I wish I would never have to write these words but I can't delude myself any longer into thinking otherwise.

I'm officially abandoning Infinite Stratos Resolve.

I started writing this story more than two years ago with only a few ideas in my head and little to no planning and now, that's come back to bite me. Currently I'm looking at least another 15 chapters before Resolve can come to an end and at my current chapter release rate, that would take years. Maybe, if I could keep my old release rate of a chapter every 2 months or so this would be feasible, but with my decreasing amount of free time, having to replace my broken computer, and just losing my interest in Infinite Stratos, that's not possible any more.

So to all my readers: thank you for sticking with Infinite Stratos Resolve till now and I'm sorry for being unable to complete it.

Edit: If anyone wants to adopt Resolve, give me a PM and I can give a brief overview on the remaining plot ideas I have.