Thoughts in Summer
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Part III : Dream

I wish I could have my best friends back again. I hear from them from time to time but it's not the same. It's to be expected, I guess. Everything seems darker now—as if we're waiting for a storm that's about to visit us all. And my best friends and I are caught up in the middle of everything.

Well, it's Harry who is really stuck in the middle. You-Know-Who is after him most of all. It's not his choice but then who would make such a choice? So it's definitely not his choice that he's in that position and it's definitely not his fault that all of this is happening. I don't know if he believes that though. I hate to say it of my best friend, but he can be a bit daft at times. If he wasn't here, things would probably be worse. If he wasn't here, You-Know-Who would still be rising and threatening people. So how can he blame himself? He does because he's Harry. He can do anything if he puts his mind to it, no matter how stupid it can be.

He hasn't been the same since the third task. I don't know what's exactly happened to him—and I don't think I want to know the details. Whatever it was, it must have been horrid. There are times when he seems almost like his old self in his letters but he has changed, he's become sadder and more withdrawn.

Hermione's also sort of—not there. You should see some of her letters. She's constantly worrying about Harry. She's obsessed, I tell you. I can just see her pacing herself into a frenzy every night about whether Harry's getting enough sleep at night. She's always been like that. She's always fussed over both of us, although Harry gets the brunt of her attention. I sort of understand that. I mean, I'm not the one in the most danger but really Harry can take care of himself. Or rather, he's the best equipped out of all of us to take care of himself in these days.

I guess you can say I'm a bit jealous of all the attention he gets from her and he doesn't even know it. When Harry and I had that fight last year, Hermione would talk to me, no problem about that but she spent almost all of her time with Harry. Long study sessions on the library (which probably wasn't any fun for him), long walks around the lake (who knows what they were doing then) and even that trip to Hogsmeade. She looked like a complete idiot there, sitting all by herself but I wasn't fooled. I may not get the grades Hermione does but you can't pull an obvious trick like that over me. She was sitting there with him. I tell myself that she spent so much time with him just to be fair. After all, I had other people that I was with.

What really gets me though is that he doesn't even appreciate how much of her attention he gets. I mean, if Harry had tried, I'm sure he could have found someone else to be good friends with during our fight. It's not as if he's disliked in Gryffindor or anything like that. But he didn't even try—he had Hermione, so why should he. And he just accepted that as though he expected her to always be there. As his friend, I'm glad that he has someone he can trust that much considering that he's not exactly had the happiest of lives. As her friend, however, I hit him over the head for being so obtuse. And as myself—I want to hit her for not paying that much attention to me who'd appreciate her. It's childish, I know, but I can't help it.

So I'm not exactly surprised that she's been so obsessed about his safety. I wish she would stop it though. If she's this concerned about a friend, I'd hate to see what her children will have to put with. Of course, if she starts teaching at Hogwarts, and she's the most likely of anyone I know to do that, I would love to see her confront Snape if he starts being cruel to any of her kids. But in the end., right now, there's nothing that either one of us can do. Worrying is not going to help matters. What's the best thing for us to do is try to ignore all of that and live. We're all only teenagers and we shouldn't be this depressed all the time. When there comes a time when we can do something about it, we will. We've done it before since our very first year. No one can beat us if we're together. I just hope they know that's the truth.

I wish I could have my best friends here again. If they were here, I think I could make them understand. If Harry was here, one of us Weasleys would be able to make us laugh. If Hermione could see that, she'd stop driving herself insane with useless fretting. If they were here, they would be my best friends, the ones I've had since my very first year.

But most of all, if they were here, I could stop worrying about them.

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