"Kat, please, please wake up, Kat!"

I opened my eyes, groaning. My vision was blurry but I could still see my brother's face, it was horror-stuck. I froze when I saw blood that was splattered onto his shirt and his face. In his hand was a broom that had been snapped in half, blood dripping on the end of it.

"Jason?" I asked groggily, fearfully. My eye brows pushed together into a confused and scared frown. My brother had tears in his eyes, his hair was messy, blood smudged in it, blonde mixing with crimson. I swallowed hard. "Please tell me you're having a phase and that isn't blood."

"I can't explain now," Jason's eyes begged me to get up. "Please. Please, Kat, I know you're confused, but we need to leave, the people here have gone crazy, I don't know where mum and dad are. But I do know we need to leave this hotel or we're going to die."

"...Okay," I whispered and reluctantly grabbed his hand, trusting him. He pulled me to my feet and out of my bed, I smoothed down my long baggy Billy Idol black t-shirt that reached down to my knees. His face was on it and multi-coloured. My shorts were so short that you couldn't see them underneath the shirt.

I stopped before he left, realizing I didn't have my camera or my favourite necklace that my best friend had gotten me. He sent me a frantic questioning look as I went back to my room, I grabbed my camera and stuffed it into a small bag and threw the strap over my shoulder, shoving extra batteries in there too.

I stopped just before I left the room, snatching the silver necklace my dad got me for my birthday, it was a basic silver chain with a bold letter 'K' hanging from the end of it. I chased after my brother but when I saw what was in a room we passed I blanched, my hands flying to my mouth in horro as my eyes locked with the two dead bodies.

Blood was smudged on the floor, on the walls and spewed out of the woman and man's bodies, the couple were holding each other's hand, it reminded me of some crappy cliché horror romantic tragedy. I felt my stomach churn and tears of fear and dread fill my eyes, they were dead, people were dead.

I yelped and tried to slap away whatever touched my arm but then I saw my brother, his gaze was grim, but reassuring as he grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him, I stayed closely behind him. My eyes glancing around sharply, the lights in the corridor flickered every now and then. There were carts and baggage on them, suit cases thrown carelessly on the floor in people's desperation to get out of here.

What was going on?

That question kept repeating itself in my head, I couldn't seem to concentrate, my mind was filled with images of the two dead bodies and the blood and gore. I guess I was still in shock, scared, but then again, who wouldn't be?

"Where are we going?" I numbly asked Jason, quivering like a damned chihuahua.

"The emergency staircase," he whispered back to me, his knuckles turning white as he clutched onto me and his weapon. His eyes flicked around sharply, on the look out for whatever the hell caused the panic and mayhem. "We need to get somewhere safe Kat, it isn't safe here, we'll find mum and dad later."

I nodded, swallowing hard. Then I looked at the suit cases, some were half open and I saw money sticking out of them, wallets, purse's, food. The food caught my attention and my stomach growled, I shook my head at it's timing. But I was getting hungry now, I hadn't had breakfast.

"Jason," I tugged on his hand, he looked at me in question. I pointed towards the rooms. "Shouldn't we see if anybody else is here? They could just be scared and hiding."

"Nobody's here Kit," Jason spoke softly, his eyes still grim. "Everybody's either dead or..."

"Or what?" I swallowed thickly, not sure I wanted to know.

"It's doesn't matter at the moment, we have to leave," Jason tugged on my hand, a rather frantic and urging look in his eyes and face. "Come on."

We continued to rush towards the emergency staircase, then we came up to a wider corridor, suit cases and everything were thrown randomly everywhere on the floor, some doors open. It was eerie, a bloody ghost town. A sunny ghost town.

I clutched onto Jason and gasped, pointing towards the figure ahead of us, Jason's hands began to shake from the fear and nerves, I didn't know why, I started to walk towards this random survivor but Jason grabbed onto my arm, giving me a stern look not to go while I sent him a questioning one.

"Hey!" I called, getting the person's attention, Jason suddenly pushed himself in front of me, broom stick raised as if getting ready for a fight. MY eyes widened, what the hell?

"Stay back Kat," Jason ordered, I frowned at him and then when the figure got closer to us, I recognised the female.

"Purna!" I called, peeking out from my brother, I waved, her eyes lit up with realization at who I was and she waved back.

"Hey there, you alright love?" She asked, I nodded and Jason relaxed when he heard her talk, lowering his 'weapon' but he was still tense, standing closely to me in a protective manner. "Do you two 'av any idea what's going on here? Where is everyone?"

"No," I replied, sending her a timid and weak smile, my hands were still shivering though, in fear or shock I wasn't sure, most likely both. I didn't know if I should tell her about the dead bodies we encountered, I didn't know what was going on myself. Jason was the only one with the details.

"It's dangerous here," Jason said, gently, but firmly, he grabbed my hand again. He sent the Australian woman a tired friendly smile but that ever serious and grim look was on his features. I had never seen him this serious before. "We're getting out of here, I suggest you do the same."

"You're welcome to come with us," I piped up, Jason sent me a look which said 'are you fucking insane woman?' and I glared at him. "Look Jason, I don't have a clue what's going on since you won't fill me in, but there's two dead people im that room and nobody is around, it's like a bloody ghost town. Are you honestly just going to let her walk around by herself?"

"Look love I appreciate your concern but I can take care of myself," Purna cut into our conversation, she seemed a little... unnerved and cautious by my other statement. "And what do you mean two dead bodies? Where?"

"We haven't got time for this," Jason grabbed my hand tighter and started to lead me towards the lift, he tried to open the doors but it was locked. "Great! Just great!"

"Calm down the hell down mate and tell me what the fuck is going on," Purna narrowed her eyes at my brother, not seeming to like being out of the loop, join the club love.

Before anybody could say anything however, they were both startled by the startled scream that left my lips when a body went flying towards the ground, another dived off the roof as I stood out on the wide balcony, I flinched back from the railing. The sun shined in my eyes, blinding me a little but that didn't stop me from seeing the third body that plunged from the roof and towards the ground.

"Shit, come on!" Jason grabbed my arm, pulling me with him, Purna followed us as he dragged me towards the lift, but it was stuck, Purna shoved my brother out the way when he stared at it with a lack of understanding in his eyes and opened a hatch, she gestured for us to follow her as she jumped into the lift.

I jumped in after her and Jason followed, but as soon as his feet touched the bottom of the lift, it gave a sudden jerk and fell down, I screamed and held onto the railing on the edges of the lift, Jason held onto me while Purna struggled to hold on. The lift screeched as it scraped against the tight walls around it. My stomach flew into my throat as the lift plunged downwards.

It stopped with a harsh jerk and I groaned in pain as my head collided with Jason's, I looked to my left to see what floor we landed on and my mouth dropped while my eyes bugged out of my head when I saw a scary looking man, his milky dead eyes locked with mine, blood dripped down his chin and a chunk of his neck and arm was missing.

"What the fuc-"

I didn't get to finish for the lift gave another sharp, harsh jerk and it plunged downwards again. We all stumbled to the ground and a pained moan escaped me as Jason landed on top of me, Purna on top of him.

"If you're quite down lying around," a strangers voice suddenly said, it sounded like it was coming through a speaker. The accent was Australian, but it wasn't Purna, since it was a male's voice. I looked up in confusion, my vision had bright white spots that clouded my sight and I blinked a few times, finding it hard to breathe with the amount of weight on me.

"Get off me," I gasped, wheezing for breath, Purna hastily got off Jason, who was groaning, he got off me and I rolled onto my back, gasping for breath, my lungs hurt, so did my back and my ribs.

"Here love," Purna held out a hand for me and I eagerly took it, she helped me stand and I held onto my head, which was spinning.

"I can see ya through the camera," the voice said again, I frowned, what camera? I saw a camera in the top corner of the lift, a red light blipping. "You lot feeling alright? Non of you have shakes? A fever? Chills?"

"No, no, we're fine," I sarcastically replied. "It's not like the lift broke and plunged downwards leading us towards our doom or anything."

"No need for the sarcasm love, I'm trying to help ya," the voice responded. "Now listen, there's no time for introductions, we have to get you lot the hell out of there."

"Tell us something we don't know," Jason crossed his arms over his chest, I saw the sharp broken broom in his hand, or what was left of it. It was kitchen knife sized, the edges sharp. But I had a feeling all it would do would give his enemy splinters.

"You lot are just a bundle of sunshine aren't ya?" I heard him reply. "Look, there's no time for sarcasm or arguing. If ya wanna live, do exactly as I say, okay? Ya gonna have to trust me."

"Alright, fine." Purna said before anybody could interject. "You better not be lyin' to us mate, you'll regret it."

"I'm not. Okay, first you all are gonna need a weapon, and that little pencil ya got there ain't gonna do you no good boy." He said to us, I smirked at Jason as he glared at the camera. "Search in the maintenance storage room by the end of the end of the corridor. And I suggest you move your arse's if I were you. Now!"

The door's opened and Jason moved out first, then Purna and I followed suit, I crouched down and Jason helped me out of the broken lift. This floor was mostly the same as the one we were on before. A huge balcony with a view off part of the island. I leaned against the railings, grimacing when I saw smudged blood on the floor.

"Come on now love, we gotta move," Purna urged me, Jason sent me a look which mirrored my own and I took a shaky breath, nodding. Jason was right, the people here were crazy, they're either crazy cannibals who belong to a cult or on drugs or something...

As we walked down the corridor, I saw a knocked over trolley that had suitcases still in it, but knocked over along with it, I approached it cautiously as if were going to bite me and searched the bags.

"This ain't no time to be going looting love," Purna said in disapproval, sending me a look. But I smirked at her and pulled out a pocket knife that I found in the suitcase.

"You can find useful stuff in these things," I explained, then searched some more before coming across some money, it was Korean money though, I had no use for it. Still, I shoved it in my bag.

"I don't think our mysterious savour was joking about hurrying it up," Jason declared, "Kat, come on. We have to leave now."

"I'm coming," I grumbled, following him.

"Look at all this blood," Purna observed as we walked down the hallway, the lights flickered still. I swallowed thickly, feeling the hairs on my neck stand up. "What happened 'ere?"

"We can't dwell on it," Jason said softly. "We should just keep moving."

"Son of a..." Purna trailed off, stopping in her tracks as she stared at something, I followed her gaze in confusion and instantly regretted it. I gagged and slapped a hand over my mouth, dead bodies, more dead bloody mangled bodies...

"Jesus Christ..." Jason muttered, staring at it with a clenched jaw, as pale as me.

"Oh my god," I groaned in disgust and horror when I could see the ribcage of one of the bodies, a woman, half her face was eaten off. The smell in the air was foul, death. I gagged then couldn't control the vomit that escaped me.

"Shh, it's okay," Jason reassured and soothingly rubbed my back, though he didn't sound convinced himself. I smiled at him weakly, Purna picked up a shirt that was half hanging out of a stray suit case and held it out to me, sending me a sympathetic look.

I shakily grabbed the shirt and wiped the vomit, the vile stayed in my mouth and I felt like puking again but I took a deep breath. Calm down Katerina. Toughen up. Don't be such a pussy. Calm. The. Fuck. Down.

"Come on," I pressed on the matter with urgency, I needed to stop being such a little girl. I needed to toughen up, for my mum and dad and Jason and Purna. I couldn't give up. Though my limbs felt weak and shaky after vomiting my guts out. "We should hurry."

I frowned when I heard faint noises... something like... hissing? Groans? What-

"It's the infected!" The panicked voice of Mystery-Man-Bob shouted, alerting us. I gasped, my eyes wide in fear. "Run! Run to the storage room! Quickly!"

"Move your arse!" I shouted at Jason who stood there in shock, he grabbed my hand and we all ran for our lives, my legs hurt and I felt fear spark inside me when I saw the infected coming around a corner and chasing after us. My heart pounded hard against my chest, my skin started to sweat. I was exhausted, mentally and physically. My body felt weak after puking my guts out. Plus I was emotionally unstable, so that didn't help.

"Come on!" Mystery-Man-Bob yelled at us. "Just a bit further!"

I dived into the storage room after Jason, Purna slammed the door behind her and I sighed with relief, panting. I laid on the floor, catching my breath but then I screamed when I saw an infected woman behind Purna, she came out of nowhere!

It swung at Purna before anybody could do anything and she fell to the floor, knocked out cold. The zombie turned to Jason and I but the zombie suddenly had an arrow sticking out of her head, she fell to the floor. Lifeless. For real this time.

I looked up, seeing a man with short black hair, a scar on his face and he was wearing am orange lifeguard uniform. He held a crossbow in his hands and looked at Purna then us.

"Come on you two, help me,"

We did as he said, his voice was the exact same as Mystery-Man-Bob's, so it was safe to say it was him. We helped carry Purna the hell out of there.