Buddy jerked awake, his pulse racing and his hair damp from sweat. As he was calming down, he realized that he was safe in his own home, pictures of his wedding and the births of each child lining the walls, his wife snuggled into bed beside him. The soft chime of the clock over the mantle in the family room informed him that it was nearly 3 a.m. He breathed in deeply as he rolled over and wrapped an arm around his wife's too-thin waist.
She sighed sleepily, "Was it the dream again?"

ENDING I: What if Bob had accepted Incrediboy?

"I don't know why I keep dreaming I was a super villain."
Violet rolled over to kiss him. "Dad's worried about you."
"You didn't need to tell him."
"Hmm, sometimes I think he's closer to you than I am."
"That's why it doesn't make sense that I would dream that I was a super villain trying to destroy him."
"You are not, nor have you ever been, a villain. You were Incrediboy, and now you're Syndrome. A doer of good and a defender of justice."
He growled deep in his throat, "You know I love it when you use superhero words."
She grinned as he pulled her under him, "I know."

ENDING II: Admittedly more silly and a cause of much eye rolling.

"I don't know why I'm dreaming that I'm a musician."
"Who lives with rats that sing," Violet reminded him.
"Chipmunks," he corrected.
Violet smiled as she turned to face him, "Chipmunks."
"And they're so annoying!" he groaned as she kissed his jaw.
"Let's discuss this later," Violet said, trailing her kisses downwards.
The cell phone on the nightstand suddenly beeped urgently. Violet groaned and rolled onto her back, "Those chipmunks cannot be nearly as annoying as villains with no consideration for mommy and daddy time."
Buddy chuckled, "Your brother doesn't consider mommy and daddy time either, and you still like him. Go get 'em, tiger."
Violet hurried out of bed and into her super suit as Buddy went to check on the kids. For some unknown reason, he was humming "Witch Doctor".

Yes. They have mommy and daddy time. One ending ends in happy fun mommy daddy time and one ends in almost happy fun time and Violet being a little… hmm… how can I say this without feeling eeky? Oh the hell with it. She was horny and wanted to get her a little sumthin sumthin and instead she has to beat her frustrations out on the underminer. I predict she'd be back in about an hour.

I feel really creepy now and I think I'm gonna go vacation at the white room place some more. They give me things that make me happy there.