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3rd pov time skip?

After the main characters woke up had their cake and got on the transportation to domino city. Once in domino city Jaden and Hassleberry went to Jaden's apartment and went to sleep and then woke up in the morning and had breakfast... basically 2 days later. "So Hassleberry how you liking the apartment and domino?"

"Eh its fun Jaden but I'm gonna go look for a job so I can pay my rent so just to make sure all I have to do is pay you a one grand a month and I get all the utilities and food I want?"

"Well I have a limit like eating out and buying games are not covered by the rent."

"Makes sense. Alright Jaden do you know anywhere that's hiring?"

"Um my manager said he needs an assistant. Would that work?"

"Yeah sounds good what's his number?"

"Here just use my phone you can call him in your room."

"Thanks I'll go call him."

And now Jaden is all alone in the kitchen what shall he do? "Time to order some pizza and get my deck ready for my match this weekend." Should have figured. "Lets see where did I place that number for the pizza place." Stumbling around the apartment Jaden looks for the much needed pizza number. "Found it alright let's see now all I got to do is find my house phone um... here it is alright the number is 508-108-0719." And so Jaden called the pizza place conveniently known as pizza hut. And man's voice answered the phone saying.

"Hello this is pizza hut how may I help you today?"

"Hey John its Jaden I'd like the usual plus a plain pizza."

"So you want 3 large pepperoni pizzas and 1 large plain pizza."

"Yeah John that's it oh wait can I get 2 large cokes with that."

"Yes Jaden it'll be there in 25 minutes."

"Thanks see you then. Bye."

Time skip 24 minutes 59 seconds and 99 milliseconds later

"Hey John here's 50 keep the change."

"Thanks Jaden so who's the other guy?"

"Oh he's Hassleberry he's gonna be living with me for a little while."

"Alright see you later Jaden good luck this weekend."

"Yep see yah." And with that Jaden closes the door to have his pizza feast. "Hey Hassleberry food is here I got you a plain pizza and a coke."

"Alright thanks Jaden." Jaden then quickly brings the pizzas over to the table and starts stuffing his face. "Hey Jaden I got a question for you."

"Uh ok what is it?"

"Why have none of us met or at least heard of them?"

Jaden quickly stops eating to look over at his friend. "You guys never asked about them."

"Ok well what are they like?"

"Oh they're alright my dad is pretty cool but he's always busy and my mom is the sweetest person I've ever met then there is my uncle he's one of the sweetest duelist I've ever seen."

"So basically you're a dueling prodigy?"


"So how's Syrus been I haven't seen him since you guys graduated."

"Oh he's doing alright he's actually coming over soon."

"Cool anyone else coming?"

"Yeah basically the whole gang."


"Oh you know to catch up get ready for the duel tournament the usual guy talk."

"Ok sounds good so when will they be here?" knock knock

"Right now apparently." Jaden then briskly walks to the door and opens it to find all his friends waiting on the other side. "Hey guys how's it going?"

"It's going alright Jaden I have a cushy new job at NASA so I am very happy." Stated by Bastion.

"You Chazz." Jaden quickly asks.

"Well slacker besides my darling Alexis leaving me for you not being the highest ranked pro and having even my fans boo me at my last match... pretty good actually."

"Well that's good but why do you keep calling me slacker?"

"Old habits are hard to break."

"Well... ok how about you Zane?"

"Well Jaden I have created a new pro league with Syrus but Jaden can we come in now this is becoming very awkward."

"Yeah sure guys come on in." After everyone comes in and Jaden shuts the door. "So Syrus how are you?"

"Pretty excited about our match this weekend oh and I still have a huge crush on the dark magician girl."

"Really what about Madi I thought you liked her."

"I do I just found out that she was DMG to so I really lucked out."

"How do I not remember you having that happened?"

"Most likely because we never have anytime to tell each other stuff."

"Oh yeah... so how's that going?"

"Oh its pretty good you know same old same old you know it's weird when you role play dark magician girl and dark magician when one is actually the dark magician girl."

"How I mean she has experience dressed up as herself doesn't she?"

"What do you mean she isn't the dark magician. Why would she have experience in dressing up like dark magician?"

"I'm not gonna question anything about what you guys do any-more I don't think our audience is gonna find this extremely funny." (Hey don't break the fourth wall unless needed!) "Fine fine won't do it again for a few chapters."

"Um... Jay who are you talking to?"

"Oh uh... no-one... so where were we oh yeah catching up but before that I want invite you guys to meet my parents tomorrow as well as go to my wedding."

First to answer was of course Jesse. "Alright Jay but what do you want us to do in the wedding?"

Before Jaden could answer Hassleberry cut in with. "Yeah Jay what are we gonna do like best man and stuff?"

"Well I uh... um?"

Cliffy end

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