Chapter 1

"Momma, I'm home!"

The front door closes and the sound of a zipper is the only sound in the silent house. A jacket falls to the ground and a small, slim girl with golden curls rushes into the living room. She throws her backpack with Disney princesses on the couch.

"I got an A, momma! An A!" She jumps up and down the couch where her mom is reading her own textbooks. The woman looks up.

"Really? Honey, I'm proud of you." The young blonde puts her book away and kisses her daughter on the forehead. She gets up off the couch.

"We're going to get some pizza to celebrate, okay?" She runs her hand through the shiny curls of her daughter. "Can you call aunt Teddy if she wants to join us?"

The little girl jumps up. "Yay! Auntie Teddy!" She runs to the phone. Arizona follows her daughter with her eyes and smiles widely. She sighs happily and pours her daughter a glass of lemonade.

It's been a good couple of months, for both of them. The last four years were very tough on both Arizona and little Liv. Arizona got pregnant when she was very young, she did well raising her baby, but thought way too much about herself sometimes. Especially during her last relationship.

Arizona had met Hannah, who was fifteen years older, on her first day of college. She was her teacher. From the moment they met, they were inseparable. Arizona liked Hannah, but she was more a mother than a lover to her. Arizona was way too young, inexperienced and naïve to be with such an older woman. Hannah was dominating, bossy, arrogant, but she held Arizona's back whenever and where ever possible.

Liv loved Hannah, especially since Hannah was filthy rich and gave Liv everything the little girl wanted. Arizona couldn't keep up with this and seemed to lose her daughter.

Arizona ended up packing up all her stuff and leave. Away from Hannah, away from her house, all the way across the country. Arizona and Liv had lived in Seattle for 6 months now, at a safe distance from New York City and, Hannah.

"Auntie Teddy's here!" Arizona wakes up from her daydream. Liv runs up to the door when the bell rings. Arizona stands in the living room watching her best friend holding her daughter upside down. They both laugh really loud when Teddy drops Liv on the couch.

"Hi Ari!" Teddy hugs her best friend and takes off her coat.

"Hey Ted! Do you feel any better?"

"Yes. I actually do. The f-ing cold is finally over, the fever dropped and I'm in desperate need of company after a week of bed rest."

Liv jumps up and down the couch. "Liv! Relax, please." Teddy smiles and turns to Arizona again. "And what about you?"

Arizona sighs. "Tired. I have loads of things to do for school, the house is a mess, Liv is really hyperactive lately." She pulls a slight smile and runs her hands through her blond hair.

"Ari, go take a long, hot shower, get some sleep, maybe? I'll watch your little tornado for a while. I can even take her with me tonight."

Liv looks up from her book. "Yes! Momma, yes!" Her big, dark blue eyes look up to her mom. "Please, mommie?" She hugs her mom.

Arizona laughs and places a soft kiss on her daughter's temple. "Go get your stuff, sweetie. I'll go shower and I guess aunt Teddy would love to order some pizzas for us." She winks at the other blond. "Thanks so much, Ted. Liv, go get your stuff, baby!" Liv passes her mom and runs up the stairs.

"Ari?" Arizona glances over her shoulder. Her tired eyes seek the sparkling eyes of her best friend. "I'm here for you, you know that right? You're not alone."

Arizona smiles. "I know. Sometimes, it's just… "

"Aaaaaah!" Arizona's eyes widen when she immediately turns to the sound. Teddy jumps up and runs to the stairs.

"Liv?" Arizona falls onto her knees, at the end of the stairs, next to her daughter. Her eyes are closed, her left arm and left leg are obviously dislocated. There's blood dripping down her temple.

"Liv? Baby?" Arizona is too scared to touch her little girl. "Teddy, call 911, please hurry!" Teddy rushes back into the living room while Arizona starts to cry.

"Please wake up, honey. Please. Momma needs you." The blonde girl in front of her is so vulnerable, so small, so innocent. Teddy kneels next to her friend.

"They're on their way, Ari."

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