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Chapter 5


Matthew's P.O.V.

I was in the lobby of the hospital, sitting on an uncomfortable plastic-cushioned chairs waiting for someone to hurry up and tend to my arm. It was unbearable, the pain made me feel nauseous, faint and tired. Holly was at the front talking to the receptionist woman trying to get them to find someone to tend to me, and unfortunately, it didn't look like that would happen anytime soon.

"What do you mean the ER's busy? He's in pain and most likely he has a broken shoulder!" Holly shouted at the woman, who now seemed very stressed and annoyed.

"Look, I understand that you're concerned about your– son, but our hospital's ER already has other patients that the surgeons and doctors are attending to. If you want, we can send you both to the nearest hospital that is available for you two." The woman suggested as she looked at the data on her computer, not making any eye-contact with Holly.

Holly placed her hands on her hips, "Oh really, and which hospital's that?" she sassed back.

The woman spoke, though I couldn't really hear what she said next because right then, so I decided to look around for a bit. Across me and I saw the other people waiting as well— and they all had injuries as well. Except, I think their injuries were worse than my own, these people were bleeding, all sickly like or out of the ordinary.

There was a man who was holding a bloody cloth that covered his right hand— he wore dirty clothing and his skin looked rough and grimy. I guess he was working on something constructive and it may have backfired big time. Next to the man, was a teen girl, a little older than me, she was covered in bruises, held tissues around her nose and she appeared that she was originally dressed up for a party, but now they were torn here and there and she sported a broken high heel. Her eyes were red from what I assumed was the result of crying.

I felt a little sad for the girl, so I wondered if I should take to her. But what was I suppose to say? 'Oh, are you alright?' It was plain obvious that she wasn't and what if she didn't want to talk? I didn't want to pry or seem rude, or both. I gave up trying to say anything so I just sighed. However, my shoulder began to flare up in agitation and I hissed from discomfort.

I groaned in pain and doubled-over holding my shoulder. The pain, it was just so agonizing. I hope I didn't have to deal with this any longer. It wasn't like a sprain or smacking your funny-bone. The slightest movement was receiving an instant flare of nerves on crack—nerves that screamed out pure agony.

Before I knew it, the pressure amounting at my head was giving me a large headache and tears prickled down my cheeks. I groaned in pain and held tightly to my arm. Again, I felt weak and useless. As much as I'd hate to say this, John was right for all those years. I'm just a pathetic excuse for a boy—weak and useless and nothing more than a screw up.

By the minute, the strain of pain and stress was making me more and more dizzy. And again, before I know or recognized what happened, I lolled over to the side and my vision began to fade. I collapsed onto the floor, turning my head by the blinding lights above. Soon, everything began to play as if it was in slow motion.

Turning my head, I saw Holly run over to me, getting on her knees and grabbing my cheeks to force me to look at her. She was yelling and there was a lot of panic in her eyes… I think she was yelling my name and telling me to stay awake, but I never fell asleep. But, I think taking a nap sounded alright at the moment.

I felt really tired and my breathing was heavy. I wanted to sleep but Holly kept shaking me and the pain around my neck was feeling really annoying, but also kind of numb. Before I took my nap, I saw another lady in pink run over to me. I wasn't sure; I just wanted some peace and quiet for once.

"Just… tais-toi¹…"


When I woke up, I sat up but quickly regretted the action. My vision blacked out and my brain felt as if it was jelly. I gripped my forehead and winced at the light as my sight began to sharpen again. When I regained my sight, I felt that my left side felt awkward and a slight pain running underneath my skin. It was then I noticed I was wearing a hospital gown and currently in a hospital bed.

At first I was confused at why I was in a hospital then I quickly remembered that John broke my shoulder and Holly took me straight into the hospital. I looked at my arm and I was surprised to not see a cast. I thought I'd get a cast if I broke my shoulder… Wait, maybe I hadn't surgery to fix my shoulder yet. But it didn't hurt as much as before… It didn't feel uncomfortable like before, well not as uncomfortable.

However, the odd stinging around my shoulder was bothers me quite a bit. I reached out my right hand over the queer sensation and dipped my fingers under the hospital gown and felt around my collarbone and shoulder. But when I did that, I realized how stiff I felt and how my muscles ached. Odd… Groping around my skin, I was confused when I felt a sort of padding under the pads of my fingers. It felt rough but smoothed out across my skin; a band-aid of some sort?

"What?" I muttered, ghosting my fingers over the large band-aid, I wondered how I didn't notice that…

"You had surgery last night."

I looked up to see Holly with a tired face.

"The doctors said that you dislocated your shoulder, ripped a tendon or something, and the pain caused your nervous system to go into some sort of shock. So they took you right into the ER and started operating on you."

I looked at Holly with shock; I was still rather confused at what was happening.

"You'll be alright kid, but you might end up with a scar when they remove the stitches."

"Stitches?" I asked, what did she mean by stitches?

"Well, what do you think is holding up your skin? Duct-tape? You've got stitches under that band-aid. The band-aid is just to keep the stitches getting ruined or infected."

"Oh… I didn't think about that…" I admitted, but feeling once more around the band-aid, I then felt the little bumps created by the stitches. I shivered, the thought of my skin being stitched together like some type of doll disturbed me. It was just creepy. I couldn't tell what bothered me more; the stitches or knowing people were cutting and moving around flesh and bones with their fingers and knives while I was passed out.

I didn't feel comfortable here, this was like prison for the ill and injured; you couldn't really leave the hospital until they know who you were, what happened and if they have any records on you. And I don't like telling them my name, because the doctors always made me feel nervous. I don't like telling them what happen, because I'm afraid of John and whenever they bring up my records, the doctors look at me funny. It all makes me question myself, and I don't enjoy the feelings that come up.

I heard Holly grunt and sit down beside me. "You're going to be okay. You got the surgery and you're all fixed now. So nothing to worry about anymore…"

"So… When can I leave?" I asked, putting my hands into my lap.

"When the doctors feel like it's okay for you to leave. They're never clear with these sorts of things." Holly sighed, placing her head in the palm of her hand.

"Oh… Okay…" I said, looking at my hands, fiddling with them nervously. "H-How long will it take to heal?"

"About two months or so, depends how well you take care of your shoulder. Like, if you stress it out, the longer it would take and yadda yadda." Holly said tiredly. "Oh, speaking of stress, the doctors would like to know if you want an arm sling for your shoulder, so that you can just rest your arm and not have any tension on the injuries and whatnot."

"An arm sling? Um, yeah, that'd be ok with me; I don't see why not." I replied.

After a few minutes of silence, I realized something. I turned to my mother-like figure, "Holly, what time is it?"

She stared at me blankly then looked at a clock behind her (from where she was sitting, she was blocking my view of the clock.) "S'like, 4:37 in the morning, the light we're in is coming from the Sun; you always did wake up early than me and John."

"Sorry. I didn't mean to wake up at this time…I just did." I apologized softly.

Holly shook her head, "S'k, shit happens. Anyways, rest up for now. I'm sure you want to leave this place as much as I do. And we can't leave if they think you to tired or weak leave or something."

"Alright, goodnight—er good morning I guess." I said as I lay back down on the bed, still looking at Holly, who was sitting on those stiff looking couch chairs.

"Well…Good mornin' to you too." Holly yawned as she made herself comfortable on her seat.

I closed my eyes, and soon enough, sleep had taken its course once more.


Time Skip
Day before (meaning chapter 4)

With Alfred

'Man, I'm totally glad that Kiku's like gonna help me out with Mattie. Thank God that the conversation didn't get awkward, 'cause like, we went all sentimental, in a manly way and talked about man-feelings.'

Subconsciously, I looked at my phone's clock; it was 7:35 pm, man, time sure does fly by when you're having fun. Right now, Kiku and I are resting in the living room because we tired ourselves out from our awesome activities. I'm on the ground for the reason that I'm too lazy to move my ass onto the couch. Though Kiku is on the couch resting like a stick (yeah yeah, that made no sense). Anyways, I closed my eyes and thought aimlessly as I made a poor attempt to speak.

"Yo…Kiku, I'm like gonna go home now… Today was of course fucking awesome, but the hero still has his duties at home… and I think your parents have had enough of me today." I spoke with unnecessary gaps in my statement.

"Understandable Alfred-san," Kiku started, "Have a safe trip home. And prease do not answer your phone whire driving, regal² or not."

"Yeah yeah, I hear ya." I said scoffed. "Anyways, C'ya!"

I then sat up and grabbed my phone from the coffee table that was in front of the couch that Kiku was on and headed off to the front door. I exited through the door and closed it respectively since it would be rude to slam it. (Hey, I can have manners when I want to.) I walked into the driveway and went towards my car, opening the driver's door and starting up my baby.


Alfred's home

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Alfred yelled as he entered into his house; however the words he was greeted with were—


Alfred stopped at the door, closing it slowly, 'Either that's directed at me or Francis is here.'

Just as Alfred had came in, an older male entered, more or less stumbled, into the room laughing. Said man was Francis; he was a French male who moved to America three years ago. And just like Alfred, Francis liked to get on Arthur's nerves.

"Oh hon hon hon. Sticks and stones may break mah bones, but your words will really kill me." Francis said to Arthur (who was in the hall). He then turned to see Alfred, "Oh! 'Allo Alfred! Good to see you!"

Alfred rolled his eyes and laughed, "Of course it's good to see me! I am the hero after all!"

Francis chuckled as he wondered through the room and specifically sat in a recliner that happened to be Arthur's, "Hon hon, Un héros bien³."

"Don't you dare speak that horrid language, Frog. And you seriously had to choose my chair of all seats." Arthur said scowling as he entered the room, "Alfred, lock the door. We wouldn't want any more unwanted guests like this sap."

Francis' only response was to stick his tongue at the British man, who returned it with a glare. Alfred laughed, "You two act like a married couple! With the sarcasm and bickering for bickering sakes, it's hilarious and ironic!"

It was with that statement that Arthur turn red with both anger and embarrassment, then paled, while Francis on the other hand was speechless, not knowing what to say. Alfred however made a face, "What? Was it somethin' I said?"

Arthur said nothing but left the room quietly and depressingly, muttering incoherent sentences to himself about who knows what. Francis just rubbed his head in annoyance.

"You sure that you 'ave not been talking to Elizabeta or our wives?"

"No, why?"

"…Nevermind fils de⁴ rosbif."

"Son!" a woman's voice called out in the hall, it was Magena as she entered the living room, "Son, why is your father sulking in our room?"

Alfred shrugged, "I don't know, all I said was that it was funny how he and the Frenchie acted like a married couple."

Despite trying not to smile, Magena's attempts failed, "A-Alfred, sweetie, you mustn't tease your father too much. Or else he'll get depressed, dye his hair green and start his rebellious years again."

Alfred nodded his head, before he furrowed his eyebrows, "Wait— What? Dad was rebellious?"

Ignoring her son's question, the Native American turned to the French man, "Anyway, Francis how are Jeanne and Angélique⁶?"

The French man smiled, "Zey are both doing well! Jeanne has gotten herself a promotion at work and Angélique is doing very well in school; in fact, she even made the Honor Roll zis quarter!"

Magena smiled, "How nice! I wish I could say the same for Alfred. Haha."

The two adults laughed; Alfred frowned, "That was a low blow, Mom."

His mother chuckled, "Oh Sweetie, you know I'm joking."

Alfred playfully rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah. Anyways, is there any edible food I can eat?"

Magena nodded her head, "Your food's in the microwave, its white rice and chicken with some veggies on the side."

"Sweet!" the young blonde cheered as he ran to the kitchen ignoring his mother pleas of not running in the house.

'Man, I feel so happy and I don't know why! Maybe it's because I cleared my mind of doubt and no longer feel confused about Matthew!' Alfred thought as he grabbed his plate from the microwave and seated himself at his spot, 'Man, I feel like some high school girl getting all giddy about her high school crush.'

Taking a bite from his food, Alfred blushed at the thought, 'I just acknowledged Mattie as my crush, and my heart is pounding at the very thought of it. God, I must have it bad. God bless me, please!'


Time: 8:03 P.M

"Man, I'm beat. I'm probably just gonna watch T.V. or go online 'til I feel tired or somethin'." Alfred said to himself.

Earlier, when Alfred was eating, Francis suggested to his parents to go to the casino with him since it was the weekend and that they had free time to do it. Of course Arthur tried stalling by saying he had paperwork and couldn't go, but Magena convinced him otherwise. So in the end, Alfred was left home alone since he was underage and automatically couldn't go to the casino.

Alfred dropped himself onto his bed, kicking off his shoes and started to relax. 'What to do, oh what to do. Maybe I should work on my homework. Nah, I'll do it tomorrow, nothing says boring then doing my homework at this time of night. "time of night", sounds weird, but I think saying "time of day" would be incorrect since it's like, what, 8:06. Ugh I'm so bored! God please do me a favor and give me something to do! Maybe I should play with Tala⁷, but she's probably sleeping in her crib.

'Such a cutie puppy, I spoil her too much. Like seriously, I like bought her a baby crib with an awesome comforter, the most fluffy, softest gigantic pillow to sleep on, chew toys, stuffed animals, treats and awesome accessories (mostly heroic looking stuff) for her. Tala is the hero-in-training for dogs like how I'm the hero of everyone!' Alfred thought to himself as he wondered on about other things.

Whilst he was thinking, the blonde's phone vibrated, "Wonder who that is." Alfred said to himself as he took it out. It was a text from Kiku.

[To: The Amazing Hero Alfred F. Jones]
[From: Homies with Kiku]
Sorry to disturb you Alfred-san, however, I have a question I want to ask you. Is that okay?
[Sent: 8:10 P.M.]

"Hmm, and what would that be?" Alfred murmured as he started to reply.

[To: Homies with Kiku]
[From: The Amazing Hero Alfred F. Jones]
Sure bro, what is it?
[Sent: 8:11 P.M.]

[To: The Amazing Hero Alfred F. Jones]
[From: Homies with Kiku]
Well, I thought about what you said about Matthew. That if he was asexual, that'd you die a lonely man. Well, wouldn't you die a lonely man if he was heterosexual? Because, theoretically speaking, he could be in a relationship with a girl and wouldn't you be the "third wheel" between them? I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy that.
[Sent: 8:13 P.M.]

[To: Homies with Kiku]
[From: The Amazing Hero Alfred F. Jones]
No, that's the thing. See, even if Matthew was/is into girls, he'd still have someone there for him. And I'd be there to support him because I'd know what to say if he ever needs advice or something since I have had my fair share of dating girls. And
[Sent: 8:17 P.M.]

[To: Homies with Kiku]
[From: The Amazing Hero Alfred F. Jones]
if he got married to a girl, I'd make sure that I'm the best man and if he got a kid, the Godfather! Like I want to be there to support him! But if he was/is asexual, I wouldn't know what to do, like, he wouldn't need a hero to be there for him 24/7! Like yeah, if it ever happened, I'd only be his (best?) friend, but there would be limited things we could talk about. Or am I being paranoid about it?
[Sent: 8:20 P.M]

[To: Homies with Kiku]
[From: The Amazing Hero Alfred F. Jones]
Sorry 'bout the long text, and how it was cut off mid sentence. I h8 the limited words =P
[Sent: 8:21 P.M.]

[To: The Amazing Hero Alfred F. Jones]
[From: Homies with Kiku]
I think you may be overreacting about it, and thank you for answering my question. And it is understandable about the limited texting. Thanks for your time.
[Sent: 8:24 P.M.]

Alfred decided that it was best to end the conversation there, seeing that it would be pointless to reply with just a "You're welcome". He yawned, "I guess I can take a snooze fest, no harm done there."

Getting up from his bed, he walked to his bathroom and began to brush his teeth. After two minutes of brushing, he rinsed his toothbrush and mouth, flossed and headed back to his room, changing into a white tank top and black gym shorts. Switching off his lights, he returned to his bed and laid his glasses on the side table next to his bed.

"Goodnight …my people… Mother Earth… Father Sun… and our Creator."


N.A. Reservations
10:00 A.M.

Alfred yawned loudly as the rays of sun emanating from the opened blinds from his window shined on his face, thus waking him up.

"Ugh…it bur–ns…Why'd this state haff tah be so hot 'n' sunny in the mornin's?" he slurred as he used his hands to search for his glasses without bothering to look where they were.

Once he found them, he put them on and rolled over. Unfortunately, Alfred was at the edge of the bed, so when he rolled over, he rolled over onto the floor with a THUMP!

"Ahh…shit that smarts. Haha." The hurting blonde groaned as he turned over onto his stomach, "Damn, probably gonna have a bruise somewhere on my spine."

Pulling himself off the ground, but choose to sit on it, Alfred's door slowly opened, it was his mother, "Alfred, son, do you think for this morning that you could use your inside voice and actions today?"

Alfred criss-crossed his legs, "Sure, why?"

She smiled, "Your father…Er… Got carried away with his drinks last night and now suffering from a massive hangover. So it'd be good for him if you be nice and stay quiet until Jeanne comes with the marshmallows⁸."

"Okay…" Alfred started, "But why's Jeanne coming over? Wouldn't Francis do that instead, so he could tease Dad about it?"

"Usually, yes, but he's also dealing with a massive hangover as well."

"That's funny, did they have like a 'Drink-Off' or something."

"Or something."

"Hmm, ks, Imma go eat now."

With that, his mother left, leaving Alfred standing up and followed his pursuit to the kitchen. 'Hmm, I'm too lazy and tired to cook anything for myself at the moment, so I go with awesome "Cap'n Crunch"!' Alfred thought as he grabbed himself a bowl, spoon, milk and the cereal, then pouring in the cereal and milk and began to eat.

As he ate, the doorbell rang with a moan following afterwards. 'Hehe, Dad's so funny when he has a hangover.'

He then saw his mother speed walk from the hall and into the living room opening the door, quietly, revealing Mrs. Bonnefoy, otherwise, Jeanne.

"Oh thank you for bringing them Jeanne, these will help Arthur as they did for Francis."

"You're welcome Magena, but I do 'ope zey learned their lesson zis time."

"Haha, if only."

"I know right? Zey go so carried away with drinking, zat zey ended up posing az the female bartenders when they were almost in zeir birthday suit, if it wasn't for zer boxers. It was hilarious, they were so wasted and ended up with both male and female numbers."

Alfred about then froze as he dropped his spoon into to his bowl causing some of the milk to splash.


[A/N: I hoped you like the chapter, and sorry for the late chapter, but I'm a slow typer (not very coordinate with my hands =u='). And my beta (AKA my sister) took FOREVER to even BEGAN beta-ing my story when I'd give it to her. So good old blackmailing helped speed the process =3 ]

¹ — tais-toi — French — Shut up

² — Regal — Not the actual word "regal" which relates to a monarch; royal. But "legal" said with a Japanese accent.

³ — Un héros bien — French — A Hero indeed

⁵ — fils de — French — Son of…

⁶ Angélique — Seychelles

⁷ Tala (A Native American name meaning "Wolf") is Alfred's baby Chihuahua. Violeta (Alfred's ex-girlfriend if you don't recall) gave Alfred Tala because Violeta needed to give away the puppies that her Chihuahua birthed. Understand? Yeah, that's my headcanon for Alfred having a pet, him still being very manly while owning a baby Chihuahua. Sorry if you don't like that.

⁸ Marshmallows — They're said to help with hangovers.


"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Alfred yelled as he entered into his house; however the words he was greeted with were—


Alfred stopped at the door, freezing up and paling slightly.

"Dad! I'm not a pervert! No matter what happened in the bathroom!" Alfred shouted, defending himself.

Arthur and Magena appeared before the hall, "What? What are you talking about? I was talking to that bloody frog!"

Alfred redden when Francis appeared, "Oui, 'owever, please do enlighten us of what happen in ze bathroom."

Flushing, Alfred ran to his room thoroughly embarrassed, slamming his door shut and locking it.

"Francis you gobshitting tosser! How dare you ask that you blooming pervert!"

"What? It was a joke! I meant no harm by it!"

"You stay away from my son, you hear or I'll arrest you!"

"Well, not with that attitude you're not."

Magena sighed, leaving to go check on her son. Pressing her ear to the door, she knocked on it softly, "Alfred? Are you alright?"


Magena sighed, 'Oh dear… His going through his childhood to ignore his embarrassment…'


*Omeka 1 courtesy of DeiDeiArtistic.

DeiDeiArtistic: You're all welcome. (Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon (or the theme song). Claimer: I do own some of their Nintendo games and cards.)

End of Omeka 1

OMEKA 2: (If you're (super) religious, easily offended or something, do not read omake 2)



N.A Reservations

10:00 A.M.

Alfred yawned loudly as the rays of sun emanating from the opened blinds from his window shined on his face, thus waking him up.

"Ugh…it bur–ns…Why'd this state haff tah be so hot 'n' sunny in the mornin's?" he slurred as he used his hands to search for his glasses without bothering to look where they were.

Once he found them, he put them on and rolled over. Unfortunately, Alfred was at the edge of the bed, so when he rolled over, he rolled over onto the floor with a THUMP!

"Ahh…shit that smarts. Haha." The hurting blonde groaned as he turned over onto his stomach, "Damn, probably gonna have a bruise somewhere on my spine."

Pulling himself off the ground, but choose to sit on it, Alfred's door slowly opened, it was his mother, "Alfred! Son! Those people are back! The missionaries are back!" said his mother as she frantically pointed to the front door.

Understanding the situation, Alfred nodded his head and scurried to his closet, but then looked at his mother, "Mom, I need some privacy, please." He asked as she nodded her head and closed her son's door.

Back to his closet, the lad grabbed his necessaries and began to change wardrobe.

Around 10 minutes later

Alfred then exited his room dressing in his Native American attire while sporting some face paint symbols, multi feathered head dress and a handmade "Bow n Arrow".

"Tada! 'Kay mom, this will be epic!" Alfred exclaimed as he headed to his door opening it will full force.

"Hi! We—"

"Hello there men of other culture! I have decided that my family will have an early Thanksgiving today and that you will be the pilgrims and we will respectively be the 'Indians'. Then we'll pay a game of 'Pilgrims and Indians' after the feast, however, this time you'll die!" Alfred chanted with a grin as he playfully held the "Bow n Arrow" at the two missionaries.

The missionaries paled and ran away from the home leaving Alfred with a satisfied face, turning back to his mom, "Yeah! I don't think they'll come back for some time now."

End of Omeka 2

Originally, I was going to do this for the story, but then I did some research about the Native Americans and short story, I couldn't write it because I don't think Missionaries can go and try converting Native Americans. I think there's a law about that, I don't remember. Anyways, since I doubted myself I decided to write something else.

[A/N: Yeah, the main reason I made the second Omeka was actually inspired by my own family.]

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