Scouse Liverpool accent/dialect

Geordie Newcastle accent/dialect

Cockney London's East End accent/rhyming slang (e.g. "Up the apples and pears!" Translation: Up the stairs, pears rhyming with stairs!)

People seem to think that all English guys say "Love" at the beginning and end of every sentence. They don't. (Unless their gay, obviously. In which case "darling" and "hun" are more appropriate.)

Why do people even think that sounds sexy…?

"Alright, love?" Sounds like a drunken douche bag…

"Up the chuff" meaning bum sex.

Not to be confused with "Up the duff" meaning pregnant.

Cock'n'block is also another good word for bum sex.

"Olly, olly, olly, tits in the trolley, balls in the biscuit tin." I don't really know how to explain this… I said it loads as a kiddy-winkle…