Chapter 11

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"How long have you known my mommy?" Liv sits up in her bed, her sheets covering her legs and her stuffed animal in her arms. She looks at the man next to her bed.

"I've known her for some years now."

"Was she your classmate?"

"No, I'm a few years older than your mommy. We knew each other from someone we both knew, do you understand?"

"Oh, like a double friend?"

Mark grins. "That's a good explanation, yes. A double friend."

Liv smiles at him. "But I never saw you in my life, right?"

Mark shakes no. "Right. Your mommy and I didn't see each other anymore. I didn't know where she lived and she didn't know where I lived. But then we ran into each other again, in the store."

Liv nods and looks at him with her mouth slightly open. "That's fun."

Mark nods. "Yes, it is." He kisses Liv on her forehead and gets up. "Sleep tight, Liv."

"Good night, Mark."

Arizona has been standing on the corner of Callie's street for over twenty minutes. She taps her white sneakers nervously on the ground, her hands in the pockets of her baggy jeans. She looks at her own breath circling around in the cold sky. It's freezing. Arizona buries her face in her scarf. Callie is so close. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful Callie. Why doesn't Arizona just walk over to the front door? Why doesn't she have the guts to ring the door bell. Why-


"Oh, I'm sorry, excuse me. I wasn't paying attention." Arizona turns around and blue meets brown when she stares into the beautiful eyes of Callie.

"W-what are you doing here?" Callie looks at Arizona.

"I eh… I…" Arizona stares at the ground while Callie grabs her arm.

"You're freezing out here, come on inside." Arizona lets the Latina pull her up to the front door.

"I wanna be with you, Callie." It's out before she notices. "I want you and only you. And I will fight for you, if that's the only way to get you." Callie looks at her while opening the door. "You're everything I wish you to be. I find you miraculous and amazing… And I hope you feel the same way about me, that we can be together and that you won't be afraid of-"

Callie lays her hands on Arizona's cheeks and kisses her long and tender on the mouth. Arizona drops her arms down her body and lets Callie do her thing. Callie pulls back, hands still on the blonde's face and her brown eyes staring into the beautiful blue's in front of her.

"Oh eh," Arizona blinks and looks back in Callie's beautiful eyes. "I-I… Thank you."

Callie smiles back and follows Arizona inside the house. Arizona stands in the middle of the hallway and stares at the ground. Callie walks past her, grabs her hand and pulls her into the living room. She takes off her coat and throws it onto the couch. "My boyfriend is out. Do you wanna stay over?"

Arizona looks surprised. "Well, I'd like to talk first."

Callie nods. "What do you want, Arizona?"

"What do yóu want, Callie?"

Callie shrugs. "Callie! Come on!" Arizona zips up her coat. "I'm off."

Callie immediately grabs her hand. "No! No, please don't go." Tears fill her eyes.

Arizona turns around and looks at her. "Okay. W-what's wrong?"

Callie covers her face with her hands, soft sobs escape her mouth, tears run down her face. Arizona steps towards Callie and pulls her into a tight embrace. Her slender fingers run slowly up and down Callie's back. Callie calms down a little, wipes away her tears and looks up. "He's not here, because… He's gone. Gone, Arizona."

"A-are you guys-"

"Separated. We're over." Callie nods. "It's just… Our relationship wasn't great anymore. It didn't work."

"What did you tell him?"

"Nothing. I asked him if he was cheating on me."

"Why do you think that?"

"He's been out a lot lately. He gets a lot of texts and phone calls, clearly from a woman." Arizona swallows softly. "But then, he asked me the same thing. And I said, well, I told him there was someone else. A woman." Arizona looks at her. "But he gave me a choice: balls or boobs. He said it just like that. So then…" Arizona grins, but tries to hide it by pulling up her scarf a little. "Are you making fun of me?"

"No!" Arizona shakes her head. "No, babe. Please continue."

Callie swallows. "Okay, so. Eh, what was I saying? Oh yeah. Well, I couldn't answer him. I just couldn't. But my hesitation was enough for him."

Arizona's grabs Callie's hand. "I'm so sorry." Callie shakes her head again.

"It's not your fault. It's my fault. All of it. I couldn't… When I was with him, you were with me too. I couldn't block you out, let you go."

Arizona smiles sweetly and kisses Callie's hand. "I missed you, Calliope. Liv missed you."

"I don't wanna rush things."

Arizona shakes no. "I understand. And I don't ask much from you this soon. But I wanna know if you want this, us." Callie looks at her. "Now, Callie." Callie lowers het eyes and takes a deep breath. Arizona looks at her, her eyes wide open. "Cal?" Callie looks up and slightly nods. Arizona's eyes brighten up. "R-really? I mean… Are you sure?"

Callie nods and smiles. "I'm sure. I wanna be with you, Arizona. I don't know what got into my head."

Arizona claps her hands softly, but enthusiastically and hugs Callie. "I promise I'll give you all the time you need." She kisses the brunette's lips. "But eh, does he know who 'the other woman' is?"

Callie shakes no. "I didn't want things to be harder than they already were."

Arizona nods. "We take things slow, baby. But first…" She pulls Callie into a deep, passionate kiss.

Arizona closes the door behind her and walks into the living room. "Mark?" He's nowhere to be found. "Hel-lo?" She walks into the hallway and glances into Liv's bedroom. The light on her nightstand is on. Liv's fast asleep and Mark sits beside her on a chair. He sleeps too, his head next to Liv's face. Arizona smiles and walks into the room. "Mark", she whispers softly when she pokes his shoulder.

Mark immediately gets up and takes a few seconds to realize where he is. "What? Where?" Hij looks up into a pair of smiling eyes. "Oh, right."

Arizona smiles. "How did it go?"

Mark strokes Liv's soft curls and stands up. "Great. We talked and watched a movie. I know everything about every single Disney princess. But she's great."

Arizona smiles at her daughter and nods. "I know." They keep looking at the girl for a few moments and both walk out of the pink bedroom. "Mark? Do you want to tell Callie about Liv?"

Mark looks at her. "We separated a few days ago. That's why I've been here uh this much, I guess." He looks down and immediately looks up again. "Wait, how do you know-"

"I am the other woman, Mark."

Mark's eyes widen. "Y-you?"

Arizona nods and takes a step in his direction. "Don't be angry, please. It just happened. A-and I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you guys broke up. I really am." She keeps looking at Mark, her eyes try to find his.

Mark grabs his coat and walks over to the front door. "I-I gotta go. I'm expected uh somewhere."

"Mark, please!"

"No, no. I'm leaving. Kiss Liv goodbye for me."

"Momma! Look!" Liv runs around the playground and does a weird kind of roll onto the grass.

Arizona looks up from her book and focuses on her beautiful daughter. "Wow! Good job, baby." She keeps her eyes on Liv for a few more seconds and goes back to reading. It's been at least 48 hours since she last spoke to Callie. But her busy schedule doesn't allow her to even make a quick phone call. She checks her phone for messages and wakes up from her daydream when she hears her little girl yell.

"Maaaark!" Liv runs across the playground and jumps into Mark's arms.

"Hey baby, how are you?"

"Fine! Look at me!" She releases herself from Mark's arms and rolls around the grass.

"That's great! Now look at me." He takes off his coat, puts his hands on the ground and throws his long legs in the air. He walks around on his hands for at least 10 seconds.

Arizona walks over to them and laughs. "Wow, Mark. You're so talented!"

Mark jumps back on his feet and picks his coat off of the ground. "I am, right?" He smiles and looks at Liv sliding down the big, yellow slide. "What a great kid."

Arizona stands next to him and nods. "She's amazing." She looks aside and focuses on his face. "I wanted to apologize, Mark. About how things worked out for you and Callie."

He shrugs. "It's okay. I'm just glad that she didn't fall in love with another man. That, I would've found terrible." He slightly smiles and looks at Arizona. "It's okay. These last few weeks, she was someone else. She was actually happy. You make her happy."

Arizona smiles and places her hand on his shoulder. "I'm happy too. She's wonderful."

Mark nods. "And when you hurt her, I know where to find you!"

"I wouldn't dare."

Mark keeps looking at her. "Arizona?"

She looks up at his face. "Yes?"

"Why did you sleep with me that night? I mean, you're obviously a lesbian, but I just don't know why me then."

Arizona focuses on Liv too and slightly sighs. "I don't know and I don't remember. The only thing I remember is you walking me home, or me walking you home, or whatever. We kissed goodbye, on the cheek, and things heated up. I don't know. I snapped, I guess. I was so mad at Jamie. I thought we had something, but she didn't have the guts to admit her love for me to the rest of the world. And you were nice to me, always. I liked you, you dragged me through the whole evening."

Mark nods. "I didn't know you were a lesbian, I just thought you were hot. Are hot. I counted myself lucky when you kissed me."

Arizona shrugs. "Well…" She sighs. "And now we have her."

Mark nods. "We have." They remain silent for a few seconds. "Are you gonna tell Callie?"

The blonde nods. "I have to. I just… It's weird. You were her fiancé and now you're the father of her girlfriend's daughter. It couldn't be more weird, right?"

Mark looks at her. "We will tell her. She'll understand. You didn't plan running into me. It's 8 years ago, we weren't in love. It was an accident."

"For which I'm not sorry."

"Me neither. Liv's amazing." He puts his arm around Arizona's waist and continues to look at their wonderful little girl running around the playground. "And so are you."

Callie gets into her car and moves the vehicle from her parkingspot. While waiting on passing cars for her to drive further, a familiar blonde girl running around the playground catches her eye. She follows the girl with her eyes and sees her running over to her two only loves. Her ex is holding her beautiful girlfriend around her waist. They laugh, they have fun. They lift Liv an pull her into a tight hug. Callie is speechless. Arizona and Mark let go of each other, each take one of Liv's hands and walk over to the exit of the playground. Callie tightens her grip on the steering wheel and quickly drives off.

"You're staying for dinner, Mark?" Liv focuses her big grey eyes on the man beside her.

"Well, if your momma agrees?" He looks at Arizona and smiles.

Liv grabs her mother's hand. "Please, momma, please?"

"Yeah, Arizona, please?" Liv and Mark both look at her with those sparkling puppy dog eyes.

She looks from her daughter to Mark and starts to laugh. "Oooh, those eyes are irresistible! Of course Mark can stay over!"

Callie rings the doorbell and waits, a pizza box in one hand and a six-pack of beer in the other, until Arizona opens the door. Her Arizona. She missed her beautiful girlfriend during her double shift at the hospital. Callie is in desperate need of some attention and alone time with Arizona. And maybe she can ask what was going on in the park this afternoon. Callie hears the little girl's laugh behind the closed door and pulls a wide smile. The door slowly opens and Mark appears with Liv in his arms. Callie's eyes grow wide.

Mark's smile immediately disappears. "Cal uh hi."

"Mark, who is it?" Arizona walks into the hallway, wearing only a pair of boy shorts and a tight tank top. Her towel dry hair is draped on her shoulders. "Calliope, hi baby." She bends over for a kiss, but Callie takes a step back. "What's wrong, Cal?"

Callie throws her full hands in the air. "I wanted to spend the night with you, I was actually excited, because we hadn't seen each other in almost 48 hours, but you're so busy with your new lover!"

Mark and Arizona both burst into laughter.

"What's so funny? I saw you two together, today."

Arizona stops laughing and looks at her. "Baby, please come in first. It's super cold." Mark sends Liv to her bedroom and walks over to the livingroom.

"What is he doing her, Arizona?"

Arizona closes the door and walks into the livingroom as well. Arizona looks over at Mark, who took a seat on the edge of the couch. "Cal, we need to tell you something." Callie puts the pizza and the beer on the table, eyes quickly glancing from Arizona to Mark. "We're not together, we're no item, don't be afraid of that."

"She's into women, remember?" Mark smiles slightly to calm Callie down.

Arizona takes a seat beside Mark and places her hand on his knee. "We wanted to tell you earlier, but uh yeah, we had to let it sink in too." Callie looks surprised. Mark moves on his spot and Arizona walks over to Callie. "Liv is Marks daughter too, Calliope." Callie grasps and grabs onto the closet while Arizona walks over to her. "Honey, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but-"

"I had no clue."

Mark gets up and stands beside Arizona. "I found out not that long ago, just before we separated. I just thought she could be mine, because I saw Liv a few times with Arizona and-"

Callie nods. "I-it's okay. I guess. I don't know." She takes a few seconds to think about what to say. "Oh my god! Things can never go right in my life!" Tears well up in her eyes.

Arizona and Mark both take callie's hands. "Cal, don't you think this is great?"

"No! No, this isn't great, it's all my fault."

"What is?" Arizona looks at her girlfriend with a questioning look.

"This. All of this."

Arizona glances at Mark. He nods almost invisibly and leaves the two women behind while he walks into Liv's bedroom. "Sweet, sweet Callie. Nothing is your fault. Things just turned out this way, because they had to turn out this way. I don't regret you being on call that night, you helping Liv, you kissing me and you falling in love with me. I also don't regret I me falling in love with you. You're amazing, Callie." She smiles a super magic smile, Callie carefully smiles back. "What if we never met, Calliope? Liv wouldn't have known her real dad, I wouldn't have reunited with Mark, you…" She lowers her voice. "…you wouldn't have known you were into women, we wouldn't have met each other, Cal. I never would've known what a wonderful, amazing woman you are."

Callie shakes her head. "I'll find a way to deal with this. I don't want wanna lose you, Arizona."

Arizona softly kisses Callie on her lips. "I'll ask Mark if he takes Live with him, okay? We'll have the night all to ourselves. I wanna hold you, kiss you and never wanna let go."

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