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Chapter 6


Days after Matthew's incident

With Alfred
3rd Hour [Class]
Mr. Carriedo, Spanish 3

'No! This sucks! Mattie hasn't been here for days and I don't know where he is! Like, Mattie's never gone, or at least that's what I'm aware of. Yeah, I need to stop ditching school, one more and I'm audited. Anyways, what if he was sick, or even worse, hurt! And I couldn't help him because I don't know where he is! Well, maybe I can ask his friends, but then they'd question me on why, and that's kind of stalker-ish. And it's not like I need to know where he is, I just want to know where he is...That sounded bad, I should stop thinking before I say something even more creepy.' I thought as I drew random scribbles on my Spanish notes, they were just scribbles, nothing really.

As I did this, my teacher spoke out. "Okay class, saquen sus libros en la página ciento cincuenta y nueve y lean en silencio los tres primeros pasos.¹"

My classmates groaned as they grabbed their books from undertheir desks, flipping through the pages and read as our teacher instructed. Yet, I did not; instead I was distracted by what was written on a page in the book.

"Go 2 page 273 ;D" It said in messy handwriting. I shrugged as I flipped through to the designated page.

"Yeah! Now go 2 page 363 X3"

"Awesome! Go 2 page 135"

"Tada! Ir a la página de 256²"

"You're almost done! Go 2 page 300"

"You're such a ***, wasting your time reading these when you should be doing work!"

I stared at the page feeling hurt. "Well, that was mean..." I whispered to myself as I decided to go the page I originally had to go to. 'Damn it, now I feel insulted and worthless at the moment...How dare this mystery person call me a ***... I feel like crap now...' I thought as I began to read the page. 'Damn, why is everything in this page in Spanish?'


'Yes! Third hour is finally over; the bell has rung and it's time for lunch! Adíos Español!' I thought as I packed up my things into my totally awesome Captain America backpack. As I did this, Mr. Carriedo came up to me with an irritated look.

Looking back at him. "What is it Mr. Teacher Man?" I asked him as he groaned.

"It's Sr. Carriedo to you mister. And I've been noticing that you've been, daydreaming, more often in my class. Is there anything going on that I should be concerned about Alfredo?

A blush crept across my face. "Ahaha! Nope! Nada! Nothing at all! Just getting bored! You know how teenagers are!" I lied nervously. Was I really noticeable when I daydream? Gosh! Was it when I daydreamt about Mattie? I feel self-conscious now.

Mr. Carriedo raised an eyebrow at me before smiling. "Thank goodness! I don't have to be a responsible teacher and have a talk with you! That's always awkward! Anyways, you can go and eat lunch now."

I opened my mouth to saw something, but couldn't because I had no idea how to respond to something like that. Like, that's just, it's more awkward than what was referring to.

"...Um, okay sir, I'll just being going..."

"Okay! Adíos!"

'Ay yay yay.'



"Oh my God! Why did I have to forget my ID of all days? Why! Today was Barbeque Burger Day!" Alfred cried as he sulked at his table with Kiku. "Why'd we have to use IDs? Isn't money enough already?"

"Alfred-san, do not worry, maybe next time you'rl have your ID."

"You think so Kiku?" Alfred asked hopefully, the boy nodded his head.

"Yes I do."

"You're so nice." Alfred sniffed as he looked up to Kiku.

Kiku smiled. "And you're hungry, I'rl share some of my bento with you."

"Sweet! You're the best Kiku!"

"Of course, but I'm only rationing it in a humane way of eating."


"You're only getting a small part; you're in need of a diet."

"You callin' me fat?"

"No, just portionarry exaggerated³."


Finally back in school
With Matthew

I'm not really hungry, I lost my appetite for food after I left the hospital a couple days ago; I'm just not in the mood to eat. I'd rather wither up and die, fate already gave me a horrid life and a fractured shoulder, might as well finish me off. Not only that, Holly asked me to stay at a friend's house for safe distance from John. I really don't want to do that, because not only would I need to think of an excuse of why I'm staying, I'd leave Kuma by himself; I can't leave him, and I won't. Maybe Holly will let me take a few things of mine before I go.

And now that I think about it, who would I stay with? With the amazing amount of friends have, I could only choose between two, Miguel and Gilbert. However, I don't think Miguel's house would be able to house one more person. With his younger siblings and such. Hmm, Gilbert seems to be my only option left. Maybe, he seems reliable when he wants to, and there's Ludwig, he's always responsible and knows what to do.

I wonder if I should ask.


With Kiku
3:07 PM
End of School
In front of Main Office

School was over, students rushing and making noise through the halls and walkways to their buses or rides. As they scrambled in the wondering crowd of their peers, Kiku sat quietly on the metal bench in front of the Main Office, waiting for his American friend to pick him up. From boredom, the boy observed the loud group, watching their movements and the little things they did until he noticed someone.


The boy had been gone for the beginning of the week and hadn't been in school for the starting hours, but he was here now. At first, Kiku wanted to go find Alfred and tell him the news, yet, the more he looked at the Canadian, he saw how miserable the Canadian looked. He was wearing a sling over his right shoulder carrying his left arm. His skin seemed paler and his face wore a grim expression. The blond looked as if he given up on everything, but Kiku knew better― the Canadian was tense.

He wanted to go and see if everything was alright, however, he knew that the Canadian would be uneasy with him. They weren't really that close and Kiku being Alfred's best friend would automatically make the Japanese boy unwanted. Despite it, Kiku decided to go over there, he couldn't help but feel the need to help.

Grabbing his black-leathered messenger bag and books, he walked over towards the blond.

"Matthew-san! I am sorry if I am inconvenience to you...But do you need herup⁴?" He started. "I noticed that you are injured, so I came to see if you are in need of assistance."

The Canadian looked at him baffled. "I-uh- What?" He said unsure of what was happening.

Shaking his head, the blond continued. "I- I mean, why'd did you come over here? I'm sure you noticed we're not really close. So...Don't you think this is a little strange?" He questioned before looking frantically at the smaller boy.

"I- I didn't mean to sound rude!...I'm just not used to people noticing me..."

Kiku smiled. "It is a'right Matthew-san. I understand, but you rooked troubled and I wanted to see if I can herup in anyway."

Surprised, Matthew stared at Kiku, slowly moving his mouth as if he was going to say something. "I- No nevermind. I don't to bother you with my troubles..." He mumbled before gazing to the side.

Concerned, Kiku spoke. "No, I do not mind at arl. Prease tell me what you wanted to say."

"I- I-need-a-place-to-stay!" The Canadian said nervously, "M-My folks are getting...a little riled up and my m-mom told me it'd be best if I found a more settled home until things 'quiet down'. A-And I know my friends would love to help me but—"

"You're not sure if they'll handle the full situation werr." Kiku finished. "It is a'right by me. My family has a guest room that you can have. I'm positive that my folks would be kind enough for you to use it."

Matthew gazed at Kiku before dropping his head down. "I don't know how to thank you..." he murmured as he tightened his grip on his backpack.

Kiku knelt down to look at Matthew with a soft smile. "You can thank me by retting me hold your backpack, and accepting my offer."

Matthew though for a moment and nodded. "Alright..."

The Canadian carefully maneuvered his bag to the Japanese boy, who with care, accepted it.

"Also, there's one thing I need to mention. The person who takes me home is Alfred-san, and I can understand that his character is overwhelming. But I do mean it when I say that he means well."


3:15 P.M.
Alfred's Car

'I can't believe I have to be in a car with him! If I had known this I don't think I would have ever agreed!... But who am I kidding? Both me and God know that I won't ever ask Gilbert or Miguel to house me and frankly, Kiku seems more...more...Well, I'm not sure but for some reason I trusted him in that moment.'


3:15 P.M
Alfred's Car

'Oh-My-God! Oh-My-God! Oh-My-Fucking-God! Mattie's in my car! Matte's in MY CAR! Why did this happen? How did this happen? When did this happen? I can't fuck this up! I can't have him hating me even more! I also shouldn't say anything stupid! Oh-My-Gosh I'm panicking!'


3:15 P.M
Alfred's Car

'Maybe this was a bad day to hitch a ride with Alfred-san today. It's obvious that he's screaming on the inside and Matthew is practicarry fuming. I should do something that would stimulate some type of conversation...'

"Hey Matthew-san, would you be needing any of your crothes from your home? Or would that be of some inconvenience?"

The Canadian, who was seated at the back of the car, looked up from hearing his name.

"No, it's alright. They shouldn't be home, so I should be able to pack some of my clothes for my stay..."

"Okay, is it a'right if we head to your prace?"

"Hmm, So'k. My address is 94th xxxxx xxxx."


Matthew's House

"I'll only be a few minutes, you guys can wait here." Matthew said as he exited Alfred car and towards his home, fumbling with his pants pocket to fish out his keys.

Opening the front door, Matthew slowly peeked in just to make sure no one was home; seeing as it was safe, he entered. He walked through the silent halls to his room, noticing that it was slightly open.

'Is someone in my room?' He thought as he nervously stepped to it.

He pushed his door forward to see that no one was there, but to see that there was a red suitcase with a slip of paper on his bed. The Canadian crept up to it and picked up the paper.

'Matthew, I had a feeling that you would come to pick up some of your things, so I did it for you. Everything you should need is in there.


"That's nice I guess..." Matthew whispered as he took a hold of the case and left his room, closing his door as he went by.

As he closed the front door to his home, he looked to see Alfred and Kiku having some type of conversation.

"Alfred-san! Contror yourself! There is no freaking out when someone you rike is near! This is where your instincts tell you to man up and get confident in yourself!" Kiku ordered. "You need to activate your need to impress Matthew-san, not cower! And prease, do not get cocky and do not try anything at this moment, or you wirl repulse Matthew even more!"

"Oh My God I can't! Mattie's here and I don't know what to do and my whole brain is crying!"

"Just calm down before I srap you!"


Rolling his eyes, Matthew began to walk to the car.

"Um, am I interrupting something?" He asked as the other two males jumped from their spots to look at him nervously.

"NO!" The two said simultaneously before the raven haired boy continued. "N-No, we were just chatting as we waited for you. Nothing important I assure you."

Matthew furrowed his eyebrows before shaking his head a little, "Alright, if you say so."

Kiku stepped out of the front passenger seat to open Matthew's door for him, seeing that it would be easier for said boy to get in without doing so much.


"You're wercome."


Kiku's House

"Alrighty then! You have arrived at Kiku's place, home of Kiku and his fancy-formal-family settings! Thank you for taking Carpooling Freedom." Alfred joked as he parked in front of his friend's house.

"Thank you Alfred-san. And are you not staying like usual?" Kiku said as he turned to face his American friend, who was still seated in his car.

Alfred waved his hand lazily. "Nah, my mom wants me home so I can babysit Angélique. Which I don't understand because she's like thirteen years old, and I'm sure a thirteen year old can handle being by themselves."

"God bless the girl." Kiku stated as he put his hands together in praying like manner.

"Hey! I take offense to that! I can totally watch a kid without something going wrong." Alfred said defensively.

"I'm sorry, but it's hard to berieve that when you've managed to ruuse your own grandmother at a hospital." Kiku responded giving Alfred a skeptical look.

"It was hard looking for her! All the old people looked the same!" Alfred reasoned looking unsure.

"You were rooking through a nursery center. Why would your grandmother be there?" Kiku countered knowing the American had no logical answer for his question.

"Old people like babies?" The blond replied with hinted doubt.

"Of course... Werl, you best be going before you mother calls you in an angry fit." The raven haired boy said changing the subject, seeing that the conversation was going nowhere.

"Yeah, anyways, c'ya Kiku! C'ya Matthew!" Alfred happily said as he waved goodbye and drove off.

Kiku then walk to his front porch where Matthew was politely waiting, opening the door and letting the Canadian walk in first.

"Alfred lost his grandmother in a hospital?" The boy asked as they came in.

"Yes. They went to get her medicine and he 'mispraced' her at the receptionist's desk. He freaked out and started rooking for her, only to discover that she was sitting in chair at the robby."

"Hmm, I guess you're right about blessing the girl he's watching."

¹ — "saquen sus libros en la página ciento cincuenta y nueve y lean en silencio los tres primeros pasos." — Spanish — Take out your books to the page one hundred fifty nine and quietly read the first three passages.

² — "Tada! Ir a la página de 256" — Spanish — Tada! Go to the page 256

³ — "Proportionally Exaggerated" was what my Spanish 3 teacher would say to avoid using "fat" because she thought it was more polite. The reason she used the was because when she was teaching our class about the Colombian painter Fernando Botero Angulo, who drew proportionally exaggerated people, the boys in the class would constantly make fun of the people and call them "fat".

I imagine that Kiku/Japan would do the same.

⁴ — Kiku's way of saying "help", "He-ru-p". You need to flip the "ru" part.

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