Hello dear readers! I'm Skies-Shall-Fall, but you can just call me Skies. This is my first story, but I've been a dedicated reader of fanfictions for quite some time, and I would prefer to not post that in my summary. I'm in high school, so please don't expect a continual stream of updates. I don't read comic books, so don't expect accuracy, either. I just pick up things from the fanfics I read online. I'm not really an expert on medieval times either, so if something seems odd, that would just be my ignorance of chivalry and tradition. Anyways, I had this idea...and I'd like to share it. If it gets confusing, bear with me as I try to explain. Here's a list of characters, aliases, and positions.

Starfire—Koriand'r Razovanhi—Princess of Tamaran, Second Heir to the Throne

Blackfire—Komand'r Razovanhi—Princess of Tamaran, Heir Apparent to the Throne

Robin—Richard Grayson—Knight of England

Raven—Rachel Roth—Lady-in-waiting to Princess Koriand'r

Beast Boy—Garfield Logan—Page to Sir Richard Grayson

Cyborg—Victor Stone—Chef apprentice at Capital castle

Bumble Bee—Karen Beecher—Lady-in-waiting to Princess Koriand'r

Argent—Antonia Monetti—Lady-in-waiting to Princess Koriand'r

Kole—Krystal Mason—Lady-in-waiting to Princess Koriand'r

Jinx—Jennifer Hexx—Servant at Capital Castle

Kid Flash—Wally West—Knight of Tamaran

Hot Spot—Isaiah Crockett—Servant at Capital Castle

Jericho—Jericho Wilson—Servant at Capital Castle

Aqualad—Garth Neptune—Servant at Capital Castle

Speedy—Roy Harper—Page to Sir Richard Grayson

Kitten—Katherine Mothe—Lady-in-waiting to Princess Komand'r

Terra—Tara Markov—Lady-in-waiting to Princess Komand'r

Galfore—Galfore Razovanhi—Regent of Tamaran

Trigon—Lucifer Roth—King of Azarath

Arella—Columbia Roth—Queen of Azarath

Batman—Bruce Wayne—Prince of England, Second Heir to the Throne

Alfred—Alfred—Servant of Prince Bruce Wayne and Sir Richard Grayson

If I add a new character, I'll put them in the A/N before that chapter. Oh and just a note about Tamaran:

Tamaran is a small island country, off the coast of England. Its capital consists of a large city and the castle, Capital Castle, where the royal family lives. Servants, pages, knights, and ladies-in-waiting are hardly ever Tamaranian, and gender is not a determining factor for servants. The king and queen were assassinated years ago, but it will be two years before Princess Komand'r is eighteen and able to take the throne from her uncle, the regent. Princess Koriand'r, age fifteen and arguably a far more suitable candidate for queen, is beloved by the people and her uncle. Galfore would very much like to see Koriand'r married and with child so perhaps her descendants will rule Tamaran instead of her sister's.

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Princess Koriand'r was having a wonderful day. She had gone outside to see the horses in the stables, walked in the beautiful palace gardens, chatted with the servants, had a glorious bath, and was currently having a very stimulating conversation with her favorite lady in waiting and very good friend, Rachel Roth.

"So tell me Rachel, if Azarathians do not believe in emotion, how do you gain friends and enemies?" she asked, quite puzzled. Her violet-haired companion shook her head and chuckled.

"That's not it, Kori. We have emotions; we just don't show them for fear of harming ourselves and those around us. Bad things happen if an Azarathian gets emotional."

"Then you cannot fall in love, or hate?"

"We can feel anything...we just cannot act on those feelings, express them to anyone."

"But why?"

"It's just not good. The people of Azarath have always controlled their emotions, but it wasn't actually a law until m—Lucifer ascended to the throne. If he caught anyone expressing emotion, they would be...severely punished," Rachel's hand began to drift subconsciously to her left hip, but she stilled herself. Kori still noticed.

"How? How did he punish you?" she asked innocently. Rachel looked away.

"He branded us with his signs, everywhere. They appear and burn when we express the emotion we were punished for."

"That is most terrible!" Kori exclaimed. "This Lucifer is a cruel being!"

"He is. He even had the nerve to forcibly take a woman of Azarath, Columbia, for his own queen."

"I am sorry I asked. Please forgive me," Kori apologized. Rachel chuckled.

"Me? Forgive you? I'm your servant. I'm not allowed to be angry with you," Rachel chuckled. Then a knock came at the door, and she regained her composure and started trying to look busy.

"Come in!" Kori called politely. The door opened to reveal her uncle Galfore.

"Please leave us, servant," Galfore said crisply, his eyes bearing no dislike for Rachel. She simply nodded and curtsied her way out of Kori's chambers, leaving the regent and princess to speak in private.

"Dearest little bungorf, how are you this fine day?"

"Most wonderful, Uncle Galfore. What calls you to visit me?" Kori asked. Galfore took both of her hands in his and sat on her bed.

"Kori...you must understand that I have no trust and very little love for your sister. Her spawn should not be permitted to ascend to the throne, lest she raise them to be like her. Do you understand?" Kori nodded.

"But what has this to do with me?"

"I have been in contact with a Prince of England for some time now, by way of falcon. His son is a knight of your age, and through a union of marriage, two royal lines of two great countries would be united. Your sister, being unengaged, would have to abdicate her future children's claim to the throne. Your children, Kori, not hers," Galfore said. Kori stood up, tearing her hands from her uncle's.

"So...you would marry me off to this knight? For the sole purpose that I would breed with him, like some animal? Tamaranian culture says we should marry for love!" Kori exclaimed, outraged.

"I know, Koriand'r. The knight is traveling to the castle to meet you. He will arrive by the full moon. I know you are distraught, dear one, as am I. But you must think of what is best for Tamaran, for our people."

"But Uncle, am I not a person too?" Kori asked quietly.

"Kori—" he began, trying to caress her face.

"Go," she commanded sharply, turning her head away and clenching her fists. "Go take care of your people," she stared at her lush velvet curtains of purple, fighting the tears forming in her eyes. Her uncle's heave footsteps plodded out and the door slammed. After a moment, Kori raised her head. "Rachel?" she called hesitantly. The door opened and the Azarathian girl stood in the doorway.

"Yes, Princess?"

"Go fetch my other servants. I require the assistance of all of you," Kori commanded curtly. Rachel nodded and closed the door quietly.

Then Kori collapsed on her bed and cried.

Sir Richard Grayson rode silently on his black stallion, Nightwing. His white stallion with the queer reddish blaze in the shape of a flying bird on his forehead, Robin, was plodding along behind. Richard was trekking across England with his two best pages, Garfield and Roy, because his father had engaged him to some exotic princes. There was a ship waiting at some harbor or whatever that would take him to the island country. Richard heard the pages chattering excitedly, but didn't talk to them.

"I heard Tamaran's got people from every country!" Roy hissed.

"Dude! I hear Tamaranians are the best warriors in the world!" Garfield countered.

"Oh yeah? I hear they have no whites in their eyes so they can travel more secretly!"

"I hear the heir to the throne murdered her own parents!"

"I hear they rescued some Azarathians when Lucifer took over!"

"I hear they have an Atlantean!"

"I hear—"

"ENOUGH!" Richard yelled, a vein on his forehead throbbing. "There's the boat. Let's hurry; the Tamaranians are expecting us by the full moon. We have to row all night."

"You just wanna meet your princess!" Garfield teased.

"I just don't want to be late," Richard corrected, urging Nightwing onboard. Garfield started to look a little green when he was on the boat.

"Uh, maybe I should stay here..."

"Don't you want to go to Tamaran?" Richard asked. Roy smirked and Garfield gulped.


"Just go below deck and get some sleep, Gar. You'll need it," Richard said, his eyes softening. Gar hurried down, stumbling every so often. Roy chuckled and followed. Richard stayed on the deck the whole night, sleeping under the stars.


The cry awoke Richard, and he sat up quickly. Roy was out on deck in an instant, followed by a shaky Gar. The three waited in silence until the ship was docked. Then Richard and Roy walked off in a very dignified manner while Gar stumbled like a drunkard in a tavern. As soon as he reached the ground, he collapsed on his hands and knees and pressed his forehead to the ground.

"Oh sweet stable ground, love of my life! Why hast thou abandoned me to suffer?" Gar sobbed. Richard and Roy gave him disturbed looks. None of them noticed the girl until she cleared her throat.

"If you're finished professing your love to the ground, I'm supposed to be your escort to Capital Castle," she said. Richard and Roy whipped their heads around to stare at her, and Gar looked up from the ground. She was short, and clearly Azarathian with the trademark violet hair and dark eyes. Her skin was pale and her hair cut to her shoulders, and a red gem was embedded in her forehead. She was clad simply in a black dress and navy cloak that accentuated her figure nicely.

"Told you they had Azarathians!" Roy hissed to Gar.

"I assume you are the knight, since you aren't whispering or on the ground?" the girl asked Richard emotionlessly. Richard gave a curt nod.

"Sir Richard Grayson of England. These are my pages, Roy Harper and Garfield Logan," Richard introduced himself and his companions. The girl gave a faint nod.

"Follow me then, Sir Richard," she ordered, hurrying towards the distant castle. Richard mounted Robin and followed, allowing Roy to lead Nightwing and Gar to scramble off the ground and follow.

"This is so cool!" Gar hissed, taking in the foreign landscape. The girl ignored him completely, talking only to Richard.

"I assume you are here regarding your own engagement to Princess Koriand'r Razovanhi. Son of a Prince of England and therefore an heir to the throne, correct?"

"That's right," Richard answered.

"Kneel as soon as she is introduced, and rise when ordered. Your pages will remain kneeling the entire time," she informed them.

"Thanks. And who are you again?" Richard asked.

"Just one of the Princess' ladies in waiting."

"Do you have a name?"

"It's not important," she said simply, pushing open the doors of the castle. Two boys and a girl hurried forward. One boy had dark skin and eyes, and the other had curly blonde hair and green eyes, while the girl's pink hair, pale skin, and pink cat eyes made her an easily recognizable figure. The boys bowed and the girl gave a stiff curtsy. "They'll take your horses to the stables," the Azarathian explained, giving Richard a blatant hint to dismount. The boys each took one of the horses and the girl led them all out of sight. Then the Azarathian waved Richard, Roy, and Gar into the castle and closed the doors behind them.

After following their guide down long hallways, up magnificent staircases, and through many doors, the three guests stood before a huge set of doors guarded by two red-haired men with green eyes. The girl hesitated before the door.

"Remember what I told you. Be polite, kneel, and you two, stay kneeling," she ordered, giving the doors a gentle push. They swung open smoothly at her touch and she strode confidently in, followed by Richard and his pages. Richard wondered what could possibly await him in here, then he saw the girl.

She had beautiful red hair that cascaded down her back in luscious waves, and orange-tan skin that glowed in the firelight. Her eyes were sparkling green, with black pupils and pale green whites. Her expression was dreamy, as though she was off in her own world far away. She was adorned in a strapless purple gown that hugged her upper body nicely before turning loose at her hips and flowing down to meet the floor. Silver gloves reached up to her shoulders, and a raw emerald pendant on a fine silver chain hung around her neck. Richard's mind went numb, and he barely managed to kneel, aware of his pages doing the same. Their Azarathian guide hurried to the red-haired girl's side and stood slightly behind her, fading into the background before Richard's eyes. It was as though the red-haired girl was a torch in the night and he was a moth, drawn to her entrancing, beautiful flames.

"Welcome, Sir Richard Grayson of England, son of Prince Bruce Wayne, Second Heir to the Throne of England. You may rise," a voice boomed. Richard stood, trying to appear graceful and powerful, and turned to see who had spoken. A very large, bearded man who greatly resembled the red-haired girl sat in a golden throne. The seat beside him was empty. Remembering what he had learned about Tamaran, Richard understood immediately who he was facing; Galfore Razovanhi, regent of Tamaran.

"My father sends his regards and hopes the future of Tamaran will be prosperous, aided by his hand," Richard replied in the polite manner taught to him by his servant, Alfred.

"Let us hope so. Allow me to introduce my niece, Princess Koriand'r Razovanhi, Second Heir to the Throne of Tamaran," the man gestured to the red-haired beauty who had stolen Richard's breath. "Your father and I have arranged a marriage union between the two of you for political purposes. You will stay on Tamaran and, if you find each other favorable, the marriage will be on Tamaran. I trust this is not an issue?"

"It is not, Your Regal Sir," Richard recalled the correct way to address a regent of Tamaran.

"Good. I believe you will find your rooms to your liking. Miss Roth, show them out," Galfore ordered. The Azarathian curtsied and hurried to a side door. Richard understood what this meant.

His audience with the Tamaranian regent was over.

Richard walked in silence, trying to take in the Tamaranian castle. Gar, however, had no such intentions. Richard sighed and resigned himself to listening but not speaking.

"So what's your first name?" Gar was prodding their guide. The girl remained silent. "What letter does it start with?"

"Leave me alone."

"Does it start with an A?"

"Do you have an off button?"


"I'll take that as a no."


"How about mute? Can I put you on mute?"


"Just shut up."


"Your stupidity is irritating."


"You realize you skipped two letters?"


"You are a moron."



"Ha! It starts with an R!" Gar cheered, the girl rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. Now shut up and leave me alone."

"What's the second letter? A?"



"That's it!" the girl snapped, whirling on him and reaching for his throat.

"Rachel! Leave him alone, he's probably not worth it and you know what happens if you get too angry!" a black girl shouted from down the corridor. The Azarathian froze, a vein on her head throbbing.

"Ha! Your name's Rachel! Rachel Roth! I found out! I—oomph!" Gar's gloating was cut off by a helmet on a suit of armor mysteriously flying into his face. He collapsed on the ground, the sat up and groaned. "What the heck...?"

"Rachel!" the black girl scolded. "We've talked about this! You cannot go around doing things like that! Although he did kinda deserve it..."

"Hey!" Gar protested from the floor. The black girl walked over and hauled him up, then put the helmet back in its proper place.

"Karen Beecher, I'm a lady in waiting like Rachel," the black girl said.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance—" Roy began.

"Save it," Karen snapped. Roy pulled back.


"You are."

"Ooh! Burn!" Gar exclaimed. Roy made a face at him.

"These are your chambers," Rachel said bluntly. "One for the knight, one for each page," she handed each of them keys. Well, she threw Gar's in his face.

"Wow," was all Richard could say when he looked at his chambers. They were huge, luxurious. When he glanced into Roy's room, he realized his pages had gotten pretty much the exact same thing.

"There are a few servants coming up here now; one for each page and two for the knight. Please treat them with respect," Rachel interrupted the admiration of the rooms.

"What about you?" Richard asked.

"I'll be with Kori, unless she sends me to assist you."

"You sent for us?" a voice asked. Everyone turned to see four young servants standing uncomfortably in the corridor; the three from earlier and...

"Dude! It's an Atlantean!" Gar whispered, tugging on Roy's sleeve.

"The name's Garth Neptune," the Atlantean said, crossing his arms.

"And you're going to go serve Roy Harper," Rachel said in a slightly teasing tone. Roy raised his hand, and Garth nodded in his direction. "Isaiah, go with Garfield."

"Hey! It's Gar!" Gar corrected her.

"Whatever. Jericho, Jenny, you two stay with Sir Richard...he's the most respectful," Rachel said, eyeing Gar and Roy with distaste.

"We're off to Kori. Later," Karen said as she and Rachel headed down the corridor.

"What did she mean, 'most respectful?'" Gar asked in a hurt tone.

"Probably that you've already gotten on her bad side, and Roy flirts with every girl he sees," Richard pointed out. Sure enough, Roy was walking up to the pink-haired servant, ignoring Garth's restraining hold and muttered warning.

"Hey gorgeous, think you could step into my chambers for a bit?" Roy asked her. The other servants winced, and the blonde boy covered his eyes. The girl's face turned red.

"Jenny, don't—" Garth tried to say.

"Shh! This could be funny!" the dark skinned servant interrupted.

"You, Isaiah, are an idiot," Garth muttered.

"Hey Jericho, who do you put your money on?" Isaiah asked. The blonde boy pointed at the girl. "Yeah, Jenny can so kick his puny butt," Isaiah agreed.

"I work with idiots," Garth muttered, staring at the ceiling as though it could help him.

"I need an answer, baby. How about yes?" Roy prodded. Jericho backed away and covered his eyes again, Garth winced, and Isaiah grinned mischievously. Jenny's eyes flashed in anger, and Roy was suddenly stumbling backwards with the impression of a fist on his face and a stunned expression. Jenny proceeded to kick him hard in the chest, and Garth and Isaiah conveniently had to step out of the way to examine a tapestry, allowing Roy to fall to the ground, where Jenny planted her foot on his stomach.

"Leave me alone," she hissed threateningly. Roy nodded in fear, and Jenny started to walk away. Then she turned and gave him a kick in a very...painful place, just for good measure. All the guys winced, except Jericho, who was still covering his eyes. Richard stared in shock at the slim servant girl dressed in boy's clothes who had just taken down one of his best pages.

"You're cool to look, Jericho," Isaiah said. Jericho uncovered his eyes and grinned at the sight of Roy on the ground. He glanced at Isaiah and pointed at Roy, then Garth, nodded, pointed at Jenny, and shook his head. "You're right; he really should have taken Garth's advice and just left her alone," Isaiah agreed with the unspoken words.

"Uh, why didn't he just say that?" Gar asked. Isaiah, Garth, and Jenny looked at Jericho uncertainly. Jericho just nodded and pulled down his collar a bit, pointing at a thin white scar. He pantomimed a knife slash, then gestured to his throat again. Richard understood instantly, but Gar didn't. "Huh?"

"When he was young, his throat was cut by a knife," Jenny translated. "He's mute."

Kori lay on her bed, thinking about the knight she had been introduced to earlier and listening to her servants gossiping, mostly about the visitors. Kori just couldn't get her mind off of his spiky black hair, his well-muscled figure, the well-educated way he had conversed with her uncle, how wonderful his sword had looked at his side, his knowledge of Tamaranian customs—most likely courtesy of Rachel—and how well he executed them, and most of all, those deep, sparkling, mysterious, icy, wonderful blue eyes.

"Did you see the knight?" Toni was currently gasping.

"Of course I saw him. I saved one of his pages from Rachel," Karen said proudly.

"He's from England. England! Ooh..." Krystal sighed.

"What I wouldn't give to have a go at any one of them!" Toni said with a grin.

"Toni!" Krystal exclaimed.

"Wouldn't you, Krys? I mean, they all have their physical attractions," Karen said. Rachel rolled her eyes, and Kori knew why; more likely than not, Karen was going to repeat herself for the hundredth time. "The knight has hair blacker than the night and eyes as blue as the sky, and he's so muscular it's unreal. One of the pages is a little taller but just as defined, and has red hair and dark blue eyes, like a lake in the moonlight. The other page is shorter, with a little less muscle but an adorable face, perfectly messy blonde hair, and eyes like the forest at dawn," Karen said in an adoring tone. Toni and Krystal sighed dreamily, and Kori giggled. Rachel had successfully pantomimed the entire thing, word for word and action for action, behind Karen's back. The other girls were too far gone in fantasies to notice, but Kori was giggling up a storm.

"What's so funny Kori?" Toni asked accusingly.

"Oh nothing...just your predictably repetitive conversation," she giggled. "You know, about the knight with hair blacker than the night, and his two pages, one with eyes like a lake in the moonlight and the other with perfectly messy blonde hair," she quoted. Karen flushed red in embarrassment and, before you could say "zorkaberry pudding," three pillows flew at Kori. This started a glorious pillow fight, which Rachel won, waiting until Kori had beaten the rebellion into submission to nail the princess with a particularly large pillow. The room erupted in laughter, and Rachel was crowned Queen of the Pillows by Kori, who symbolically threw feathers from a broken pillow all over the Azarathian before crowning her with one of the many tiaras strewn throughout the room. This resulted in more laughter; the most joy Kori had felt all day.

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