"I was wondering something," Albus said to his father. It was going on 9 pm. Albus had been married for five hours, and so far, it was going rather well. He'd danced and drunk champagne and listened to countless toasts describing how perfect a couple he belonged to. He'd exclaimed over how beautifully everything had turned out, laughed at every one of the terrible jokes told at his and Scorpius' expense, and posed for what felt like thousands of pictures with all manner of combinations of the families Potter and Malfoy. Now, he and his father were standing outside the tent in the Weasleys' backyard, sipping on firewhisky and mulling over the day.

"What's that?"

"When you found out that Draco had been the one to push for your commendation from the Ministry, and the two of you kind of disappeared for a bit, what were you doing?"

"It wasn't what you're thinking," his dad said quickly. Albus let out a huge sigh of relief he hadn't realized he'd been holding in—for over a year now, it seemed.

"Then what was it?"

Albus' father looked up at the moon, nearly full, and said, sounding wistful, "Draco and I ... we were horribly immature, weren't we? And not even both of us. At least, not always. He'd learned, he'd grown out of it, but I never really did." He looked at Albus. "Not until then. I was starting to get over it, I suppose, but then, when I was able to sort out that my kids, and your cousins, and Scorpius had all sort of banded together just to make things right, make things manageable ... Well, it started to seem like maybe my children were a lot more mature than I was. Am. You're all adults, you know. Maybe not in practical terms, but in all the ways that matter."

Albus nodded. "I can't really believe that. I still feel like such a kid, even now. So you and Draco talked about that, then? Your kids?"

"Yes, that. And we figured, well, if our kids are onto how daft we've been..." His father smiled wryly. "Then we should probably be onto it, too. Then we shagged."

Albus spit out some of the firewhisky that had just entered his mouth. It hit his father's shoes.

"I was joking. And it was worth it." His dad laughed. "Honestly, Al, I'm in love with your mum. Maybe I loved Draco once. OK, fine, I did," he said, catching Albus' expression. "But your mother's always been the only person for me, even if Draco is about the best looking bastard in the world."

"He is fit, isn't he? Don't tell Scorpius, though. He hates when I mention it."

"And how often do you do that?"

"I just like to remind him that I'm pleased to see what he'll grow up to look like."

His dad patted him on the arm. "My boy. So, does that clear things up for you, then? I haven't touched Draco Malfoy—at least, not like that—since well before you were born. And I couldn't be more pleased that you've chosen to spend your life with his son. I'm sorry I was too thick there at the beginning to realize what a perfect fit it is."

"It's OK. If I were you, and my son decided to fall in love with my worst enemy's offspring, I wouldn't be too happy, either."

"You don't have any enemies, do you?"

"I don't make a habit of it."

"I'm really proud of you," his father said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I don't think I say that enough. I should work on that."

"Hearing it once in a while's good enough for me," said Albus, hugging his dad. "After we have this absolutely cliché moment, though, we should probably get back to all this wedding business. I'm sort of one of the guests of honor."

They laughed and walked back under the shelter of the tent. Scorpius seemed to spot Albus immediately, willing people out of his way to join the two of them.

"Where have you been?" Scorpius asked.

"Right outside," said Albus. "Just having a bit of a chat. You know, one of those father-son things."

Scorpius nodded and pulled Albus onto the dance floor, giving Albus' father a smile along the way. "Had one of those myself earlier. Our dads haven't shagged since before we were born."

"I guess it shouldn't surprise me that the contents of our respective conversations were similar," said Albus as they eased into a waltz to a Frank Sinatra song—"The Way You Look Tonight," Albus thought, recalling the times he'd seen his parents laughing their way through practice sessions for Ministry galas. "Did you get the 'I'm proud of you' stuff, too?"

"Of course I did. It's hard for me to walk away from a conversation with my father these days without hearing that sentiment."

"Because of your job, or because of me?"

"Because of both." Scorpius usually led, and that was the case this time as he dipped Albus down and brushed his lips against his husband's. Albus smiled as Scorpius pulled him back, tighter into his arms than a waltz warranted. Albus' mum rolled her eyes at him from across the dance floor; his father shrugged and imitated Albus and Scorpius' movements. Albus' mum laughed and played along.

"Your mum's beautiful, you know," said Scorpius. "It's good to know you'll never get ugly."

"Thanks for that. And same to you."

"This conversation could take a weird turn in a second."

"Yes. So let's change the subject before it does. I can't wait till you're naked."

Scorpius laughed. "Say it a little louder next time. I don't think Rose and Andy heard you. Oh, wait, they absolutely did."

"Are they laughing?"

"Of course they are. But they don't look too surprised."

"Why would they be? I'm gorgeous, you're gorgeous, and we haven't had sex since the second of April."

"Maybe we should both be quieter," Albus said into Scorpius' ear as his grandmother looked at him with wide eyes. "At least a few people here would be more than content to believe that we've done nothing but hold hands until today, when we kissed in front of them a few times."

"Or we could leave," Scorpius suggested.

"We could do that. It's normal for other people to still stay around after the couple's left the reception, right?"

"Probably not. But we could make it normal." Albus and Scorpius went around and said their goodbyes, heading for a room at a posh hotel in wizarding London. There was no preamble before they were fairly ripping off each other's suits, revisiting all the curves and sensitive spots they'd been missing, snogging as they hadn't since the first few days of their relationship.

"I love you so much," Scorpius said, running his teeth along Albus' collarbone before making his way down to his husband's waist.

"Less convincing when you're doing that. Try 'I lust after you so much,'" Albus said, grinning in between shivers.

"That's enough cheek from you." Scorpius kissed him, and again, and again, before saying, "How much longer are we going to put this off?"

"Hopefully not much. I'm—it's going to be quick."

"We have 16 hours before we're scheduled for the international Apparition. I'll make sure next time's not quite so fast."

And next times there were, roughly three and a half in total. It would've been an even four had Albus not yawned hugely as Scorpius began administering the usual spells; Scorpius took that as a hint, arranged the bedcovers around both of them, and fell asleep seconds before Albus did the same. They woke up three hours before they were scheduled to begin their trip to Hawaii—Kauai, specifically, the so-called Garden Island, a popular honeymoon choice among Muggles and wizards alike. There was more kissing then, but they resolved that it would be best to prepare for their trip and eat some thoroughly Londonesque cuisine before heading off to somewhere new.

"How you got me down to one bag, I'll never know," Scorpius said, slipping his hand into Albus' as they waited in the queue.

"You know we'll be all but depleting any money we've made at our jobs once we get there anyway," Albus said breezily. "Vacations are meant for spending money and shagging. But mostly spending money."

"What, no hiking or botanical gardens or helicopter tours?"

"What's a helicopter?"

"You've got a lot to learn yet, Al."

"It's a good thing you're here to teach me, then."

Scorpius squeezed Albus' hand. "A very good thing. Ready for this?"

"As I will ever be," said Albus, smiling and squeezing back as they turned on the spot and embarked on something somewhere altogether unfamiliar—and, Albus was sure, somewhere altogether brilliant, so long as Scorpius was at his side.

Author's note: Hope you enjoyed this. If you want a smut-free honeymoon story, I may whip one up.