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In The Dark

Chapter Sixteen-What Would You Do If

"You should behold the old nest
On the mountain. And there you'll see such
Round-eyed, good children." -Ujō Noguchi

"Now what?" Vodka asked to their boss as he walked around the circle the group was sitting in.

"Something simple. Ask someone 'what would you do if', then add whatever you want after. Answer it and then you get to ask someone else." The boss' hands clasped behind their back and he smiled to his members. "Understood?"

"I guess so." Bourbon said, ruffling his blonde hair slightly. "Mind if I start boss?"

"Go ahead."

"Don't say anything stupid, Bourbon." Gin warned.

"Eh, heheheh." Bourbon chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Well let's see... Vermouth, what would you do if you had a extra arm?"

"Slap Chianti." the woman replied off-handedly. "Three times as much."

Chianti fumed at that as she whipped her head around to Vermouth, her eyes wide and twitching.

"Now, Chianti, what would you do if you got the chance to the opposite sex for an entire day?" Before Chianti could open her mouth Vermouth waved a hand in her face. "Oh wait, I forgot you're secretly a man anyway."

"YOU!" Chianti roared as she snatched her pistol off his ankle.

Casting an unimpressed glare in her direction Vermouth slammed her foot against Chianti's stool, sending the woman toppling over to the floor. Upon impact her finger squeezed the trigger and sent a bullet ricochetting around the while tile room.

"I always wonder how someone who gets so easily angered got into this organization..." Kir muttered to Rye who nodded in agreement.

"Bourbon!" Vermouth said. "Since Chianti is having a mental breakdown, I'll go again. Bourbon, what would you do if you were a girl for the day?"

"I would press my bare boobs up against glass in public, just for the SEXUAL THRILL!"

Silence fell upon the room before the sound of chairs and stools scooting away from him filled the room. Shifting in his seat Bourbon coughed in his hand. "Erm... Korn, what would you do if you had a container with a zombie virus inside it?"

"Infect myself, and start the apocalypse." he replied before turning to Rye. "What would you do if you had wings but couldn't fly?"

"Prank people, telling them I was some kind of angel. Gin, what would you do if you woke up with a crocodile at the foot of your bed?"

"Kill it." Gin replied with a smirk. "Crocs are nothing to be afraid of, I would enjoy making a pair of seat covers from it for my car."

"Okay then..." Rye mumbled.

"What would you do if you could do anything you wanted, Vodka?"

Vodka rubbed his chin and several minutes past before he grumbled out his answer. "I suppose I'd do anything I wanted..."

"What a poor answer." Vermouth added. "Using the question in your response."

"Do you have a better answer?!" Vodka roared.

"Maybe, but I wasn't asked." Vermouth smiled back.

"Fine, what would you do if you could do anything you wanted?"

"I'd make you ask me a better question." she replied with a shrug. 'Now, Kir, what would you do if you were a box of cereal?"

"I'd pray I didn't get eaten." Kir replied with a soft smile. "Chianti, what would you do if you were a butterfly?"

"Be useless..." Vermouth replied instead.

"I'D FLY!" Chinati roared in her ear.

Vermouth scrunched up her face in disgust. "Two words: Breath mint."