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The real deal

Outtakes Epilogue

Today was a very important day for us all, our baby girl's second birthday, the hotel on set that we moved into yesterday was surprisingly full, with family, friends and most of all presents for Nessie, who was running around in the baby pink princess gown that Alice had bought her, complete with tiara, she was giving orders to everyone and she was so happy. I took in the faces of our new family, it had finally hit me, this was my family, every person here, the people that I completely adored, I finally knew what it was to have a proper family and I loved every single one of them.

Edward had invited along lots of the other cast members and crew that were friends so that Nessie would be familiar with their faces when she was on set, but as yet she had done nothing to indicate that she might be nervous or worried about the things she would have to do. Our girl was amazing, and took everything in her stride, I was so grateful that she had Edwards confidence and little of my shyness. I watched her as she fingered the bangle that Edward had given her, white gold with 'Daddies girl' written on it. Their eyes met his and she grinned hugely at him before running off to open more presents, I never tired of watching the two of them. I was enjoying watching our family interact, Esme and Carlisle were running around after Masen who had recently found his feet and was now walking using the furniture for support, and boy could move when he needed to, and with lots of legs to grab hold of, he was disappearing through the crowd of guests and leaving his grandparents in his dust.

Rose and Emmett were trying to help me, or rather stop me, to hosts so that I didn't have anything to do, but as I was getting so fat, I couldn't complain, the twins were growing well and I got tired easily, I guess I had a lot to deal with, what with the move, and the new job on top of everything else, but with everyone's help they really left me nothing to do. I asked Edward to make sure he kept a close eye on the birthday girl, but he was letting her do pretty much anything she wanted to, he thought I wouldn't notice, he had it too easy, well easy until Nessie decided that she was tired and she needed her daddy to be her horsey... and so god bless him, he was on my hands and knees, giving our daughter her pony ride in front of some of Hollywood's finest. What can I say, I love that man.

I caught Emmett and Jasper both laughing at Edward as he moved around with his daughter on his back giving him orders, making rude comment's I ignored them until they called him a jackass.

"Well I do always think of him as a stallion, he is hung like a horse after all." I said winking at Edward before going into the bedroom laughing at Emmett and Jasper's shocked faces. They had no idea what Edward would do for his baby girl, they had no right to tease, I was so proud of him for ignoring them, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to let them have it.

As Edward tucked Nessie into her bed that night I heard him ask her which gift she liked the most.

"Mommy's." she answered simply, and I knew what she'd say, she had said it to me earlier, I smiled as I remembered.

"I didn't see mommy give you her present, what was it?" Edward asked her.

"You, daddy." she said reaching up to hug him. Could she be any more adorable?


Edward and I had to be on set early so we'd gone into hair and make up very early, aside from the paler complexion and the contact lenses, he looked his normal gorgeous self as we made our way onto the set. I however looked terrible, I now had a sallow complexion and my eyes were bloodshot, I looked unhealthy though I wasn't sure how much of it was the make up, I was feeling pretty sick about what I was about to do

Being so pregnant I didn't have to work too long. After my scenes Edward had a few short scenes to do with Nessie, who was amazing, and every bit as professional as her father, the few lines she had she did flawlessly, I was totally in awe of them both and so damn proud, to have them in my life was extraordinary. I watched them from behind the camera it was such a joy to see them working together in this way. The first week on set was all about trying to make some sort of routine, it was impossible of course, but we did our best to share our time off set with Masen. Nessie was harder but some how we managed. Esme and Carlisle had left and headed back to the UK to sort there own things out after Nessie's party. We would have to stay in the States for the birth of the twins because I refused to leave Edward, not that he would have given me a choice, there was no way that he would risk missing the birth of the twins, not for anything.

As the weeks passed and Nessie became more accustomed to working, things were going very well, but at the same time I was having a real struggle, I think all bones in my body were taking it in turns to ache. There seemed to be one problem after another, and I was getting painfully big, I didn't think my body would stretch any more without bursting, I was constantly oiling my skin in the hope of avoiding stretch marks all over me.


I knew something was going on, everyone was being secretive, and I could always tell when Jasper was hiding something from me. Everyone had been missing for hours and Jasper was trying, in vein to get me to put on a dress he said Alice wanted me to wear, something was going on.

"You aren't going to tell me what's going on?" I asked, knowing the answer, though with a little coaxing I was sure I could get it out of him.

"Nope, now just put the dress on and get a move on." he said looking at his watch for the hundredth time in as many seconds.

"Fine, then I'm not getting dressed up." I said.

"Bella just do as you are god damn told for once in your life." he yelled at me, I gasped in shock, this was so unlike him, he was never like this.

"Oh fuck." I said grasping his arm, and doubling over in agony.

"Bella!" he yelled panicked, he helped me over to the bed.

"Where's Edward, I need Edward." I growled, "Shit, shit, shit." I said as my waters broke.

Jasper pulled out his phone and started calling. "Fuck." he said, then tried to call someone else. "Fuck." he said again, starting to get frustrated, "Urrggh, everyone has their cell's off." he groaned.

"Keep trying." I yelled at him. "Where is he?"

"Down stairs." he replied.

"Then call the front desk and get a message to him, I need him here." I said.


"Now." I growled at him through gritted teeth.

Jasper used the hotel room phone and got a message to the manager.

"He's going to get a message through to Edward now." Jaz said grabbing my hand, better fucking hurry, I can't watch you go through this, not again." he said, as another pain ripped through me and I almost crushed the bones in his hand.

"Keep trying his phone." I said, my voice gravely and dry from growling so much. "where is he?" I cried. What was taking him so long? It seemed to be taking forever, another contraction and I actually screamed.

Suddenly after what had felt like forever Edward came rushing through the door.

"Oh thank fuck for that." Jasper gasped when he saw him. "Everyone has their cell's turned off." he said annoyed.

"Bella, baby." Edward said grabbing my hand, "We need to get you out of here." he said.

"Its too late for that, an ambulance won't get here in time." I said before I cried out again, squeezing his hand. Carlisle walked in calmly and totally took change of the situation.

"Are you sure you're okay with my dad doing this Bella?" Edward asked whilst Carlisle sent Alice and Jasper out of the room with the kids.

"I don't care if you march a parade through here, just get them out." I growled at him. Once the pain subsided I calmed down a little. "I'm sorry... I spoiled all your plans." I said and a tear ran down my face, he was wearing a tux, Carlisle was too, and Nessie and Masen were all dressed up, had he arranged our wedding? Oh crap, I guess the twins wanted to take part too.

Edward kissed away my tears as Esme came running into the bedroom and took hold of my other hand. "Emmett, go ahead." Edward said turning to look at Emmett.

"What?" Emmett shrieked like a girl, the shock and disgust on his face was funny.

"The wedding stuff... do it now." Edward instructed.

"WHAT?" the word echoed around the room, including from me, was he kidding me, hello I'm about to give birth to twins here.

"Do it now... and hurry it along, I want to be married before they arrive." he said as Emmett burst into his speech, speed talking I could hardly hear him.

"I can see the head, haha another red head." Carlisle said from between my legs, as I tried to breathe through the pain, it was a good distraction from seeing my about to be father in law between my legs, urgh, I turned to look at Edward instead.

"I think you might want to talk a little faster Emmett, or you are not going to get it done before they get here." Esme encouraged.

"Rose, the rings... there in my jacket pocket." Carlisle said when Emmett asked for them, I released Esme's hand and then Edward's long enough for us to put on our rings, before grabbing their hands and pushing again.

"Do you Edward, take Bella to be..."

"I do." he interrupted.

"And do you Bella..."

"Uuurrggghhhh! I do." I hissed through clenched teeth, stupid damn question.

"I need you to stop pushing Bella, pant now." Carlisle said, Edward lent over to kiss my forehead, 'pant' was this really happening to me? 'pant' how utterly ridiculous, 'pant' I know its supposed to be the happiest day of your life, 'pant' the day you get married, 'pant' and the day you give birth, 'pant' BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME! 'pant' I'm actually getting married under duress. 'pant' Do I sign to say I am of sound mind? 'pant' hahaha mind rhymes with bind, and find, yes find... my mind, 'pant' as I am bind in the mind that I can not find before I've signed, 'pant' um hello I'm clearly off my head here, 'pant' and I already said I do, do do. Hehehe 'pant'.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." Emmett muttered, stopping my brain on it fast track to melt down.

"One more big push, now Bella." Carlisle instructed. And with that Seth shot out onto the bed. Okay one down, though I was so tired I wasn't sure I could do all that again.

I didn't get to hold Seth for long, which I was more than a little annoyed at but round two was crowning. I really was exhausted, and now. Twenty minutes later and Leah was born, another red head, they were not quite identical, but looked very similar, and my mind melt down was almost complete.

I Watched Edward when he finally got to hold our newborns it was wonderful, his face was alight with joy, they were like miniature versions of him, just like Nessie, I wanted to hold them myself but I could not bring myself to take this moment from him, he had missed all of this with the other two. Even in my melt down state I could see the love and happiness on Esme's face too, but I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. Not much later the ambulance men arrived and started checking me over before they took Leah and Seth from Edward.

Everything was perfectly fine with both the twins, they were healthy and strong, despite being almost eight weeks early, the hospital insisted on keeping us in overnight for observation but we were allowed to come back to the hotel the next day. As I had not been at the hospital to give birth I didn't get the sterilization I'd hoped for, and despite Edward's protests I booked myself in to have it done in six weeks time, figured six weeks was long enough to feed the twins. I had to assure Edward that I wouldn't want him anywhere near my girlie parts before then, he started to sulk so I reassured him that I would be more than happy to suck his cock in the mean time, his answering smile was brilliant.


So its been a year now since the twins were born, they are a real handful, but between friends and family we coped. We are having a small party for the twins, though, that's more for Nessie, she had a bigger party and wanted to do this for her brother and sister, it also serves as our anniversary party but we had a ceremony after six months of marriage to renew our vows in a proper church, so that was now our official wedding anniversary. Filming has been finished for a few months now, and we have no work lined up for a few more months so we can spend more time altogether. We have finally bought a house in the UK, and mom and dad live with us, along with Emmett, Rose Jaz and Alice. Tylor is in the middle of moving in too, we had to assure him that his new wife and kid would be part of the family, but he knows I couldn't cope without him, he was more of a big brother, so protective and not just because I pay him to be, he's been a part of my family for too long, he knows how much I care about him.

I know that Edward is not looking forward to being back at work, he will be in Italy, and I will be working in LA, not sure how we're going to cope with the separation. He had a photo shoot on his own last month, he was only away for twenty four hours and it nearly killed us both. Things are worse for him now I am back to being fit he's still insatiable, its just one of the hundreds of reasons I love him so much.


Its the promotional tour for the movie, and Edward is due back here in the States to start the tour, he hasn't seen kids for months, or me for weeks, well not since I flew out to spend a dirty weekend with him, I just couldn't go another day without being in his arms, and damn that was one weekend I will never forget. He will be here soon with Nessie and myself, we'll be together for the next two months on tour for promotions then for the premiers, Masen, Seth and Leah are still in LA, but Em and Rose will bringing them to us in a few days. I have to say that I've never looked forward to interviews before, but doing them with Edward and Nessie is going to be so different, we have been over some of the personal questions that we are expecting to come up, but neither of us are worried about them, Nessie will be the main focus, and she demands the centre of attention where ever she is.

Edward text me to say he was just leaving the airport so I jumped in the shower after sending Nessie shopping with Alice. I heard a knock at the door and opened it immediately I was standing there in nothing but a towel, I watched as his eyes widen and he grabbed a hold of me as he drop his luggage and slam the door shut with his foot.

"Well hello beautiful." Edward said before he kissed my lips and pulled me close. "Where's Ness?" he whisper against my lips.

"Shopping with Alice." I whispers back with a smirk, A groan made its way up from deep within his chest as he lifted me up, causing the towel to fall off, I wrapped myself around him, as he went all caveman on me and carried me over to the sofa. He sit with me straddling him, I reached for the fastening on his jeans as he pulled off his jumper and t-shirt, I gazed at his chest and I couldn't help but lick my lips, his sculpted chest all sweaty and beautiful, the smattering of hair on his chest calling my finger to it, but first my hands slide around his hips inside his jeans and he lifted off the sofa so that I could push them down, I watched as his erection springs free and my god I wanted that inside of me. I licked my lips at the sight of his cock and he slide his fingers between legs and circle my clit, making my head roll back. My hips buck against his hand, wanting more, much more. He lifted me up slightly and I was moaning his name as I slide down onto him. It felt like such a long time since we had been joined this way, but with four kids you have to make the most of every free second you had.

He pull me against him and thrust his tongue into my mouth, as he pounded into me, again and again, my moans of pleasure, getting porn star worthy as I tighten around his cock, he exploded inside of me moments later. I fall against him and he wrap his arms around me, I really had missed him, it was almost like I couldn't breathe properly when he wasn't here, I was useless without him.


It's the first of the premiers tonight and Edward climbed out of the limo first with Nessie as the thousands of fans scream his name. Nessie wraps her arms around his neck and he rubbed her back soothingly, whispering to her as Tylor and Emmett come to stand either side of them. Edward extended his hand back into the limo to me, as I climb out the fans voices become decidedly louder and much more masculine its scary. We make our way slowly along the red carpet, camera's flashing and voices calling from every direction. Edward keeping his arm wrapped around me, we smile and wave to the fans Nessie making us so proud with the way she copes with all this noise and flashing lights, we signed pictures for the fans, Tylor hanging on to Nessie out of harms way.

Ten years later...

We now have a teenage daughter, a red headed, teenage daughter, a gorgeous mostly spoilt princess, who worked more now than any of us. She could be a handful but it was just her way of coping with the hassle of her life, she was doing amazingly and I was so proud, and tried my best to keep her grounded. Edward was your typical over protective father, and he hated the idea of his baby girl growing up, she was stunning and fast becoming one of the top pin-ups.

I had taken to doing much more choreography and stunt coordinating these days, ten years on the bones in the stunt world, takes it toll eventually, I stayed in shape and do demonstrations but not much stunt work at all these days. Edward had gotten into directing which he really enjoys, and we do our best to work together whenever possible. Otherwise one or the other of us had to travel with Nessie, who is working almost constantly.

Masen was all about music, he plays several instruments, and had already written the music for the school plays, and is set to do great things with his music, he often goes to work with his dad when he's working in the studio choosing the music for his movies. Masen knows everything there is to know about it having been bought up in the editing room, where the music's added. He has a constant flow of girls following him around, he is very attractive like his dad and has already broken a few hearts.

Seth, though only eleven was a computer genius, he spends all his time working on the graphics programmes in the studio with his dad, he has learned from the best in the business and we have great hopes for his future in the business too. If it wasn't for the fact that we have a studio at home I'd never see any of my boys.

Leah is the only one not taken by anything remotely movie related, once she had met her first wolf at the age of four, she fell in love with everything about them, and is determined to have her own pack by the time she is twelve. We have taken her to meet packs, and took her to Alaska to see them in the wild, but it wasn't enough for her, she knows what she wants and she will probably have a rescue centre for wolves set up at home before she's sixteen, that was her dream, I always encouraged my kids to follow their hearts, we could afford for them to do what they really wanted, I saw no reason why Leah should be any different just because her dreams were a little different from the others..

We lived in the States almost permanently now, we have a ranch with a studio attached. Jasper and Alice are married with three kids and live not far from us. Mom and dad still lived in the UK but moved into a smaller place. We don't see them too often but we do make an effort to get together at least for the kids birthdays and Christmas. Rose and Emmett were also married and living LA with their two kids, they always came to us when mom and dad are here, and it's great to see them and have all the family together, life is good for all of us, and although I would not have believed it possible I am happier than ever. I am still head over heels in love with my gorgeous husband and enjoying my life to the full.

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