Set in the marauders era, James and Lily are Head Boy and Girl + James decided at the start of the year to be more mature and to not ask out Lily, and to get over her. Lily's POV unless stated otherwise. Anything you recognize is owned by JK. Multi-chaptered, so stay tuned and don't forget to review!


"Hey Lily," James Potter greeted me as I walked through the Head's common room.

He was sat in an old Quidditch jersey, sprawled on the sofa doing… CHARMS HOMEWORK?

This is Potter! James Potter! He doesn't do HOMEWORK! I blinked at the sight in front of me once, twice, three times and I still couldn't shake off my shock.

James chuckled nervously, and I realised I'd been staring for the past 4 minutes. My famous blush crept up my neck and I averted my eyes.

"Oh, Sorry…" I stammered. My face was already the same colour as my hair. I continued walking, until my curiosity finally spilled over.

"James, Are you doing homework?" I blurted out. He laughed and nodded. The warm orange glow gave his face a really attractive tint. Yes, I know I SAY that I hate James but honestly, he is gorgeous. I'm confused about my feelings about him.

I blushed and ran into my room, looking back to see James running a hand through his unruly hair. I wonder what it feels like? Soft? Or Spiky? He doesn't put anything in it I don't think. No, he doesn't. We share a bathroom and usually he gets up 5 minutes before class, he doesn't have time to do anything to it. How many girls have had their hands through it? I should as-OH MY MERLIN.

Lily! What is wrong with you? This is James Potter! POTTER! Arrogant toe-rag? Ring any bells? Why did you just sit thinking about his hair for 10 minutes? WHY ARE YOU BLUSHING? THIS IS THE GUY WHO'S INFURIATED YOU FOR THE PAST… 5 YEARS! HE ASKS YOU OUT EVERY DAY AND YOU ALWAYS SAY NO! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?

But he doesn't ask you out, does he? Not anymore. So? It's not like I miss it or anything. But you do, don't you? No I don't, I don't care! If that's what helps you sleep at night.

Lily froze. Oh dear god, she groaned to herself. She sank on her bed and pondered on her two newest realizations. She liked James Potter. She, Lily Evans, liked James Potter. AND she'd just had a full conversation (more like argument) inside her head.

She could almost hear her best friend's squeals when she told them she liked the head boy.