Just for the record, I absolutely hate the beginning of this chapter. It is horribly written and boring, however necessary for the rest of this story. I apologize for this atrocity :\

"You should?" Hanna asked, confused at Aria's sudden change of heart.

Yeah, I should was all Aria said in reply and when none of her friends went on to question her, she stood up. "So what should I wear to Noel's party?"

Still baffled by the huge change that had just taken place right before their eyes, the three girls remained frozen. It was Hanna that moved first. "Umm," she opened up Aria's closet and began riffling through all of the articles. "How about this?" She pulled out a dark gray dress with faded roses detailed on it.

Aria eyed the dress before giving it a displeased look. "How about this instead?" She turned to her closet and pulled out a sleek black dress. It had an incredibly low neckline and looked like it would end just barely below her but.

"You want to wear that?" Spencer gave Aria a confused look.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?"

"It's just a little—"Spencer began to say.

"It's perfect," Hanna interrupted. "Try it on?"

"Okay," Aria smiled, and she turned and walked into her bathroom, closing the door behind her.

"What are you doing?" Spencer hissed at Hanna. "You don't honestly think it's a good idea for her to wear that?"

"Of course not!" Hanna snapped back in a hushed whisper, "but she just had her heart broken! She's allowed to be a little out there if she needs to."

"Noel's going to have a field day when he sees her in that dress," Emily added.

"And is that such a bad thing?" Hanna demanded. "Guys, Ezra cheated on her. With her ex-babysitter. Give her some slack here. It's not like she even likes Noel and even if sh—"

Aria exited the bathroom, clothed only in the skimpy black dress. "What do you guys think?" she turned to look in the mirror, the expression on her face showed nothing but pleasure in her appearance.

"You look great Aria," Emily smiled half-heartedly, and Spencer and Hanna nodded in agreement.

Across the room, the digital clock flashed 8:00 PM. "Oh guys, we should go!" Aria smiled


Spencer pulled her car up the long driveway to the Kahn's house. "Aria, are you sure you want to stay? We could go catch a movie or something instead."

"Don't be ridiculous Spence! I'm fine; now let's go have some fun!" Aria all but screamed. She immediately shoved the car door open and stepped out the car, leaving all of her friends to turn and give each other a look.

"Make sure she's with at least one of us all night," Spencer said, and Hanna and Emily nodded in agreement.

The three girls got out of the car, but with a quarter of the enthusiasm Aria had and they all made their way toward the party.

The back yard was filled with people, most of them already holding a red solo cup filled to the brim with beer. Dubstep was blasting from the stereo system and a couple people were gathered around the speakers dancing. A couple tables were set up with rounds of beer pong being played at both. Five kids had changed into their bathing suits and were hanging out in the hot tub. Off in the distance, there was a huge bonfire with about a dozen kids seated around it.

"Great! You made it," the girls swiveled around to see Noel Kahn standing right behind them, red solo cup in hand. "I'm glad you could come," he smiled, his gaze never leaving Aria's face.

"I'm glad too," Aria smiled.

"Well, let's go check out the fire," Spencer interrupted. She turned and grabbed Aria's hand, attempting to drag her in the direction of the yard.

Aria snatched her hand back. "You guys go ahead; I'll be there in a little bit. I wanted to grab a drink first."

"Right this way," Noel held out his hand for her, and without giving her friends a chance to reply, Aria followed Noel around the house. They stepped in through the front door and into the house. Noel kept their fingers linked as they dogged the many drunken teens who seemed to be appearing out of nowhere.