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[A/N: I'm mentioning this now before anyone gets confused, in this AU, Kiku has a little sister named Sakura, she is 1Nyo!Japan.]

Chapter 7


Kiku's House

"Here is the guest room, Matthew-san. You can prace your things in here and I'll give you a tour of my house. My parents will come home rater in the evening, and I've a'ready texted them about you. They, along with I, welcome you to our residence." Kiku informed the latter as he used his hands to gesture all his surroundings.

Matthew blushed from Kiku's formality, but nodded nonetheless. "Thanks, I really appreciate what you are doing for me. I don't know how to thank you and your family."

"It is not a problem for my family, we are happy to herup you. Anyway, our guest room has its own bathroom, so you may use that. And there are three raundry baskets in there, one for whites, one for blacks, and the last for color." The Japanese boy stated.

Matthew hummed notably before looking around the house, it was very clean, cleaner than all the times he cleaned his own home. He wondered if it was because the house was newer than his, or if he just wasn't that great at cleaning. He wanted to ask.

"Hey, Kiku. Who cleans your house? I'm sorry, it's just really neat and tidy."

The raven haired boy looked surprised at this. "Everyone in my family helps out in cleaning. It used to be just my mother, but when my sister and I got older, we'd help her out, and then later on, my dad."

"That's nice of you. Um, if you don't mind me asking, where is your sister?"

"She is at her friend's house today; she'll probably arrive around the time our parents come home."

"Oh, okay."

"Hmm, well then, would you like to do homework or have dinner first?"

"I don't know, how long do we have 'til your parents come home?"

"Not long, they'll be happy to meet you though." Kiku said. "Ah, prease excuse me while I go to my room." Kiku said, bowing down slightly as he left towards his room.

Waving a temporary goodbye, Matthew stood awkwardly as he looked around the house. He felt as if he was invading Kiku's come despite that he was invited in. He just felt like a complete stranger and he wasn't sure how to operate in such a different environment. Maybe this was a bad idea.

"Sorry that I left, I went to change." Kiku said out of nowhere, causing Matthew to jump and turn around.

"Oh! Eh-heh, it was nothing." Matthew said, smiling weakly.

Kiku was now simply dressed in a white T-shirt that had some sort of Japanese characters along with a Pokeball, and a pair of orange cotton shorts. "Is there anything you would like to eat? I have some snacks if you would like some." Kiku offered, smiling softly.

Matthew shook his head. "No, that's alright." He answered back. He didn't want to feel as if he was imposing himself on Kiku. He didn't want to feel as if he was taking Kiku's kindness for granted. The thought just made a tight knot in his stomach.

"A'right, but if you want any, you can arrays ask," Kiku assured. "The kitchen is just across from us, so I don't think you'll have any problems finding it. Oh, I just remembered something; do you have any pet allergies?"

"Oh, no, I don't have any pet allergies. Why? Do you have a pet?" Matthew replied watching the raven haired boy go into the hall.

"Actually, I have four. A rabbit, guinea pig, cat, and a dog." Kiku answered as he opened his door as two puffy animals raced out of room, one with a black coat with a snow front whereas the other was purely white. They nuzzled themselves between their owner's legs purring and whining before pausing, looking at Matthew with a tilt to their heads.

Kiku chuckled. "It's seems that Tama and Pochi are curious about you Matthew-san. Tama, Pochi, this is Matthew, he shall be staying with us for a while."

Tama was the nearly black cat and Pochi was the white dog, and both looked up to their owner as if they understood him, and then to Matthew before snobbishly walking away and onto the couches in the living room and ignoring Matthew's presence.

The Canadian boy took no offense by the animals' snobbery and instead stared in awe at the two creatures; blushing and feeling giddy by the cuteness the animals held.

Noticing the blonde's quick fondness over the pets, Kiku smiled. "You may pet them if you like; they are tamed animals so you do not need to worry for vicious behavior."

Excited, Matthew slowly walked toward the animals, afraid to scare them away and nervous to be near them. He extended his arm to Tama, the black and white male cat; he was still to Matthew's touch before relaxing after a few soft strokes to his head. The boy took this as an invitation and carefully sat down next to the cat, smiling in glee.

'He's so cute! His fur is soft and he's purring! He must be in a good mood! I wonder how long this is going to last...Not that I don't mind, but, I don't want to seem that I'm hogging Kiku's cat.' Matthew thought as he petted the feline.

Growing jealous, Pochi moved closer to Matthew before whining as he saw that the boy strangely had one arm, but more importantly, one hand. He softly pawed at the boy's sling, wondering if it's hiding his other hand. Matthew jumped slightly at this before speaking to the cat.

"No, no. That's my sling, it holds up my arm. See?" He explained as he momentarily stopped petting Tama to show Pochi his arm through the opening of the said item. He saw that his hand seemed unharmed and scratched the sling in an effort to take it off Matthew's arm.

"I'm sorry, but my arm needs to stay levitated so that my shoulder can heal." He continued as he pointed to his left shoulder.

Pochi blew his nose in a fit before leaping off the couch to his owner, standing up onto his hind legs and pawing at Kiku's knees.

Feeling guilty, Matthew looked over to Kiku. "Pochi's mad at me." He said frowning.

The Japanese boy chuckled as he walked over to the couch to sit, patting Pochi softly. He then placed the dog onto his lap, who complied with his actions.

"No, he's very spoiled— that is my fault. He was my first pet and I pampered him too much that he likes the attention and gets jealous easily now; whatever Tama has, he wants it too. And right now, Tama has you."

"Well, Tama's very relaxing; I like how calm he is in the moment." Matthew stated as he laid back on the couch, continuing to pet Tama. "Hmm, is he usually like this?"

"Mainly, he likes to follow and observe people. Curious you might say. I believe 'people-watching' is his favorite hobby."

The conversation did not carry over and after a while an awkward, yet comfortable silence developed as the two boys paid attention to the animals. It was Matthew who broke it, blushing as he scratched his cheek.

"Uh- Kiku? I- um- would like to take up your offer on dinner... If it's alright with you."

"No, it is alright. Does Nikujaga sound good to you?"

"I'm not sure what that is, but I'm up for trying things."


At Alfred's

Alfred and Angélique were in the living room seated on the ground in front of the couch, staring at each other intensely. Both were quiet and shifting positions as if they were uncomfortable they way they sat. Alfred started to make strange noises as Angélique's eyes were twitching, but not closing.

"Al! You cheat! Stop that! That's not fair! We said no distractions!" Angélique cried irritably as she tried her best not to blink.

"It's not a distraction! I just feel like making sounds in this awful silence!" Alfred retorted stubbornly.

"It is so chea- Ha! You blinked!" The young girl claimed pointing the older boy.

"No I did not! I squinted, there's a total difference between the two!"

"You so did blink! You just don't want to admit it, you cheat!"

"Whatever! I think this game is rigged."

"That doesn't even make sense!"

"Doesn't have too! Staring-Eye-Contests are lame!"

"Whatever... What do we do now?"

Alfred fell backwards as he began to think of what to do next, making humming noises and tapping his chin with his index finger. Angélique looked at him and smiled.

"Can we play with Tala?" She asked excitedly, wanting to play with the baby Chihuahua.

"Totally! I forgot she was here!" He stated as he rushed to his room and saw the pup pouncing around happily in her crib, looking at him with her beady eyes. He reached into the crib and picked up the pup, nuzzling her against his cheek.

"Aww, such a cute puppy!" Angélique cooed as she entered his room. "Can I hold her?"

"Sure, just be careful, she's teething so she might bite you." Alfred warned as he passed Tala to the girl.

"She's so cute and soft! She's awfully quiet. I wish she could stay a puppy forever! Can she do any tricks?" Angélique asked and she played with the pup's paws, who didn't seem to mind one bit.

"Not really, Chihuahuas are hard to train when it comes to house training and no matter how large their ears are, they're not for listening to directions. You could literally sit for hours trying to teach one to 'sit' and they'll just look at you confused." Alfred started. "But, one trick I find convenient and cute is that Tala will plop down on her back and would want you to rub her tummy."

"Really! So if I put her down now, would she do it?"

"Most likely."

Excited, Angélique put down Tala, expecting her to do what Alfred had said. However, the quiet puppy sniffed around the floor and peed in the hall.

"EW!" Angélique cried in disgust.

"Woops, I guess I should have tooken her out before playing with her. That's going to leave a stain." Alfred said sheepishly as he picked up the puppy carefully and placed her outback, feeling bad as he heard her whimpering outside.

"Aww, I feel bad now. TALA GET BACK IN HERE!" Alfred cried as he opened the back-door and rushed to the puppy's side. "I'm so sorry for putting you out here! Will you forgive me?"

The puppy responded by licking his cheek. "Yeah! She still loves me!" He said with relief as he brought her back inside.

Angélique looked at her babysitter with a dulled expression. "Maybe that's why Chihuahuas are hard to train; you didn't even let her stay out there for a minute AND you still need to clean up her pee."

"But I don't want to leave her out there in the cold-cruel world, alone, scared and crying! Plus I don't want to clean her pee, that's gross."

"But she's your dog and your responsibility!"

"But it's gross!"

"I'm starting to forget who's babysitting who."

"Okay, okay. I'll take her out and watch her, and you'll clean the gross pee." Alfred stated as he started heading out the back door.

Angélique stared at her babysitter in disbelief before crossing her arms in a fit.

"Alfred! I am not cleaning that! That's your duty!" She yelled as she headed to the backyard. "Alfred!"

The boy in question was hiding behind a rather small bush while the puppy ran in all sorts of directions before running toward the girl. Angélique rolled her eyes as she began to walk to the "hidden" boy, stopping when she was fully in front of said boy. He was giggling and laughing, trying to keep quiet, but he knew he was defeated as his hiding place did not conceal him fully.

"Okay, okay. I'll clean, but you have to promise to keep quiet about the pee or else I'm in trouble. Got it?" He questioned as he stood up, patting himself off from the dirt and leafs.

"Yes sir!" Angélique stated in a mock salute as she ran back into the house with Alfred following (he wondered somewhere else, mostly likely to fetch cleaning supplies). She skipped into the living room choosing to sit in the recliner and crossed her legs, patiently waiting for Alfred.

As she waited, Tala came pouncing into the room and tried jumping onto the girl for attention. The pup's efforts were in vain as its small legs could not jump high enough and thus the black pup was simply bouncing and dancing on her hind legs. The tan girl chuckled and picked the puppy up.

"You're so cute! I like how you are quiet and not as loud people make Chihuahuas to be. I wanna see if Maman and Papa would let me get a pet!" Angélique spoke looking at the pup. Keeping quiet, the girl thought to herself.

"Hey Alfred! What does 'Tala' mean anyway?"

The said boy stepped out from the hall and looked at direction of the girl. "It means "Wolf" in my Mother's tongue, why?"

"Oh, nothing, I was just curious. Why'd you name her 'Wolf'?"

"Because when I got her I thought she'd be like a feisty little thing and wolves are feisty, so yeah... Totally not the case but it's too late now; she knows it's her name."

The girl remained quiet, petting the pooch and thought to herself whilst Alfred remained standing believing the girl had something else to say.

"Alfred? May I ask you another question, not including this one?" She inquired softly, playing with her fingers tentatively.

"Uh, sure? What is it?" He questioned back, running his hand through his hair.

"Do you miss her? Violeta? Like, you don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable. I just wanted to know because you two were together for so long." Angélique asked looking at the boy.

The American bit his lip trying to find something to say, feeling unsure of how he should word his statement. After a moment of silence, he found something to say.

"I do. Like, to me, the break up was very sudden and I thought I was being a good boyfriend. I thought I made her happy but she said I only made her feel like second-best and sad. She said I had unresolved feelings and I didn't understand, I thought she was the one but she said it was what I wished her to be. We're still friends, kinda of awkward but there's no hate or resentment. Or at least I hope so."

Angélique stared at Alfred, feeling it was best to end the sensitive conversation.

"I'm hungry, Alfred."

"I'll go order pizza, you okay with that?"



At Kiku's

"T-This is very good, I really like it." Matthew commented as he took another spoonful of the soup, savoring the taste.

"I'm glad you do, I'm sure my son did his best to make it taste wonderful." Mrs. Honda replied cheerfully. "Additionally, I hope you are feeling welcomed in our humble home, Matthew."

The Canadian nodded his head. "Yes, I am. I'm very appreciative of what you are doing for me."

There was a comfortable silence between the family and guest, all enjoying their meal and feeling no need to speak. However, one Honda couldn't help but look at the blonde, feeling embarrassed as she remembered the previous conversation between her big brother and his friend the days before.


Sakura was in her room, reading a new chapter of Skip Beat before her ears picked something up from her brother's room. It was her brother speaking.

"I see… So I assume it's about Matthew-san?" He said, sounding concerned.

Alfred must have been surprised because his response wasn't well thought of. "WHAT? I- I mean why would you say it's about Matthew? Like— I ah— What?"

There was silence before her brother answered. "I am your best-friend Alfred-san. I would know when you are crushing on someone. Especially someone like Matthew-san. Even Violeta knew that."

Sakura put her hand to her lips, 'Alfred-san is gay? I would have never thought. But... Those who know Alfred-san and Matthew-san would know that Matthew dislikes Alfred's character.' She kept quiet to hear what was next.

"Bud'I…" Alfred began before mumbling the last part of the sentence making Sakura unable to understand him.

Her brother must have thought the same as he asked, "What Alfred-san?"

"I said... I don't know…if I'm really…gay…" Alfred started, "I mean, yes I definitely feel something there for Mattie, but not for any other guy…Like it's all confusing really!"

There was a pause between the two boys; Sakura felt like there was an awkward tension in the house now. She felt it was best to ignore the rest of their conversation seeing that she was being rude in eavesdropping, however her brother continued to speak.

"Well, you could be bisexual, bi-romantic, or whatever. Sexuality isn't a 100% perfect nor can it always be explained. You simply followed your pursuit in romance, which is why you have had girlfriends in the past and are currently interested in a certain Canadian."

Sakura sighed feeling terrible. "Nii-san, this house does not have sound proof walls."

_End of Flashback_

The girl felt embarrassed for knowing this information, not that she had anything against the LGBTA community but more that she was afraid if she would blurt it out to Matthew if they were to ever speak. Keeping a secret was hard especially if it was nagging on your mind... But she had to do it, it was not her place to tell anyone and it would be rude to both Alfred and Matthew.

Taking another glance at the boy, Sakura thought to herself.

'Maybe I could secretly help too, not in the courting, but for Matthew-san to at least be tolerant of Alfred-san — for them to be friends. That would be fun! I'll be like the friend-maker instead of a matchmaker!'

With her final decision, the girl smiled to herself and was noticed by her father.

"Sakura? Is something on your mind to make you smile?" He asked, curious in what made his daughter happy.

"Oh! I-I was just happy for this Friday, Anjeriku¹ and Lily invited me to the new karaoke bar that opened last week. Is it a'right if I go?" Sakura said casually, proud of her excuse.

"Oh course you can go, I see no reason not to let you go." Her father replied.

"Thank you Dad and I'm full so I'll be going to my room now. Bye!" Sakura stated as she exited the table, going to the sink and rinsing her dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. She then rushed to her room, excited that she could go and happy about her plan to help Alfred befriend Matthew.

Walking over to her bed, Sakura took out her phone and texted Angélique.

[To: Angélique B.]
[From: Sakura H.]
My parents said I can go on Friday. (\(0w0)/)~*

[Sent: 7:45 P.M.][To: Sakura H.]
[From: Angélique B.]
Awesome-sauce, C'ya Friday! :3
[Sent: 7:48 P.M.]

Deciding not to reply, Sakura took out her laptop and checked up on her manga updates— hoping to find something to read before she went to bed. After seeing that none have updated, she figured she should start on her homework before she procrastinated any longer.

"I'll start with English, maybe I'll read something with good lessons."


After dinner

Matthew's P.O.V

I'm in the guest room that Kiku's family offered me, it's so spacious and it makes me feel awkward. Its weird being in someone else's house and this is going to be like an extended sleepover. However, I'm grateful that I at least have a place to stay— but I'm scared because I have no idea of how long I'll be staying. What if they think I'm mooching off them? What if they start asking questions and I don't answer. What if they call the cops and I have to talk to them! What if they get John and ask him questions? What about Holly? Will she be alright wherever she is with John? Oh God, I'm scared. I need to calm down. I need something to distract me— maybe I should start putting away the things Holly packed me.

I went over to my suitcase and opened it, she left me with a decent amount of clothes, just enough that I can switch up ensembles and no one would notice that my clothes have been rotated. I neatly placed my clothing in the dresser drawers, hiding my boxers under them. It'd be embarrassing for someone to open a drawer and see them right away. When I finished, I stored my suitcase in the closet and laid on the bed, not feeling any better from before.

I'm so scared, and I feel like no can truly help me and all I do is hide and lie, who would help someone who runs away from their problems? Who would help someone who doesn't seek it... Do I? Do I want help? The only thing I know is my life, if I changed it, how would I handle it?

If only life wasn't complicated, I'd know what to do...

¹ — Anjeriku — Angélique Bonnefoy [Seychelles]

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