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Flying Bacon

Chapter 2

By the time he had Daryl through the screen door he could already hear the others waylaying the older man. The partially muffled conversation rapidly growing into a chorus of raised voices that echoed all down the hall as the others clearly gave Shane a piece of their minds. - But it wasn't until he began steering the man towards the staircase that he breathed out a heady sigh of relief. Mind already briskly processing through what had happened, categorizing the moment down to the make of up of the closest second before stuffing it away for future thought and study. Finding himself completely unable to stop a small smile from filtering across his lips as he heard Carol join the fray from outside.

You go girl.

"Come on, we need to get you back to bed." He said, looping one of the man's arms over his shoulder as he struggled to keep Daryl upright. Mindful of the man's bandages as he curled himself into the man's uninjured side. Huffing indignantly as the man did absolutely nothing to help either one of them. - Seemingly content for the moment to simply grin at the sitting room wallpaper with something that looked suspiciously similar extreme fondness. Nearly sending the both of them crashing to the floor as the older man reached out to brush his fingers across the surface of the rather unremarkable swath of wall.

Yep. – Still stoned out of his freakin' gourd alright.

Daryl just gave him an appreciative, if not rather loopy once over as he finally responded to his words. Eyes clearly lingering as the man paused somewhat obviously at the crotch of his jeans. - And the subtlety award of the year goes to

"Only if 'ya join me." The man said suggestively. Wavering a bit as he leaned forward, pinning him unexpectedly against the railing as Daryl licked his way into his mouth without even so much as a fair warning. - And god help him, even as drugged up and injured as the man was, he couldn't not respond. Not to thatNot to Daryl….

Because a small, rather guilty little part of him couldn't quite deny that for all his blushes and embarrassment he actually liked the man this way. All easy, warm, and pliable under his hands… - Relaxed. All the things the man was in truth, even if it was a part of himself that the man kept inside. Safe. - Just like life had taught him too.

The man's gauze wrapped head scraped against his neck for a few long seconds as sharp teeth nipped along the edge of his collarbone. Apparently supremely unconcerned with the fact that they were all but making out both in plain view of the closed screen door, and in the middle of Hershel's god damned house to boot.

But by the time he pulled himself together, frantically attempting to unwrap their tangled limbs and stop Daryl's-his-both of their hips from grinding together, Daryl had already abandoned his mouth in favor of more stationary targets. Namely, currently occupying himself with sucking a series of sloppy kisses along the length of his shoulder blades before he finally found it in himself to gently push the man away.

Breathing hard, he watched as Daryl eased back, rocking unconcernedly on the balls of his feet as the man licked his lips lavishly. - Shamelessly shoving an errant finger into his mouth with an indecent sucking noise (that absolutely had to be deliberate by the way) as the man set to work on ridding himself of an angry looking hang nail. – One of these days he was really going to have to talk to the man about his oral fixation. He was always sticking something in there.

Wait…Did that come out wrong?

He shook his head incredulously, willing away the rather intriguing images that were currently all but dancing the conga in the back of his brain. Because really, the last thing he needed right now was to run into Hershel with his recently escaped patient in tow. And have the older man see one of them sporting one hell of a boner that just couldn't be blamed on the painkillers.

Besides, trying to navigate the stairs with a fully grown man all but plastered across his shoulders was hard enough without throwing a raging erection into the mix. – Something relating to light headedness and the rapid redirection of blood flow and junk? God why hadn't he been studying something useful in university? Like Human Biology or Basic Apocalypse Survival Skills 101?


"Whatever Lothario. If it will make you shut up." He finally muttered back. Tone teasing, but practically wheezing from his lungs under their combined weight as he pushed them both forward another few steps. - Just fifteen more to go. ...Balls.

The raunchy asshole was heavier then he looked.

But Daryl just chuffed at him happily, snuffling hotly into that venerable spot at the base of his spine as he nipped at him pointedly. Leaning further into him then was necessarily appropriate as they continued their slow, lingering trek up the stairs. Blunt fingers getting tangled up in his hair more then once as the man mashed an overly familiar hand across his scalp, flattening and running his hands through it all at the same time.

..First the wallpaper and now his hair? He was almost afraid to even think about what the man would go after next…Because knowing Daryl

When they finally made it all the way up the stairs, having managed to get his ass groped six ways to Sunday in the process, he only had it in him to sigh with relief. Hardly even noticing when Maggie stuck her head out the bedroom door as he all but dragged Daryl down the hall. - Wrinkling that cute, button nose at them, before shutting her door in an ill tempered huff. Something that in itself, only made him roll his eyes as they passed. Chalking it down as just the latest evidence as to why he swore he would never understand girls. …Ever.

Daryl just grinned victoriously the whole way, apparently content with having finally managed to get a hand down the back of his jeans somewhere in between the tenth and thirteenth step. Palming an ass cheek with a surprising amount of single minded coordination as he all but dragged Daryl into the room and slammed the door.


It was only when the rather inviting looking bed was within his sights that the man seemed to fully realize they had even moved at all, blinking owlishly around the room for a few long beats, before that same dopey smile spread across his chapped lips. - Imploding outwards with all the good old fashioned gumption of a Georgian sunrise on a Monday morning.

"Th-that's right kid..- Knew ya'd get with the program." Daryl slurred approvingly. A happy purr rumbling up his throat as he pressed the older man towards the bed, sitting him down on the edge as gently as possible before he crouched down and started undoing the man's shoe laces.


He shook his head, incredulous fondness leaching across his features as he looked up at the man from his position at his feet. Giving the hunter an appreciate eye himself as he took in the lightly muscled span of the man's chest, finding himself unrepentantly lingering as the muscles in the man's arms bunched and released as he leaned backwards. Lounging back on his forearms as the hunter's eyes went heavy lidded and dark, clearly watching his every movement now as the man's throat worked through an exaggerated swallow.


He couldn't help but just take it in; looking up at the man through thick, dark lashes as his fingers tugged at the series of knots and tangles that Daryl had the gall to call shoelaces. - Damn. How did the man do that? - Even drugged up his ears the man somehow seemed to just ooze sex appeal.

"Mmmm…Yeah." Daryl hummed, arm streaking out across the rumpled blankets to rasp across the length of his cheek. Calloused fingers roughing across his skin almost fondly before the man began plucking at his shirt collar. Encouraging him to his feet so that he was now standing over him as the man pulled him in for another lazy kiss. All pushy lips, sloppy mouthed and too sharp teeth grazing across his tongue as the injured man's eyes went heavy.

"You gunna t-take care of me then kid?.." Daryl growled, tone falling into a deep, gravely little purr as the man's eyes roamed down the length of him. Fixing him with that sultry, dark eyed stare that never failed to make both his stomach flip flop on sheer principal, and have him all but melting out of his clothes faster then a virgin on prom night.

He was just wriggling out of his jeans, cock inexplicably rock hard and throbbing as a slightly more perverse corner of his brain started to entertain thoughts of what it would be like to fuck Daryl like this. – Because by now he was all but certain that the man would let him, all easy muscles and accommodating laxness. The man only coaxing him on with that obscene, drawling slur, topping from the bottom just like he always did on the rare occasion he could actually convince Daryl to let him fuck him. - (Because really -oh-god-yes.) - When he heard it.

…The sound of soft, absolutely dead-to-the-fucking-world snores coming up from the mound of pillows and blanket's he'd pushed the man back into only a mere minute before…

- Because predictably, just because today had proven to be both a giant mind fuck and a cock blocker to boot, the man had gone and fallen asleep before his head had even properly hit the pillow.

Son of a bitch!

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