nervously bit his lip, though he looked up as Riku rested a hand on his shoulder and smiled at him. Sora nodded and turned to their friends, instantly noticing the glare Kiri was sending at Riku.

"Please, keep this to yourselves. Neither of us want this known to anyone else."Sora begged, the others frowning though they all promised.

"Sora and I are a couple now. Yesterday we finally admitted how we've felt for the other."Riku said, looking at their friends with hesitation.


Tidus and Wakka were smiling, and Riku and Sora were both glad that the two accepted them. Sora blinked as he remembered that Wakka's younger sister was dating another girl her age, and nearly smacked himself for even thinking that he wouldn't accept him and Riku. Selphie…well Riku knew that if it was possible, the teen would have hearts in her eyes. Kiri, Sora noticed, was glaring openly at Riku and looked as if she could rip his heart out.

"How dare you!"She hissed, making the others look at her with surprise at the venom in her voice.

"I've had feelings for him long before you came to the island Kiri."Riku said, his voice soft though it held a tone of warning.

"What about all the times you seemed interested in me?"Kiri asked, her violet eyes flashing.

"I tried to turn my attention to you. Once, I thought I even cared for you more than a friend but I realized that it wasn't fair to you nor was it fair to myself."Riku said, raising an eyebrow as Kiri turned towards Sora.

"What about you? You came after me!"Kiri said, slightly surprised when Sora stood up straighter.

"You're right, I did. I, like Riku, thought that with enough time spent together, I could grow to have feelings for you. But I saw that it wasn't right. I looked for you because you're my friend Kiri."Sora said, his voice pleading that she would understand.

Kiri shook her head and stormed off, making Selphie sighed and shake her head. She walked over and hugged Riku and Sora before hurrying off to hunt down Kiri and make sure she won't tell. Wakka and Tidus congratulated them on their new relationship, once more promising that they would keep it quiet before they too walked away. Sora sighed and leaned against Riku's side, blinking lightly as Riku wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

"Only half a day and then we can do whatever we want. I'll need to tell my parents, though I know they won't mind since they love you."Riku said, smiling as Sora chuckled.

"Yeah, come on then. Better get this over with."Sora said, stepping back from Riku and leading the way towards the school just as the doors opened.

They followed the large crowd inside and Riku walked with Sora to his first class. He smiled softly at the younger teen and ruffled Sora's hair, chuckling as Sora glared playfully at him. They both knew that Sora would do well on his last exams; Sora had studied nonstop over the past week and knew the class books by heart. Sora looked up at Riku, wanting to kiss him but he smiled and nodded to the older teen before walking into his class.

"Good luck."Riku called, smiling as Sora turned and beamed at him.

Riku turned around and headed back down the hall towards the main office, knowing that even though there were three hours to the school day, it would seem long to him. He sighed and shook his head before hiding his frustration as he pulled open the door to the office and stepped inside. He smiled at the sectary and took a seat, remembering that there was another student who was going through the same process.

"Principal Smith will be with you in a few minutes."The sectary said, Riku nodding his head in understand as he tried to relax in the hard chair.

He closed his eyes and thought about what he would do for his future. The past two years, he hadn't really thought of his future since before he got back to Destiny Islands, all that had been on his mind was saving the worlds and before that, it was about trying to save Kiri. Riku frowned faintly and opened his eyes, listening as a door open and he heard the principal speaking to another student before the student walked down a small hall and passed by him.

"Riku Heart."

Riku stood up and grabbed his bag before heading down the hall. He smiled politely at Mrs. Smith, stepping inside her office after she had walked inside. He reached back and closed the door, ensuring no one would hear them.


Sora sighed with relief as he finished his very last exam. He leaned back in the metal chair and closed his eyes, allowing himself a moment to feel accomplished. He was very proud of himself that he had come back to school and finished this year. Yes, he still had a year left to go, but there had been the option of not coming back to school and he would simply spend his time traveling the other worlds to make sure order and peace was restored and kept.

The thought made him open his eyes, and he instantly started wondering about his friends. King Mickey had given him a Gumi ship(it was simply shrunken down), in case he and Riku ever wanted to see their old friends or if they were needed again. Sora frowned when he remembered Kiri's reaction to him and Riku talking about visiting. She had thrown a fit, stating that they should focus on their lives here instead of worrying about the other worlds.

He sighed faintly and looked up at the clock, smiling when he saw that there were only a few more minutes until they could leave. His foot started tapping as he continued to watch the clock, ignoring Kiri's stare. She had been glancing at him through her bangs the entire exam. At first he kept shooting her worried glances, which only got a scowl from her, but now he just ignored her.

A clear bell rang through the school, making Sora jump to his feet as their teacher walked around and started collecting the exams. He waved at the teacher before bolting out of the room, joining the massive crowd in the hall. He jumped up a few times, trying to see above the crowd for a familiar head of silver hair.

"Looking for me?"A voice said, making Sora spin around and smile when he saw Riku walking towards him while dodging people.

"How'd the meeting go?"Sora asked, instantly relaxing as Riku wrapped an arm around his shoulders in a friendly manner.

"It was alright. I'm thinking of going to Destiny Island University. Maybe culinary or medical…"Riku mused, Sora smiling at him.

"I could go for some burgers. Want to stop at McDonalds or Wendy's on the way back to my house?"Sora asked, watching as Riku smiled and nodded his head.

"So, he's staying at your house now?"Kiri asked, making both teens turn and look at her.

"Yes, he's spending the night at my house for a few days."Sora said, his voice light though he watched Kiri closely.

"I just can't believe that you two are together. It's not right."Kiri said, her voice hushed though her words stung.

"What?"Sora asked, disbelief in his voice as Kiri crossed her arms over her chest.

"Two men shouldn't be together. I mean, what will your parent's say?"She asked, raising an eyebrow and frowning when both Riku and Sora started laughing.

"My mom and Yuki already know I like guys Kiri, they have for a long time now."Sora said, smiling as Riku lightly touched the back of his neck.

"My parent's don't care so long as I'm in love with someone. To them, gender doesn't matter."Riku said, raising an eyebrow as Kiri's cheeks flushed red.

Sora moved to the side as Kiri stormed past him, watching as she left. He sighed softly and rubbed the back of his head, sad that he had lost one of his close friends. He looked up, however, when Riku's hand brushed against his.

"Come on, let's go."Riku said, smiling gently as Sora nodded his head.

"When's your ceremony?"Sora asked, walking beside Riku as they headed out of the school.

"They're not giving me one since I didn't graduate with the main class. However, my parents are going to take me out to dinner tonight in celebration. Of course, I would like to bring you along and let them know that we're going out."Riku said, glancing at Sora as he smiled.

"I'd like that."Sora said, taking Riku's hand once they were far enough from the school.

They walked a few blocks from the school to Wendy's and went inside. Sora was saddened when Riku let go of his hand, but he did understand. Destiny Island wasn't that too accepting of anything…not normal. A few teens had come out to their parents and were kicked out of their homes a few months back. Thinking that some of the towns people would help them, they stuck around. However, they soon had to leave because they were receiving threats and the windows of those who were housing them were smashed with rocks.

"Riku…what's going to happen? I don't want to hide this forever."Sora muttered, his voice soft as Riku nodded his head.

"Neither do I, but you can't leave school and we need to be 18 in order to move out. Once we're both 18, we'll leave here."Riku said, smiling when Sora's eyes lit up.

"Maybe we can live in Radiant Garden with Leon on the gang."Sora said, making Riku laugh.

They quickly placed their orders to go and stood off to the side. Riku had to walk away a few feet when he got a call from his parents, and he used that chance to ask his parents if Sora could come to dinner with them. He smiled when his parents agreed and promised to be at his house by six. He hung up and walked back over to Sora, relaying the message to the younger teen.

"Good, we'll have some time to ourselves or to hang out with Wakka or Tidus."Sora said, smiling as Riku agreed.

They grabbed their bags and walked out of Wendy's, heading down the street towards Sora's house. They talked softly to each other, though most of the time; they walked in a comfortable silence.


Sora flushed as Riku's mother, Sydney gushed over him. He had changed into a formal, deep blue shirt, black formal pants and managed to slightly tame his hair even though it still tried to spike in every direction. They had arrived at Riku's house a few minutes earlier, and they had just told Riku's parents the news about their recent relationship change. Riku's father, Octavian, had smiled and said it was about time, which made both teens blush, and Sydney had smiled and nodded her head in agreement with her husband.

"It's good that you two have each other. You have always been close so it was only a matter of time."Sydney said, fussing over Sora's shirt.

"Dear, leave the poor boy alone."Octavian said, laughing as his wife scoffed lightly but stepped back from Sora.

"How's your mother?"Octavian asked, listening as Sora explained that his mother and Yuki were away on a trip.

They sat down in the living room, talking about anything and everything while they waited for Riku to finish with his shower and getting dressed. When Sora heard footsteps on the stairs, he looked up and waited eagerly for Riku. When he saw his boyfriend, his mouth dropped. Riku was dressed in a white dress shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Riku grinned at Sora's look, and chuckled softly when the teen blushed and looked at the floor.

"You look nice Riku."Sora said, his voice soft as he looked at his boyfriend again.

"Thank you Sora."Riku said, walking over and pressing a chaste kiss on Sora's lips.

Sydney smiled and leaned against her husband as Octavian chuckled lightly. They soon left the house and piled into Octavian's car. Sora and Riku were in the back of course, and they actively talked with Sydney and Octavian. Sora was telling them what he was going to be taking for next year's classes, in which Riku added his thoughts and remarks about the teachers and class work.

"We're here."Sydney said, smiling as Sora looked out the window with surprise.

He flushed when he saw that they were at one of more high class restaurants on Destiny Islands, Back Star. It was well known for its excellent food, wine and service. Riku smiled gently and got out of the car, meeting Sora at his door and walking with the other teen to the door behind his parents. They were quickly seated, as Riku's father had called in reservations. As they walked past the different couples, and business groups, Sora felt greatly out of place.

While his mother earned a lot of money thanks to her job, they didn't fault their money. She didn't want to spoil her children and she knew what money could do to people. They went to family restaurants, had vacations at theme parks, and spent as much time as they could. Sora knew that he would never want for money, that he could ask for anything and his mother could get it, but he didn't. He was happy with what he had, and only asked for a few things.

Sora tuned into the conversation and winced when he heard about another couple moving away from Destiny Islands because they were unwelcome since it was two women. He sighed and glanced at Riku, noticing the troubled look on his boyfriends face.

"Don't worry you two. I know for a fact, that if anything happened, we would find a way to make it work."Sydney said, making Sora and Riku relax slightly.

-But I don't know if I could leave this place if anything happened…-Sora thought, smiling at the waitress as she came and took their orders.


Two days after Riku's celebration dinner found Sora and Riku relaxing in Sora's living room. Sora had talked to his mom the day before and told her the news, in which she backed up everything that Riku's parents said. He was glad that their parents were accepting of it, and he had blushed when he heard Yuki cheering that he might someday have Riku as an older brother. Riku had raised an eyebrow while Sora had turned bright red and had hidden his face while Riku laughed.

"I'm glad that some people are happy for us."Sora said, smiling as Riku hummed in agreement.

"If anything happens, it'll be okay."Riku said, watching as Sora nodded his head though he looked worried.

Both of them blinked when a crash sounded from the front room. They carefully got to their feet, Ultima appearing in Sora's hand while Way to the Dawn appeared in Riku's. Together they walked into the front room, where Sora's eyes widened when he saw a rock laying amidst glass on the floor. Sora looked at the broken window beside the door as Riku walked over and sat a note tied to the rock.

"Sora…"Riku muttered, passing the note over to Sora with dread in his eyes.


We've learned what you and Heart are doing. You are freaks and an abomination to nature. Get the fuck out of our town if you know what's good for you. Take your freak boyfriend with you.

Sora closed his eyes and sagged, though he didn't hit the floor. Riku quickly caught him before he hit the ground. Riku looked out the window, narrowing his eyes when he saw Kiri walk by the house and smirk at the door. He helped Sora get to the couch in the living room and called his parents, telling them what happened. Sora pulled out his own cell and called his mom, telling her what happened as tears slowly started to appear.

They were both told to stay together and only leave the house if they needed to. Riku went to the front room and cleaned up the mess. He found a few board by the back door and made a quick run to the shed where he got some nails and a hammer. He quickly boarded up the window and went around, locking the doors and windows.

"Sora, we'll be okay. My parents will stop by soon."Riku said, walking back into the living room.

"Mom said that she'll try to get here sooner than normal. Thankfully her boss isn't a prick like the others here."Sora said, his voice soft though determined.

They went back to watching their movie, though half way through someone knocked on the door. Riku was the one to answer the door, and he relaxed when he saw it was only Wakka, Tidus and Selphie. He blinked as Selphie hugged him, apologizing for what Kiri had done. Sora, attracted by the talking in the front room, appeared in the arch way where he was hugged by Selphie.

"Kiri told some of the biggest gossips in the town. Of course it spread within a few minutes."Wakka said, anger in his voice as Tidus nodded his head.

"The good thing is, is that there are a lot of people from school who are alright with it. But…well a lot of people are already talking about it and they don't like it."Tidus said, making Sora and Riku sigh.

"We'll talk to our parents on what to do…I don't know if we'll be staying here since we've all seen what happened when others stayed too long."Sora muttered, and all of them winced when they remembered the pictures of the beaten men.

"I just can't believe she did that!"Selphie raged, though she looked up when Riku and Sora snorted.

"She liked me, and before that she liked Riku. The idea of neither of us wanting to be with her angers her."Sora said, making Selphie wince since she knew it was true.

"Want us to stay with you two today? I have no doubt that our parents will let us stay the night. Our parent's love you guys."Wakka said, smiling when Riku and Sora nodded their heads.


Kiri scowled when she listened to Selphie tell her that she was busy. She could hear Sora, Wakka, Tidus and Riku playing a game in the background and that pissed her off. She had told others in their school that Riku and Sora were together, and while a lot were upset and pissed off about it, she was shocked when many said that it was about time. Kiri hung up her phone and sat down on a park bench, thinking.

She knew that Riku's parents were alright with it, what Riku had said was right. They deeply loved their son and would accept him no matter what, same with Sora's mom and his brother. When she had gotten back to Destiny Islands, she thought that she and Sora would finally have their moment to be together. She had been one of the only people to remember Sora when others had forgotten about him, she had been the one who wrote him the note in the bottle…but no, he went and chose Riku.

Now though, now all she could do was wait. Kiri had a feeling that Sora and Riku wouldn't risk getting hurt, and she knew that Riku wouldn't be able to stand the idea of Sora being bullied. She hadn't fully thought about the true risk, but she knew that they would most likely leave Destiny Islands. Kiri decided that she would keep an eye on Sora's house.

Over the course of three weeks, Kiri saw that Tidus, Wakka and Selphie spending more and more time with Riku. She also saw more and more people leaving threatening notes either on the doorstep, tied to rocks which were thrown through windows, or in the mail. However, after five weeks, Kiri paused when she saw a moving truck in front of Sora's home.

Her eyes widened when she saw Sora's mother, Kisa, loading boxes into the van while movers took their furniture and put it in the back. Tidus, Wakka, Selphie and Riku were helping Sora and Yuki move out their boxes. Yuki noticed Kiri standing on the other side of the street and scowled at her before pulling on Sora's shirt, pointing her out.

Sora looked over and frowned at Kiri, Riku joining him when the silver haired teen noticed her as well. Sora and Riku walked over to Kiri, standing side by side as they looked at her. Kiri bit her lower lip and fidgeted underneath their intense graze.

"I hope you're happy now. We're moving to another city. I've gotten my credits transferred and luckily mom's office has a branch there."Sora said, frowning as Kiri winced.

"My parents are letting me move in with them. I've transferred my transcript to another University in the city. We'll be accepted there."Riku said, Kiri nodding her head meekly.

"I…I never want it to get like this. I just wanted you guys to know the hurt that I went through."Kiri said, her voice soft though she winced as Sora and Riku snorted.

"Hurt? Kiri, you were just upset that neither of us wanted you anymore. Now you won't have to 'suffer' by seeing either of us around."Sora said, Kiri nodding slightly as the two teens walked off.

Kiri looked over at the group, blinking when Riku's parent's pulled up and started talking to Sora's mother. She caught the eye of Selphie, Wakka and Tidus, though she winced again when they glared and turned their backs on her. She understood now, that because she wanted to get back at Sora and Riku, she pushed away her only friends. Kiri hung her head and walked away, knowing that nothing would be the same anymore.


(Riku: 20, Sora: 19. Location: Radiant Garden)

Sora smiled as he watched Leon and Riku spar, laughing as his husband, yes his husband, managed to knock Leon back with a hard swing. It was the summer after Sora's first year of college, and he and Riku were taking a vacation. They had been married a few weeks ago by King Mickey, and nearly all of their friends had been there. Aerial and Eric, along with the others in the different worlds had been able to watch or be there thanks to some magic(courtesy of Donald), and celebrated as the two Keyblade Masters were married.

Not long after they had moved away from Destiny Islands, both of them had come clean to their families about what really happened during their absence. Their parent's had been shocked, but after contacting King Mickey and getting his help, their parents finally understood and were proud of them.

"Sora…Sora…"Cloud called, raising an eyebrow as Sora jumped and looked at the blond.

"Sorry Cloud."Sora said, rubbing the back of his head as he smiled at the taller man.

"It's alright. Cid wants to speak to you. He needs some more advice about strengthening the town's defense system. Apparent a few heartless have been spotted in the baily."Cloud said, nodding his head as Sora thanked him and asked if he could tell Riku where he was.

Cloud turned around and watched as Leon finally called it a tie between him and Riku, raising an eyebrow as the two argued about who won. He shook his head and turned around, blinking when he saw Aerith waiting for him. She smiled gently and held out her hand, her eyes sparkling as Cloud took her hand and they walked away.

Everything was okay now. Riku and Sora were happy, they were traveling the worlds while keeping up with their friends from Destiny Islands and keeping on track with their education. Their families were okay with their traveling, though they do worry, they know that it will forever be a part of their lives.


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