This is my first Fan fiction, it's probably rubbish and yes I know it's pretty short, the next chapter will be longer.

Before I say anything, this is based off of a one-shot by shnizel.

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Chapter 1


Wing stepped out of the shadows he flipped open his black box and called Otto he waited those few agonising seconds and Otto's face appeared on the screen, "I'm inside."

"Ok, get on Nero's computer were on our way. Hang on Laura wants to talk to you. "Otto's face disappeared and was replaced with Laura's.

"Wing, Nero's password, for his computer, is 9753."She said.

"Thanks Laura."Wing replied while typing in the set numbers. He flipped his black box closed.

He typed in the password, his fingers flying over the keys. He stopped and waited for the rest of his friends to arrive, for 'Phase two' as they put it.

Otto stepped into the room closely followed by Laura and Shelby.

"Was it the right password. "Otto asked.

"Yes "Wing replied looking up from the screen he turned the screen around so the others could see. Otto put his hand in his packet and pulled out a small red box, everything about it looked like a black box, apart from the colour, he connected it to the computer, with one end, his black box the other. He flipped his black box open and connected the others blackboxes to his. Wing stood up to allow Laura to sit down; she started to tap on the key board every so often she would look back up at the screen. After a few minutes she stopped and pulled the device from the computer and handed it back to Otto, along with his black box.

"All done "she said

"Good we have to get out of here, Dr Nero is going to be coming back soon. "Wing replied looking through the crack in the door for the umpteenth time to see if Nero was coming.

They stepped out the door and headed towards accommodation block 7, at a steady pace.


Otto stepped into his room closely followed by Wing the door slowly shut behind them. Ottos sat on his bed and flipped open his black box, he searched through the files that he and Laura had managed to get a hold of, when something caught his eye.

"Wing look at this."Wing walked out of the bathroom toward Otto's bed. Otto opened up the file in question and let Wing read through the file, occasionally scrolling down to read more he handed the black box back too Otto.

"What's wrong, Otto? "Wing didn't look one bit surprised

"You didn't see it did you?" Wing looked back at Otto with a confused expression. Otto tapped on the link that was attached to the screen lit up with an image. He handed it back to wing, this time Wing understood what Otto was talking about.

"Otto how can this be a picture of you?"


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