AN: The meaning of this story is very serious. This one I dedicate to my friend BeingHannah923 for her love of angst.

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They didn't know what it felt like. They didn't go through the pain he went through. They were just the conflict of it all.

It never stopped. The names, the kicking, the punching. No-one found out.

He was just that good an actor.

Even his best friends, his brothers didn't find out. And he didn't tell them, he didn't tell anyone. He was scared they'd be in danger. He was scared they'd think he was weak, limp, not big enough to fight his own battles.

He heard enough of that from them.

They'd call him w i m p , i d i o t , f r e a k , k i s s a s s.

The quote Sticks and stones may break my bnes, but words will never hurt me was full of utter crap.

Words hurt him. They pierced him like a knife.

He was always the boring dull one out of the group. Kendall was the leader, the one everyone could depend on, James was the pretty boy a the girls wanted to date, Carlos was the energetic class clown that you couldn't help but love and then there was him. The nerd. The dork. Infact, they'd be better off without him.

They wouldn't miss him. No one would.

So he decided to do it. It wouldn't matter to anyone. The pressure was too big for him. He couldn't take it no more.

Darkness filled the air as gloom and despair clouded over them. They couldn't believe what happened.

Why didn't we notice, they kept on asking themselves. How stupid could they have been. Logan wasn't clumsy, he wasn't accident prone. But they just let it pass.

They didn't know their friend was hurt. They didn't know how helpless he felt.

As they threw dirt onto the pale body, they turned away together.

He didn't tell anyone. But when he did, it was too late. He was being bullied.

Bullying ruins lives. One word of hate can change one life forever. Silence will makes things worse. Tell someone if you're being bullied or you know someone else.

If only Logan knew that.

AN: Honestly, what I said is true. Tell someone. Silence is not the answer to this.

Normal is weird, being weird is being unique.