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"Naruto, I'm afraid I don't understand. How is this suppose to give Hinata a guard?" Hiashi asked.

"Let me explain. What I'm about to do is complex. You see I need two to three things. The first is the most important. For this to work I need something that holds life itself. Namely blood, it's has life and part of the soul of a living thing. The second is bio-mass of an animal, this gives the guardian a form, and last is a mystic gem, this last ingredient gives the guardian a special ability. Currently I have three, one for fire, ice and healing." Naruto explained.

"I never heard of a jutsu such as this." Hinamori said.

"That's because it's not a jutsu but something similar, which I'll keep to myself." Naruto said as he turned to Hinata. Now before we begin I need you to make a couple of choices." pulling you the gems and animal parts from his pack. "As I said I have three gems and four types of animals to choose from. The first is a snake, second is a tiger, third is panther, and finally a fox. Which will you choose?" Naruto asked.

"May I-I pick f-fox and h-healing." Hinata asked.

"That's surprising. I thought she wouldn't pick fox because of kyuubi!" Naruto thought.

"A girl after your heart kit." Kyuubi mocked.

"What was that kyu?"

"Nothing" Kyuubi smirked.

"All right then but may I asked why foxes, I would have thought you pick something different after the kyuubi attack?" Naruto asked as he placed the items in position.

"Even t-though Kyuubi attacked, I still l-like foxes." Hinata replied.

"Ok then as I promise I'll go first to show that nothing bad will happen." Naruto said while grabbing the sapphire and fox fang.

After placing the items in place he pulled out a kunai and cut his thumb and let a couple of drops land in the third triangle and began to chant.

"Guardian of the wild, I call upon thee, protect me, I summon thee". with that the circle began to glow blue. Each ingredient started to float into the air and move to the center triangle. The sapphire began to break down to energy and surround the fang in a blue orb. Once that was finish the blood drops began to grow and warp around the orb taking the shape of a fox. Bone and muscle tissue began to grow, then skin and fur. As it was almost over something unexpected happened. While Naruto wasn't aware his eyes turn crimson and slit as an almost invisible amount of youki went into the new creation. With one last flash of light the fox landed on it's paws. There in front of the small group was a foot tall, dark blue fox with black tip ears, paws, and tail.

Everyone was silent. Moments past as they watch the fox slowly began to walk towards Naruto. When it was in front of him it smirked.

"Hi, the names Shard, you must be my partner." the now identified Shard said.

"Partner?" Naruto questioned.

"Yeah I was made with your blood, so I'm your partner." Shard replied.

"Makes sense." turning to Hinata "Now are you sure about this Hinata. Even though it's only cost a couple amounts of blood this will be permanent."

Hinata look straight into his eyes showing Naruto something he first seen in the girl's eyes. A flame of determination coursing through them. "Yes Naruto-kun, I am sure." she said surprising everyone that she didn't stutter.

Now standing in front of the third triangle Hinata did the same as Naruto's, making sure a couple drops were in it. Once again Naruto began the chant.

"Guardian of the wild, I call upon thee to protect Hinata I summon thee".

Just as before the circle glowed but green this time, the three ingredients floated into air, the gem turn into a green orb and surround the fang. The blood grew and wrapped around the orb. Bone, muscle tissue, skin and fur formed. Once again Naruto didn't notice the small amount of youki go into the creature. Now in front of them was a dark green fox with light green tipped ears, paws, and tail.

The new fox looked at Hinata and approached her.

"Hello, my name is Rena. Pleased to meet you partner." The now identified Rena said.

"Nice to meet you too Rena, my name is Hinata."

"I know. Since your blood was used I have your memories." Rena replied.

Naruto turned to Shard. "Do you have my memories as well?"

"Yeah, if you didn't skip ahead there may have been something to tell you the spell does that." Shard telepathically said.

"We can talk through thoughts as well." Naruto exclaimed. Lucky for him everyone else assumed that he was telling them not realizing it himself.

"That's convenient. If either of you become ninja you can provide information to each other on the battle field." Hiashi said deep in thought.

"Excuse me Naruto-san but if Rena is made with Hinata's blood would that mean that she will have the Bakyugaun?" Hinamori asked.

Naruto's face scrunched up in thought for a couple moments. Unknown to everyone else he was actually talking to Kyuubi and Shard.

"It's possible. The technique wasn't based for blood limit users so I can't be sure. But if I have to guess there is a high chance of Rena gaining the Bakyugaun. If so contact me so I can add it to my personal notes."

"Alright we'll be sure to do so. Before we leave though is there any thing we should be aware of." Hiashi asked.

"Besides gaining abilities that are relative to gem used over time I can't think of any." Naruto replied.

With that the now four members of the Hyuuga family left after saying thanks. Thus leaving the Kage alone with the spell caster and fox.

"Old man I didn't want to ask in front of them but what did you learn form the Kumo nin?" Naruto asked.

"If it was any other child I wouldn't say this but seeing your directly involved I guess I can tell you. At first he was saying he was ordered by the Riakage to kidnapped Hinata, but after several rounds with Anko and Inoichi it turned out he was part of a coup. We gotten the leaders names and send them to the Riakage." Hiruzen explained.

"I see. Well old man we have to get to training. Kyuubi wants me to start doing the water walking exercise and knowing him he'll have me going them over a alligator infested water." Naruto deflated.

"If there were hippos I would made you do it with them. There much more aggressive than gators" Kyuubi said making Naruto and Shard sweat drop.

"Is he trying to kill you?"

"No, just make me stronger."

The kage nodded and left the two alone.

"Glad I'm not joining you." Shard said.

"Guess again ice kit, you gain his charka supply so you need training as well!"

"Were fucked aren't we?" Shard asked

"Yes we are." Naruto groaned.

(Two years later)

Two years have past and things were looking good. Cloud and the leaf worked on a stronger alliance after the coup members were imprisoned. As it turned out the coup was to start as soon the wannabe kidnapper arrive with their prize.

Things were looking up for the young spell caster as well. Naruto and Hinata relationship went from stranger and damsel in distress to best friends. This made both Hiruzen and Hinata's parents happy. The reasons were simple, while Hiruzen did trusted Naruto but he was worried that he would become like his former student because he wasn't socializing much, the reason Hinata's parents were happy was that Naruto was getting Hinata out of her shell.

As predicted Rena gained the Bakyugaun from Hinata's blood, but this wasn't the only thing that happen with the two foxes. Both grown a second tail! When this first happen Naruto didn't understand how, luckily for him Kyuubi told him that some of his youki was mixed in with the spell. When Rena gain her second tail Naruto said because Kyuubi died on the day of his birth, some of kyuubi's youki was absorb by his developing charka coils. She was able to believe it. Naruto hated to lie but he promise himself to tell her the truth later. But he was able to tell her that because of youki Rena and Shard were able to shift forms to look like normal foxes.

But all good things must come to a end for today the young Spell caster came to realized something.

"I'm limited on ingredients!" It was true while Naruto was able to gain materials for his craft, he was limited on variety. He didn't notice before because the beginner craft ingredients were easy and repeated, but unfortunately for him the intermediate crafts required things that were very rare in Konaha.

"That really sucks. This one you need blue seaweed and limestone iron to make your daggers more lethal." Shad said.

"Looks like your out of luck kit." Kyuubi said agreeing with Shard.

"Maybe not. While things maybe rare here their not in other places. If I travel around I might find things I may need." Naruto said after some thought.

"Your thinking about leaving?" Shard yelled.

"Not permanently, just a traveling trip to so gain and find supply sources. At worse I'll be gone until the academy start, which is in three years."

"What about Hinata, she is your best friend after all." Shard said.

"Your right she'll be upset if she finds out I'll be gone with out saying something."

"Then use one of those transportation seals you made. If you gave the receiver seal to her then you would be able to teleport here. Plus if you run into trouble you'll have an escaped plan."

"Good idea Kyu." walking over to his dresser Naruto grabbed his cloak and carrier pouch. His cloak was still black but he added a white trim to the edges of it. After putting a couple of things in his pouch and taking off to his first destination.

(Hokage office)

Hiruzen was considering his options. The wrong choice could lead to major consequences, one hand he could let this happen and keep going, the other he could use a fire jutsu to incinerate the bustard in front of him. He was about to make his choice when Naruto and Shard jumped in through the window. Taking the kage mind of f the paperwork in front of him.

"Hey old man I'm here to ask your permission for something."

"What is it Naruto?" The hokage asked.

"Well I was wondering if I can travel out side the village for a few years?" Naruto replied.

"Naruto what about becoming a ninja? Or Hinata, I thought you were friends?" Hiruzen said.

"I meant for training, I'm still going to be a shinobi and I'm telling Hinata after I leave here. I'll be back in three years or sooner."

"Be that as it may Naruto but your still seven years old, I can't in good sprit let you just" Hiruzen said before Naruto cut him off.

"I tell you the secret to defeating paperwork."

"I'LL GIVE SANNIN PASSES! Just tell me the secret!" Hiruzen said while shaking the seven year old. This caused the anbu in the shadows to sweat drop that a kid could break a harden war torn leader to beg.

"Sign them first and I'll tell you." Naruto was playing hard ball and the everyone knew it.

"Fine!" quickly finding the passes and filling them out he handed them to Naruto. "Now tell me!"

"Two words, shadow clones. See yeah around." with that a now free to leave when and go where want Naruto left.

After that Hiruzen eye's widen "I been played by a kid."

"No shit Sherlock" the anbu thought at once.

(Hyuuga compound)

"Well here's the tuff part." Naruto mumble.

Sneaking in the compound Naruto walked down the halls looking for one person. Turning the corner he found him.

"Hey Uzi."

"How did you sneak by this time?" Uzi sighed.

"South side, two guards were asleep." Naruto said.

"I'm going have to get them replaced. Here to see Hinata I take it."

"Yeah. See yeah Uzi." for the past two years, Naruto been sneaking in and testing security. Uzi the head guard found it a challenge to make an unstoppable defense. But he forgets human error.

Now knocking on Hinata's door he gotten more and more nervous.

"Come in!"

"Hinata it's me." Naruto said as he walked.

"Hey Naruto, Shard." Hinata said.

"Greetings Naruto, Shard." Rena greeted.

"Hey girls." Shard greeted.

"Hinata I have something to tell you." Naruto said. "Better to get this out of the way now so it won't be hard later."

"What is it?" she asked.

"I'm going on a training trip for a couple years." Naruto replied.

"How long are you going to be gone?" the tone of her voice sadden.

"Three years at the most but that's why I'm here." Naruto said.

"What do you mean?" Hinata asked.

"You see I'll probably miss your birthdays so I'm giving them to you them early." he replied.

"Gifts are nothing with out friends."

"I know but I will feel bad if I don't get you something." Naruto said handing her the a gift wrapped box.

Opening it Hinata eyes widen. The first thing she pulled out was a necklace with a dragon. The design was simple. A wingless dragon with it's tail wrapped around a green gem. The second thing was a ring. This design was a phoenix wings wrapping around the finger with a red gem on it's stomach. Finally the last one was a sleeveless cloak. It was lavender colored, with three mental buckles, with a hood.

"Naruto I love them." Hinata said as she hugged Naruto.

"I'm glad Hinata-chan. There's one more thing I want to give you." He said breaking the hug and giving her the seal. "This is a receiver seal. When I'm coming back or in danger I'll use the sender seal to transport it were ever this seal is . I'm entrusting it to you." he finish as she gave her the seal.

"I know just where to put it." standing on her bed she place the seal just above it on the ceiling.

"You know if I use it I could fall on top of you." Naruto smirked.

"Then just don't pig out on ramen and I'll be fine." Hinata replied.

"Just for that I will." Naruto smirk widen. With that they bid their farewells and Naruto left for the gates.

(Village gates)

"Well this is it"

"Nervous kit, don't worry, I taught you a fair amount of jutsus in each element, and your skilled in spells."

"He's right Naruto you'll be great out there. No bandit will stand a chance." Shard told him.

"Your right. So where to go first?"

"I say go to the first stream and seal as much water as you can, because suna will be the best choice seeing it's our closest ally."

"Sounds like a plan."

With that the Young wizard and fox began their journey across the elemental nations.

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