A/N: This story is a sequel to Shinobi of Honor, I suggest that a reader finish that story first before moving on to this one as I am not talented enough for this to stand on its own.

Recollection: Moments of two hearts becoming one, snapshots from Shinobi of Honor.

She bowed subtly, and he returned the gesture, his eyes on hers the whole time. He noticed that her eyes were different from Neji's somehow, but yet the same. He was surprised to find that she didn't avert her gaze from his either. That's different. They kind of stood there staring at each for a moment, not really sure what to do next. He was horrid at socialization. Interrogation he could do, but speaking with complete strangers in this type of setting? Not so much

"I'm Hinata, y-you must be Sasuke."


Hinata frowned, maybe he wasn't so nice after all. "Maybe the others would like something to drink as well."

"Sweet! Captain Uchiha is buying the next round!" Kiba yelled.

It had been a while since he glared at a female. But Hinata was receiving his most deadliest one yet. He saw her squirm under his burning gaze and blush a pretty pink. He watched her sigh, as everyone in the bar, 'hoorayed' and hurried to place their order. She shook her head, still under the heat of his hating eyes, and opened up her small purse. He saw as she pulled out her money and place it on the table.

Reaching out a hand, he stopped her, "Don't."

"But I didn't mean f-for that t-to h-happen…"

"A little too late now," he scowled as even Neji joined in for the free drink.


"It's really beautiful out tonight."

"Hn." He leaned forward, setting his elbows on his knees, watching the small reflections of the water.

"I really am glad you're here Sasuke. And that I met you."

He looked up at her, she looked into his eyes, with the moon reflecting into her own. The breath in his lungs stilled, as he took in her beauty. Her face was made for the moonlight. Her pale skin radiated in it's glow, her eyes mirroring the light from the moon above. Moving slowly, he turned towards her. His eyes on hers the whole time. Without control over his thoughts, he leaned into her further, as if being drawn in by her eyes alone. Closing his eyes, he leaned in closer, wanting … something.

He felt the breath from her lips on his face, and felt his throat tighten. The action forced his mind to recover, and he swiftly pulled away from her. He could see that she was taken aback by what almost happened as much as he was.

Needing room away from this girl, he grabbed their glasses and mumbled he'd be right back, and went off to refill their drinks.

"I almost kissed her!" he whispered to himself, "I almost kissed her!"


She nodded and quickly turned around to do just that. However…the strap on her left flip flop snapped and she went crashing for the floor. It was only pure shinobi instinct to catch a comrade before they made contact, at least that was what he kept repeating to himself in his mind. She blushed at the feeling of being in his arms, he was so strong, and oh so close. She knew her cheeks must be on fire, his face was right next her own.

"You alright?" he asked in a rough voice.


"I'm always catching you. You do know that you're pretty clumsy, right?"

Hinata blushed heavily, "I k-know that, I can't h-help it."

"Simple, just watch where you're going," he smirked down at her, "you alright?"

She nodded her head feverishly as he set her straight, hands on her shoulders, "Hinata, where are you sneaking off to?"

"No where," she said with absolute calm.

Which completely tipped him off, "That's the second time tonight, you know you can't exercise."

"But Sasuke," she pouted.


Glancing over at her, he noticed that she was pushing herself to keep up with his long strides. He immediately slowed down, and she looked up at him, catching his gaze.

"You were hoping I wouldn't notice."


He smirked and shook his head, "Unbelievable."

"I'm too short," she said, watching her own feet.

"Or I'm too tall. …Hinata, that's one of the reasons you fall so much, you aren't watching where you're going." He grabbed her arm in the nick of time, the girl was headed straight for the stop sign.


He knew she must be blushing, "I'm starting to think you need an eye-seeing dog."

Her giggle was soft and light, "I'd only trip over that as well," her voice was soft and light also.

"Hn. Can't have that now, perhaps a walking stick?"

"Oh no," she laughed, looked at him and lightly hit his arm, "I would end up tripping someone else."

"At least you'd remain standing. I'll get one for you, just to watch you trip Neji down the stairs."



She sent him a cold look, which made him snicker in her attempt to look intimidating, "Except for you, little sunshine. You are an exception."

She pouted at the nickname, "I don't like it."


"The nickname."

"What nickname?"

"Do I have to repeat it?"

"What are you talking about?"

"…" she was about to tell him when she noticed the mischief in his eyes, though it was growing darker out. So she settled for giving him a light smack on the arm.

"You have violent tendencies, do you know that?" he smirked, as he pretended to nurse his forearm.

She smiled, "Thank you."

He looked at her, smirk still in place, "You're welcome." Because seriously, why he was helping her feel better was way beyond him. Still, it was nice to see the smile back in place on her mouth.


He'd been awake for over an hour already, and she was still soundly sleeping away. How she could sleep with the morning sun glaring down on them through the windows was beyond him. At least he was still pretty comfortable, the couch was nice and well cushioned. He looked back down to the top of Hinata's head, he wasn't sure how to proceed with the fact that not only was he attracted to this woman, but also enjoyed her company. Or the fact that he allowed her to sleep on his person just last night.

Closing his eyes, he briefly tightened his hold on her, he still couldn't believe that he, Sasuke Uchiha, was allowing himself to get wrapped up in some girl. Neji was going to kill him, that was for sure. But the feeling of having this girl here with him, it made him calm. It was the only way to express the way he felt right now. He could actually get used to this, waking up with Hinata in his arms every morning.


"N-not at all Sasuke, I just wanted to apologize for being so…"

"So?" he mimicked as he neared her again. She was almost backed all the way up against the wall.

Finally hitting the wall, with hands bunched up at her chest, she asked him, "What are you d-doing?"

"Hn. Something I'll probably regret," he whispered as he placed both arms around her shoulders on the wall behind her.

They looked at each other for a moment, when he had decided to just go ahead and kiss her, he wasn't sure. He had thought though, that he had just convinced himself to stay away from her. He leaned in slightly, and could see that she was doing the same, before he felt her hands on his chest. He wished he could do the same, but settled for moving one hand to softly stroke her cheek. He then moved his hand down to her hip and pulled himself a little closer, their mouths were so close, yet so far. He watched as she closed her eyes, waiting to accept his kiss, and he closed his own.

Then the front door opened as they heard Neji finally arriving home downstairs.

He sighed heavily, and let his head fall on her shoulder. She took in a deep breath and moved her head to lay against the wall behind her. He pushed himself off the wall and away from her, and went straight for the restroom, mumbling something about taking a shower.


She gave him a smile, a genuine Hinata smile. He felt his heart skip a beat as she spoke and gave his hand a light squeeze, "Thank you, but you don't have to apologize, Sasuke. Thanks for helping me today."

"N-no problem," did he just…stutter? His throat felt tight, as he could see the joy dancing in her eyes. She released her hold on his hand and walked to the living room where the others had moved to. He watched after her with the sudden stark realization that this was no longer a mere attraction, "Shit." He wasn't in love with her, but he liked her. He liked her enough to want to be with her, and enough to try at a relationship with her.


"Yes?" she breathed.

"Hinata, I'm going to kiss you now," he whispered. She nodded and their eyes stayed on each other as his lips descended on hers. It was a light caress, and he savored the small contact from her. He saw her eyes close, and he did the same, as his bottom lip moved to fully take hers. It was a soft and slow movement, but the feeling sparked between them. She let out a soft sigh and he pulled back, but still close to her mouth.

They were back to looking at each other, and this time, she was the one to close the distance. She also moved closer to him, and he pulled her even tighter with his arms wrapping around her waist. They tasted and experimented with each other's lips, both wondering what this would mean for them come morning.


In a surprisingly calm voice, Neji asked, "What do you think you are doing Uchiha?"

He fully stood in front of Hinata, and he felt her hand hesitantly rest on his hip, that action of hers gave him all the confidence he needed. "We're trying to figure that out Neji…"

"Figure what out? The fact that you are taking advantage of my cousin!"

He felt her press her forehead into his bare back and he frowned, "I wouldn't take advantage of her. I…" this was hard enough to admit to himself, let alone out loud for not only Neji to hear, but Hinata as well, he couldn't help the emotion that leaked into his voice. Emotion he thought was long lost, "I care for her."

Neji de-activated his bloodline at the raw emotion that Sasuke couldn't hide in his voice. He closed his eyes and shook his head, "When did this happen?"

These were very difficult questions to be asked, and honestly a little personal. But he would demand the same in Neji's position. He sighed, Neji would want the truth. And if he were honest with himself, it started so long ago, the first time he laid eyes on her. "When I first saw her."


She tilted her head at him, "So. What were you going to ask?"

He smirked at her sudden boldness, he knew that came from him and that fact pleased him, "I did tell him I was going to ask you out, didn't I?" She blushed but nodded. He reached over and grabbed her hands, covering them with his own. Neither one was used to open affection, but neither really cared at the moment. He searched her eyes and then asked, "Well Hinata?"

Heart pounding in her ears, she whispered, "Yes Sasuke?"

He grinned and leaned towards her face, "Can I take you to dinner?" This was the first time he'd ever asked a girl out before. Ever. That must have been the reason why his heart rate accelerated and felt as though it might burst from his chest. He told himself it would be no big deal if she said no, but…

She smiled as her blush actually faded, "I w-would like that."


"I'm not ill, just cold. I'll get up in a moment."

"Hn." He took it upon herself to move to the other side of her bed and proceed to lay next to her, sprawling out beside her.


He turned his dark eyes on her, "You're so impatient, you'll get your morning kiss in a moment."

She smiled and blushed as he turned on his side to face her, wrap his arm around her waist and move his leg over hers. Her eyes softened at the sudden warmth and the feeling his touch provided her.

"You're so little, that's why you're always so cold."

She frowned at him, "I'm t-too little?"

He just stared at her, with that mischievous gleam in his gaze.

"First I'm too short, and now I'm too little?" she frowned.

He smirked at her, "No, you're not too short Hinata, or too little."

She was confused; didn't he just say she was?

"You're the perfect height for me. And if you weren't so little, you wouldn't need me to keep you warm."


She opened her front door with a box of decorations to hurry and get over to Tenten's so they could get to the hall, but…she screamed and dropped the box along with it's contents all over the porch. Apparently, Sasuke had returned and was just about to knock. She threw herself into his arms and felt the familiar strength wrap around her, then the familiar warmth he always provided. "I'm so sorry!"

He closed his eyes, "Hinata."

She started crying, she didn't realize how much she missed the sound of his voice, "I'm so glad you're home!"

"Me too, I missed you," he pulled her chin up and kissed her softly.


Grabbing her chin and finally searching her bright eyes, he told her, "I love you. Hinata, I'm in love with you." He watched as a single tear fell down her cheek, he brushed it away then lowered his head to kiss her forehead. Perhaps it really was too soon to tell her, but he felt better for letting her know that he truly was in love with her.

So it was nearly a relief to him as she whispered, "Sasuke, I love you so much."


With his frown deepening, he thrust the hot plate towards her, then crossed his arms.

"Ah! W-what is this?" she asked smiling.

"Hn," he refused to look at her.

"Sasuke…" she looked at the plate in her arms and started grinning, "did you make these for me?"

He turned his head away from her, "I don't how you can eat those disgusting things."

She giggled, picked one up and took a bite, "Mmm, yummy."

Now he turned and smirked at her, "I said the same thing just last night when I was between your…"

"Want one?" she quickly cut him off. His immaculate face twisted in disgust just from the thought of consuming one of those ridiculously sweet…things. With her humor renewed she giggled again, "They're delicious, thank you so much."

"Hn. I'd kiss you, but…"


He nodded, "Sorry if they're burned," was that a…slight blush?

She moved the plate aside and moved to kiss him anyway, he would just have to deal with the icing. He moved her so that she was straddling his waist and she placed her hands on his shoulders. After giving him a long good morning and thankful kiss, she said, "They're perfect."

He gave her a rare smile, "Good morning."


He watched her, held her, remembered every little detail he could about her. He didn't know how he was going to find the strength to leave her. Now, when everything was falling down around her, she was going to hate him forever. They were all going to hate him.

Slipping from the bed, he caressed her cheek, inhaled her scent one last time, before taking off into the new dawn.

As a missing-nin.

As a shinobi of honor.

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