This is the sequel to unholy act you will not understand the beginning you need to read the unholy act to make a little sense of it. You have to read this chapter it makes more sense if you do.

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Chapter 1: the prologue

Narrative point of view

"FUCK OFF ALEXIS HE'S MINE!" well secrets out I guess.

Then with great force Alexis ripped Jesse off of Jaden. "I know he's not mine but he is not yours either." Usually she would blush at the whole touching Jaden part but she was to worried and angry for such feelings.

"HE IS MINE" then Jesse yelled even louder. "AHHHH" he then fell down on the ground unconscious. In other words not moving. And shadow coming out of body unbeknownst to the others in the room.

Alexis ran over to Jaden to check out he was ok. And to her delight she found that he was alright just extremely creeped, freaked, and all around weirded out by the act that jesse was about to perform on him.

Then a mysterious figure came out of Jesse. "Aw I thought if I took over Jesse I could rape Jaden. Well it looks that plan just went down the drain." It quickly looking at the sink. "Oh and the condom… figures."

"Who are you?" Alexis questioned clearly finding his humor not that funny and more sick than anything.

"That is not important because I am not coming back to this dimension, for a little ." it said under its breath the last part. "oh and about your other question just call me X." and then "X" disappeared into nothing.

"Ok…Who was that?" Alexis questioned

"Well he said he was X but that is obviously not his name unless his parents really hated him." Alexis giggled really quickly and softly trying to not laugh at Jaden's situation as he continued. "Well I am pretty sure its irrelevant now"

"Ok so Jaden why did you come back here, and how do you know X was a guy?"

"Well if he was a girl then he or she wouls want to get that bulge checked and as for your other question. I uh… I wanted come back to get… uh… an object."

"Really what is it?"

"This" Jaden then got down on knee and pulled out a little black box in his desk.

"What's in that box?" Alexis already knew the answer but she wanted Jaden to tell her.

"Alexis will you marry me?" Alexis then tried to contain her excitement to make Jaden worry about her answer.

"Well I don't know Jaden I mean there are a lot of other choices maybe I should date some other people like Chazz or Syrus maybe." Jaden cringed at the mention of Chazz having a better chance then him in getting Alexis.

"Well ok if that's what you want I guess I can respect that I me-" but before he could finish Alexis's lips met with his. Before she could tell him that it was a joke he then continued anyway. "Ok I usually am confused but now I just don't know what to think because one second your saying no to marrying me and then the next you're kissing me so can you tell me what's going on?"

"Jaden" Alexis said endearingly. "I was joking about the no part because I do love you and I will marry you if you're still confused."

"Ohh ok if that makes sense now you had me worried, because here I thought the woman I liked was in love with someone else. Ha now I know what Chazz feels like."

"Jaden there is a difference he just has lust not love."

"Yeah I guess that makes sense so Alexis why were you following me anyways?"

"Well you see I uh was uh coming to-" while she was saying this her face just kept getting redder and redder. "uh do the thing with the thing because of the thing."

"You were stalking me weren't you?"

"For someone so dense you sure are observant."

"Well don't worry I won't be for much longer."

"Why I like you this way."

"But then I wouldn't be the guy you fell in love with now would I?"

"Yeah I guess but can't you be a little more observant now and then?"

"I think I can handle that now I just hope I can get the gang to understand that I am not that dense."

"Why did you act so dense to my feelings before?"

"Well for one thing we were too young to understand love and plus I thought you didn't like me like that."

"I am getting even more confused you just said that you weren't as dense as everyone thought but you just you were too dense to figure out you like me."

"Well you see Lex I meant I was not as dense to the point of I denied my feelings for you."

"Well I guess that make sense what about your schoolwork was that all an act?"

"Nope that's why my dad sent me to duel academy cause here academics aren't as important in duel academy."

And the conversation continues but that will be added on a later date.

I know it made no sense in the first part but that's the best I could with my first story's ending. If you going to correct me on my grammar don't I meant all of the grammar errors. By the conversation will be continued later I mean that I will add that into this chapter on a later date.