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Note: I tried to be funny with this, taking the seriousness of the organization and taking it to the extreme. I felt bad I haven't posted anything for my favorite anime yet, so I thought this would be good to do while I write my first DC story and continue with CL. Idon't know how long this will be, probably until I run out of games for them to play :] Let the games begin!

In The Dark

Chapter One - Truth or Dare

"You should behold the old nest
On the mountain. And there you'll see such
Round-eyed, good children." -Ujō Noguchi

Rye and Kir spoke up over the murmur of chatter simultaneously, Rye scratching the back of his head while Kir looked around the circle of Black Organization members. "Is this really part of the initiation process?"

"Yes! Now sit down and shut up!" After screaming into Kir's ear Chianti crossed her legs while she stood before lowering herself down to the ground.

Seven of the BO members followed suit and sat down on the floor, crossing their legs once they had settled. Rye stood standing and Gin watched him from across the circle carefully. Kir dug her finger into her ear in an attempt to stop the ringing caused by Chianti's voice as she plopped down beside her.

"We all had to play these games to get into the organization. Noooow let's get star-"

"Wait." The room froze as Gin spoke up. "Didn't you hear her; she said sit the fuck down." His voice grew louder with each passing word he aimed at Rye.

"I'm going... I'm going..."

Gin dug his hand into his coat and flipped out a pistol, aiming it at Rye's forehead instantly. "Not fast enough." Gin bit down on the cigarette as he grinned. Rye then fell to the ground, folding his legs under him.


"Don't make that face Rye, I'll send a bullet straight through it." Gin lowered himself down to the ground, his pistol still aimed at the stupid grin that spread itself across Rye's face.

Rye opened his mouth once more to speak, but was stopped by the overwhelming sound of someone clearing their throat.

All eyes in the room fell on the figure placed in the darkest area of the room, covered in shadows the boss of the organization sat still. "Start the game." The member sitting to the left of the boss, Bourbon, brought one hand up to rub his forehead, not finding a reason as to why he chose to sit next to such a frightening individual.

Silence fell around the room of members, the ones who weren't paying attention to the previous scene drifting off into their own thoughts.

"What are we going to play?" Everyone's attention was brought to Vermouth after she spoke.

"Truth or dare." Vodka spoke up, soon clearing his throat once all the attention was shifted to him. "We'll start with you boss, because you're the boss..." Vermouth raised one of her eyebrows and snickered under her breath.

"Teacher's pet..."

"Alright then, Korn, I dare you to smile."

Once again after hearing something interesting the group's focus shifted to another member, this time desperate to see the facial expression never before plastered across Korn's face. The corners of Korn's mouth twitched for a moment, deep lines from constant frowns were made visible as his worked the muscles around his mouth to form the most awkwardly uncomfortable smile anyone had ever seen.

With his dare fulfilled he sat up straight and turned to the left, eyeing down his target behind his glasses. "Vermouth, truth or dare?"

"Truth." She delivered his answer without a second thought.

"How old are you?"

The rest of the circle tuned in to hear the answer to the question they all secretly had.

"My age lies somewhere between one and one million." Vermouth closed her eyes and smiled, satisfied with her response.

"But that doesn't answer the question!" Chianti shrieked at the woman with the vague answers whom she despised.

"Yes Chianti I realize that, but a secret makes a woman, woman." She held out her index finger, shaking it in a disapproving manner at her fellow member.

Chianti snarled back at the woman she loathed and balled up her fists. Korn leaned over to his partner and whispered slowly. "We'll get her next time kid..."

"My turn!" Vermouth piped up while she looked around the room slowly. "Korn," The mentioned member lifted his head over to the direction of the woman. "how old are you?"

Korn shrugged and opened his mouth to speak and Chianti covered his mouth as his answer was muffled and kept a secret.

"You don't have to answer her if she won't give us a real answer." Chianti glared over at Vermouth, smirking after feeling accomplished for outsmarting her. "Game on bitch."

Vermouth took in a deep breath and blew it out in Chianti's direction.

Korn lowered Chianti's hand from his mouth before he spoke. "My turn again... Vermouth, truth or dare."

This time the blonde organization member threw her hands into the air. "Ugh, dare!"

"I dare you to tell us how old y-"

Korn was cut short by the sound of a pistol being drawn and aimed at him. Gin grinned from behind it slyly. "I think it's best if you ask someone else a question."

The boss of the organization chuckled within his shadow while Korn shifted uneasily in his spot. "Fine... Gin why are you so trigger happy?"

Gin leaned into the circle almost closing the small gap between him and Korn, but his outstretched hand, pistol and all, made up for the rest. "I think you forgot to ask me if I wanted a truth!"

Suddenly the sound of cocking guns filled the dim room; Chianti drew a long rifle first from behind her back, tapping the barrel against Gin's temple. Vodka slowly drew his own handgun and aimed around Gin to Chianti, Korn mimicked his partner and pulled out his own rifle, standing up and aiming down at Vodka. Vermouth slipped her hand into her shirt and slid out a long pistol equipped with a silencer, aiming it at Korn instantly. From the shadows Bourbon armed himself, his piece aiming for Vermouth, but soon lowered his weapon as the feeling of cold steel pressed against his jaw. His eyes darted over to see a devilish grin and the gun that his boss was wielding.

Meanwhile Rye and Kir sat stone faced at the sudden change of attitude in the room.

Kir leaned over and slowly muttered to her new organization member. "Sh-should we draw and if so who do we aim at?

"I think we should aim at Anokata, but to be honest that might cost us our lives... So why don't we just..."

Kir nodded in agreement as the duo scooted back from the circle, beads of sweat running down their faces as the tension in the room escalated.

The first shot set off a chain reaction that lasted for what seemed like an eternity.


After a few minutes of rapid gunfire and reloading the room fell silent, the last bullet casings coming to a halt on the tile floor. Small dents covered the walls with bullets embed into them, smoke rising from the ends of guns and soon a hearty laugh erupted from the boss of the organization. Bourbon followed his lead, which caused Gin to chuckle slightly, once Vodka knew it was okay to join in he too laughed. Korn and Chianti started to cackle as well but soon stopped once they saw Vermouth join in on the fun.

The room fell silent again after the small fit of laughing over the instant gunfight that ended in no wounds as they began their game again.

"Shit..." Gin wiped what may have been the start of a tear of joy from his eye slowly. "My turn," He glared across the room quickly, ready to reload and fire at anyone who was willing to disagree. "Vodka, truth or dare."

Vodka sat up straight, not expecting his partner to take any notice of him in the game, before he answered. "Truth man..."

"How do you feel about me?"

All eyes fell on Gin and Vodka when the unexpected question was asked, Rye muttered something under his breathe that only Kir heard and earned a snicker from her.


Gin flicked out of gun once more, pressing the warm barrel to his partner's forehead. "You better not lie to me!"

"I won't! I-I-I love you man..."

Gin eyed Vodka crazily and wrapped his finger around the trigger while uneasy stares formed around the circle. "And you wouldn't just be saying that because I am armed and dangerous would you?"

"Nah man, I really love you."

Gin pulled back on his gun and slid it into his coat pocket before turning his attention back to the center of the circle. "I love you too."

Vodka's eyes lit up from behind his glasses as he formed a toothy grin.

"No homo."

Kir leaned over to Rye and whispered to him. "What kind of organization is this again?" Rye responded with a large shrug as he was now asking himself the same question.

"I'm growing tired of this game; we are changing it to twenty questions." The boss spoke up with absolute authority and the circle of members nodded in agreement.