Playthings Among Demons

~ Chapter Eleven ~

Mourning & Separation

By Inuyashas Youkai

Hours had went by , and not peep carried , with the exception of the rapid movements of the three within caring for the miko, and of the pathetic half demon fighting his brother to be allowed back in , as well as his constant pleads to his mate , to stay . The monk had been thrown out due to his lack of common sense in knowing when it was or wasn't a good time to fondle the slayer's ass, not long after . Growing tired of the mundane silence regarding the state that his mate was in , Inuyasha soon then left , without much word upon departing. Leaping the short distance within the trees to find what it was that he came for , and smiled painfully once he found it .

Nestled within the soft blades of grass was the remains of his deceased young , laying there unmoving. Inuyasha lifted it and wrapped the pup within some shredded piece torn from his fire rat , then held against his chest , cradled closely as the hanyou flew through the trees. Finding the chosen resting spot laying the bundle gently upon the grass while he commenced digging a hole beneath the surface of the hardened soil underneath the roots of the Goshingboku tree, with tears in his eyes . At the start of dusk , the hanyou had his pup softly laid within a crudely made wooden box out of cut trees and some crystal shards from his adament barrage , then sat in the middle of the dug whole before a noise from behind made him pause turning around.

Coming towards him were three blotches moving closer to where he crouched, then wiping his brow to clear the sweat that ran to blue with the salt forming in his eyes, Inuyasha found a better insight of those closing the distance between them . Miroku, Sango with Shippo, and his brother Sesshomeru carrying his mate Kagome caused him to stop for the moment altogether , as he immediately then begin to run towards that of his mate , feeling the relief that he hadn't quite lost her . Once Inuyasha skidded to a stop in front of them , his eyes then fell to the opened eyes of his Kagome , as she then reached out to him , with the act of opening and closing palms in a impatient request to be held by a child, and without further pause the hanyou couldn't refuse her , not this time cause he needed to hold her too.

"Kagome..."Inuyasha breathed painfully , as his fear seem to eat him alive with how close he was at losing her , and snuggled her close, pecking her where he could reach..

"Looks as though Kagome refused to sleep when she awakened without seeing you Inuyasha.." Sango offered.

"Yes , it would seem as she did miss you even though it hadn't been long since you saw each other last , must have made quite the impact , even though you couldn't remember .. "The monk perversely joked in attempts to lighten up the mood..

"Your lucky I have her in my arms monk, and I know your only joking , cause I woulda pounded you silly, where Sango would've been thought of as your long lost mother pervert!"

"Indeed the miko was quite persistent lil brother , annoying wench .."

" Yea , but she's mine , and I missed her too.."

Turning around swiftly away from the group who brought her back to him , with her sometimes annoying persistence , but this time it was willingly accepted because he needed her now by his side, and Inuyasha wanted him with her to show her as to what he had done for all of them , in regards to his pup. Sitting with her cradled in his lap , Inuyasha told her of in the time she was supposed to have been resting , and showing her , as to what he was up too, splaying kisses on her lips, nose , and forehead.

" I love you , Kagome.."

" Don't say it unless you mean it .." Kagome sang softly , allowing her eyes to fall back closed listening..

"But I do , Kagome , I love you my mate .."

" Though doesn't mean with the mark gone that if you wish you can go back with Kikyo?"

" What did I tell you I don't want Kikyo, I want you .."

" Really ?"

"Yes really , I love you .. How many more times do you wanna hear me say it wench !?"

" If you chose to lets say claim me again, how long would we -" Kagome asked before able to finish what he'd already knew she would say , and kissed her trying to show her his answer.

The two momentarily pulled away from the passionate kiss that the hanyou himself started , and when his eyes met hers Inuyasha finished for her..

"Kagome , I can't promise you that it's gonna be easy , but I'll guarantee that by the time you'll recover you will stand by my side as my mate , once again . Forever , and when its time to leave this place , I'll follow after you to be with you still in the afterlife.."

"Than that's how much I wanna hear you say it, to last forever.."

"As long as you accept me again, I'll do anything to keep you here with me, and if not .. Well , I'll just stalk , and torment you until you do..."

"I love you Inuyasha.."

"I love you too Kagome.."