Author's Notes: Written for Asking Me Where My Love Grows' First Kiss Challenge on the HPFC forum.

Takes place during HBP.

I. Hate. Pansy. So. Much.


Pansy cornered Draco as he came back into the common room.

"Where have you been?" she asked shrilly. "It's past midnight!"

"I know that, Pansy."

"You've been out with that- that girl again! That stupid Ravenclaw girl!"

"Firstly, Pansy, if you happen to be referring to Luna Lovegood, then she is most certainly not stupid, and secondly, no, I was not out with anyone. Shocking as this may seem to you, Pansy, I do actually have things in my life more important than you."

"Well, that's obvious! I mean, we've been going out for years and you've never even kissed me – clearly you have something in your life more important than me!"

"Precisely," Draco said. "Now–"

"Honestly, Draco, if you were any sort of boyfriend–"

"Pansy, darling, do shut up."

Pansy refused to let him get another word out. She flung herself onto him, clutching his shoulders and smashing her lips against his, forcing his lips apart with her tongue as she hung onto him as tightly as she could.

Draco did not respond.

At long last, Pansy pulled away, panting for breath and looking at him hopefully.

Draco sighed.

"Are you quite finished?" he asked, and Pansy nodded.

"Good," he said. "Now kindly go up to bed and don't ever do that to me again."