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Ash watched his friend snip flower stems. It was a warm spring day, and there was nothing to do. Cheryl had kicked him out of the barn, telling him that he was disrupting a perfectly good tea party with the chicks born a few weeks earlier.

The mother hen had been particularly annoyed when she discovered that her babies had been placed in plastic tea cups, wiggling around in a mess of pale yellow feathers.

His mom had kicked him out of the shop after he had accidentally knocked over the animal food display his mom had spent the entire morning working on.

He was a disgrace behind the counter. That was why his mom had thrown him back outside to tend to the livestock.

He couldn't even do that.

Cam finally looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "…It's not Wednesday. Why are you here?" Ash mock-clutched his heart and gave a look of despair.

"I'm not allowed to visit my best friend? Oh, how terrible the world is." This was met with a small chuckle from the florist.

Snip, snip, snip.

There was a tap on his shoulder. Behind him stood Laney, holding a plate of Doria. "Hey, Ash. I made your favorite! Care to take a bite?"

Before he could answer, a cry sliced the air. Laney dropped the dish in shock. Pity; he was starving.


"No need to worry, no need to worry!" Mayor Rutger rushed out the Town Hall. He was pretty fast for an old guy, not that Ash ever planned to tell him that.

Cam glanced at the passing mayor before focusing on his flowers again. He glared at the flower that had suddenly gone flowerless, leaving a sad little stem behind.

Ash took the stem and gave it to Laney. "Such a beautiful flower would look marvelous on a young lady such as yourself."

Laney giggled before tossing the flower into the waste basket behind Cam's stall. She suddenly remembered the dropped dish. "Let me get a broom. See you later." Laney walked back into the café, leaving behind the scent of mint.

"Ash, a friend of mine is getting married, and the bouquet's going to be pink and white. Should I use pink roses or gerberas?" Ash snapped back to attention. Unlike his friend, he was terrible with flowers.

"The… pink roses?" It came out more like a question.

"Thanks." Cam took a handful of gerberas and arranged them with some pink flowers Ash didn't know the name of.

Ash glared at him. "Thanks for taking my advice, pal." Cam smiled.

"Welcome to Bluebell!" Rutger's voice came from the entrance. Next to him stood an unfamiliar girl donning the signature Bluebell outfit that had taken Rose weeks to finish.

She was leaning on Georgia, the local southern belle. The girl looked shaken, and a little pale, but fine. Ash wondered what had happened.

After a few minutes of chatting, Rutger went back towards the mountains. Georgia led the new girl through the town, pointing out various buildings. Her eyes lit up when she spotted the boys.

As they approached, Ash noticed a change in Cam. He stood a little straighter, and seemed a little distracted. This was definitely a good sign.

In all the years of living in Bluebell, no girls had managed to peak Cam's interest, not even the Konohana girls they saw at cooking festivals. Ash had begun to think that his friend would forever live alone, with the exception of a few cats.

And Cam very much liked cats.

"Morning, y'all! Meet Lillian, our new farmer!" Georgia sang in her Southern drawl. The so-called Lillian smiled.

"Nice to meet you!" Her pale violet-gray eyes twinkled in the light. She wasn't as shaken as she looked.

Ash laughed. "I'm Ash! I live in that house over there. Nice meeting you!" Cam was silent for a moment.

"I'm Cam." As short as the introduction was, Lillian didn't seem to care. Georgia looked inside the café.

"Come on, Lillian. Howard and Laney are in there. Toodles, boys! See you in a short spell!" She skipped inside, Lillian at her heels. Cam followed her movements with his eyes.

"You like her, don't you?" The question seemed to shake Cam out of his daze. He pulled his lavender hat over his eyes, desperately trying to cover his faint blush.

"D-Do not." Cam started trimming his flowers again, the unfinished bouquet sitting on the edge of the table.

Snip, snip, snip.

Laughter drifted from the café, along with the aroma of sweets baking. Laney seemed to have forgotten the fallen Doria, for she was leaning against the counter laughing with the other two girls. Howard giggled as he flipped an omelet on a frying pan.

"I'm starving, man. I'll see you later after I eat. Want anything?" Ash asked, taking tentative steps toward the door. Cam shook his head, robotically snipping the flowers.

He was clearly stuck in his own little world. He had the new girl on his mind, and Ash knew it.

Snip, snip, snip.

That was why he was going to do his best friend a favor and get him a girlfriend.


The cow mooed in joy as Ash jumped on it. It was a very odd pastime, although very enjoyable. He had to make sure Cheryl and his mom didn't see though, or they would have a heart attack. Okay, mom would have a heart attack.

Cheryl would demand why he was trying to make himself catapult over the fence.

Bessie the cow suddenly lurched forward, causing Ash to tumble to the grass. A sheep baa'd irritably at him.

He heard laughter coming from somewhere behind him. Sitting on the fence was Lillian, clearly enjoying herself.

She had been in Bluebell for about two weeks. Ash had planned to set her up on a blind date with Cam, but it clearly didn't work out.

It wasn't a good idea to ask a farmer a question like that while she was trying- and failing- to make a cake. Ash had walked home that day with milk on his hat and flour smeared on his face.

She managed to make a tasty cake by the end of the day, though.

"Stop laughing, Lil. It's hurting my feelings." Lillian hopped off the fence. Brushing off her skirt, she walked towards Ash.

"I made you something!" She pulled out some Hot Milk from her bag. It would just be easier to not question how she was able to put liquid in there without spilling.

Ash took a slow sip. The milk itself was okay, although his family's own cows produced better quality. Ash figured it was because they had had their animals for at least a year.

Lillian was clearly waiting for a reaction. "Yum, couldn't have done better myself." She beamed, her eyes twinkling cheerfully. She suddenly gasped.

"I've got to get going! I have to talk to everyone. See you later!" She jumped over the fence to her pony, who was patiently waiting.

Ash watched as she galloped over to Cam and gave him a mint. He smiled and thanked her, but Ash could see that he clearly loved it.

"ASH!" Cheryl waved her little hand over his face. He laughed and grabbed her, throwing her into the air. She squealed with laughter.

"Why were you staring at Lillian?" Cheryl asked after he set her down. "Do you like her?" With this, her face darkened ominously.

Ash shook his head, quickly calming down his little sister. "No, I'm just doing a favor for someone." Cheryl seemed to find the answer satisfactory.

"Remember what tomorrow is, Ash?" Cheryl questioned. He shook his head. Rather dumbly, he came to realize later.

"It's Spring Harmony Day, silly!" Cheryl widened her eyes, as if in shock that her perfect brother had truly forgotten something.

Ash was quiet for a minute. A scheme was forming in his mind.

Spring Harmony Day was the day where guys gave desserts to girls they liked.

Now all Ash had to do was get Cam to get something for Lillian.


Done! Ooh, Ash is good. I got my information from the Ushi no Tane site, and I have the game myself, so I'm pretty sure everything's accurate.

Oh god, cow jumping. I actually do that to my own animals. They seem to like it, though. They even get that little music note above their head. :3

It's a known fact that Ash loves Doria.

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