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(Forest of Death)

It was midnight in Konoha. At this time of night one would think that a child especially a four-year old will be sleeping in their beds after their parents tucked them in and tell them they loved, but this is not the case for Naruto Uzumaki. He chased into the forest by a angry mob. This forest is a haven for those who seek danger and death. It's inhabitants grow to demonic proportions and even the plant life lust for blood. Sadly this is the only place in the village young Naruto truly feels safe.

You see four years ago the Kyuubi the nine tailed fox demon attack the village. It was only stopped by the forth hokage by a act of courage and selflessness gave his own life to seal the fox into a infant. His last wish was for the new born to be seen as a hero… but it was not to be. Instead of love and compassion they hated and despised the infant. In order to protect the child the third hokage made it forbidden to manage the sealing to the younger generations or harm the boy. Sadly it didn't work, the child was outcast, hated, and almost killed multiple times. Naruto is this child.

"Why do they hate me?" the young blond asked for the hundred time. He was just walking to the orphanage when a crowd of drunks started to chase him again.

"I never did any-ahh!" Naruto scream as the ground under him crumpled away. "Ah" he cried in pain after he landed on the stone ground. "Where am I?" the blond asked as he looked around the room. The room itself was quite impressive. It had limestone walls with green glowing carvings that illuminated the room. At it's center was a granite pedestal. Walking over to pedestal Naruto saw there was a old book on it. The book had a brown leather cover with golden trim. The design of the trim had a arrow pointed out of each side towards the center at a four pointed star.

Carefully Naruto open the book. To his surprised the words looked brand new and was perfectly clear. Silently thanking the matron at the orphanage taught him to read.


"To whom ever reads this you have discovered what maybe the last spell book in existents. I write this in hope that magic will be in the world once again. Magic is a powerful art that can be used for great good or a great evil. I hope that you will cause the former.

Magic is can only be created through the fusion of mana, chi, and emotions. Some spells require love, anger, sorrow, and courage. There are multiple types of magic. They are healing, death, fire, ice, and wind magic. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.

I have wrote down all I know and as my last wish I want you reader to bring back magic to it's full glory."


Naruto set down the book trying to digest the information he just read. Here in his hands was the last spell book and a dead man's last wish. The last part reminded him something a long time ago. He came to the orphanage covered in cuts and bruises because of another beating. The matron quickly helped him. When he asked her why she just said they're idiots that can't honor a dying wish.

"I don't want to be like them and this might help me become the hokage." Standing up Naruto had fire in his eyes. "I will bring magic back to this world or my name isn't Naruto Uzumaki!" he exclaimed. Looking around he noticed a flight of stairs. Holding the book with both arms he started to climb up.

(Hokage's Office)

After a long day of hard work Hiruzen finally finish the fearsome fiend known as paperwork. It was less than a minute later one of his most trusted anbu appeared in front of him.

"Sir Naruto have not return to the orphanage. After scouting out we have found a group of drinks boasting that they drove of the "demon" into the forest of death. They are currently in chains at the I&D department." he finish.

"Thank you. Now let's hurry Naruto may be in danger. The forest of death highly dangerous." Hiruzen said. The worry was easily seen in his eyes.

"Yes sir!" Anbu replied.

"Minato, Kushina. Forgive me. I have failed you both."

(Forest of death)

Naruto fallowed the steps to see that it lead to another room. This unlike the last room this one looked like a bed room. Their was a dresser on the left side of the room. A bed that looks like it had enough for two with a chest at the end of it. There was another door on the right side of the wall. The room had the same carvings in the room as the last for light. Getting on top of the bed Naruto closed his eyes to get some sleep after a long day.


Feeling cold stone floor instead of a bed Naruto bolted up to see that the room he was in was now a sewer.

"What the?" he exclaimed.

"Come closer" a voice called.

Obeying the voice the four year old walked towards the voice. After a couple of minutes he came to a giant cage door that had a piece of paper holding it shut.

"So my new jailor has arrive." the voice said behind the cage.

"Who are and where are we? And what did you mean by jailor?" Naruto asked.

"So many things kept hidden from you. Your mother would be pist if she was alive. As for your first question we are in your mindscape. A place where representations of yourself can be seen as well as me. As for who I am" the voice stepped out of the shadows to reveal a giant fox. "I am Kyuubi no Kitsune."

"But how the forth killed you years ago!" the blond exclaim.

"No kit. He was powerful, I'll give him that, but the only way to beat was to seal me away into a human container."

"So I am a monster." Naruto choked out.

"Don't you dare say that! You are one of the most kindest beings I have ever meet! If your mother was alive she would killed any one who dare say otherwise!" Kyuubi bellowed.

"You knew my mother?" Naruto asked.

"Yes kit, she was my container before you. When she was pregnant with you I sent some of my youki to the womb to make you stronger and healer faster. We were good friends." Kyuubi explained.

"Then why did you attack the village?"

"I was forced out of the seal and controlled, luckily the forth stopped me before I caused too much damage. Before we continue I know you want to know what happen to your parents." see him nod the fox continued. "Your mother unfortunately died because of birth problems and me being pulled out. As for your father he's dead as well but I can't tell you who he is because your can't handle it right now. But what I can tell you is they both loved you with all their hearts." Kyuubi finished.

"Thank you Kyuubi. At least now I know they cared."

"They did trust me on that one. Now that we're here I have a deal to give you like I did with you mother." Kyuubi said.

"What's that?"

"Simple I help you learn new jutsu and all you have to do is get stronger. The reason I want you to get stronger is a matter of pride. I'm the strongest of the tailed beast and it would be humiliating if my container is weak." Kyuubi finished.

"Ok I can agree to that. But before I go who controlled you?

"I'll tell you when your ready now go and sleep, you have a long tomorrow."

With that Naruto faded away.

(Forest of death)

"Hokage-sama! We have his trail!" one Anbu yelled.

"Good let's hurry this place is dangerous at night." The fire shadow ordered.

They fallowed the trail until they found the hole Naruto fell through.

"This is where the trail ends." the Anbu said.

Quickly Hiruzen climbed down into the room.

"What the hell?" the kage thought. Seeing the stair case he quickly found Naruto sleeping on the bed.

"Thank Kami." Hiruzen sigh. At the noise Naruto woke up seeing the Kage and anbu in front of him.

"Hey old man, any thing you need to tell me." the toddler asked.

Surprised at the remark Hiruzen answered. "Naruto what are you talking about? I'm here to bring you back to the orphanage."

"Oh really. So your not going to tell that Kyuubi is sealed inside me or that my mother was his last container!" Naruto yelled.

"Naruto don't be silly, kyuubi is dead." Hiruzen replied hoping that he didn't find out.

"Then I guess a dead fox does tell tales seeing I talked to him. And for going back. The answer is no I'm staying right here." The angry blond said.

"You talked to it!" one of the anbu yelled.

"Yes, I did. He told me who my mother was." Naruto replied.

"Naruto I was going to tell you when you are a chunin or sixteen." Hiruzen finally said.

"Well that was stupid. First of all you betrayed my trust, second you gotten so weak the civilians on the council are now ordering you around, and finally what if you died before then. I would have never known." Naruto finished.

"How dare you speak to the Hokage like that you-" an anbu began but he was cut off by Hiruzen

"He can because he's right. I should have told him when he was younger. Naruto why would you want to stay here?"

"The villagers are getting bolder old man. I was only in front of the orphanage when they started to chase me. It's only a matter of time before they attack the place just to get to me. Here on the other hand no one comes here and with Kyu's help I can get stronger and take that hat of yours." Naruto explain.

"Naruto are you sure you trust the fox?" Hiruzen asked.

"The same could be asked about you." He countered.

"All right Naruto but are you still going to be a shinobi?" the defeated kage asked.

"Of coarse old man. Someone has to replace the current kage. I hear he's going senile." Naruto smirked.

"Right…HEY WAIT!" The kage yelled while the anbu tried to hold their laughter.

"All right old man I'm hitting the hay." Naruto yawned.

"Good night Naruto." with that they left the blond to sleep.



Thump! "Kyuubi what the heck?" Naruto yelled as he picked himself off the ground.

"Well we need you to get a start on your training first of all and second I was right, both you and your mother both land on your asses when I wake up!" The fox snickered.

"Great." the blonde groan.

"Come on let's look around here. This place may have some stuff we could use."

"Like kunai and shuriken."

"More like clothes and food kit. Besides I doubt a sorcerer would have those, but there may be a forge here. If so I can teach you how to make your own weapons."

"Why a giant fox demon need to know that?"

"Boredom motivates a lot."


Deciding to start with the chest he opened it to find some old clothes and three books. One was on cooking, the second on sewing, and the final one on crafting. The last one caught Naruto's eye.

"I see that one caught your attention kit. Crafting is when you create ingredients for spells or potions. It's also used for making weapons stronger."

Nodding his head Naruto put the books with the spell book and walk towards the door. Seeing that he was too tired form last night he never got to look at it. Opening the door he was greeted with the sight of a room full of beakers, burners, and glass containers. In a corner of the room was a forge like kyuubi said.

"Looks like you were right about the forge Kyu."

"Damn straight kit. Now head to the room where you fell in so I can teach you a very useful jutsu."

Quickly the blond ran to the pedestal room waiting for instructions.

"All right kit this jutsu is very versatile in it's uses. It's called the shadow clone jutsu. This juts allows you make a solid copy of yourself. When destroyed or released all the memories of the clones will go to it's owner. But this jutsu drains a lot of chakra but for you this won't be a problem because of your large reserves."

"Wow, if it wasn't for the drawback everyone would use it."

"Yeah your mother used them to get out of cleaning." Kyuubi laughed this only caused a sweat drop form the blond.

After Kyuubi gave him the hand signs he got to work and after a couple tries he finally got it.

"Good. Now that you got it, create four clones to read the books. When ever they finish a chapter had them make a clone then disperse. This way you won't get a headache form over information. After that send fifty through out the forest so you can get to know it better. While they do that you will be doing a hundred push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks, with three minutes between each exercise."

"This is going to be a long year."

"That's right now get to work!"

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