Haley - Milton Mamet: The light on the north wall is burnt out
Milton Mamet: that sounds like a job for a hammer
Haley: WTF. You're a freaking genius and all but how do you change a light with a hammer?
Milton Mamet: I meant that fixing a light is not my responsibility. Talk to Merle.

Haley-Merle Dixon: The spotlight on the north wall is burnt out.

Merle Dixon - Caesar Martinez: Hey brownie, how many Mexicans does it take to change a light? Just one. You.

Eileen: loves the sound of the rain on the rooftop.

Rowan created a event; Woodbury General Meeting.
The Town Hall.
- Everyone is strongly encouraged to come out tomorrow night to discussion Woodbury's growth.
Shumpert: Is there gonna be pie?
Crowley: I would come if there is going to be pie.
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Rowan: sorry boys, no pie but please do come out voice your opinions on our community.
Merle Dixon: our opinion is that there needs to be pie in our community meetings. Meeting adjourned. Your welcome, Rowan
Rowan: you can't close the meeting.
Merle Dixon: Who says?
Rowan: I do as head of the committee.
Merle Dixon: Who elected you?I think we should have a vote over whose in charge. Democracy time y'all. I vote me.
Rowan: You can't nominate yourself
Tim: I nominate Merle
Gargulio: I second that nomination.
Caesar Martinez: Motion carried or whatever the fuck. Merle and Rowan are now in a race for the position of organizer.

Karen: Rain makes everything feel so cozy.
Haley: It doesn't sound so cozy when you hear it under an umbrella

Rowan shared a picture. (A steaming cup of tea in a red tea cup) "I love a rainy night "

Haley - Caesar Martinez: Are you ever going to fix the light? I'm getting sick of being in the rain and the DARK.
Caesar Martinez: What are you talking about?
Haley: The light you were suppose to come fix, the one Merle told you about.
Caesar Martinez: That was a real thing. I just thought he ran out of jokes.
Haley: Could you bring me a sweater? My flannel ain't cutting it anymore. Just get someone in the apartment block to let you in. I'm #14 and it's unlocked. Or if you don't want to go in there, I could borrow one of yours.
Caesar Martinez: oh my god, you are the neediest child.

Milton Mamet: Fellow Woodburyians, be advised that if the rain gets much heavier our pump may fail and we will have problems getting running water, please set out some pitchers for yourself and your family.

Shumpert: I'm going to need to borrow a pitcher.

Noah: OMG there is nothing to do
Rowan: Teenage activities is something we would be more than happy to open up at the general meeting tomorrow night.
Warren: psst don't go, there isn't going to be any pie.

Karen: My ambience machine never made rain sounds like this. It's getting crazy out there.

Merle Dixon: If elected to head of the General Meetings, I will ensure there will always be pie.
Rowan: What do you know about organizing meeting? You couldn't organize Martinez to go change a light bulb.
Caesar Martinez: He knows what the people want. PIE
Merle Dixon: Would ya do me the pleasure of being my campaign manager, if I win I will make you my vice head of general meetings
Caesar Martinez: I'll accept only if when you win, we get a ping pong table and after the meeting we have a ping pong tournament.
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Crowley: these are the kinds of minds we need to run this town.

Tim: I just seeded today, now I'm gonna have to seed the same place tomorrow. Stupid rain.
Eileen: We needed it, Tim and just think of how good the grass will grow because of it.
Tim: It's gonna grow great right by the wall where all the seed is being carried off to.
Eileen: You're not a glass half guy, are you?
Tim: Not when it's overflowing with rain like the street.

Merle Dixon - Milton Mamet: How come you didn't say anything about the rain, Mr. Scientist.
Milton Mamet: I'm not the weather network

Caesar Martinez created a page; MERLE DIXON FOR HEAD OF G.M

Rowan: haha guys, really funny. But I think Merle is a bit too busy to be organizing Woodbury.
Merle Dixon: You can still organize the town. I'm just gonna organize the meetings/ping pong tournie's.

Jody: Does anyone have a dingie, we could go river rafting in the street right now.
Noah: How 'bout a air mattress.
Jody: That'll work. Meet me outside on main street.

Eileen shared a picture. "Feel like I'm a pioneer" (A blue bucket in the middle of the floor)

Warren: I'm going to get the sandbags out of the shed tomorrow for anyone who would like to dam up their windows. When it stops raining out, a few of us can go up and check roof tops.

Haley shared a picture (Thumbs up selfie in a coat three times too big for her) "I didn't chose the thug life, the thug life chose me. Thanks Martinez."
Eileen: Look at the rain coming down behind her. Poor thing.
Karen: you shouldn't be out in that honey.

Haley: Hey did you guys know it's raining?

Author's Note: Holy moly, it's our good friends in Woodbury

I live in Southern Alberta and its flooding out here. I'm talking several suburbs and whole towns have been evacuated and rivers are carrying away homes and I can't get new shoes because my puppy ate mine. First of all I'm hoping all my other fellow canucks are who may also be in the area are as safe as me, secondly I hope their facebook feed isn't as swamped with it as mine is.