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Chapter 2

The good thing is, she did find a park. Although it was merely a block and very open, it was better than nothing. She also found all the useful locations she was looking for, such as her school, markets, and small businesses for job opportunities.

It was only her second day here, but she was sure she wasn't going to have a good time in this city. It was much too loud, not to mention the amount of people there are, even in the middle of the day! The only peace and quiet she found was in a small restaurant, sitting all the way in the back when she went for a bite to eat.

Currently, she just finished window shopping in downtown. Her money's limited, just enough for food for the rest of the week, but it's always nice to look. She was halfway home, and planning on stopping by the small park she had found earlier in the day. She also needed to relax; walking all day nearly killed her feet.

She centered her thoughts on the city, so far, despite the loudness and the crowded streets, the people seemed nice enough. Although she was sure her new school was going to irritate her, so many people equals just as much young people. She was never very good as dealing with large crowds of people, especially of her own age. She kept thinking of various things, such as when her first day of school was and when her parents were going to get here.

She sighed and shook herself out of her thoughts; she'll deal with that when the time comes. She brought her head up and looked around her, she didn't recognize her surroundings. 'Shit!' She silently cursed, she must've taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. It was almost completely dark, sundown passing by quickly. She turned around and started walking back the way she came; she figured it would be best if she retraced her steps as best she could. She was cursing herself for not paying attention where she was going, so it wouldn't be easy.

She didn't even know how long she walked; her tendency to zone out really didn't do her any good in these kinds of situations. Her eyes wandered from side to side, it was strange that there were no people here, it was completely silent. A major converse to the streets she'd been walking earlier in the day, which was buzzing with people.

She shivered and brought her arms around to warm herself, she didn't notice it was getting colder, but with just a simple t-shirt and jeans, she was bound to feel the chill. She started walking faster, the cold coupling with her unease of the silence spurring her on.

She jerked and whipped her head up when she heard footsteps, her eyes wide. She stopped and listened, when she heard nothing she sighed and turned back around, clutching her purse. Her paranoia was getting to her, her mind making things up. She noticed the street lights begging to turn on and silently cursed again. It was getting darker and she still didn't know where she was, not a good combination.

She paused when she reached an intersection, looking left and right. She nearly shouted out loud in frustration, she was never going to get home at this rate! She turned around and ran a hand through her short hair, pacing back and forth. She didn't see anyone no matter how far she looked, this place was completely deserted. She just huffed and picked a random direction, hoping that she would run into someone sooner or later so she could ask for directions.

The moment she started walking she heard the footsteps again, closer this time. She jumped and whirled around, looking franticly at the shadows surrounding her. She started backing away when the footsteps didn't stop, only echoing louder. She saw three men walking out of a shadow made by a street lamp, smiling darkly at her.

"Hey there, girly." One of them sneered as they all began circling her. She stood frozen, glancing at them all, she gasped when she saw the flashes of sharp teeth in their mouths.

Another one snickered, "Are you afraid?" He drawled out, lowering his face to hers and grinning, intentionally showing his fangs. She stumbled back, bumping into another man; he wrapped him arms around her waist and clapped a hand over her mouth as she let out a muffled scream. She dropped her purse and pried at the arm around her waist, trying desperately to loosen his grip.

Vampires, what are vampires doing here! The only thing she's ever known about vampires is from the war ten years ago, doing research. Even then, she's never even met one, let alone seen one.

Her body writhed, trying to get away as the three men laughed and leered out crude phrases at her. She had tears in her eyes as she thought of all the things that could happen to her, that would happen to her if she didn't do something. She needed to scream, shout out for help, or run from them, someone's bound to hear her.

She jerked again, but the arm holding her in place felt like iron, he didn't even budge. She let out another muffled scream when she felt his head lower to her neck, two needle-like fangs dragging against her skin teasingly. She could feel panic welling up, she needed to do something.

She hesitated before bringing up her elbow and swinging behind her, the man reeled back with a surprised shout, clutching his now bleeding nose. The grip on her waist now broken, she dashed forward, slipping between the two other men. Her body jolted when one of the other men snagged her wrist in his grip, yanking her back into the circle. She struggled as she let out an ear piercing scream for as long as she could before her mouth was covered again with a rough twist to her neck, angling her head towards one of the men.

He glared at her and snarled, "Shut up!" He gripped her hair in his hand and threw her harshly to the ground a couple feet away. She cried out as she scraped her palms, trying to break her fall. She was just about to scream again when a cold voice froze her in place.

"What are you doing?" She heard another set of quiet footsteps, stopping just in front of her. She twisted her body, flipping onto her back, her elbows supporting her as she looked up. The men in front of her seemed terrified, for some odd reason, their eyes were wide and they practically trembled. She looked behind her and saw a man with blazing red hair and irritated red eyes. He stood leisurely, hands in his pockets casually.

"Uh . . . Zelman-sama, we . . . were . . . uh. . ." The man in front said, stumbling over his words. She watched as the man behind her, 'Zelman', narrowed his eyes dangerously, "Do you know where we are?" No one said a word, no one even moved.

"Where're outside, in the open. Do you know what would happen if someone caught you? If you left her here, unconscious?" He stated coldly, glaring at them. Her eyes widened in shock, what was he talking about? Was he responsible for those psychos? Did he even care what was about to happen to her?


"Leave, now. If this happens again, you're dead." Zelman interrupted him, a clear dismissal. They didn't wasn't any time, not even glancing at her, they streaked into a nearby ally, the sound of their footsteps fading fast.

Her heart was still pounding, even as he walked in front of her, extending an arm in her direction.

"Need a hand?" He said, smirking slightly. She couldn't help but shoot him a glare, completely ignoring his offer and standing up on her own. She wiped her bloodied hands on her jeans, snatching her purse off the ground; she walked past him, without saying a word. She began in the direction she saw the most street lights, still hoping to find someone to give her directions. Like hell was she going to ask that guy for anything, the only thing that came to mind was one thing, asshole. The thought of him not caring about what was about to happen to her still circling in her head; she dismissed the rest of the conversation in anger.

"Hey." His voice came again, as he caught up to her, walking beside her. "Are you ignoring me?" He asked amused.

She didn't even look at him, "Obviously." She spat, speeding up and taking a turn at a random street.

"Do even know where you're going?" He laughed lightly, still beside her. When she didn't say anything he asked again.

"Why are you ignoring me?" He turned and stopped in front of her, forcing her to stop as well. She scowled and tried stepping beside him, but he matched her movements.

"Because I don't like you!" She finally snapped out, even though she was still shaken from her last encounter, she wouldn't just lie down for someone like him just because he helped her.

He smirked, "But I helped you, didn't I?" She stiffened as he took a step towards her.

She gritted her teeth and clenched her already sore fists as she turned around and began walking the other way. Sure, she didn't like him, but it's probably not a good idea to outright insult him.

He laughed again, this time mocking her as he walked up beside her.

"Are you lost?" He guessed, smirking at her. She huffed and turned toward him, "What the hell do you want?" She crossed her arms as his smile widened.

"Nothing." He said jokingly, shrugging.

"Fuck you!" She shouted as she turned again, only for him to step in front of her again, his shoulders shaking as he chuckled. She gave up on not insulting him, she didn't care who he was, she just didn't like him.

"How about I help you out again? Tell me where you live, you're obviously lost." He mocked with a smirk.

She narrowed her eyes, "Why would you help me? You don't care." She pointed out, he practically said it himself earlier.

He shrugged again, "I find you interesting."

She stared at him, 'Great . . .' What the hell was that supposed to mean!

"No thanks." She turned around again and began walking.

"Are you going to walk around all night? I can leave, then how are you going to find your way home?" He called out after her.

"I can find someone else to give me directions!" She snapped back stubbornly.

"How long's that going to take, until morning?" He mocked, coming up beside her again with that infuriating smirk still present.

She stopped and gritted her teeth again. Unfortunately, he was right; it could take all night to find someone else. Not to mention she was still shaken up over her last encounter, she was afraid she would be put into that situation again.

She whipped around and faced him, "Fine." She hissed out, and told him the general area she lived.

He laughed again, "You're not even close! How did you get here?" His eyes sparkling in amusement, he began walking down the road.

In distaste, she followed him and ignored his last comment. If he was going to mock her then she didn't even need to talk to him. She ignored him the entire time he was leading her home, not even glancing at him.

It took nearly twenty minutes for her to get in an area she recognized, near that small café, taking short cuts through alleys all the while. She was uncomfortable with that, but wouldn't say a word.

"I can take it from here." She said, walking past him and heading to her new apartment.

"Aren't you going to thank me?" He asked, walking up beside her.

"No." She answered back sharply. "Now leave me alone." He chuckled, but didn't leave, just kept walking beside her in silence.

As soon as she got to her apartment complex, she sped up and nearly ran up the stairs. Walking quickly to her door, she dug in her purse and pulled out the keys.

"You know . . ." She shrieked when she heard his voice behind her, dropping her keys and bag in surprise as she whirled around and pushed herself against the door. He stood in front of her, hands still shoved in his pockets as he stepped closer to her.

"You really are interesting. I wonder . . . do you know who I am? Or . . . what I am?" He sneered at her, leaning close and cornering her with his arms up beside her head. Her eyes widened when she saw a flash of his fang.

He was a vampire! She should've expected it, no, she should have known for God's sake. Those three vampires wouldn't be afraid of him for no reason. That would also explain the strange vibe she got from him, and it wasn't pleasant. It just completely slipped her mind, the conversation he had with the other three vampires. She disregarded it because he just acted so differently to her, and because she was angry.

"I've helped you twice now, what do I get in return?" Her mind snapped back to reality when he spoke again, his voice dark; her body stiffened when he leaned closer, brushing his mouth against her neck. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest; no one was going to help her this time. The previous panic welled up and almost consumed her, she was scared.

"Get off!" She cried out, her hands pushing against his chest. She sucked in a breath, ready to scream; but he stepped back before she could let out a sound.

He smirked at her, "You should know who you're talking to before you decide to insult the person who helped you." His teasing voice echoed in the silence, completely different to his sadistic demeanor previously. She trembled, eyes wide in shock before narrowing in anger. She brought her hand up and swung, aiming for a slap. Her wrist was caught in a tight grip as he brought his other hand up and caressed her check.

"It was nice meeting you." He said softly, his mocking smile still present before disappearing in a flash of red. She jumped, looking from side to side, she didn't see him. Either she went insane, or he was fast. She clenched her eyes tight and slid down the door, running a hand through her hair.

"DAMN IT!" She screamed in rage; for a moment, she felt absolutely terrified of him. Just the aura that radiates off him, it was horrifying. She opened her eyes and made her way inside, collapsing on the couch, and noticed her hands were still trembling.